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Lana went into the bathroom. It took me a few minutes to trust myself to get off the bed. Her suitcase was on a stand across the room so I walked over to it and found a small black velvet bag which felt quite heavy when I lifted it. I opened it and almost gasped in surprise. Nestling inside the soft velvet bag was a steel butt plug, not large but with a small jewel in the base. The plug had a long, slender stem and a bulbous head. I held it in my hand and felt the weight of it and knew it would feel wonderful once in place. Naked but for stockings I wandered over to the bathroom where Lana was drying herself in a large towel. In mock bemusement I asked, ‘Where, precisely, is this supposed to go?’ Her eyes sparkled and her teeth shone as she grinned at me. ‘Well, if you don’t know it’ll be an even bigger surprise but why do I suspect you know perfectly well?’ She took the plug from my hand and kissed me. ‘Wash but remember my rule.’ I showered, carefully avoiding getting my hair or face wet and then took another of the large, fluffy towels from the rail and wrapped it around myself. I picked up discarded stockings and suspender belt and walked back through to the bedroom where I found Lana partly dressed and wearing the knickers I had bought for her which looked delicious on her. Her long legs were clad in black, obviously silk stockings and she looked stunning. ‘Get dressed, darling – time is running on.’ As I dressed I watched Lana. The dress she had brought was long and hung from thin straps on her shoulders, a straight neckline which Anadolu Yakası Escort revealed the very start of her small cleavage and then was a shift to the floor. It was a dark grey colour with red trimming at neck and hem and looked gorgeous. My own dress was calf length, in a deep blue, buttoned to the waist and with a full skirt. It had short sleeves and the neckline was scalloped. When we were both ready Lana came to me and sniffed my face and with a ‘hmmmm’ turned me round to face the bed then pressed me forward until I was holding myself up with my arms. She lifted the back of my dress and patted my silk clad arse. ‘They are going to have to come off, darling.’ She pulled them down to my knees and I felt the well-lubricated tip of the plug press gently against my dark star. The pressure increased and for the second time that day I relaxed to allow the invader in. The delicious feeling of closing around its stem made me groan with pleasure. She patted it. ‘That’s not going to come out at an embarrassing moment.’ I stood up and removed the knickers from my knees. ‘Anyway, I don’t imagine Grace and Favour would be too shocked, do you?’ ‘There might be other guests in the restaurant!’ Lana put her arm around my neck. ‘Then best you keep a tight grip on it, isn’t it?’ With that she led me out of the room and down the stairs of the quaint old building to the restaurant. Phoebe/Favour was bustling around a number of customers. We were shown to our table and Phoebe offered us a pre-prandial drink Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan (not complimentary we assumed) before laying our napkins deferentially across our laps. Grace appeared wearing a tuxedo and trousers which nearly made me splutter in amusement and fussed over us for a few moments before, thankfully leaving us to giggle by ourselves. ‘Does it keep you focused?’ asked Lana wickedly. ‘You bloody know it does. I was relieved to sit!’ ‘It’ll be there for you all evening.’ As if I didn’t know. ‘I like it being there for me – our secret.’ I looked into her eyes. ‘I like it being there too.’ Lana smiled. ‘Did I tell you I have a sister – an identical twin?’ ‘No, no you didn’t tell me that. Are you close?’ ‘Identicals tend to be close. I know it’s not a total given but, yes, we are close. She’s a solicitor too but not in my firm. We decided that we shouldn’t work together but it wasn’t easy for us.’ “Where does she live?’ Lana waited until Phoebe had placed our starters before us then continued. ‘She lives in London with her girlfriend, Sophie.’ ‘She’s gay too?’ ‘I did say we are identical. She was my first lover.’ I must have looked shocked. ‘Don’t be surprised. The rules about incest are designed to prevent genetic weaknesses – our sex was hardly likely to do that! We were close, closer than most people can understand and we were both precocious sexually. We knew we were lesbian long before most people accept it and, being two, we could talk about it and share it. We Escort Anadolu Yakası share everything.’ ‘Everything?’ Lana looked at me with a very direct gaze. ‘Yes, everything. Eat your dinner. You’re going to need your strength.’ I pondered what Lana had said. Did she mean she would share me with her sister? How did I feel about that? My mind was in turmoil. I felt her hand close over mine. ‘I’ve shocked you. Look, don’t worry. Everything that happens between you and me will only happen if you want it to. Now, you may want it for its own sake or you may want it simply to please me. Marilyn is me almost. The only differences between us are the odd scar we picked up along the way. You know, falling off bicycles and horses etc. Our Dad liked film stars so I was Lana Turner and Lyn was Monroe.’ She then went into a long and amusing story of their childhood, playing tricks on teachers and parents, making mischief and a little about their other intimacies. I found myself laughing with abandon to the surprise of other guests. It was about 11 when we had finished our meal over coffee and brandy. Lana led me back up to our room. I closed the door this time and she came to me and held me, kissed my mouth softly. We undressed each other slowly, savouring the revelation of the flesh as each piece of clothing was opened or removed. She sat on the edge of the bed and I knelt before her and buried my face in her. She placed her hands in my hair and encouraged me with soft mewlings and some stronger indications of pleasure. I did not get, then, to bring her to her climax. Gently, she lifted me up onto the bed and we curled together, our pussies kissing each other as did our mouths. Then her hand was between us and intruding into me, curling into me and finding my spot. I copied her and together we rode the other’s hand and kissed deeply. It was slow and gentle. It didn’t stay slow though.

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