Love in a Changed World Ch. 15

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I had stumbled off to bed as soon as plans were set. Nadia and Pudge came in a couple hours later — giving themselves the three or four hours they’d need to be fully rested for the day. They’d continued with the poolside party after I’d left. It definitely showed. They were both a little tipsy and giggly for whatever they’d been drinking or consuming. They were also pretty horny. Well, they were always “horny”, but drinking and partying made them even more so. They hit the bedroom door already embracing and kissing. They arrived without their bathing suits — I had to assume the party picked up after I’d left for bed.

They flopped into the bed and immediately engaged me in their fun. They flanked me in bed. Nadia’s longer body was half draped over me. Her lips met mine. She takes of tequila and -having become familiar with the flavor — Pudge. I knew was in no shape for still-more sex, and certainly not for the rigors of sex with these two amazons. Unfortunately, those orders never seemed to get to my little soldier down at the front. I might be begging for sleep, but at the touch of Nadia’s lips and the taste of where those lips must have just been, my soldier was at attention and ready for battle.

Nadia broke our kiss and pulled away to let Pudge have a go. She also tasted of tequila and, well, let’s just say, while I don’t know for sure what they were doing before they came to bed, I do know what number was involved. Pudge’s kiss, like everything with Pudge, was more aggressive than tender. Like she had to reminded me of the physical power asymmetry that existed between us every time our lips touched. I won’t lie — it was ridiculously arousing.

Nadia ran her hands across my torso and brush he fingers by my throbbing dick. It twitched involuntarily at the sensation, and I felt a drop of precum land on my abdomen. Nadia giggled at what she’s done and offered, “You know, it’s always nice to be enthusiastically greeted.” She ran her finger to where the drop landed and swirled it on my stomach. “This is why I always said that I didn’t need a dog,” she added her hand and fingers lightly encircling my steely rod, “I’ve got all the loyal companion I need right her.” She gave me a couple of light strokes which make me tremble.

Pudge relented with her domination of my mouth and added, “It also doesn’t shit on the floor.” She reared up and met Nadia’s lips. The kissed as the knelt on either side of me. Nadia’s right hand still pulsing on my cock.

With nothing better to do — is there anything better to do — each of my hands went to each of their asses. It was a study in contrasts. Nadia’s ass was a work of art. It was perfectly shaped. It’s lines somehow were defined from her legs and back yet still flowed seamlessly. The skin was soft and taunt. There was a little cushion, but firmness supporting right underneath. Where Nadia’s ass was art, Pudge’s was all engineering. Not like a truck or wall, but like a Ferrari or a lovely arching bridge. It was just dimpled with muscles built with a million squats and thousands of all-out runs down a vaulting runway. It was rock hard, but velvety smooth. I could feel its raw power even in its relatively relaxed state I thought back to the way she moved the large California king bed with three of us on it as she pounded Nadia’s pussy the other night. I wondered what the power of such a thrust might do to my comparatively frail body.

As it turned out, I would not have to wonder long.

The girls broke their kiss. Their eyes met, then they looked down at me, and then they nodded to each other. This was definitely not good. They had something planned. I’d learned quickly to be scared when they plotted. Pudge turned and scooting off the bed.

I started to sit up, but Nadia pressed me back into the bed with one hand. I thought about trying to get up again but could tell she wanted me laying down and knew she could make me. Where I wanted to go was no longer relevant. It was definitely too late to run. She lay completely on top of me. Her body covered mine completely. I may have outweighed her by about 20 pounds, but she was longer and curvier. I was engulfed. My cock throbbed against her hard-won abs. Her face was even with mine and inches away. She kissed me again then asked, “I know you’ve fucked and amazon, but have you ever been fucked by an amazon?”

I started to say something or shake my head. I didn’t really get a chance to do either.

Nadia slid down my body stood at the foot of the bed and pulled me toward her. My ass was just a few inches from the edge of bed. She then took each of my legs in each of her arms and swing them up as she mounted me. Her thighs pushed my down. She smiled at me playfully, then lowered herself onto me. She was wet and warm, but the overwhelming sensation was of her tightness. She wasn’t even bahis siteleri clenching, and she was as lubricated as she could get. Still, the grip was incredible. She moaned in pleasure as she inched me into her.

Have you ever been in a car wreck? I was once. I was on my way home from the university to our old house. It was raining — not heavily but steadily. I was stopped at a red light the first car in the left lane of a two-lane road that intersected with another major thoroughfare. The light turned green and, like I was taught many years ago by my Driver’s Ed teacher, I waited a second before going. I saw the school bus with just enough time to slam my brakes. That probably saved my life as the bus impacted my old beater car right in front of the firewall. I braced myself. The impact was jarring and pushed the car from left lane to the corner where the two right-most lanes meet.

That was a lot like what was about to happen. Like the bus, I could see what was coming and braced myself. For a second, I wondered if I had been better off with the school bus.

Nadia pushed up on her thighs, which also drove my far weaker thighs out and down more, then she thrust down. I thought I hear one of the bed legs crack, but it could have easily been my pelvis. She pressed up and again then hammered down again. She smiled at me and her eyes crossed slightly in ecstasy. Then, dear readers, it was on. She started hammering me with inhuman power. How my poor fragile penis didn’t just snap off or my frail hips and spine snap I don’t know. It should have hurt, but all I could feel was the tight wetness of her as she cycled.

She was loving it too. Her eyes closed and she started to moan more loudly. She leaned forward, pressuring my legs even more. She steadied herself with one hand on my chest and tease her clit with the other. I tried to move but was helplessly pinned by her might. The sight of her alone would have made me cum, but I closed my eyes.

The something tapped me on the cheek. It tapped and pressed again. I opened my eyes as Nadia pounded away. It was a dick. I really big dick. Not a dick I realize. It’s rubber or plastic I could feel as it pressed to my cheek. It pulled away and Pudge came into focus. She was wearing a strap-on. The thing must have been nine or ten inches long with a diameter like soda can. She held it up and said, “I was going to ask if you wanted to sword fight, but I see you only brought a knife. You also seem busy.” She let it go and it slapped on my face.

My god, I thought, if she uses that on Nadia. It was easily twice the size of mine. Moreover it was going to be driven by that powerpack ass of Pudge’s. On top of all that, I could feel I was about to blow. That thing never busts and with her stamina, a woman like Pudge could fuck Nadia all night and probably all day too. I could never compete with that. Not even close. I started to cum at the thought of it. Pudge pounding Nadia for an hour. Nadia pounding Pudge for two. While my feeble male body lay spent on the floor. As it turned out, my fear was misplaced. I mean, I literally should have been afraid of something else.

I was trying to cum, but the sheer force of the pressure of Nadia’s pussy again thwarted my wimpy male anatomy. My cock and balls surge and spasm but the cum was trapped. Nadia was cumming herself and couldn’t control her pussy’s muscular spasms. Her screams became moans as my pain built.

Then there as something else. Something cool on my asshole. The I saw Pudge over Nadia’s shoulder. She smiled and waved like she was seeing me off. I guess maybe she was. Then there was the realization of what was about to happen. The coolness I felt — it was lube. I would have screamed, but the pressure pain of my blocked orgasm was overwhelming. I doubt I would have been heard over Nadia’s screams anyway.

If Nadia’s thrusts were like getting hit by a bus, What Pudge did then was like getting hit by a freight train. She put the tip of her spear at my hole, grabbed Nadia’s hips and thrust it into me. It felt a lot bigger than a soda can and a lot longer the ten inches. She thrust it in, and I felt like the air had been forced from my lungs. Now getting hit by a freight train is bad, but at least a freight train only hits you once. It doesn’t back up and hit you again. Pudge did. She pulled back and thrust in again. The pressure was unbelievable the force unbearable.

The was a peg or something on Pudge’s apparatus much like on the larger one Misty had. The thrusting was commandingly powerful, and she was getting off on it. It was the best pain I’d ever felt. Pudge shifted and her weapon must have pressured my prostate. The added force broke through Nadia’s clamp, and I started spewing into her. I came until I was dry. Nadia’s thrusting slowed, but Pudge kept pounding away. Then she yelled, “I’m canlı bahis siteleri cumming!”

It was the last thing I heard before passing out.

I woke sometime later to the sound of Nadia’s pleasure. I turned my head and watched for a little while. Pudge was eating out Nadia’s amazing hairless pussy for the umpteenth time. Nadia turned her head and locked my gaze to hers.

It was always like that with us. I never just “made eye contact” with her in moments of sexual intensity. No, she captured my eyes. She willed me to stare into her chestnut orbs and held my gaze there until she chose to release it. My wife had an intensity that I could never hope to rival and learned early on not to try to. I guess that was one of the reasons I dealt better than some men with the effects of “the change” on our relationship. I had already surrendered to Nadia in every way but physically long before whatever happened to women happened.

I watched her orgasm build in her eyes. It was delicate and sublime. It was my wife at her most beautiful. I felt a twinge of anguish. My male frailty — not an idiom much in use before “the change” but increasingly commonplace since — left me unable to fulfil my goal of meeting all of Nadia’s sexual needs myself. On the other hand, I’d accepted a means of achieving it into our marital bed and, perhaps, life. It was a compromise of sorts, but at least it wasn’t capitulation.

That means had now shifted from quietly tasting of Nadia’s glory to touching it with her hand and thrusting against with her glistening sweat covered body. Pudge drew herself almost parallel to Nadia and turned her head to look at me. I was now entrapped in both their stares — a slave of two goddesses.

My tired manhood was suddenly erect.

Pudge’s thrusting was giving her stimulation as well — I could see climax in her eyes as well. Her thrusting built in frequency and intensity. Both orgasmed. They never moved their eyes from mine. It was the most unbelievable feeling as their shared orgasm flowed from their eyes into my body. The mental became physical as I felt myself surrender to their combined intensity.

Then my rigid cock twitched.

Then it twitched again.

Then it began to spew wildly of its own accord.

My mind and soul had been overwhelmed by the sheer orgasmic energy of my goddesses. It violently passed into my weak body and overwhelmed my frailty. I realized in that moment I’d been a fool for thinking I could stand alone in the face of such a tempest. It was the most intense sexual experience of my life and they’d never even touched me.

I bathed in their sexual power and held my eyes to theirs for as long as I could before my faltering body caved and yielded again to darkness.


I woke aching and foggy as an alarm clock buzz.

One of the girls must have set it so I wouldn’t oversleep. I didn’t even know there was an alarm clock in the room. According to the anachronistic alarm clock, it was eight o’clock. The sun from the window told me it was morning not night, though I could have easily slept that long.

Nadia and Pudge weren’t in bed. Of course, they weren’t, I thought. They’d overwhelmed me sexually – once with their physical might and once with their combined will, probably brought each other to orgasm a dozen more times, and darted out of bed refreshed and ready to take on the day while I could barely move. It wasn’t just the way they could max out at everything day and night that’s going to doom me, I thought, it’s that they can max out at everything day and night, sleep two hours, and do it all again the next day. Today, with a trip to the Dry Tortugas, wasn’t going to be any easier.

My only hope was that maybe out flight out couldn’t be rearranged.

I walked (limped, really) to Nadia’s laptop to check. My faint hopes were dashed when I got to the laptop and saw a note on it that read, “We made flight changes. Going to work out. XOXO N Midge was just at an age when, if you have it, you flaunt it, I guessed.

Midge had a towel and was dabbing sweat from her chest and neck. She really did look like a younger version of Nadia. She was just a little thinner. Not that Nadia was fat. If anything, the difference was the muscle mass the older woman had built in the eleven-year difference between them. Midge had none of Nadia’s seriousness, I recognized. It would be an oversimplification to attribute it to maturity. Nadia had always been more intense. I think it had something to do with her relationship with her father.

Nadia lived for her father’s approval. [I don’t know if she ever looked to me for approval. She always had it, so it was impossible to tell.] Everything she did, it seemed, rose and fell on whether gained her that approval. She rarely got it. She’d been first in every class canlı bahis she’d been in since kindergarten. She’d be in on a tech start-up that rocketed in value — largely due to her talents at engineering. She and the other founders sold the company at almost the precise moment it peaked. She’d taken maybe a week off before being brought in to right the ship at her current company. Her contract and options there were going to pay off in less than a year.

None of this was good enough for her father.

The whole thing was alien to me. I came from a family that had very little, but they were hard working simple folk. My parents supported me in every win and every loss. When Jack convinced me to go out for the wrestling team despite my having no real athletic ability, they cheered me on through a career record of five wins (two by forfeit when the other team didn’t have a wrester in my weight class) thirty losses (one to a girl — this being long before “the change”) and two ties. When I was awarded a full, obviously academic, scholarship to college — they acted like it was the second coming of Christ.

Nadia got none of that from her father, and that drove her.

Nadia went into the kitchen for a drink. Midge finished her toweling and caught me staring. “Were you eyeing me up, sweetie?” She asked in comically fake Southern drawl as she sauntered her six-foot frame over to me. She flopped sideway on my lap and put her arms around me and asked with the same overacted inflection, “Would you like to go dancing, again, sugar? I promise not to be so rough on you this time.” She giggled. I didn’t quite understand, then recalled the description of my mindless charge into her last night that left her unphased and me unconscious on the floor. Feeling her sprawled on my lap now, realizing how hard her young body was, I thought I probably got off lucky that I hadn’t broke any bones. She wiggled a little in my lap again, bringing an involuntary response from below. I wished she wouldn’t do that and worried a little she did it on purpose.

She was also glowing from exertion. “I gather you girls had quite a workout,” I offered.

Midge responded, “Oh my god — your wife is a mother-fucking beast.” She then cataloged their workout, “First it was a mile uphill sprint on the treadmills to warm up, a whole upper body fast rotation, then pull-ups, more fucking running, then it was burpees until someone quit.” I hadn’t been to the gym with Nadia in more than a year. She was always a beast in the gym — same intensity she put into everything. Since “the change” I can’t even imagine what working out with her would be like.

Midge summed up, “For the record, I definitely quit first.”

Nadia came out of the kitchen, gave me a smile, and ambled by with a gentle sway in her hips She turned her head over her shoulder and blew me a kiss as she disappeared into the hallway leading to the master suite. I watched her every inch of the way. I wasn’t sure for a second if I was glad working out hard always made her horny or terrified that it did.

I turned back the amazon girl on my lap. “Don’t let it bother you, Midget,” I offered, “For the record, I might not be able to keep up with her either.”

Midge looked at me as if to say, “Of course you couldn’t!” Then she recognized I was joking and laughed. Then she put her arms around me and gave me a squeeze hard enough to remind me of my bruised ribs and push some air from my lungs. She held it and whispered to me, “You’re funny, little man, but, if you don’t cut it out with that ‘Midget’ stuff, I’m going to try running full speed into you and we’ll see how it goes.” She released me, hopped to her feet, bent down, and kissed me on the top of my head. “You’d better get going,” she said gesturing to the hallway, “It would appear your presence is wanted in the love chamber. And don’t forget we have a boat to catch, so don’t take forever.”

I was quite sure it wouldn’t.


I did catch up with Nadia in the shower off the master suite. She was already in the shower when I did. I undressed and joined her.

It was a lot like a couple of days ago when I thought she would break my neck as she came from my, objectively, awesome mouth skills. I approached through the steam her from behind. Pressed in behind her under the rain of warm water from both sides and above. She was soapy and slick as I did. My little friend, despite having more exercise in a window of a few dayd as it had ever, rose to the occasion. It slipped effortlessly in between her thighs and reached up to tickle the lips of her bare pussy. I reached my arms around her and gave both of her gravity-defying orbs a firm squeeze. She shivered with the combined sensation.

“Midge wanted to remind you that we have a boat to catch,” I teased.

Nadia took each of my hands in her opposite one and pulled my arms around herself. The action also pulled my body closer into hers, “Don’t worry, sweetie,” she said tightening her grip, “I won’t take long, and, I’m quite sure, you won’t either.”

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