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It Takes a Village

🏳️‍🌈 A story by Josh Terrence 🏳️‍🌈


Author”s note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Chapter Three — Nate makes his after school rounds🏳️‍🌈

On Monday at 3:15pm, I was right where I wanted to be. Naked from the waist down with my pants and undies bunched around my ankles and my ass pointing up at a 45 degree angle. My feet were hanging off the edge of the mattress and my forearms were resting comfortably against the fitted bedsheet, supporting the weight of my torso while I looked straight ahead at the wall.

Behind me were three cute studs — 14 year old Connor and his 17 year old twin brothers, Tyson and Bryce. All three of them had their dicks out, preparing to mount me and take my bubble butt for a spin. They wanted it bad, but I wanted it more.

Which is why I was already lubed up when I arrived.

Moments earlier, I was sitting on Connor”s bed, sucking the trio off with lust filled moans. It was strictly a pleasure for me to wrap my lips around each dick and use my tongue to bathe the glans and shaft before switching to the next one. In no time flat, my head was spinning as I rotated between them, making love to their dicks with my mouth while they talked between themselves and negotiated the pecking order.

When the twins decided to let Connor go first, I scrambled to get on my hands and knees so I could present my rear end for fucking. When the cutie grabbed my hips for leverage, I felt the heat pouring off of his crotch against the back of my thighs while my anus burned for intercourse. Finally, he placed the head of his 5 incher up to my hungry hole and his glans pushed through my ring, then I felt his shaft slide inside and his small pubic bush scrubbed my crevice.

My rear end was so hungry for a fuck that it immediately began throbbing around Connor”s teen prick. When the cutie started to thrust, the throbbing grew more forceful and on an outward stroke, his dick slipped out and my anus expanded for him to re-enter me. I heard the cute trio gawk as my eager boy pussy opened up for ease of entry, then he pushed back in and I sighed with relief. My younger stud started to thrust again and I felt my hole moisten with desire as the heat of his friction spread through my body.

Roughly 45 seconds into my first lay, 14 year old Connor slid his boy rod up my ass and threw his head back while I watched over my shoulder with bedroom eyes. His dick was jerking and pulsing with authority as he got off in my ass, so I responded by grinding my hips around with a guttural moan. When he pulled out, his dick sprang free and I licked my lips at the sight. We made eye contact and I smiled at the cutie, earning me a bashful grin from him while Bryce planted his foot on the bed and took a firm hold of my hips.

I bit my lower lip and watched him mount me, taking note of how confident he was as he prepared to pleasure my rear end. It wasn”t his first ride in my ass, and I knew from previous experience that the well endowed stud would take more than one turn with me. So when his thick cockhead melted through my anal ring, I cooed with pleasure and visibly shuddered. My needy hole responded to the familiar pleasure stick by gripping it right below the helmet, then swallowing the entire length while he pulled air in through his teeth.

“Oh fuck, it”s so hot and tight today,” he hissed.

Connor smiled up at him and nodded with a wondrous gaze, prompting Bryce to reach out and muss his baby brother”s hair. To his right, Tyson was slowly stroking his big dick, preparing to fill my cum tube with it.

The size difference between Connor and his older brothers wasn”t lost on me at all. Having just turned 14 years old, Connor stands at 5″5 and weighs a healthy 140 pounds. He”s bigger than me, but much smaller than the twins, who stand just shy of 6″ and weigh about 180 pounds a piece. And while his dick is almost twice as big as mine is, it”s not the stallion that each of his brothers are blessed with. It will be someday, but it”s not there yet.

Bryce, on the other hand, is aksaray escort packing a thick 7 ½ inches and knows how to use it. Which is why my rear end is so reactive when he slides it in — for two years, the twins have been fucking me and for two years, I”ve been frantic for their cocks. Last year, Connor bedded me for the first time, and it was intense. He”s a little natural, and someday when he”s as big as his brothers, he”ll make my body shake all over.

Which is exactly what happened when Bryce tightened his grip on my hips and began to thrust. In a matter of seconds, it felt like someone had set off a firestorm in my 15 year old body. My toes curled tight and I bunched my fist around Connor”s sheets and blankets. The room felt like it was swaying and my tummy pulled tight, then my thighs started to quiver and my hard little dick began to pulsate. A warm sensation poured over me while at the same time, goosebumps spread rapidly across my naked bubble butt and inner thighs.

“Fuck, it”s so easy for him to get off this way,” I heard Tyson exclaim, then I felt Connor”s touch against my upper back. “He needed this fuck so bad.”

With a long, shameless moan I managed to nod my head, then I planted my fists and lifted my torso so I was sitting on Bryce”s long prick. He responded by feeding me deep, upward strokes while my body lolled up and down and my groin sizzled. I felt a warm set of lips at my mouth so I puckered up. When I parted my lips, Connor”s delicious tongue filled my mouth and I was lost to a powerful climax.

As soon as my ecstasy erupted, my rectum was inundated with a series of contractions that pulled a hot orgasm from my top”s scrotal sack. His breath felt hot against the nape of my neck while Connor”s breath poured around our tongues. He trapped the top of my ear between his lips and moaned, then he buried his dick up my clutching chute and had a powerful orgasm while my body melted down.

While Bryce was unloading his potent seed up my ass, Connor broke our kiss. Almost as soon as his tongue disengaged from mine, Bryce used his fingers to grab my chin and turn my face to him. Our lips met and he treated me to a deep French kiss while our mutual climax ran its course. When my rectum finally milked his shaft for its load, he broke our kiss and pulled out.

As soon as his prick exited my chute, a hot river of cum ran from my hole. But Tyson was right there to plug my ass with his prick. The cute brunette used the bulbous glans of his cock to gather the cum that was pouring out, then he pushed through my entrance and his brothers” loads were safely inside me again. I responded to his ministrations by grinning over my shoulder at him, admiring his cute smile while he used his fingertips to rub my ribcage under my shirt.

“Give me a kiss, cutie,” he encouraged me, so I reached back with my left arm and wrapped it around his neck, then I enjoyed a long kiss from my stud while I used my hips to ride up and down on his stalk.

We broke our kiss and I told him, “It feels so good to have you back inside me.”

“Oh yeah?” he said with an affectionate smile. When I nodded, he puckered up and we shared another deep kiss while I used my hungry ass to get him off. When our lips parted, he swatted my tail, encouraging me to plant my hands so he could do the work of servicing my hole.

With a dreamy smile, I obeyed my stud and was treated to a five star buttfucking. Like his twin, Tyson has been fucking me long enough to know exactly how to get me off. And just like Bryce”s pole, my rear end responds to Tyson”s cock with tight compressions and powerful pleasure signals. It”s never hard for the hunk to satisfy me when he”s inside, and this time was no exception. He bedded his fingertips into the soft adipose tissue that pads my bubble butt, then he buttfucked me into ecstasy.

Each and every thrust he fed me felt like its own orgasm. Wave after wave of anally derived pleasure rendered me helpless against the raging currents of carnal decadency. My eyes felt afflicted, almost as if I had the flu, while the rest of my body felt deliciously effervescent. A tornado of heat was ripping through my groin, making my little boner dance while a strand of precum dangled from the end.

The cadence of Tyson”s cock strokes seemed to set the pace of my rectal contractions, which were rhythmic and sinfully scintillating. Each one sent ripples through me, from my head to my curling toes. And each ripple brought with it a deep, satisfying feeling that I didn”t have a way to articulate. All I knew was Tyson”s cock was the only thing that mattered to me in that moment, and that I felt like the luckiest bottom in the world.

So when he pushed in for the final time alsancak escort and unloaded his cock cream, my rear end responded by giving him a set of satisfied squeezes. My face felt like a cool breeze was blowing across it, then spreading down my body. My shirt was soaked in sweat, and I didn”t even know it”d happened until Tyson pulled his throbbing erection from my conquered rear end. When it popped out, I smiled over my shoulder at him and sighed contentedly while hot seed ran out of my hole and dripped down my inner thigh.

I heard the wet smacking of lips and looked to the top of the bed, where Connor was snuggled in Bryce”s arms. They were making eyes at each other and cooing with delight, then I saw that Connor had his fist wrapped around his brother”s strong erection. They shared another kiss on the lips, then Bryce got up from his spot so he could mount me for a second time. 🏳️‍🌈

Just before 4pm, I found myself in the garage of Mr. Lewis and his wife, Angie. I”d made a beeline to his place when I left Connor and the twins, who were sound asleep in a cute cuddle puddle after they were finished with my ass. I knew Mr. Lewis would be getting home from work as I left, so I made it a point to cross the street and walk in the opposite direction of my house so I could greet him in his driveway.

Inside, Angie was watching TV in the front room, but she spotted me as I hurried up the sidewalk to meet her husband. Instead of coming outside to see what I wanted, though, she turned her attention back to the TV. When Mr. Lewis got out of his car, he motioned with his head for me to follow him into the garage, then he pulled the door down.

Moments later, my pants were pulled down and I was moaning like a whore as he ate my sloppy hole out. My rear end was still oozing with cum from my three teen studs, and Mr. Lewis was greedily lapping away at my creampie. I responded by gyrating my hips, grinding them back into his mouth while he administered a major ass eating.

With a slurp, he abandoned the rim job and came to his feet. His dick was already out of his work pants, rock hard and sticking straight out from his 38 year old pubis. He grabbed my hips while I held onto his work bench, then he slid his hard rod up my ass and fucked a fast, creamy load into it. While he was thrusting, the door from the kitchen opened and Angie laid her eyes on her husband buttfucking me. Mr. Lewis spotted his wife but was too far gone to stop. With a wild moan, he pumped a hot load of sperm up my ass while she made a beeline to us with a determined look on her face.

When he pulled out, she dropped to one knee and sucked his dick clean while simultaneously palming my hungry hole with her left hand. With a smile, she pulled off of her husband”s prick, then she parted my ass cheeks and buried her face between them. With an animalistic growl, the 40 year old housewife latched onto my pucker and treated us both to eating me out with her talented tongue while I moaned helplessly.

When there was no more cum to lick away, she pulled her mug out of my crevice and lovingly hiked my pants and undies for me. She patted my busy rump with a satisfied smile and stood up, kissing her husband on the lips before they opened the garage door and saw me off with a warm wave. 🏳️‍🌈

At 4:15, I was sitting in the kitchen of Oliver and Harold Jacobson. They were a same sex couple that lived at the main entrance of our neighborhood with their kids, 8 year old Kimberly and 10 year old Henry. At the moment, Harold and the kids were out of the house while Oliver and I were out of our pants.

From my seated position at the table, I was able to lean forward and wrap my lips around Oliver”s nice dick while my own little rod stood at attention and oozed with precum. I shut my eyes and savored the feeling of 9 thick inches as it rested on my tongue and made my lips stretch. I had my tongue running along the underside while I deep throated the monster with eager moans.

I”d been at it for under a minute, but I could already feel the familiar swell of sexual heat rising up in my body as my throat was treated to a deep fucking. My 15 year old body was burning with desire from the moment he responded to my text, so when he led me to his kitchen and took his dick out, I couldn”t wrap my lips around it fast enough.

I cast my devoted gaze up at Oliver and batted my eyes, earning me a crooked smile that filled me with passion while he held onto the back of my head with one hand and guided me through my motions. Over and over again, I swallowed his prick with greedy downward plunges while slobber ran from my lips and my eyes watered. Mom always said I had a clit in my amasya escort throat, just like she does, and it”s true. Because as Oliver”s manhood ran deep down my neck, sexual pleasure gripped my little frame.

I felt his strong grip tighten around the crown of my head and moaned boyishly, then I tightened my throat around his shaft and doubled my efforts. For my devotion, I was rewarded with a hot, creamy mouthful of spunk that was delivered buffet style. Before he came, my stud took control by holding my head in place, then thrusting with his hips. My head was spinning with pleasure as he fucked my throat with powerful thrusts, then he pulled his shaft out and wrapped his big fist around it. I opened wide and watched with needy eyes as he stroked it three times, then his load shot directly into my mouth and I was a satisfied cum slut. I sealed my lips and swallowed while he finished on my face, then I wrapped my lips around the end and sucked the residual spunk from his glans and slit. With a glowing smile, I ran my tongue around the ridge of his cock head, then I planted a grateful kiss on the tip while a thick dollop of cum cooled on my right cheek.

“You all set, buddy?” he asked me as he put his generous package away. Using his thumb, he scraped the cooling cum from my face and let me suck it from his lips while my eyes sparkled.

When he pulled his thumb out of my mouth, I sighed, “Thanks, Oliver. I really needed that.”

“Anytime, Nate,” he said with a wink. “You gonna come through later so me and Harold can fuck your tight ass?”

“Okay!” I nodded through an excited smile, then I hiked my pants and sauntered home so I could do my homework like a good gayboy.🏳️‍🌈

To be Continued? Let me know.

Also available – First, Tyler Went Gay. Next, Tyler Got Lucky. Then, Tyler Tried Anal Sex. What”s next for the cute 6th grader? Find out when Tyler Goes to ota

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