Lifeguard – A Summer of Sex Ch. 03

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Ch. 03

Marsha’s plan was, as I mentioned, remarkably detailed but in essence pretty simple. We knew from Katie, Marsha’s daughter, that Jessie, aka our “target cock”, was taking a break from training for the swim team and playing a little golf at the club for the next week or so. Katie had a steady boyfriend of her own now and nothing going with Jessie anymore but they kept in touch and so we figured she was a reliable source of intel.

“So what you need to do in the next couple of days when he comes in after his round, is get him interested in you and have him get the message that you are keen to fuck” says Marsha to me as though that was the most simple and straightforward thing to do ever.

I don’t suffer from any false humility and would say that I am at least a bit above average good looking and capable of attracting men when I really try. And I really appreciated Marsha’s confidence in me. But her plan seemed to turn pretty heavily on me being able to entice Jessie back to my apartment to fuck and my potential charm notwithstanding, I thought that as ideas go it was pretty farfetched.

“So once you get him interested, you need to make it pretty clear you are hot to trot. Flash your tits at him, make sure he can see your camel toe when he comes near you and stare at his crotch whenever he is looking over at you.”

I thought she was being ridiculous to be honest. “Oh, you are so subtle” I teased her. “I can’t imagine that will ever work but I will give it a go if it makes you happy” I told her with a smile as she took me through her plan.

The second half of her plan was even crazier. Her husband was a home security freak and had tons of cameras and microphones around the house that he kept fiddling with over time. Marsha told me that for a while, she had shared his paranoia as Katie grew up and had learned to operate a lot of the gear. So earlier today, she had come over to my house and installed a camera hidden in some books on my desk aimed down the length of my bed and another one in my bookshelf aimed at the bed side-on. Plus a couple microphones.

She showed me how she had connected them up to a laptop in my spare bedroom and then made me go back into my room to “play to the camera” for a while. She told me she wanted to see how much detail the cameras would pick up and that she wanted me to strip off and lie back on the bed with my legs spread so that my pussy was aimed at the camera. I know it was kind of crazy given how often she had seen me naked but the idea of her watching me on camera from another room started to really turn me on.

Even though she had told me she just wanted try out the camera angles for a minute or so, I really got into it. Looking right into the camera in the bookshelf, I leaned over to my bedside table and pulled out my little dildo. Still making what I hoped was eye contact with Marsha, I slid it down my stomach and into my pussy at an angle that the other camera should have caught straight on. I worked it in and out of my vagina, occasionally sliding it up over my clit. The idea of her just watching me do it made me cum in no time and I laid back on the bed in exhausted relief as she came bursting into the room laughing her head off.

“What a performance” she cheered. She jumped up on the bed and snuggled up against me for a bit. She gently stroked my still hard nipples and ran her hands lightly along my thighs as I gradually came down from my high.

“I loved watching you cum for me Kendra” she whispered in my ear. “I can’t wait to watch you sucking Jessie’s cock, and to watching you fuck him until I come in to join you.”

I still didn’t think it was going to work but getting set up for it all sure was fun and the next day at work, I have to admit I was thinking quite a bit about our little conspiracy as I scanned the pool from my lifeguard spot. The pool closed at 7pm and as six o’clock rolled by I had decided our plan was not going to have liftoff today. I had no sooner had the thought than the gate swung open and in stepped Jessie. We don’t describe men as just drop dead beautiful enough these days. He sure was. At a little over six feet, he was big without seeming overwhelming. He had beautiful brown eyes that seemed to just drink in his world with a look of deep innocence. His swimmer buffed body was just a work of art, huge and firm pecs, massive rounded shoulders and six pack that was evident even through his shirt. I couldn’t help but just stare at his torso and imagine how it would feel against me.

But then he walked across the deck and glanced my way and tossed me a quick salute as he headed over to a deck chair. He was wearing a pair of cotton shorts which he proceeded to pull off to reveal what must have been one of his racing bathing suits. I could swear he knew I was watching as he bent over to slip them over his feet and take off the low rise socks he had on inside his loafers. I could see the swell of his ass, hit massive taught thighs and his well pronounced calves. And then when he turned back toward me, I could see the huge bulge in his suit kaçak iddaa and knew right away that there was no way Marsha was exaggerating about his cock.

Maybe it was because he was so beautiful. Or because it was late in the day and I was a bit tired. Or because I had been thinking about how badly I wanted a cock in me for days now. Whatever it was, it made my pussy just flood looking at him and I knew that if could have figured out a way to slip my finger inside my own bathing suit, I would have gotten off in no time. But all I could think of was how beautiful this man was, how massive his cock looked and how badly I wanted it in my mouth, in my pussy and maybe even in my ass. I wanted it right fucking now.

I shook myself out of my reverie and remembered my instructions from Marsha who I knew was watching from behind her tinted sunglass over at the other side of the pool. I waved back at him as he looked at me and I made a point of spreading my legs apart on my chair so that his eyes could not possibly avoid looking into my crotch. I shrugged my shoulders up in a sort of “hi how are you gesture” that was designed to push my tits up together and further catch his eye. I made no attempt at subtlety at all I was just so turned on.

He looked back at me in a way that made it clear he had no doubt what was going on. He looked straight into my eyes and gave me a little smile as he walked to the pool edge and dove in. He was the lone swimmer and rather than just splashing around like everyone else did, he started doing a few laps. It was a small pool compared to the ones he likely raced in and he covered its length with not more than a half dozen powerful strokes. His flip turns at the end brought his gorgeous tight ass to the surface and I found myself wondering why I had never given a man a rim job before and how with an ass like his, this might be the time to start.

I knew it was approaching closing time so started into my usual evening pick up routine. I found the odd towel here and there and a few other things out in the lawn area around the pool before making my way back to the pool edge. I saw that he had decided to pause for a break and had placed his powerful looking arms up on the ledge and was sort of resting his head on them as his huge chest heaved from the exertion.

Again abandoning any attempt at decorum or subtlety, I walked over and stood right above him with my feel placed a few inches on either side of his head. As he looked up, he was gazing right into my pussy. I knew he could see the line of my pussy lips against my suit as I had pulled it up extra tight as I walked over to him. I was pretty sure that there would still be a bit of a wet spot there from my earlier thoughts about him and it looked to me that he was not missing any details like that as he looked up at me. My pussy was freshly shaved and with my suit being slightly damp, it had to have highlighted my camel toe for him significantly as he looked up at me. My hope was that it would turn his mind to what waited for him below the fabric.

“Just thought I should let you know we are closing in fifteen minutes” I told him as I shifted my weight to one foot so that my pussy would bulge out my suit a little bit more.

“Look at all this crap I have to pick up every night” I said with an exaggerated sigh. Holding he towels I had collected up to either side of my chest gave me an excuse to attract his eye to my tits again and there was no way he missed my hard and erect nipples. I had been pinching them hard as I walked the pool area so that they would almost poke through my bathing suit and I could see they were having the desired effect on him as I drank in his gorgeous brown eyes up close this time.

“Yah, that must suck” he laughed. “I would have been happy to help you out had I known” he told me with a grin as he leaned his head back a bit to get a better look at me.

“But at least you get to work on your tan and read a bit or whatever when it is not busy” he said as he looked up.

As I smiled down at him, I watched him put his hands on the pool edge and without any apparent effort, hoist himself up out of the water. His shoulders and pecs flexed so large I couldn’t help but catch my breath and then all of a sudden he was standing there not more than a foot away from me. The water ran off him and his skin literally glistened in the sun. I could not help but look down at that bulge one more time and I could absolutely swear it was bigger now that when he first arrived.

“I don’t know if you are allowed to mix business with pleasure and mingle with the members but if you are, maybe we could get a drink when you get off.”

I was not sure if his reference to members and to getting off was a double entendre or not but from the smirk on his face I was pretty sure it was and that he was fully in the game with me.

“Well I am all about member service” I told him with a chuckle. “I would be happy to service you” I blurted out.

I couldn’t believe I had said that and went red as a beet as I stepped back from him and tried to recover.

“What kaçak bahis I meant to say was that yes, that would be lovely, when were you thinking?”

He was laughing at my embarrassment and my obvious lust for him. But to my great satisfaction, I could tell that a spark had flared between us and that he was just as interested in me. It occurred to me wonder whether that interest would expand to include Marsha who, I knew, was watching this whole thing with rapt attention.

“Well member service issues aside…” he said in a laughing tone, “how bout after your close the place tomorrow? I would have preferred tonight to be honest but I am meeting my dad for dinner in half an hour and so can’t make it. Don’t get me wrong, I love hanging out with my Dad and he is trying to cheer me up because my girlfriend just dumped me but hanging with you would cheer me up more.”

I was touched by his obvious affection for his dad and even more by the idea that he had no girlfriend and wanted to hang out with me. Impulsively I stood up on my toes and gave him a quick peck on the cheek and then turned away from him to walk toward my little lifeguard office. I made a point of rolling on the sides of my feet so that my ass would sway in front of him and after I was sure he had a good look at it, turned to look at him over my shoulder with a little flick of my hair.

“I get off at 7 tomorrow, how bout we meet at the Oaks on 7th at 8?”

I was pleased to note that he had clearly been staring at my ass and even more pleased to see that there was now no longer any doubt whatsoever that his bathing suit was fitting more tightly than it had been. I was sure I could see the outline of the head of his cock and made no effort to hide the fact I was looking at it. He shifted his weight a little bit and I could clearly see the swell of his balls in his suit and was sure they were pushing his cock up against his waistband. I resisted looking over to Marsha but was quite sure that if I had done so, I would have seen her staring at his package and probably even slipping a finger into her pussy as she did so.

“Sounds great, see you there then” he said as I walked away with a little wave.


I could barely control myself as I watched my little minx so brazenly seducing this gorgeous young man. She was in full on seduction mode and I found myself hopelessly turned on by her even though the subject of her efforts clearly was not me. I had watched her sweet ass as she sashayed up to the edge of the pool to stand over him and immediately flashed back to how it looked as she squatted over my face for me to lick her luscious wet pussy. I couldn’t help but laugh to myself as I noticed her not so subtly pinching her nipples to make them stand up for him and loved the way she just walked straight up to him in such a direct and confident manner. She had the confidence that comes with being almost ten years older than him and it made me chuckle to think that he probably considered her an “older woman” while she probably thought of herself as a cougar preying on a sweet young thing tens years her junior. They would both think I am ancient I am sure!

I was wishing I could hear what they were saying to each other when suddenly he sprang up out of the pool to stand in front of her. His muscles flexing, his ass going taught and the water streaming off him in the sunshine made me even wetter than I already was. There was no one else in the pool area and I knew these two were never going to look over my way so I just couldn’t help slipping my hand into my bikini bottoms. I ran my finger down to my clit and decided I would not even slip a finger inside myself and just focus on my clit instead. I began to rub it slowly as I watched the seduction unfold before me.

As Kendra walked away from him I could see she was swishing her ass for him but it felt like it was for me too. As she disappeared into her little office, he headed over to his clothes and without even bothering to dry off, bent over to slip on his shorts, and then his socks. The view it afforded me of his thighs, his massive calves and his beautiful ass was just too much and my clit rubbing pace quicken uncontrollably. He walked out the pool gate without so much as a sideways glance my way and I just leaned back and gave in to my own pleasure. I felt my orgasm building and as it crashed over me, I arched in my chair and gave out a few involuntary whimpers of sheer pleasure.

“Well I am glad you got things taken care of there honey” I heard Kendra say in a mocking tone as I relaxed into the chair and opened my eyes to see that she had crept up close to enjoy watching me masturbate in a semi-public place.

“Just think how nice it will feel to have a firm young cock in there tomorrow” she said in a low voice in a tone that had grown downright husky with lust. “Did you see those pecs, those legs, that incredible ass?” she asked me as she settled in at the foot of my chair.

“And even better, I don’t know about you Marsha but I could clearly tell he was turned on and his cock was illegal bahis growing. I could see the huge mushroom at the end of it as it was pushed up by his balls. I am certain he is circumcised and that your report on his size is quite accurate!”

“I couldn’t get a good enough angle on his cock from over here to be honest. But I was also watching that beautiful tight ass of yours too and could see how he loved looking at it. And I can see those nipples still standing firm and proud and begging for me to suck them” I told her.

I knew it was crazy given where we were sitting but I couldn’t help myself and slid down my chair to get close to her. I reached over and shoved her bathing suit top to the side so her tits were out for me to see. She instinctively moved her hands to cover up but let them slip aside I plunged my mouth down to take first one and then the other into my mouth. I shoved my hand roughly into her crotch and brushed the thin fabric of her bathing suit aside. Her sitting posture made it hard for me to access her pussy and I used the weight of my head and the pressure of my mouth on her tits to push her back to a better angle. I jammed my fingers into her urgently and even though we were right out on the pool deck, neither of us cared. I worked her pussy in synch with my sucking her tits. She had already been fully aroused before coming over to me and it took her less than a minute to cum on my fingers.

As she slumped against me, I pulled my fingers out of her and licked them clean before gently sliding away from her to the back of my lounge chair with a feeling of great satisfaction at having made her cum yet again. As she sat there looking at me drowsily as she recovered from her orgasm, I finally got round to asking her about her conversation with Jessie.

“So is he keen to meet up with you? Is he hot for you do you think? Are there going to be any girlfriend issues?”

Kendra smiled back at me as my questions peppered her.

“Yes for sure, is keen to meet. Were are meeting up at the Oaks tomorrow at 8. And I would say that yes for sure, the way his cock was growing in his suit, he is definitely hot for me. I am pretty sure that if I had reached over and stroked it he would have gotten it out for me to suck right there at the pool. And no, no girlfriend — he specifically told me he has just been dumped.”

“Awwwwesome!” I practically shouted at her. “My husband is still away all week and Katie won’t be back for two days so fucking him tomorrow will work perfectly” I told her as she looked back at me.

It crossed my mind that she had become so mesmerized the thought of his big huge cock that she might not want to share him with me any more.

“You are still okay with sharing him with me aren’t’ you?” I asked her in a slightly worried tone.

“Totally Marsh. I mean c’mon this is all your idea and there is no way I could cut you out of it.”

I was relieved as hell by that but there was still a small note of hesitancy in her voice as she told me this and I couldn’t help but think something was still bothering her that she was not telling me and I decided on the direct approach to finding out what it was.

“But something is bothering you about it all it seems to me Kendra. What is it?”

Kendra turned a bit red as she looked up at me. “Well” she said a bit sheepishly, “I know we are both super keen on his cock and I can’t wait to suck him and fuck him. But that ass is just to die for. I have never licked some guy’s asshole and all over his butt but I find myself totally entranced by the idea. Would you be totally grossed out if I said I wanted to give him the rim job of his life? Would you help me with it?”

“I gave my husband a rim job way back in the early days of our marriage. I loved doing it but he found it gross and made a real point of saying he would never return the favour. I sort of wanted him to fuck me in the ass but he wouldn’t do that either. But if you are up for it, I sure am” I told her with a huge smile.

That seemed to relax her hugely and she perked right up and became the Kendra I had come to know and love. “I am so glad you told me that” she said with a sigh of relief. “And just to continue on the theme, I have to admit that with a cock that big, the idea of having it in my ass is simultaneously thrilling and scary. But if I can get it jammed into me while I straddle him, would you promise to lick my pussy while he fucks my ass?”

“Absolutely Ken” I assured her. “And hopefully he will have enough stamina to do me in the ass too. It should be a great time all round! Just don’t keep him at the pub for long. I want to play all night long!”


The next day seemed to just take forever to go by. I’ve always masturbated a couple times a week even when I was getting sex regularly so it was not a new thing for me. But I was so fucking horny today I had to slip into the women’s washroom at the pool twice to get off so that I didn’t just totally lose it front of everyone at the pool. All I could think of was Jessie’s big black cock, his beautiful sleek ass and his broad muscley chest and his melt into me eyes. For sure I thought about Marsha too but to be honest, I was fully locked in on Jessie’s cock and raced home at a record pace when the pool closed.

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