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Gerry looked forward to his lunches with Tammy. He was careful to call it “lunch”, rather than “lunch date”, because he just couldn’t quite be sure what was developing between them… or if it was anything at all. He liked her, and she seemed to like him, but there was just that horrible thought in his mind that she wasn’t interested in him beyond sharing some time at lunch.

Tammy was pretty; there was no doubt about that. She was pretty enough that he was surprised when she agreed to have lunch with him that first time, but, of course, it was only a casual work lunch. That was five lunches ago now. Here she was though, still sitting opposite him, apparently still interested in what he had to say, still picking at the remains of her sandwich, not rushing back to the office and giving him hope for getting closer to her.

He thought she had nice fingers, subtle nail polish and nails that were long and feminine without being long and vicious. Tammy had gorgeous hair too, a crop of tight ringlets that hung down around her face and bulged out from her head like a tidy, planned version of female dreadlocks. He’d touched her hair, reached out and felt a ringlet a couple of lunches ago. She teased him that people did that to her hair all the time, wanted to know what it felt like. To Gerry it felt nice. It had a perm through it probably, but her hair was very distinctive and soft.

The best thing about Tammy was that her face was always smiling, or so it seemed. Her eyes were somewhere between blue and green but always expressive. Big eyes, he thought. Tammy’s full lips teased him with the suggestive way they moved, when speaking and just when smiling at him, with any one of the twenty or so smiles he’d seen her use so far. That was the thing about her – she was fun to be with, and seemed to be having fun with him, which was never a bad thing. Over the weeks he’d become pretty sure that she was interested in him romantically, but his mind easily created the shadow of a doubt, mainly the thought, “what’s a nice girl like this doing with me”. Gerry knew he could be a bit of a dork, but it was hard to shake.

“That was a good lunch. Good choice of venue Gerry, thanks.” Tammy finished the last of her coffee and looked out of the window. “It’s such a beautiful day. Don’t you wish there was somewhere, a nice park or something, where we could take a walk at lunchtime sometimes? Just to blow the cobwebs away.”

Gerry stared out of the window. They were in a coffee shop a mile from their office and the plaza around them featured a furniture store, an attorney’s office, a gas station and taxidermy store. On the other side of the plaza was a freeway. This was commercial cityscape, hardly “park” country. The immediate area around their office was the same.

“We could drive up to Clay Park sometime.” Gerry suggested, starting to enjoy the prospect of walking with Tammy. Any extension of his relationship with her seemed like a good idea, and he thought that taking walk in the park with her would be a step forward.

“Isn’t it all sports fields up there, at Clay Park?” Tammy questioned. “I was thinking more about somewhere we could take a walk and enjoy the sunshine, today. There won’t be many more days like this before winter. Along a lake or through woods, something like that.”

“I haven’t been up there for a while but I’m sure there are walking trails.” Gerry sounded vaguer than he wanted to, but didn’t want to disappoint her and he really didn’t know the park well.

Tammy had pulled out her smart phone and was tapping at the keyboard. “It’s a bit out of the way too,” she said without reprimand, “I don’t have to be back in the office for a while, but going up there might take most of the afternoon.”

“True.” Gerry admitted, looking again at the concrete jungle around him and wondering what other options there might be. “I don’t have to be back in a hurry either, but you’re right.”

“Here,” Tammy offered him the screen of her phone, “This place is just a few blocks away. It’s an Audubon urban sanctuary. Don’t know what it’ll be like, but we could check it out at least. It’s such a beautiful day.”

So, they set off for the sanctuary Tammy had found. She was driving and had given Gerry her phone to navigate with. They missed the entrance first time around, probably not expecting that it was just a small road in between two private houses, but U-turned and got there in a few minutes. Tammy parked in front of a deserted wooden hut that was obviously the facility’s office, and they got out to look around.

It was surprisingly quiet, trees and undergrowth everywhere, just a mile from the freeway. The hut was deserted but there were a few cars parked around and a large board with a map of the sanctuary. They looked at the map, seeing several trail lines that stretched from one end of the area to another. On the map it looked like several miles across, but Gerry knew it couldn’t be more than a half-mile at its widest point. Surrounded on all sides by houses, this truly was a sanctuary.

Late in the year, czech couples porno the tree coverage was sparse and in varying shades of brown. The start of the trail was easy to see and Tammy nodded towards the opening. “Shall we?” She smiled, almost grinned at the start of their minor adventure.

The trail was mostly dirt and shale with some areas built-up with a wooden boardwalk. It was easy to follow and very pleasant to walk as the late-year sunshine poured in through the bare branches and the fresh fall air surrounded them. Gerry let Tammy walk ahead in the sections of the trail where it was hard to walk side-by-side. He enjoyed being able to look at her.

Tammy was wearing flat heeled work shoes, a short-ish gray skirt and a long woolen cardigan that hung almost as low as her skirt. Under the cardigan she wore a pink top that stretched across her feminine form. She carried a purse with a long strap over her shoulder. From behind Gerry enjoyed another part of Tammy’s body as she walked through the branches and her bottom moved enticingly.

Their lunchtime “dates” started when Gerry was appointed to a project that Tammy was participating in and they struck up a strong relationship on the project team. It was an easy thing to do as most of the other team members were at least twenty years older than they were and what started as a rush to catch the cafeteria one afternoon had now turned to a semi-regular thing that was holding more than a little romantic promise… apparently for both of them.

“Wow,” she paused for him to catch-up as the trail widened again, “This place is cool eh?” Her smile beamed at him.

Gerry didn’t quite see the excitement in a walk through the undergrowth but was enjoying being with Tammy. As he caught up with her she held out her hand and took his, just like it was the most natural thing in the world.

His heart leaped, missed a few beats and started running at an accelerated rate all at once. Tammy’s delicate hand felt great in his and it gave him hope that this lunchtime liaison thing they had going was maybe a little more than he’d thought it was so far. Her fingers entwined with his and she held him enthusiastically. Damn, she felt good.

“You think there are critters around here?” Tammy stalled slightly, seeing a sign with silhouettes of snakes and spiders warning walkers to stay on the trail.

“Not at this time of year,” Gerry advised, “not warm enough for them.”

Tammy seemed assured by his logic and they continued towards the far end of the sanctuary, still holding hands, smiling and talking politely to each other.

At the end of the trail there was a small path off to the left that wound for a few yards and ended with a small two-person bench that faced out towards the trail. They walked up to the dead end and before Gerry could suggest it Tammy asked, “You want to sit a while?”

“Sure.” He answered, trying to sound cool, his tummy churning now at the prospect of… well, he had no idea.

Tammy took the seat on the left and he sat to her right. Their hands has become disengaged while they sat, but he found her hand again quickly and there was no resistance as he held it, guiding their hands to rest on his left thigh. “This is a beautiful spot.” He nodded approval.

Before Gerry had a chance to soak in the peaceful surroundings and think of what to say next, Tammy pulled her hand away and started to delve into her purse. “I brought some desert.” She fished around for a few moments and came up with a bar of Swiss chocolate. “You like some?”

Gerry nodded, knowing he was about to say, “sure”, and not wanting Tammy to think his vocabulary was as limited as he was displaying today.

He watched as she pulled off the paper cover and found a way through the foil to the chocolate. Tammy exposed the first few squares and then snapped them off. Dropping the remainder of the bar back to her purse, she broke off a single square and turned to Gerry. “Here you go.” She brought it up towards his mouth.

Gerry managed to smile briefly before Tammy pushed the chocolate between his lips. He had no time to do anything when she leaned over and kissed him, almost before the treat was in his mouth.

It was a lot to take in at once, a kiss, the chocolate and catching his breath, but Gerry managed to find enough coordination to do everything, and kiss Tammy back. Her lips were soft and warm and they opened easily as soon as he showed that he wasn’t backing away from her advance. Her tongue slipped easily into his mouth, agile and sexy as it sought his tongue and played. His hand came up to her cheek instinctively and caressed her as they gained confidence and kissed harder.

When they broke to face each other Tammy’s face was one huge smile. “You taste of chocolate.” She giggled.

Gerry swallowed the last of his chocolate and smiled back, happy that things had moved beyond lunch. “You made me taste like chocolate.” He leaned back to her, pausing with their lips a fraction apart to say, “I like czech estrogenolit porno how you tasted.”

They replayed the kiss, feeling each other’s enthusiasm and passion rise as their tongues danced and played. Gerry felt Tammy’s hands reach to hold his sides and pull him closer and he gently stroked her cheek again. Tammy’s passion was tangible as she pulled him close and pressed her lips hard to his while they kissed. Gerry briefly wondered if he’d ever known a woman whose passion was so overt so quickly but the thought disappeared when Tammy’s hand came around to caress his chest and make enticing circles down across his belly.

“I’ve wanted to kiss you so much, for weeks now.” Tammy was panting, her passion visible now.

“I’m glad you did,” Gerry still felt lame next to his animated companion, “I’ve wanted to ask you out for weeks.”

“Don’t need to now.” Tammy smirked and kissed him again.

This time as they kissed Gerry placed his hand on Tammy’s front and rubbed back and forth across her tummy, through her top. They had turned to face each other now and it wasn’t the easiest thing to manipulate their hands to touch each other as they kissed. When Tammy’s hand closed over his and encouraged it upwards towards her breast it wasn’t an easy journey, but any discomfort was overwhelmed by the pleasure of holding her through her clothes. She kissed harder than ever as his fingers explored through her top and bra, locating her proud nipple.

Gerry had never felt things move so fast and was encouraged by Tammy’s moves to slip his fingers inside her top, find the edge of her bra and push down between the material and her skin. Tammy’s nipple was a hard bud between his fingers as he found it and pulled with his fingertips. For a moment she could barely kiss him, and then she resumed her intensity as their coupling progressed.

Tammy’s hand found the front of his pants and started rubbing at his erection with long, slow strokes that felt incredible. When she bent down to use both hands on his zipper his hand slipped out of her bra. Tammy pulled his zip down and immediately pushed her hand inside, Closing it around his cock and gripping it tight. “God, you’re hard.” She panted.

Gerry sat back a little, giving Tammy full control now as she struggled with releasing his flesh from his underwear. “How can I not be hard for you?”

“These pants suck Gerry.” Tammy pulled at the waistband of his underwear through his zipper. Her hand worked feverishly, like she couldn’t wait to free him. With a final twist of her wrist she finally managed to pull the material over the head of his cock. “That’s better.”

Gerry felt a rush of fresh air around his cock when Tammy pulled as much of him out into the open as she could. When she’d freed him as much as she could Tammy immediately dropped her head to take him into her mouth. That fresh feeling on his cock changed again as her warm, moist mouth enveloped him and sucked. Gerry gasped and leaned back on the bench, first looking down at the back of Tammy’s head as it started to make a slow bobbing motion in his lap, and then to the trail around them, for the first time realizing that anyone walking by could see them.

If someone had seen them there was no mistaking what they were doing. Tammy’s mouth felt incredible on him as she worked the head and shaft of his cock with the longest strokes she could manage. Gerry ran his hand over her back in encouragement and wondered if she was intent on making him cum. The first thoughts of what to do if he got close to coming – what to say to warn her in case she didn’t want him in her mouth when he came – were just starting to form on his mind when Tammy lifted her mouth off him.

Her hand took hold of him immediately, making soft strokes to ensure he remained excited. His cock felt cooler again as her saliva cooled on his skin. She kissed him briefly but Gerry wanted to reciprocate her moves now and his hand started to inch along her thigh, up her skirt. Tammy let her legs part so his hand was unrestricted. It was a glorious, delicious journey as he neared her crotch. Tammy was looking into his eyes as he made contact with her skin. He tried not to look surprised by the lack of underwear but the playful smirk on her face was impossible to miss. How much of this had she planned?

“You’re so wet.” Gerry could not hide this surprise. Tammy was nothing less than soaking, super-lubed and feeling softer than anything he had felt before.

Tammy groaned in reply, unable to form words as his fingers explored her pussy lips. Without hesitation now Gerry pushed a finger into her and felt Tammy gasp as he slid inside. He was mesmerized by how wet she felt and pushed hard into her heat. His finger curled upwards, feeling the walls of her pussy and causing her to make another little gasp. She felt so silky and wet, we wanted to get down there and taste her, but there seemed no viable position out here to do that, so he pushed his finger in and out of her, feeling all of czech experiment porno her hot and slick pussy walls as her juices covered his hand and hearing the slick sounds caused by his movements.

Keeping his finger tucked inside her and making a curling motion that she seemed to like, Gerry bent his head down and reached over to touch her breast. Tammy realized what he was doing and pulled her top and bra down to expose her nipple for him. Rather than take it in his free hand, Gerry bent over further and took the bud into his mouth, suckling hungrily as soon as he closed around it.

Unfazed, Tammy kept her stroking motion on him constant as he worked her nipple with his mouth and pussy with his fingers. They were in their own world, oblivious to anyone who might pass by and happen upon their unbridled passion.

Gerry was just starting to think about what he could do to make Tammy cum when she switched the situation on him again.

She leaned away from him and let go of his cock at the same time. For a second Gerry wondered what he’d done wrong and withdrew his finger from her pussy but then her could only watch as she go up from the bench, hitched her skirt up and then up further so she could open her legs easily. She took a step to move in front of him and moved quickly to sit in his lap and kiss him.

Gerry quickly found her exposed breast and resumed massaging it with his hand. Next her reached down and fought through the bunched material of her skirt to get back to her soaking pussy. Tammy kissed him, almost suffocating him with her urgency and passion. She brought her feet up onto the bench, straddling him and allowing her to move up and down on his finger.

But his finger was never going to be enough, not now. “Just a little bit,” Tammy breathed, “let me feel it. Just a little bit.”

Gerry misread he words at first and thrust his finger deeper inside her. Tammy hitched her skirt up a little more and he thought his movement was what she wanted, but she spoke again, her eyes intense and full of fire now, “Just a little bit. Let me feel it inside…. Just a little bit.”

He was almost helpless as Tammy undid his belt and unclipped the waistband of his pants. Next she pulled his underwear away as much as she could, reached down and took his cock in her hand. He felt the urge to say something; shouldn’t they talk about this, take precautions, something… “I… shouldn’t we…”

Tammy was relentless though and unstoppable as she moved her body to position it over his cock. “It’s okay.” Was all she said as she descended on him, enveloping him in her hot, soaking sex.

Gerry looked up at her flushed face as she sat there for a moment without moving. She shook her long cardigan down behind her in a token gesture to hide their exposure should anyone happen by. “That’s more than a little bit.” Gerry laughed, enthralled by this woman’s passion and wondering if she was now out to finish what she started.

“I’m sorry,” she offered, finally a demure tone from her, “I… I just needed to feel you. I was carried away.”

“It’s okay.” Gerry felt excited. He was resigned too, but that feeling was dwarfed by the knowledge this gorgeous woman was impaled on him in a public place. “You feel damn good.” He gently thrust his hips upwards a little, encouraging her to ride him.

Tammy didn’t need much encouragement. Pushing up with her legs, she slid up him, and then slid down again, a delicious move that sent immediate pleasure coursing through his entire body. “You’re such a good size in me. Perfect.” Taking hold of the back of the bench, Tammy rose up again, and fell on him again. The effect was incredible, he’d never felt so completely encased inside a woman before – held tightly by a slippery, soft pussy that was generating heat to spare.

Time after time she rose and fell on him, each stroke easing him up the ladder to climax, steadily raising his urge to thrust back into her. He reached out and started to feel for her clit, anxious that she should cum too but Tammy caught his hand and breathed, “No. It’s oaky. Just let me.”

This was a cue Gerry couldn’t resist and was ready for. Without changing positions he started to thrust upwards to meet her pelvis as it descended on him. Immediately he saw on her face that he was hitting her clit in the right place and continued with his thrusts, pleasuring her back.

Gerry watched Tammy’s face as they slid and ground against each other. She was lost to the world as she pursued her orgasm, intent on taking him with her. She started whispering, “Yes… yes…” very quietly as her excitement rose. He tried to gauge how close she was but with his own excitement taking over his consciousness it was impossible. Her face and whispers became his focus as she neared climax, pushing down onto him now with real force, grinding her clit into him.

When she came it was unmistakable. Tammy’s eyes opened wide and started at him as her moves continued, unrelenting in timing and force. She stuttered slightly as the climax broke, and then slammed down on him harder than ever, her orgasm exploding around both of them as he felt her pussy grip him. “Just a little bit.” She whispered again while the moment pumped through her. She threw her head back and made a long, deep sigh as he felt her pussy walls tighten around him again. He heard her mutter, “Huge.” as she continued to ride him.

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