Karen’s Next Adventure Ch. 1

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It’s been three months since our first sexual escapade (Karen’s Adventure), we agreed that any sexual adventure we partake to must be agreed upon by both of us, so not to cause any problems to our marriage.

FRIDAY: I bumped into my old basketball teammate Dan in the motor shop. He is a now big time construction engineer and is looking for a new project. I told him I may have the project for him. He stopped my sales pitch right there and then, and instead invited me and Karen to join him and his wife Liz to their hill cabin over the weekend and talk about the details then. I agreed. Karen and Dan knows each other, and I know Dan has the “hots” for Karen since college. On the other hand, we never met Liz before. They just got married two years ago.

SATURDAY: We arrived at the cabin at around 8 am, It was a nice place with a large swimming pool at the back. Dan introduced us to his beautiful wife Liz, short blond hair, 5’5′ tall, and a sexy body. Well what do you know , Liz and Karen knows each other, they attended the same aerobics class some years ago. We exchanged some small talk for a while and then Dan invited us to go swimming. We went to our rooms and changed clothes.

Dan and I are drinking beer by the pool when Karen arrived. Wearing a black two piece g-string bikini. I noticed Dan starring at Karen, we then exchanged smiles and then Liz arrives. Liz is wearing a white two piece thong bikini. I know Liz has a great body but I didn’t imagine she had the best shaped ass I’ve seen. I notice Karen eyeing Liz’s ass, and I know she wants her. I acted as if I did not notice her desires for Liz. We went for a swim, we ate lunch, we drank beer and for all I know it was 5 pm. The ladies wore a wrap around skirt and started to prepare dinner. Dan invited us to watch a video on his home theater set up before we eat dinner. As we watched a movie I roamed around his video collection and I noticed he has a wide collection of porno movies, with an even larger collection of lesbian movies. I ask him if he had a thing for lesbian movies.

He said -“Why yes, don’t you?”

I replied-“Of course, I love it too.”

Dan said-“Let’s watch one then.” casino şirketleri As the lesbian movie started, our wives enter the room,

Liz then said-“Oh, Dan, not again!” . I think Liz was embarrassed that we may not be comfortable with this.

“It’s OK Liz, there’s no problem” Karen said.

So we watched. For an hour or so the four of us were quiet, watching the movie intensely. Karen kept on folding her legs quite a bit and I know she’s getting wet watching two girls in a 69 position. I was sitting on her left, and Liz was sitting on her right. Karen places her seemingly unmalicious right hand on Liz’s left thigh. Liz was not bothered by this, for it was a harmless touch,(so she thinks). After the movie, we went back ate dinner, drank some more and go for another swim. After a while, the two ladies had enough, got out of the pool and shared the pool shower, giggling and laughing. They again wrapped around there respective skirts. We boys followed soon after.

“What shall we do tonight?” asked Karen.

Dan replied “Let’s play a game of billiards, you ladies versus us boys , you ladies need to shoot only five balls and you win, whoever looses must obey the winners command.”

“This looks exiting, let’s go.” I said.

We played billiards then, Liz was a good pool player and sank 3 balls, but in the end, we boys won the game.

“So what do you want from us?” Liz said.

“Yeah, come on, speak up boys.” Karen said. Dan and I had a short meeting, after a while we agreed on our demand.

Dan said-” Well ladies, why don’t you give us a girl to girl show.”

Liz yelled-“WHAT! No way!” An argument ensued.

Karen pulled Liz on one side of the room for their own meeting.

The meeting went on for a while, and when they returned,

“OK, we’ll do it on a few conditions.” Karen said.

Karen continues- “You guys just watch, one of you comes near us, we stop the show, one false move from you guys, we stop the show, do you accept?.”

“Yes we do!” was our reply.

Karen held Liz’s hand and leads her to the living room sofa, closing all the lights on their way, leaving the only lampshade casino firmaları near the sofa open.

“OK you guys stay there, don’t come any closer.” Karen commands.

We followed Karen’s command, keeping ourselves in the dark, about 10 feet from them, sitting down , drinking beer.

Both ladies remove their wrap around skirts, sitting on the sofa, facing each other, Karen gives Liz a light kiss to the lips, they exchange slow, light kisses. Karen becomes aggressive, slowly entering Liz’s mouth with her tongue, Liz does not resist, as their tongues circle one another. I could see both tongues chasing each other, the girls’ heads swaying side to side as they suck each others tongue. The kisses becomes fast, and passionate, both ladies moans, but does not stop. I had a hard on by now, and I don’t know if I could stand it any longer. After a while the kiss stops. Karen guides Liz to a kneel on top the sofa. Karen removes Liz’s bikini top, Liz’s tits now facing Karen. Karen slowly licks Liz’s left nipple, gently sucking it. Liz’s gives out a long moan- “Oooooohhhhhh, I love it Karen, don’t stop.” Karen gives Liz’s right breast the same attention while squeezing Liz’s ass cheeks. Karen tells Liz to lie down, resting her head on a couple of throw pillows. Karen was about to go down on Liz’s when Liz pulls her up and gives her a long deep kiss. Dan tells me something but I did not understand a word he said for I was hypnotized by the action up front. Karen finally goes down on Liz, removing her thongs, licks Liz’s cunt immediately. Like a hungry dog, Karen eats her up, slow then going fast, then slowly again. Karen inserts her left hand’s middle finger into Liz’s pussy. Liz’s pussy was all wet, I could see Karen’s finger glistening with juices. Not wanting to neglect herself, Karen begins to rub her own pussy with her right hand. She’s wet at once, I could see her bikini soaked from where I stand. Karen then lifts Liz’s ass in the air and begins to lick Liz’s asshole, then back to her pussy. Liz loved what was happening. It wasn’t long and Liz’s screams – “Ahhhhhh, I want you , Karen. I want you now.” Liz comes as she moans softly.

Karen stands güvenilir casino up removes her bikini and inserts a finger into her wet pussy, tells Liz to remain lying down. Karen bends down on Liz and let her suck the middle finger from both hands, letting Liz taste Karen’s and her own pussy juice. Liz loves it, sucking the fingers furiously. Karen crawls up to Liz and once again are locked into a kiss, exchanging juices from the tongue. Liz goes on and sucks Karen’s beautiful tits. “Yes baby, that’s so good, Liz.” moans Karen. Karen stands up and sits on Liz’s face. Liz eats her up real hard and fast. squeezing Karen’s ass. This time, Karen moans and screams- “Ohhhhhhhh, Liz, I love it baby, yeeeees.” Liz’s face was all wet with Karen’s pussy juices. After a while of grinding and sucking, Karen move up and pulls Liz up. Karen lies flat on her belly with her ass sticking Liz’s face. Karen tells Liz- “Come on baby, eat my ass.”

Without hesitation, Liz goes down on Karen’s ass, spreads Karen’s ass cheeks, burying her face, licking her ass hole. Fucking Karen’s ass with her tongue. Karen grinds and finally comes and moans – “Ohhhhh, yes baby.” The ladies now prepares to go on a 69 position, but not before giving each other another deep kiss. Once into position, both ladies eat each other up. It seems they have forgotten that Dan and I was still there. They lick each others pussy at the same pace, both bodies moving into one motion, finger fucking each others pussy, occasionally going deep on each other’s ass. Finally, both wives comes, Karen collapses on top of Liz, Karen gives Liz’s thighs kisses while Liz caresses Karen’s ass. After a few moments, both ladies stood up and gives each other a smile and a kiss. Then Karen said- “Did you like the show boys?”

“Yes, now can we join you?” I said.

“No way, not tonight.” Liz said. Liz pulled Karen by the hand and ran off to the third room of the cabin.. Locking themselves up. Dan and I thought they were just going to clean up so we went back to the pool side for more beer. We talked about the great show and are looking forward for some action tonight. After an hour and a lot more beers, the ladies never returned. We were left out to dry. We went to our respective rooms and I guess I jerked off my stiff dick and went to sleep. Then I thought to myself – “Tomorrow is payback time.”

(continued…Karen’s Next Adventure Chapter 2 /group sex)

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