Kyle Kissed First

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As I finished the last remaining dishes while I waited for Kevin to show up, my thoughts kept racing back to his last visit. It’s hard to remember now how Kevin and I convinced my roommate Samantha to have a three-way with us. Samantha was my roommate. We had sex many times in the past, and I knew she found Kevin really attractive, so I guess one thing led to another. A couple bottles of wine will do that sometimes.

Kevin was my best friend from college. He was a 5’9″ Asian guy weighing around 160 lbs. probably, with short black hair that was always styled with gel. He lived a few hours away from me, but he loved to travel, so he visited often. Kevin had a very nice sized dick for an Asian guy. I had always heard so many stereotypes about Asian guys and their dick size but Kevin was pretty well hung. He kept his pubic hair neatly trimmed and there was barely an inch of fat on him. I had never found myself attracted to my friend before that fateful threesome but all of the sudden, I was here waiting for him to visit me, and couldn’t help feeling horny as hell remembering how he looked naked. During Kevin’s last visit, we saw each other naked for the first time, but somehow, it all seemed very comfortable.

I snapped out of it when my phone rang and it was Kevin. He had just parked his car and was outside my apartment. I went down to meet him and we went around the corner to grab a drink and a bite while we reminisced over everything while never mentioning the threesome we had last month. We grabbed the check and grabbed Kevin’s bags from his car and went back up to my apartment. We sat down on my couch when the topic of Samantha finally came up.

“Is Samantha in town this weekend?” Kevin asked.

“Haha, unfortunately no. She went home for the weekend. You wanted to fuck her again?” I laughed.

“Hellll yes I did” Kevin responded “I was hoping I’d get to cum on those huge tits of hers again haha.”

“Sorry man, yeah, she won’t be back until Monday afternoon. Looks like the only thing you’ll be cumming on this weekend is your hand” I teased back.

“That was pretty fantastic last time wasn’t it?” Kevin asked.

“Yeah dude, I have been jacking off all month thinking about it. Samantha and I had sex a few more times since then but it was never as hot as it was when we double teamed her. Was that your first threesome?” I asked Kevin

“Yeah it was. I had always thought that any threesome I had would involve 2 girls and me, but I had a lot of fun tag teaming her with you. Was it your first threesome?”

“Haha” I laughed “Far from it. You remember my story about the threesome I had at the strip club. Plus I actually had a couple threesomes with some of my guy friends growing up. I guess I’m a bit of an expert at them by now haha.”

“Oh wow! Really?” Kevin responded in amazement. “So I wasn’t the first naked guy you’ve seen then?” Kevin almost sounded disappointed.

“Far from that too” I laughed again. “I had a guy friend I experimented a lot with growing up.” I dropped the bombshell on Kevin hoping he would respond in a favorable way. “We tried everything from blowjobs to you name it.” I continued as Kevin listened with his jaw dropped. “We always chased after girls together. At some point we found it was less of a hassle and just as fun to fool around with each other instead.”

Kevin couldn’t quite figure out the words to say after just hearing that his longtime friend had experimented with gay sex growing up. After what seemed like an eternity Kevin finally responded. “Sooooo, who do you like fucking more? Guys or girls?”

I was secretly delighted by Kevin’s question. Instead of recoiling in disgust, he seemed genuinely intrigued by what I was saying. “Oh I definitely prefer girls. I consider myself straight for sure. But every now and then I do find myself craving a guy. Sometimes I get so horny. I just like the thought of having sex with a guy. Something about it seems so taboo.”

Kevin decided to get a little more personal with his line of questioning. “Were you turned on when you saw me fucking Samantha then?”

This was it. This was my opportunity to make a move with my college friend. I could either lie or tell the truth and see what would happen. I chose the latter. “To tell you the truth I was Kev. You looked really good naked. I was actually surprised by how big your dick was. You know, what with you being Asian and all haha.” I always made Asian jokes with Kevin so this was nothing new. Usually I didn’t make them in the context of telling him how attracted I was to him however. This was definitely new territory in our friendship. “If I can be perfectly honest with you, I may have even fantasized about you during some of my masturbation sessions this past month.”

Kevin liked the compliment “Thank you I guess? Haha” Kevin laughed. “If it’s any consolation, I thought you looked pretty good naked too. What with you being white and all haha.” Kevin always knew how to counter jab.

I decided to go casino siteleri for broke. “Since I’m being honest, I almost had to jack off right before you showed up. I started thinking of you about to show up and before I knew it I was picturing you naked again. I got really worked up thinking about you and became very horny.” Kevin didn’t know what to say at this point. I got worried that I was being too direct with him. At the same time he didn’t get up and run out of the room, so that was a plus. While he searched for a response I went for the kill. “Would it be weird if I told you I wanted to kiss you right now?” I braced for immediate rejection. I knew Kevin wasn’t gay and I knew this was all totally new for him. It was time for my dream to come crashing down.

But still Kevin did not get up and run away. Instead he came up with the best, most surprising response I could hope for. “I guess that would be ok.”

I didn’t wait for him to change his mind. Instead I slid closer to him on the couch, put my arm around him and leaned my face into his. When my lips made contact with his it sent electric shocks through my body. Kevin responded by opening his mouth and sticking his tongue into mine. I put both arms around my best friend and pulled him as close as I could to me as my tongue tangled with his. Kevin responded by increasing his grip on me and committing fully to our kiss. Before long we were entangled in an intense make out session. I couldn’t believe how good a kisser he was. Even more so, I couldn’t believe how incredible this was. My attraction for Kevin was hitting its peak and my dick hit peak attention too as I started to realize I may actually get my wish. I may actually get to have sex with Kevin tonight. I broke our kiss to make sure he was still into it. “How does that feel?” I asked him.

“Fuuuck” was all Kevin managed to say. I started to realize he was getting into it as he pushed me into a lying down position on the couch. He climbed on top of me and we immediately resumed our make out session. I slid my arms all over Kevin’s back as I kissed him passionately. I reach down to his ass and pulled him as close as I could to me. It was then I felt his cock grinding against my leg. I could tell he was REALLY liking this. His dick felt as rock hard as mine and I knew it was time to start freeing ourselves of our constraints. I slid my hands under Kevin’s shirt and lifted it up over his head. He sat back to help me get his shirt over his head and then helped me off with my shirt. We laid back down and continued kissing.

By this point we were back to that familiar place from a month ago of hearing each other moan in sexual ecstasy. The only difference was there was no woman present this time to make it less gay. But that was alright with me. In between kisses and moans I started us on our path to the next level. I broke our kiss and leaned into Kevin’s ear. “I really want to see you naked again” I moaned to him.

Kevin responded by sitting back on his knees so he could undo his belt buckle. He took his belt all the way off and threw it onto the ground and laid back down against me. He then lifted his hips up, and in one full motion slid both his pants and underwear down to his ankles. When he leaned back down I felt the tip of his naked cock against my stomach. I was in heaven. “Was it everything you fantasized about?” Kevin whispered into my ear.

“I’m not sure yet Kev, let me get a better look” I moaned back. Kevin sat back up on his knees again and waved his dick in full view of me playfully so I could see. His cock was rock hard and pointing straight at me. I was speechless. His cock looked incredible. It wasn’t as big as Jeff’s, or as hairless as Max’s, but it had a nice balance. All I could think about was how good it was going to feel inside my ass. “My god you have a nice dick Kev” I complimented my friend.

“Thanks Kyle. You obviously helped it get to full mast” Kevin joked, referencing his massive hard on. “I can’t believe how turned on I am. I have never made out with a guy before. In fact you were the first guy I ever saw naked. But this. This feels fucking awesome.”

I was desperate to take this to the next level. “Can I suck on your dick Kev?” I asked. It seemed silly at this point to ask for approval. But I needed to make sure he was willing to go further.

“Only if I can suck on yours” Kevin again, with an answer that was music to my ears.

“I guess that would be ok haha” I laughed. “Lie down here” I instructed him.

I stood up and pulled Kevin’s pants off from around his ankles. I took a minute to take in the sight of my best friend and his hot, completely naked, Asian body lying on my couch in front of me with his cock standing straight up in the air. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. I finally came back from my trance when Kevin commanded, “Take you pants off as well.” I did as I was told, always willing to return favors. “You have a nice dick too.” Kevin exclaimed, with a smile on his face.

“Thanks slot oyna man. I hope yours tastes as good as it looks” I said while salivating over my friend’s cock. I got back onto the couch and climbed on top of him to give him one more kiss before I sucked him off. Kevin responded by grabbing my ass hard and pulling me into him as he shoved his tongue into my mouth. Our cocks were tangled up with each other as both of us, completely naked, continued to make out on my couch. “My god this kid can kiss!” I thought to myself. “But I need to taste that dick!”

I broke our kiss and slid down to his lap with my face above his dick. I wrapped my hand around the full length of his shaft and started to lightly stroke it up and down. “Oh shit that feels good Kyle” Kevin moaned, unable to stifle himself. Little did he know how amazing it felt for me. I stuck my tongue out and licked the side of his dick as I looked up seductively to make eye contact with my friend. Kevin didn’t want to delay this any further and reached down to grab my head and pushed it down onto his dick. I of course was all too eager and opened my mouth and slid Kevin’s cock all the way inside. “Oh god yes Kyle!” Kevin moaned “Suck my dick.”

All I could let out was inaudible moans as I bobbed my head up and down on my friend’s cock. Kevin tasted wonderful. I couldn’t get enough of it. I reached my hands up to rub Kevin’s smooth stomach as I continued to slide his dick in and out of my mouth. Kevin’s hips started to thrust up towards my mouth. He grabbed my head hard as he pumped his throbbing cock in and out of my mouth. I reached my hand down so I could jerk him off every time his dick came out.

Kevin started moaning loader now “OHH KYLE!!. SHIT SHIT SHIT!” Kevin was definitely a vocal lover as I remembered from our threesome with Samantha. That may have been my favorite thing about him, well that in his dick of course. “OHHHHHH GOD!! I’M GOING TO CUMMMM…” Kevin trailed off as I felt his legs go stiff and felt his cum erupt into my mouth. I planted my lips fully around his dick and started swallowing as much of his cum as I could. Kevin’s cum tasted even better than his dick. I thought I would never get enough. Kevin grabbed onto my head and held me in place as wave after wave of his cum went into my mouth and down my throat. When he finally stopped, I felt like I had just swallowed a gallon of my best friend’s jizz.

I pulled my mouth off of Kevin’s cock and looked up at him with a huge cum eating grin. “Shit you taste good dude” again I complimented Kevin. “That was amazing.”

Kevin was still breathing heavily and trying to calm down from his incredible orgasm. “I don’t think I’ve ever cum that hard in my life Kyle. That was so fucking hot.”

“Tell me about it Kev. I think I’m in love with your cock haha” I laughed. We both sat there lying on the couch. I rested my head on his stomach as I reveled in the sensation of having my appetite fully satisfied by Kevin’s cum. When we both caught our breath I finally spoke up. “Should we go up to my bedroom and get more comfortable?”

“You may need to help me up the steps” Kevin exhaled in a daze “I don’t think I can walk right now.”

“Aww, sounds like someone liked his first gay blowjob haha.”

“Shit yeah dude. Where did you learn to do that so well?” Kevin asked.

I thought back to my many experiences with other men. Obviously I learned how to suck dick with Jeff, the first guy I ever fucked. But I think I really became a cock sucking expert from my many days with my little cousin and his neighbor Max. “Let’s just say I’ve had a lot of experience” I laughed, and just left it at that. I got up off the couch and extended my hand down to Kevin’s. “Come on lazy. Let’s go up to my bed.”

Kevin grabbed my hand and I helped him get off the couch. I let him walk ahead of me so I could admire his beautiful ass. I remember a month ago feeling a little jealous that my roommate Samantha got to fuck this beautiful Asian kid. My cock was throbbing at full attention as I started to realize that soon I was going to get my chance to fuck him. I gave Kevin’s ass a playful slap as I followed behind him up the staircase and into my bedroom. We barely got into the doorway when I spun Kevin around and planted my lips against his. I put my arms around him and pushed him against the wall so I could feel my dick against his naked body.

Kevin responded by opening his mouth wide and kissing me back passionately. Kevin put one arm around the back of my head as the other reached down and grabbed onto my naked ass to hold me close to him. I grinded my dick against Kevin’s body so he could feel just how much he was turning me on. Kevin finally broke the kiss and pushed me back so that I fell backwards onto the bed. “Your turn Kyle.”

I slid back onto the bed so that my head was back by my pillows as I motioned seductively for Kevin to come join me. He followed me onto the bed and dove in to kiss me some more. This time I could feel his canlı casino siteleri cock starting to come back to life. This only made me more passionate as I began to anticipate the feeling of my best friend emptying his load into my ass. I wrapped my arms around Kevin and held him as tight as I could as we assaulted each other’s mouths with our tongues. Kevin looked into my eyes as he broke the kiss. “Ready to get your dick sucked?” He asked.

“Is that even a question? Haha” I laughed. “The question is, are you ready to suck your first dick?”

Kevin looked down at my raging hard on and back up at me. “I’m ready to suck your dick haha.” Kevin took his time to work his lips down my body, pausing at each nipple until he licked and kissed his way down toward my crotch. He looked up at me with his beautiful Asian eyes. “Here goes nothing!” he said as he lowered his lips onto my shaft and prepared himself for his first cock sucking.

I let out an immediate moan as I saw my cock disappear into his mouth. “OHHHHH FUCK!!”

Kevin pulled his lips off of my dick and looked up at me with those sexy eyes of his. “Your dick tastes good!” He said, surprised.

“Oh yeah, Kev! Keep sucking it” was all I could say. Kevin began his first blow job in earnest. He placed both of his hands on my thighs for leverage and started moving his head up and down on my cock, making sure to take the whole length into his mouth each time. His mouth felt incredible on my cock. I looked down at him to see the sexiest sight I had ever seen in my life. My best friend Kevin Lu and I, were lying together, naked in my bed, and he seemed to be thoroughly enjoying his first taste of my cock. His lips felt like velvet all around my shaft. At that moment I wanted nothing more than to be here with him, every day for the rest of my life, in an endless love making session. I wanted his cock and his sexy body, for all of eternity. I reached down and grabbed onto Kevin’s hair as I felt the cum begin to rise in my balls. I held Kevin’s head slightly above my lap as I began to thrust into his mouth. Kevin changed tactics and made a tight “o” with his mouth so that I could fuck it. The kid was a fast learner. “OHHHH FUCK KEV!! YOU’RE… SO FUCKING… GOOD… AT THIS!” I yelled at my friend between thrusts.

Kevin kept gasping for air between thrusts. “oh… I love.. this” was all he could get out. Kevin switched positions with his hands and began working his right hand up and down my shaft as he held his mouth open at the tip of my dick. He looked up at me as he jacked me off into his waiting mouth. “I want you to cum in my mouth” he said, looking right into my eyes. “I want to taste all of you.”

That was pretty much the last piece of encouragement I needed. “OHHHH FUCKKKK!! HERE IT CUMMMMMMS KEV!!” I screamed as I shot the first load of cum into my friend’s hot mouth. Kevin slid his hand down to the base of my shaft and lowered his lips completely around my dick so that he could get all of my cum into his mouth. I felt load after load of cum erupt out of me into his mouth as he kept swallowing and working the rest of it out with his mouth. “HOLY SHITTT KEV!!” I exhaled.

When I had finally stopped cumming, Kevin started licking all around my shaft trying to get every last drop of cum into his mouth. It was surprising to me that he had never been with a guy before. He really seemed to like it. I just laid on the bed in a state of euphoria as I calmed down from one of the best orgasms of my life. Kevin finally stopped sucking my dick and crawled up into the bed beside me. I leaned over to drape my arm around him and the both of us just laid there catching our breath. “That was so much fun” Kevin spoke up first.

“Holy shit dude, you’re telling me. You looked so hot down there sucking my dick. I’m surprised I held out as long as I did.” I said breathlessly. I turned to my side so I could spoon with my new boy toy. I nestled my softening dick up against Kevin’s ass and held him close to me. “How did you like your first gay experience?” I asked my friend.

“I liked it” Kevin answered enthusiastically, “I REALLY liked it! I had never in my life thought about doing anything like this with a guy before. I’m so glad you convinced me.”

“Haha, as I recall it didn’t take much convincing Kev” I teased, “All I said was that I had been fantasizing about you. You took it from there.”

Kevin turned around to face me, with a frustrated, playful tone. “You kissed me first Kyle!”

“You kissed me back” I shot back.

Both Kevin and I burst out laughing. “Our first lover’s quarrel” Kevin remarked.

“Oh so we’re lovers now?” I laughed. “I think we need to have sex first before we are lovers. Last I checked we just sucked each other off. That’s kid’s stuff” I said mockingly.

Kevin’s eyes opened wide as he seemed to realize for the first time there was much more fun we could have together. “You want to fuck me Kyle?” Kevin questioned.

“Hell yes I want to fuck you Kev. And I want you to fuck me. I don’t want to stop here. I want to try it all with you. When I told you I have been fantasizing about you, I wasn’t just dreaming of you sucking my dick. I’ve been dreaming of having sex with you too!”

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