Locking Up the Library

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Of all the places on the campus I liked the library best. I had always been an avid reader and libraries were a safe haven for me. Where other people went to church I went to a library whenever I needed spiritual comfort.

The reason for spending this beautiful summer’s evening in my college library was less spiritual though, I was working on a late essay, I had to hand in the next day.

“Bloody Roman’s”, I thought to myself, “why do you guys have that much history?” The student librarian was sitting on her desk, giving me a sympathetic look, clearly she hat sat on my end of the table many times before and knew how I felt. She smiled and continued with her work.

She had a very cute smile and I liked her librarian chic outfit. “Focus Rache, focus!” I told myself and got up in search of more books I didn’t want to read.

After wrestling another dusty tomb from the roman history shelf I sat back down, working on my thoughts about Mark Antony. I took of my reading glasses and massaged my eyes. I noticed the sun starting to go down on the horizon and the last students leaving the library, happy to escape and enjoy their freedom. Bastards!

I kept on scribbling when suddenly I noticed someone standing behind me. It was the librarian looking down at my books. She smiled and said “Mark Antony was quite a looker. I base this purely on the show Rome, I’m not a history major.” She laughed, a very open, friendly laugh.

“I wish I could just write about the show, it would be so much easier”, I replied, “though I’m more of a Cleopatra girl myself.” I blushed after realizing what I had just said, but the Girl just smiled.

“That’s good to know”, she said, giving me a mischievous wink, “listen, I got to close up shop soon, but you can stay for a while longer, I have some admin to take care of and then shelf the books your fellow students have just been leaving everywhere.”

“Thank you so much, you’re a lifesaver, I promise I’m done soon. I’m Rachel by the way.”

“My pleasure Rachel, I’m Sophia, now don’t keep Cleo waiting.”

She walked back to her desk and maybe I kept looking after her and her skirt for a bit longer than I had intended, for she turned her head. I blushed, quickly looked down and started writing some words that made no sense at all. “Smooth Rachel, real smooth”, I muttered to myself, “now focus on this bitch of an essay.”

After what seemed like an eternity later I closed the last book, exhaled dramatically and looked up. Sophia was laughing behind her desk. “Looks like you got Cleo right where you need her to be.”

“Oh yeah, you better believe it!” I laughed then noticed the time. “Oh my god, I’ve been here another hour! I’m so sorry, I totally lost track of time.”

“That’s ok, I needed to catch up on all this admin anyway and I didn’t have the heart to break your concentration. Help me stack up the books and we call it even?”

“Oh sure, we’ll be finished in no time.”

We went around the room, collecting books from various desks, chairs and in some cases from the floor.

“Wow, bursa escort that’s a lot of books, is it always like this?”, I asked.

“This? That’s nothing, you should be here during finals week, it’s mayhem and no one ever puts the books away, it’s all up to us trusty librarian elves.”

“You should have a tip jar, so people can show their appreciation for the fine work you’re doing.”

“That’s not a bad idea, or maybe an I owe you a drink jar.” There was that laugh again. “Ok, I think those are all the stray books, let me just hit the main lights, I get into trouble if I keep them on for too long.”

She went over to the desk and turned off the lights, came back and switched on a little light that was attached to the book cart. “Pretty neat right? Perfect for late night library adventures.”

“I’ve never been in a library after hours, it’s quite exciting.” I was glad it was a lot darker now, so she might not notice me blushing.

“Don’t worry Rachel, I’ll take care of you. Now let’s get this babies home.”

We went from shelf to shelf, stacked books on economics, politics, books on fairytales and myths, a few poetry books, one lesbian romance…

“Oh I liked this one”, Sophia laughed as she picked up the book with two sexy girls, kissing beside a steam train, “it’s about these diamond thieves travelling on the Orient Express, very steamy.”

I couldn’t help but giggle, “I see what you did there.

“Oh you”, she teasingly hit my arm with the book and put it back on the shelf. I think not even the darkness could hide my blushing this time. “Ok, last one, it’s your massive roman history book, I let you do the honours.” I picked it up, tried to reach the top of the shelf, but I had misjudged the distance and the book was just about to fall down when Sophia stepped behind me and held the book, placing her hand on mine in the process.

“Steady there, those things are heavy.” We pushed it in together and our hands lingered together on the delicate spine. I could feel her breathing behind me, her body quite close to mine, I was very conscious of the darkness around us. We let our hands slowly come down, still touching, I could feel her fingers interlocking with mine. I tried to control my breathing, this was unexpected and I didn’t know what to do. She slowly placed her other hand on my hip, caressing it, I bit my lip. Was this really happening? The hand on my hip guided me to turn around, I followed. I could feel her eyes on me, I didn’t dare speak, not wanting to break the spell. Her fingers found my other hand and lifted both arms up against the books, I took a deep breath and exhaled very slowly as her fingernails slowly trailed down my arms, along the side of my body and found their way over my jeans and back the same way. I moaned as they passed the curve of my breast, pausing only for a moment before trailing back until her fingers locked into mine again.

I could feel her eyes on me, asking me a silent question.

“Please…” I whimpered, my chest rising and sinking, that was all bursa escort bayan she needed. She leaned into me, pressing her whole body, kissing me forcefully, pressing my back against the books. Some fell to the ground, but who cared, her hands where on my body, my hand was reaching around her head, keeping her close to me, our lips kissing and parting and kissing again, hungry kisses, curious kissing, exploring their boundaries, wanting more every time they connected. Her hand moving over my breast, squeezing, her other hand on my ass doing the same.

Her knee went between my legs, I let myself sink onto it, moving my hips, rubbing against her, moaning. She only broke off the kiss to lean down to lick my neck, bite it, moving up again, kissing me, her tongue finding mine.

I could feel the heat in my body rise, the desire burning me up, the heat between my legs, rubbing myself stronger against her knee. Her skirt slowly rising up against her hips, her hands finding their way under my top, touching my skin, moving upwards, squeezing my bra before finding their way south, opening my belt buckle, grabbing it and with one move pulling my belt off and letting it fall to the floor.

She stopped and looked at me as if to ask me again, “do you want this.” I was breathing heavily, looked into her eyes and slowly lifted my top over my head and leaned back against the bookshelf, inviting her with my whole body. I could tell by the shimmering light that she was grinning. She started to unbutton her blouse, growing impatient and just ripping it open, took a step forward and brought her mouth down on my chest, kissing me, licking my skin. Her hands pulling the straps over my shoulder and quickly reaching behind me to unhook my bra. She threw it away and made her way to my nipple, kissing it, sucking it, making me lean back and moan, her hand squeezing my other breast, it felt so good. She stood up again and kissed me, then whispered: “I’m going to go down on you now, remember this is a library, you better try to keep quiet!”

I bit my lips in anticipation as she opened the button of my jeans and unzipped me, then while kneeling down, pulling on my jeans and panties. I gasped as I was suddenly naked in front of her. I realized that hadn’t known this girl until a few hours ago, I realized how wet I was, I realized I didn’t care, all I cared about was this moment and what she was about to do to me.

I put a foot on the library cart and closed my yes. I bit my finger to try keep my moaning to a minimum was see kissed me between my legs. But it was futile, I needed both my hands to hold myself steady against the bookshelf as her tongue slowly started to circle my clit.

“Oh god…”, it felt so good. Her tongue slowly circling was the sweetest kind of torture. Then she kissed my pussy, sucked on it, moving her head slightly backwards and I felt my knees growing weak. Her tongue picked up speed, licking a bit faster, her hands grabbing my butt, her fingers digging into my skin, her tongue licking, faster now, harder. Her lips sucking on me, making escort bursa me throw my head back, hitting a book, I didn’t care, it felt so hot, I was moaning loudly now, she drove her face deeper between my legs, my hand reaching down to grasp a handful of her hair, pulling it, letting it go, pulling it again, guiding her closer to me.

“Mmmm… don’t stop!” She had no intention of stopping, she devoured my pussy with her mouth, the muscles in my tummy spasmed, I knew I couldn’t manage to stand up for much longer. Sophia seemed to sense my need and her tongue dived inside me, making me scream with lust. I pressed my thighs against her head, moaning, holding onto her hair, bending over, before her hands grabbed mine and held onto them, pushing me back against the shelf, licking me, fucking me with her tongue until I couldn’t take it anymore. The orgasm hit me with such a force that I fell on my knees in front of her, she just moved out of the way, and pulled me on the floor, letting me land softly on my back before sliding her palm over my pussy, feeling it’s pulse, she kissed me with her wet lips and I could taste myself on her tongue, I kissed her hungrily while she kept rubbing my pussy. I moved my thighs up and down, moaning. She pinned my hands behind my head, and whispered, “I’m not done with you Rachel.”

She kissed me again and and suddenly her fingers where inside me. “Oh god, oh god, I can’t…” but I stopped as her fingers starting to move around inside me, moving in and out, rubbing my pussy before sliding inside me again. She was kissing my neck now and it felt so fucking good. She bit my ear and her sexy voice went. “Wan’t me to stop?”.

“Oh god, don’t you dare!” She laughed and her tongue was on my neck again, driving me crazy. I moved my hips against her hand, wanting her to fuck me harder, I was so wet, I loved her fingers inside me.

“Fuck me, please, fuck me faster Sophia!” I kept repeating it, spurring her on, moaning as her fingers found their way deeper and deeper inside me. I wrapped my arms around her, I could feel the sweat on her back, my fingers digging into the skin, making her moan, making her fuck me harder.

“Oh god yes!” I knew I was on the edge and Sophia was about to push me over. She pinned me down with all her weight wasn’t letting me escape and then she started to move her hand faster and faster, I could feel the muscles in her arm getting tense, I moaned and moaned, letting her fuck me, I only stopped moaning to catch some air, to be kissed by her, before she bit my neck to make me moan even more. I couldn’t take it anymore, I grabbed her back as hard as I could as the second orgasm hit. My hips shaking, my back arching, almost lifting her up completely, before sinking down and collapsing on the library floor. My body was a sweaty mess, my breathing trying to return to normal, I was flushed all over, she lay next to me, smiling.

“Mmmmm libraries right?” I laughed and kissed her.

“We made quite a mess, all those poor books.” She got on her knees, pulling her skirt down and started to look for her blouse. We smiled quietly as we put all the books back on the shelves and, locked the library up and stepped out into the cold night air.

She turned to me and went: “How about that drink now?”

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