Lemon Squash for Two

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Henry promised the script by the end of the month. That had seemed yonks away. Then it wasn’t.

‘I need somewhere quiet,’ he told Annie. ‘Just for a couple of days.’

‘Tim is always saying that you’re welcome to use their beach cottage.’

So that’s where Henry ended up. And, serendipitously, it started raining the moment that he arrived. Henry wasn’t even tempted to go swimming.

Two days? A little optimistic perhaps. But, soon after lunchtime on the third day, the script was finished. And, almost as Henry typed the final word, the sun came out. Henry put on a pair of shorts, donned a hat, and went outside.

There were four cottages along the little strip of beach, plus one cottage that looked more like a modern house.

Henry walked to the water’s edge and then turned south. Henry seemed to have the entire beach to himself. But then, as he neared the modern-looking house, a woman appeared. She was wrestling with what looked like a brightly-coloured flag. ‘Hello,’ she called out.

‘Hello,’ Henry replied. ‘Do you need a hand?’

As he got closer, Henry realised canlı bahis that ‘the flag’ was a sun lounger.

‘It seems to be stuck,’ the woman said.

Henry soon found the problem. One of the catches had become bent. Henry straightened it and soon had ‘the flag’ looking more like a sun lounger.

‘Thank you,’ the woman said. ‘I haven’t had it out since last summer.’ The woman was wearing a brightly-coloured wrap. And then she wasn’t. ‘It’s nice to finally see a bit of sun,’ she said, as she stretched out on the lounger and fluffed her neatly-trimmed patch of pubic hair.

‘It is.’

‘If you’re going ’round the point, don’t forget that the tide will soon be coming back in.’

‘Thank you,’ Henry said.

When Henry returned, he thought that the woman might be asleep. But no. ‘How was it?’ she asked.

‘Very pleasant.’

‘Ready for a cold drink? I make a pretty good lemon squash. It’s the quality of the lemons, I think.’

The woman sat up and placed a foot on either side of the lounger. For a moment, Henry found himself looking directly at her hair-crested vulva. ‘Would bahis siteleri you like me to help you with the lounger?’

‘Oh. Thank you.’ She smiled, and reached down and picked up her wrap. But she didn’t put it on.

‘The lemon trees were here before the house,’ the woman said. ‘They’re around the back.’

The house was very nice.

‘Do you live here full time?’ Henry asked.

‘No. But I try to spend as much time here as possible.’ The woman explained that she was an architect. ‘Domestic. Mainly.’

‘Did you design this place?’

‘A joint effort. With my husband.’

There was no wedding ring. Her husband was probably now her ex-husband.

The woman added ice to a couple of tall glasses. Then she covered the ice with lemony syrup. Finally, she topped the glasses with sparkling water. ‘See what you think.’

She sat in a chair directly facing Henry and spread her legs slightly.

The squash was very nice. Very lemony. Fresh. Quenching. Not too sweet.

‘I knew that you would understand,’ the woman said. And she smiled. ‘Perhaps this would be easier bahis şirketleri if we removed your shorts. What do you think?’ And, without waiting for Henry’s reply, she rose and helped Henry out of his shorts. Henry’s cock was already rising to the occasion. ‘Nice.’

How far was Henry expected to go? He slipped two fingers between her plump outer lips. She could always say if he was going too far. ‘Yes,’ she said. Her fleshy valley was warm, almost hot, and slick with her juices. ‘Yes. Yes.’

Henry briefly traced her inner lips before exploring the entrance to her vagina. And then he slid his fingers up to circle her clit.

‘Just there,’ the woman said. And she pushed herself hard against Henry’s hand.

For several minutes Henry’s fingers worked their magic, and then the woman pushed his hand lower. Henry put one, two, and then three fingers into her vagina. ‘Oh, yes,’ the woman said. ‘Oh, fucking yes.’

When she came, the woman shuddered like a tree that had been hit by a sudden unexpected gust of wind.

The following morning, Henry took his coffee out onto the narrow deck. The woman was walking along the beach. ‘Another brilliant day.’

‘Brilliant,’ Henry echoed.

‘This is Michael,’ the woman said. ‘My husband.’

Henry smiled. ‘Hello, Michael,’ he said. ‘I’m Henry.’

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