Jayne the Virgin Chapter 10

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Jayne the Virgin Chapter 10This is chapter 10 of the true story series of how I fucked an 85 year old virgin named Jayne. For those that have stuck with me from chapter 1 I thank you. For those that have not you should start at chapter 1 because any chapter after will not make any sense.This will be the last chapter in the series.After sticking my index finger halfway in Jayne’s pussy I could tell she was really tight. She was not very big to begin with and does have a small pelvic area. My cock was really hard week me just thinking about how it if going to feel when I fuck her. She moaned really loud and spread her legs wider. She grabbed my hand and pushed the palm into her clit and started humping it. She relaxed a little which allowed me to add my middle finger. I penetrated her with both fingers and got them deeper inside of her. She started to moan in pain and said it hurts a little. I withdrew my fingers a little and gently massaged inside of her tight love hole. I could feel her getting close to orgasm and told her to grab my cock and stroke it. She did. As she stroked her hand the head of my cock I told her to gently squeeze and when I tell her I am cumming to leave her hand there and let me fuck he hand and cum in it. I got closer and closer and so did Jayne. Jayne started bucking her hips and yelling out in pleasure. That put me over the edge. I told her to hold her hand on the head of my cock and squeeze. She did and a huge load erupted from my cock. I came so much it filled her hand and ran down her arm. She was shuddering in orgasm as I finished cumming, holding on to my hand with two fingers locked her right pussy as she bucked hard. When we both finished she gently let go of my cock and I waited for her to pull my hand out of her pussy.She licked her hand and fingers clean of my cum and used the bed sheets to wipe off her arm. I could also tell she leaked some pussy juice onto the sheets. We were both very tired and fell asleep.When I woke up Jayne was not in bed with me. I got up to use the bathroom and found a note thanking me for a great night and she went home to take a shower and she will see mean.little later and to not go anywhere. I took a shower and when I went back in the bedroom Rose was in the bed, naked and legs spread wide.I went to say something to her but she said no talking, she just wants to be fucked. I did not hesitate and got in bed with her, plunged my hard cock into her wet, waiting pussy and pounded her until I filled her full of cum. She had multiple huge orgasms. After we finished I got up and Rose did to, she got dressed and left and we never said a word to each other.I made up the bed and picked up the apartment in vasey MIL came home. The only way she would be able to tell if anyone was in her apartment is when she pulls back there covers and sees all of the dry cum and pussy juice on her bedding. She will also probably be able to smell the odor of sex in her bed too. I chuckled at the thought of it. I got dressed and left to get breakfast. I called my wife to give her an update and find out what apartment number Jayne lives in. She loved the fact we are fucking in her mom’s bed. She gave me the apartment number for Jayne and I went back to the building. On the way y down to her apartment I ran into Roberta, the large black BBW who was going to join Jayne and I that day. She joined me and said with a smile she could not wait until my cock was in her. I told her I could not wait to eat out her fat, black, juicy pussy. We got on the elevator and right when the door closed she lifted her dress over her head and said I do not have to wait long. She had on no panties or bra. Her skin is the color of milk chocolate. She has huge fat tits with dark chocolate colored areolas and thick fudge colored nipples. Her fat, back pussy was shaved completely bare and looks like she keeps it shaved on a regular basis. She held up her big belly and I saw she has huge, leathery looking outer pussy lips that were obviously well used and drooped. They parted and exposed her inner pussy lips which are also very leathery looking and naturally spread apart exposing her sexy pink inner love tunnel. I started sucking on her big tits, sucking each nipple like it is a cock. She moaned in pleasure and I could smell right away what her pussy naturally smells like when aroused. I shove my hand in her pussy and she was very wet. While I finger fucked her she put her hand down my shorts and started stroking my hard cock. We felt the elevator coming to a stop and quickly composed güvenilir bahis ourselves and she dropped her dress back over her head.Another couple got in the elevator. My cock was still hard and tenting my shorts. I was not intending on hiding it but Roberta wanted me to and moved to stand in front of me. The lady gave a scornful look when she saw my cock trying to break through the fabric. The guy had a slight smile on his face. I started rubbing Roberta’s big, plump ass through her dress. The other guy saw this and slyly gave me a thumbs up. The other lady, who was wearing a skirt, was standing in front of Roberta. I saw Roberta slightly touch and rub her hips and ass. The lady backed up closer to Roberta and I saw Roberta lift her skirt, without her husband noticing, and rub her ass through her granny panties. I moved closer to the back of Roberta and put my covered cock into her ass crack, shoving her dress in. The guy saw this and reached over and started stroking my cock. He then put his other have down the back of my shorts and started fingering my ass. I reached over and grabbed his cock. He felt well hung. I was really close to cumming but just then the elevator stopped and they got out.When the door closed I asked Roberta who were they. She told me a married couple who never have sex with each other and more and after they had k**s the stopped having sex with each other. I asked her what she meant. She explained she is purely a lesbian who guy my married and had c***dren with him to make it look like she was not gay. He did not know she was gay until the last of their k**s left home. He came home and caught having sex with a woman one day. It was the same women he was having an affair with because she stopped having sex with him. They had a threesome with the woman and came to an agreement they that they could fuck who ever they wanted but if it was in their home they had to give the other person fair notice. Roberta told me she had sex with her and him both. While she is strictly a lesbian he is no. She also said he is well hung. I told her he felt like he is. Roberta said he is a top with men. I asked it she is still willing to do a threesome. Roberta said yes but she will not touch a man’s cock.The elevator stopped again and we got off and walked to her apartment where Jayne was waiting. Jayne was naked. Roberta and I got naked and we went to the bedroom. Jayne and I told Roberta what Jayne and I have so far. Roberta was surprised Jayne has gone this far and was expecting to have to teach Jayne some things and teach her. I told Roberta I am going to tits fuck Jayne but first I want to fuck you and have to get my cock in that but ass of yours.Roberta got on the bed on all fours and put her big ass in the air and said it is all mine. Jayne got in her back in the 69 position and spread her legs so Roberta could eat her out while she ate out Roberta. I got behind Roberta and leaned over and whispered to Jayne I am going to rub my cock on Roberta’s pussy to get her juicy and use her pussy juices as lube to shove my cock in her ass. Roberta will likely not be expecting it but I want you to see how it is done because I am going to fuck your ass too. Jayne said she will eat Roberta out after she sees how I penetrate Roberta’s anal love canal.I on my knees and started rubbing my cock on Roberta’s pussy. I also started rubbing her anal rose bud week my finger. She responded by backing into my finger. I shoved my finger into her anal canal while I rubbed my cock on her juicy pussy. I could tell she was getting really turned by it. I simultaneously pulled my finger it if her tight ass and put my cock in her in one smooth penetration. She was really tight but I could feel her hot anal love tunnel give way for my invading cock. Jayne greedily lapped her pussy juices. Roberts cried out that I was her first and it feels great. Hearing that and the fact she was really tight put me over the edge and I pumped my cum deep into her hot, black, fat anal love hole. She started cumming in Jayne’s face and Jayne hear a huge orgasm as well.I pulled out of Roberta and my cum flowed out and onto Jayne’s head. She opened her mouth to catch it. Roberta got off of Jayne and we all laid there enjoying the moment. I asked Roberta the names of the couple on the elevator, she told me Rich and Carol. Jayne said she knows them and hasc sex with Carol all the time. She says Carol does not want her to be deflowered. I asked if she knew about what was happening this week. Jayne said yes. Roberta güvenilir bahis siteleri said that explain why they got off on the floor your apartment is on. Roberta stated she thinks Rich and Carol may be wanting to help with Jayne’s defloration. I asked if they are going to be a problem. Roberta did but think so but we may want to avoid them if we can. I told Roberta about what we are doing in my mother in law apartment and why. She loved it.Roberta noticed the time and said she will go pick up lunch. She got up, dressed and left. Jayne and I got up, just put our robes on and went down to my MIL’s apartment. We went into the bedroom and got in bed. She laid on her back and told me to tit fuck her. I straddled her chest, put some Vaseline that smells like baby powder on my cock, put my cock between her tits. She started pushing her tits around my cock. I fucked her between her big boobs. She squeezed my cock with her tits, increasing and decreasing the pressure. I knew it will be a little bit before I could cum, especially after cumming in Roberta’s ass. I told Jayne it is often better to take a cock in her pussy first, before taking one in her anal love tunnel. I then reached back and started fingering her pussy. I really wanted to get my cock in between her legs and shove it in her hairy virgin snatch.She grabbed my hand, held it tight against her hairy mound and hissed at me to fuck her pussy while pushing me down from her chest. I moved down, she spread her legs very wide, grabbed my cock and said no matter what she does or says to not stop until I am all the way in her. She pulled my cock to virgin opening and told me to push. I did and started to penetrate into her. She was very tight. I could tell it was painfully for her and started to back off. She grabbed my hips and said “don’t you dare!” I kept going and got halfway in when she put her legs and feet around my back and helped push me the rest of the way in. She yelped in pain. The tight grip on my cock was incredible.Once I was seated all the way inside of her she asked me to hold still so she can get used to it. I bent down into her chest and sucked her tits. I then kissed her passionately. She told me to make her a whole woman. I stated thrusting in and out of her tight pussy. She started moaning and saying she has never felt so good in her life. She started having orgasms, over right after the other and getting more intense and squeezing my cock harder each time. She started shuddering and convulsing and it was hard to tell when one orgasm ended and the next began. I told her I am going to cum. She yelled as loud as she could to fill her full of my cum. Right before I came pulled back and left only the head of my cock in her, thrust in as hard as I could and flooded her with a huge torrent of cum. She squeezed my back and hip as hard as she could and bucked her hips up to meet my cock and take it deep. When we were done we laid there with me on top of her. She had a look of content in her face. She smiled and told me it really hurt first but she knew it she did not continue and told me to stop she would not have ever done it. My cock softened and naturally fell out her newly deflowered pussy. We kissed and she told me thank you for being her first. I told her my pleasure I was glad to do it.As we got up to dress she looked at her phone. She told me Roberta was back with and asked her where we were. Jayne responded with at my MIL’s apartment, we are getting dressed and will be there soon.In the way back to Roberta’s so apartment we ran into Rich and Carol. Carol could tell right away we had sex. We got in the elevator together and she reached into Jayne’s robe between her legs. She asked how could she and she was hoping to prevent her from being defiled by a man. I asked how could you possibly have prevented consentual sex between adults. Rich laughed and Carol told him to shut up. Jayne told her she is bi and she will just have to deal with that. If that means they no longer have sex, so be it. Carol told hugged her and said she wants to clean her out. I looked at Rich and asked what he wants. He said my tight ass. That is when I told him of my rule that any guy that fucks and cums in me I do the same to him. He started to say then maybe not but Carol said it is about time that another guy tells you how it is. She then said if we do this she wants to see me deflower his ass. Rich said let’s just do oral then. Jayne texted Roberta and told her what is happening. She told us to have fun and will put the food iddaa siteleri away.We got off the elevator. On the way to Rich and Carol’s apartment Carol was walking next to me. She whispered she wants to try and have Jayne and seduce Rich and get him horned up enough to want to fuck, then she denies him her pussyb so he has no choice but to fuck you, this way you can collect on collect on fucking and flowering him. I told her it may not be right away. She said she understands but she wants to witness it when it happens. We got to their apartment b and went in. We went to the bedroom and took our robes off while Rich and Carol undressed. Rich is well hung, he is 6″ before he gets hard. Carol has nice D tits, and a neatley trimmed, grey haired pussy. Without even thinking about it I went for Carol’s tits and managed to gently grab them and started to massage and such them before she realized what was happening. She politely asked me to let them go while gently pushing me away. Our eyes met and she gave me a nice smile as if to say thank you. Rich and Jayne stood there in disbelief. I did not say a word but thought I may have a chance with Carol. The four of us got in the bed. Jim and I started stroking each other while Jayne and Carol were finger each other. Rich’s cock got hard and grew to at least 9″. My hand would not fit around it. We got into the 69 position and sucked each other. I started to edge him. Pretty soon Jayne joined me in sucking him. I then just had him suck my cock while Carol ate out Jayne’s pussy and Jayne sucked him. I offered my hand to Carol’s pussy. At first she refused but was so horny she accepted. But I let her choose what to do with my hand. First she humped it, then she used two of my fingers inside of her. She felt really tight. Pretty soon I started to cum in Rich’s mouth. Carol had her orgasm all over my hand. As much as he tried Jayne would not Rich cum. Pretty soon we knew he wanted to fuck. I quickly offered my ass before he could fuck Jayne. He lubed his cock and as he was shoving it in me I reminded him that if he fucks me in will get to fuck him. He said that is fine as he pushed into me. Here stretched ass to the limit and I knew there was no stopping him. He was so horny he started cumming in me as he penetrated into me. He was done cumming when he bottomed out deep in me. It felt incredible and I blew my load. He grunted as he finished and pulled out.As we got off of the bed I told him I would be back on the weekend to collect on our deal. Myself Jayne and Carol put our robes on but Rich stayed naked. Carol said she wants to walk with us to Roberta’s. We left. Carol asked what I have done with Roberta, I told her. She told me be sure to fuck her pussy and cum deep inside of her because she loves the way Roberta’s pussy tastes when it is full of cum. I asked Carol since she is what Roberta desribes as a pure lesbian why did she use my hand and give me that look when I sucked her tits. She said because there has not been a man with enough courage to make a pass at her since she last fucked Rich and since she tells people she of a lesbian. I asked her if Rich is the only man she has ever fucked. She said he is the only man that has ever put a cock in her pussy. But she has had sexual contact with men during threesome’s when a woman is involved. I invited her to a threesome with my wife and I. She said only if we do a threesome with my MIL as well. I told her to count on it. She even said I am thinking about letting you be the second guy to fuck my pussy with your cock.We to Roberta’s door and when she opened it, Carol stick her hand in my robe, grabbed my cock and leaned in and kissed me. I grabbed her tits and gently squeezed inside of her robe. We also included Jayne who by this time had a pretty sore and tender feeling pussy. We broke the embrace, Carol went home and Jayne and I went in Roberta’s apartment.Roberta said it looks like we had a good time. Jayne took her robe off, sat back on the couch and spread her legs. Roberta helped her stand up, took off her robe and they hugged and kissed with passion. Roberta told Jayne she is so happy for her. Jayne said it really hurt at first but then it felt great and she could not get enough. Roberta cupped Jayne’s pussy and rubbed it gently. Jayne told her she is really sure sore and asked if that will happen all the time. Roberta told her it would not and the more she has sex the less it will happen. Roberta told her to go home, take a nice long hot shower, take some pain relief and a nap and to come back in a few hours.Jayne left and went home. I asked what about Melissa. Roberta said Melissa cannot make it tomorrow but wants to hook up soon.This is the end of the series, Jayne the Virgin. Thank you for reading.Next up are true spin off stories.

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