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InterrogatioInterviewAt 45 years old, Doris was a successful businesswoman. She built her Amazon Executive Women’s consulting company from nothing to a thriving business with six great women employees. Doris loved being in charge whether it was her business or her personal life. She was going to hire her first male secretary, who would open her mail, screen her calls and assist the other employees if needed. In reality, he would be used as her own personal oral sex slave and face seat.There was nothing small or shy about Doris and she loved how her size intimidated submissive men. In fact, her special sexual needs required a man who was submissive and also had an oral fetish. However, it was not easy finding a man whose needs and desires matched her lusty demands. Since Doris had become an expert in hiring just the right employee for her business, she put out private posts, hoping to find a competent male secretary who would also be her perfect oral slave. She was eager to find a submissive man she could use and abuse for her personal pleasure. In her posts, she made it clear, that she was seeking an oral slave who could endure her sitting and riding his face for hours.She received numerous responses from men claiming they would love to orally please her and be her secretary, but most of these turned out to be phony and insincere men. However, she finally found a response that was very promising. His name was Tom. He was a middle-aged man who had experience serving as a woman’s executive secretary in the past, but more importantly to Doris, his desires seem to match her demanding dominant sexual needs. She would have to interview and test him first to see if he was a true submissive oral slave.Doris advised Tom that in reality, his secretary duties would be to open and sort her mail, screen calls and do other odd jobs in the office. However, his primary duties would be strictly personal, and that her main interest was in using his mouth, tongue, lips and face for her own pleasure and personal needs, whenever she demanded it, which would be often during the day at work. When Tom wrote back, saying this is all he also desired, Doris knew she had found the right oral slave.Doris wrote back emphasizing that she demanded to be totally in charge when using an oral slave. She further wrote Tom, that she loved having her feet, ass and pussy licked and sucked for hours, and that she would be spending long periods sitting and grinding on his face to climax after climax. She also mentioned that she insists on having her slave bound and secure when using him for her pleasure. Finally, she advised him that he MUST be willing to lick, suck and swallow all her pussy juice and pee, no matter how much she might produce.Tom wrote back, sincerely, telling Doris that He would be willing to be her complete and total oral sex slave AND THAT HE WANTED TO BECOME HER PERSONAL SECRETARY AND WOULD DO ANTHING SHE DESIRED. He told her he missed being a woman’s oral sex slave and hoped he would meet her standards.Doris wrote back that she needed to test his willingness to service her exactly as she demanded before making a final decision to hire him. If he passed all the tests, she would use him for a one-month probationary period before he would be officially hired and become her permanent and official office oral sex slave. She set up an interview with Tom at her office at 10: am Friday morning.Doris would make sure that Tom understood EXACTLY what he would be required to do to please her. Tom arrived early to show his eagerness.Tom felt both fear and excitement when he walked into the office and saw all the women at their desks.The receptionist asked, “Are you Tom Miller?””Yes, I am here for an appointment with Doris Haines.””Hello I am Karen. Sit down I will inform her you are here, but first please fill out these employment forms.”Tom sat down and for the first time he noticed that all the women sitting at their desks looked like big, Amazon size women. Once Tom has filled out the forms he handed them to the secretary.”Hello Doris, a Mr. Miller is here to see you about the secretary position.”Doris advised Karen that she was not to be disturbed while she was interviewing Tom Miller. . Karen gave a knowing smile, which made Tom suspect that she knew what the secretary position was really all about.”Ms. Haines will see you now. Her office is down the end of the hall.”Tom knocked on the door.”Come in.” Doris was a tall, big boned beautiful woman and met him as he walked inside the office. She looked straight into his eyes and shook his hand with a strong and powerful grip.”Hello Tom I am happy to meet you. “Tom realized this was a woman who was used to being in charge and who could no doubt force her demands on him. Though the thought excited him, it also sent chills down his spine. Tom was only 5:9 170 pounds. Doris was 5:10 tall, 300 pounds with large, thick thighs, long, wide feet and a big, beautiful jutting ass.She closed the door and told Tom to sit down in a chair in front of her desk. Instead of walking behind her disk to sit in her chair, Doris stood directly in front of Tom leaning her ass against her disk as she looked down at Tom. She was the most intimidating and erotic woman he had ever met. He looked down and noticed her long toes were painted bright red.”I have several questions to ask you Tom and I want you to answer them with complete and total honesty. If you lie to me in anyway, we will end the interview.””I will be as honest as I can Mistress.”Doris smiled hearing Tom already call her mistress. “I like your submissive attitude already, but I have not decided yet to take you as my slave, Ah I mean secretary. We will see if you pass my tests.”Tom gulped, looking up into the dark eyes of this big, beautiful black Amazon.”Have you ever served as an executive woman’s secretary in the past?””Yes I have worked for three different women executives many years ago. I did various jobs for these women as their secretary.”” Did any of them also use you as an oral servant or slave in the past Tom?””Yes, two of the women demanded to be orally serviced by me as part of my regular secretary duties.””Tell me the details.” Doris demanded.”The first woman was named Susan; she was the manager at a computer company. Susan was an assertive divorced woman. It began when she said her feet were tired and asked me to massage her feet. I began using my hands, but than she demanded, I use my tongue to massage her feet. She liked keeping me under her disk licking and sucking her pussy and ass as she worked. From that time on, Susan demanded more from me. I will never forget how scared I was when she first had me place my face up on her chair my face with her big ass smothering me. She would sit on my face, grinding her pussy on my face, soaking me in her juices. The only thing she wanted was to be orally pleased by me. For six months, almost every day after opening and sorting the mail, she would order me under her disk for oral worship of her pussy, ass and feet. She also told me she belonged to a dominant women’s group who shared oral slaves with each other. I doubted such a group existed but I was wrong.””Who was the second woman Tom?”” When Susan was transferred to New York, I was out of job. However, about one month later, I received a call from a woman named Rita, who said she was a friend of Susan, and belonged to this dominant women’s group. I immediately realized Susan must have told Rita about my submissive oral fetish. She asked if I would be interested in doing exactly the same type of service job for her. Rita was a librarian in Rolling Meadows and was looking for a personal secretary. Rita made it clear what she expected of me was the same kind of oral service Susan received from me. I told her I was very interested and she set up a meeting at her home on a Sunday morning. “”As she ordered, I was at her house at 8: AM. She came to the door wearing a blue robe and slippers. She asked if I wanted some coffee while we discussed the secretary position. She was a stern looking, serious, dominant middle-aged woman who was clearly used to being in charge. She was a shorter than Susan and had a huge jutting ass. She mentioned that she had an opening at the library and that I would be working in a small closet space office next to her office. I would be sorting books and material, but mainly I would be orally servicing her at anytime she desired during the day. She also asked if I had any reservations about a big woman sitting on my face. I told her no and that as her oral slave I expected to be used in anyway that gives her the most pleasure. She was pleased with my answer. She said she would like to sit on my face now and told me to lie down with my head up on the couch chair. That was the first time Rita sat and fucked my face. I worked at the library for about four months orally servicing her almost every day at least once. Sometimes she would also have me give her a tongue bath, but mainly she loved just sitting on my face getting her pussy and ass licked and sucked. When she decided to move Indiana to be closer to her daughter, I left that job. “”Did any of those previous women tie you up while you orally serviced them during your sessions?””No, mistress.””You know from my e-mails to you that I demand your hands be secured and I would have collar and leash on when I use you for my pleasure. Would you be agreeable to that kind of requirement?””Yes, mistress, I expect to be under your complete and total control as your oral sex slave.”In your experience in oral slavery, I noticed you licked and sucked the women’s feet, but have you experienced a woman forcing her foot into your mouth and throat making you gag?””No mistress but I admit to having fantasized about that.””If I choose you Tom, you can be sure it will a painful reality for you because I demand total and complete oral worship of my feet, especially after a long day at work when they will be sweaty and smelly. I also love r****g your mouth and throat with my feet. Do you think you are going to be able to handle that?”Submissively, Tom answered “yes.”The answer excited Doris because she was able to climax r****g a man’s mouth and face with her feet.”You mentioned in your e-mails that you have licked and swallowed a woman’s pussy juice and loved it, but how about a woman’s pee?””To be honest mistress, the only experience I had was with Rita, who would have me lick her pussy clean after she peed. I grew to love licking her pussy clean. She sometimes threatened to pee in my mouth, but she never did.””As you know from our previous correspondence, I would require you to drink and swallow ALL of my pee every time I needed to pee while you are working for me. Is that going to be a problem?””No mistress I desire for you to use my mouth for anything that gives you pleasure.”A cruel smile came across Doris’s face as she stared down directly into Tom’s eyes. “You have no idea how that pleases me, because I fully intend to take you further into oral slavery than you have ever been in your life. Are you ready to serve me any- way I desire?””Oh Yes my Mistress.””We will see slave.”This was the first time Doris had actually called him slave and this excited him because it meant there was a strong chance she would choose him for her use. Tom wondered what the tests would be, but he was determined to do whatever was required to pass her strict tests.” This is the last question Tom. You can See I am a very big woman and as I told you, I love to sit with all my weight on a slave’s face when I face fuck him. I do not believe in holding anything back when riding a slave’s face and will not get off a your face until I am completely satisfied. I also love to grab a slave’s head with both of my hands as I wrap my big, strong thighs around a slave’s face in order to get the maximum pleasure using a slave’s face. Do you think you could handle being ruthlessly, face fucked without mercy by me?””Tom raised his head up and down and said, Yes Mistress.””Good. Now I have a lot of work to do and I would like you to leave and be back in my office at 4:15 PM when I will test you. The staff will be gone so I will not be disturbed during my testing.”Tom got up and said, “Thank you for this opportunity because I really need this job. I will be here at 4:15PM.”Dorothy smiled as Tom closed the door. She hoped Tom would be able to endure her tests because he seemed to have great potential.Chapter 2DESIGNING THE SLAVE TESTSSo far, Tom sounded very promising but Doris was an experienced businesswoman who did not believe in wasting valuable time on people who were not productive and hard working. She worked six days a week making her business a success and she demanded the best from her employees and even more so from her oral slave.Doris could hardly wait until 4:15PM when she would test Tom to see if all he wrote and said was true, concerning his desire to become her total oral slave and face fuck. She had found many men claim they will do anything a woman desires, but when put to the test, most men could not handle Doris’s dominant lusty desires.Just as Doris had made a detailed plan when starting her successful business, she designed these tests to insure the potential oral slave would do all that she would demand of him. Quite simply, if he passed all the tests, Tom would become her probationary secretary, oral sex slave and personal fuck face for one month. Doris made the tests difficult to pass, but they were nothing compared to what her slave would canlı bahis şirketleri endure once he began the one month probationary period. This is when the slave would experience the full extent of her dominant sexual needs and desires. She would completely exhaust her slave through ruthless and brutal face fucking, smothering him with her ass and feet. Finally, she would use the slave’s mouth every time she had to pee for the entire time he was at work with her. This would also be a requirement if she decided to take him home for the evening.There would be four parts to the test.Part one would to test Tom’s willingness to drink all her pee. Even though she did not have a full bladder at this time, if he passed this test, she would train him to take all her pee in numerous different ways and scenarios during the slave’s probationary period with her. If Tom passed this part of the test, she would introduce him to various oral worship activities involving her pee. Doris could actually climax when peeing full force into a slave’s mouth. The sound of a slave gulping down her pee as fast as possible really excited her. The thought of her abundant flow going directly into a secured slave’s mouth got her pussy wet.Since sitting and riding a slave’s face was her favorite position, part two would test Tom’s ability to endure her entire weight on his face as she sat and face fucked him. During the test, she would only ride his face for ten minutes, but she would be riding her slave’s face for hours if he passed this initial test. Unlike other women, Doris loved fucking a slave’s face hard, using all her weight to grind her pussy and ass brutally on a slave’s face. For her, the thrill and excitement came from actually r****g a slave’s face, hearing him gasp for air below her pussy and ass, really turned her on. She just loved the thrill of being in complete charge, knowing there was nothing the slave could do to stop her from lustfully fucking his face until she was satisfied. Tom would soon find out how it feels to have his face ruthlessly fucked by a lusty and dominant woman who will show no mercy when riding his face.The third test was to see how long he could stay with his face buried in her huge ass, licking and sucking her asshole. She would also sit and force Tom’s nose up her asshole, as this was part of the test. Many times, she really loved r****g a slave’s nose, forcing it as far as possible up her asshole. This tested his willingness to bury his face and be smothered by her ass in different positions. She found many men panicked when smothered between her huge and deep ass cheeks. She just loved the feeling of a slave’s tongue or nose buried in her asshole, struggling to breathe between licks. Just thinking about grinding a slave’s nose up her asshole made her horny as hell. She really looked forward to testing Tom.The final test would determine if he would lick and suck every inch of her big beautiful sweaty feet. Doris loved having her feet thoroughly smelled, licked and sucked, especially after a long day at work. This was why she decided to wait until the end of the workday before testing Tom. Whether clean, dirty or sweaty, Doris demanded complete oral worship of her feet by her slave. Doris loved forcing her feet into a slave’s mouth and throat and actually climaxed making a slave gag as she ****d his mouth and throat with her feet, forcing her long thick toes into his throat. She also loved to make her slave totally lick her feet when they were soaked in her pee, as she forced her feet into his mouth.She really hoped Tom would pass the four texts because she missed her old oral sex slave. Many years ago she had a loyal oral sex slave for 8 months before he moved to another state. He would come to her house Saturday mornings where she would ride his face all morning. That was more than three years ago and hoped things worked out with Tom. She was really looking forward to testing Tom.It was finally 4:15 and everyone had left the office except Karen the ReceptionistTom was standing in front of Karen’s desk.”Doris will see you now. Just go to her office.”TIME TO BE TESTED”Are you ready to be tested Tom? “”Yes, mistress.” He answered submissively.”Here are the simple rules of the tests Tom.”1. You will immediately do whatever I demand. Any hesitation will result in failure.2. Once we begin, you will address me as your Queen and I will call you my slave.3. I only want to feel your mouth, tongue, lips and face worshiping me. To insure this requirement, I will secure your hands and control you with a collar and leash. If you refuse for any reason, you fail my test.4. Keep in mind that this is just a test but I will be much more demanding if I do decide to choose you as my probationary slave for one month.5. If for any reason you request I stop during any of the tests,You will fail and that will be the end.”If you have any reservations or doubts that this is what you want, now is the time. I do not want to waste your time and mine. There will be no rests between tests.””I understand my Queen.”Doris smiled cruelly at Tom as she ordered him to take off his shirt off but leave his pants on.Doris went behind her desk and pulled out a set of leather cuffs a waist belt and dog collar with a leash. She immediately placed the cuffs on Tom, secured the waist belt around his stomach, and put the collar on his neck, Now his handcuffed hands were secure against the belt so he could not move them. She pulled on the leash, leading Tom to a long padded bench, which was at the other end of her office.”Lay down face up slave.” Yes, my Queen. Doris took off her black dress and stood directly over Tom’s face. He could see Doris’s thick haired pussy and her huge ass above his face.”This is your first test slave. I want you to open your mouth so when I sit down, your mouth will cover my pussy. When I settle down with all my weight, it will seal your mouth over my piss hole and pussy. I am going to pee directly into your mouth and you are to drink and swallow every drop. For this test, I will be merciful and control the flow, but as a probationary slave, you will have to learn to swallow a complete full load of my pee much faster. Are you ready slave?””Yes my Queen.”Doris squatted over Tom’s face and positioned her pussy directly on his open mouth. She pulled the leash behind his head and pulled it tight, so that Tom could not pull away even if he wanted to. She than sat with all her weight, which sealed Tom’s open mouth to her pussy and over her piss hole.Doris began to pee and Tom wanting so much to please this Amazon Queen realized he had absolutely no choice in the matter and swallowed the forceful flow as fast as he could. The flow was strong, but nowhere near the force or amount she had when she had not peed for hours. She was impressed that Tom eagerly swallowed her pee so quickly so she did not have to stop the flow before she was done. This meant he would be easily trained to take a full force pee when her bladder was really full.”That was good slave and it shows you have potential. Now lick my pussy clean.”Tom knew he had passed this part of the test and was happy, but he also realized there were three more tests to pass.Doris stood and smiled down at Tom. “Are you ready for the second part of the tests?””Yes, my Queen.”She had Tom get up and move to the large padded footrest and large couch chair. She had Tom sit down and lay back so his head was on the cushion of the large chair. Doris looked down and smiled cruelly at Tom.”It is now time to see if you can take a full weight face fuck.”Doris straddled Tom’s face so that she was able to lean forward against the back of the couch chair. She again pulled the leash so that Tom’s face was flush against her wet pussy. This gave her comfort and total control as she settled all her weight on Tom’s face.”Slave, I want you to keep licking my pussy until I tell you to stop.” Doris than began to grind her pussy up and down, forward and back, using all her weight on Tom’s helpless face. Doris had the ability to climax multiple times and could control her organisms. Tom’s tongue licked and sucked Doris’s pussy and clit the best he could, but Doris was not interested in just getting her pussy licked. Doris got off on dominance and control and loved to fuck a slave’s whole face. Feeling a tongue was fantastic, but her pussy loved to engulf a slave’s entire face. Doris had intended to only fuck Tom’s face ten minutes for the test, but it felt so good, she did not want to get off his face. s*******n minutes had passed and Doris was still ruthlessly riding Tom’s face to climax after climax.Tom had never experienced being so brutally face fucked by a woman. Doris bounced and rode his face, not the least bit concerned with Tom struggling to breathe under the assault of her pussy and ass pounding his face. With Doris holding the leash tightly so he could not move his face in anyway, Tom thought he was going to pass out from Doris using her full weight on his face. Just before Tom felt like he was going to panic, Doris lifted herself off his face.”You passed the second test slave.”Tom was breathless sucking in air as he said. “Thank you my Queen.”Doris was still excited when she told Tom to move down so that his head was on the padded bench face up. Doris straddled Tom’s head facing his feet. She again pulled the leash tight to insure total control of her slave’s face. Tom saw her huge ass above him.”It is now time for the third part of the tests slave. There will be three separate areas of this test. First, I want you to just stick your tongue out as I slide my ass crack up and down your face, using your tongue as if it was a piece of toilet paper. The second thing I will do is place my asshole directly over your mouth and I want you to stick your tongue as far up my asshole as possible as I grind down on your mouth. The final part I will move my asshole over your nose and force it deep up my asshole, fucking your nose with my asshole. Are you ready to have your slave face between the cheeks of my big, beautiful Queen size ass?””Yes, my Queen.”Doris knew that this was probably the most difficult of all the tests; because once a slave’s face was completely buried between her gigantic ass cheeks, there would be no air. She would take it a little easy on Tom in this test, but if he became her probationary slave, he would have to get used to having his face buried in her ass for long periods. Doris held the leash tight with her left hand and reached behind and grabbed the heavy cheek of her ass with her right hand, spreading it open as she squatted on Tom’s face. He felt like his face was being swallowed up by giant claim as his face was completely covered by her ass cheeks. Once Doris’s full weight was on Tom’s face, she began to slide her ass forward and back on Tom’s tongue. Doris just loved the feeling of a tongue licking up and down her crack, but she also loved having a tongue up her asshole. Doris moved her asshole on Tom’s mouth so he could drive his tongue deep up her shit hole.Even though Tom could not breathe, he was determined to stay calm and focus on the task at hand. Tom put his tongue up her asshole as far as possible and than he drove it in and out. Doris showed her appreciation by grinding down even harder on Tom’s open mouth. Doris loved his tongue up her asshole but she had to complete the test. She moved her wet open asshole over Tom’s nose and sat with all her weight, forcing his nose up her asshole. She than rode up and down, fucking his nose, which made her climax again. Doris rose up off Tom’s face and sat on the couch.”Kneel before me slave. You have completed three of the four tests. Are you ready for the final test?””Yes, my Queen.”For Doris, the act of a slave licking and sucking her big sweaty feet turned her on both physically and emotionally. The feeling of superiority was part of the excitement of having a slave orally worship her feet. She loved to paint her toes bright red and force them into a slave’s mouth and throat.”The first thing I want you to do slave is get on your back on the floor and just keep your mouth closed. I just want you to use your nose to smell every inch of my feet.””Yes, my Queen.” Doris stood up looking down at Tom. She placed the bottom of her left foot on Tom’s face, covering it completely as she rubbed up and down his face. She had been working all day and they were sweaty and smelly, but Tom loved being a woman’s foot licking slave. Tom sniffed the entire bottom of Doris’s feet and than moved his nose between her toes, as Doris squeezed his nose between each toe he smelled. Once both feet were done, Doris ordered Tom to give her feet a total tongue bath, as she stepped hard on Tom’s face, making sure he licked and sucked every single inch of both of her feet.Tom loved the salty taste as he sucked on each of Doris’s thick toes. He wondered how such a large foot could be put inside his mouth, but this was answered quickly.”It is now time to **** your mouth slave. Open your mouth as wide as you can and keep looking into my eyes. I want to see your face getting mouth ****d by my feet slave” Doris forced her big right foot into Tom’s open mouth, stretching it to the extreme, which made Tom moan. Doris was determined to give Tom a taste of what was to come when he officially became her probationary slave. Doris viciously forced her foot deeper into Tom’s mouth, her large toe touched Tom’s throat, which excited Doris. With Tom’s head against the floor, there canlı poker oyna was no way to move away from the invading foot in his mouth. Doris began brutally forcing her foot in and out of Tom’s mouth. When Tom began to gag, Doris climaxed and forced her toes deeper into her slave’s throat. Doris kept climaxing and fucking Tom’s mouth and throat with her feet until she was satisfied.She took her right foot out of Tom’s mouth and smiled down at his fearful face, as she again forced her left foot into his mouth. Doris began to literally fuck Tom’s mouth and throat with her left foot, making Tom gag as her toes dug into his throat. Just as Tom felt he was about to choke to death, Doris pulled her foot from his mouth.”Congratulations, you have passed my tests and you are now officially my probationary oral sex slave and face fuck.”” Thank you my Queen, I look forward to serving you.”You begin work Monday morning. Be here at 8:30AM. Your first job will be to make the coffee for the entire office staff before they get here at 9: AM. Be prepared for a busy day my slave.””Yes, my Queen.”As Tom left the Dorothy’s office, he noticed the receptionist, Karen was looking at him in a strange way, smirking as if she knew something he didn’t.”Good By and we will see you Monday morning. Get plenty of rest. You will need it.”Tom felt uneasy and was exhausted from the tests.Little did Tom know what all his duties would involve as a secretary in the Amazon executive women’s consulting company?Chapter 3THE FIRST DAY AT WORK(8:AM)All weekend Tom was both excited and apprehensive at the same time. He passed all the tests to get this new position as secretary, which he knew in reality was a position of oral slave, but he was afraid he would not be able to endure his boss Doris’s relentless lusty passion. He was determined to do the best job possible because the pay was great and he really needed this job.Doris also looked forward to Tom beginning Monday morning to work for her. Doris really got off on exerting her female power over an oral slave and she made sure all the women who worked for her were also dominant. In fact, Doris had a meeting with her staff before she even put out the ad. for a personal secretary. When she told her staff what she had planned to boost moral in the office, all the ladies clapped in glee. Each of the ladies had their own special kink and Doris wanted to make sure the person she hired would fill every single one of the women’s sexual demands. She wondered whether Tom would last a month once he realized how much he would be used for not only her pleasure and personal needs, but all the ladies in the office as well. Tom would really earn his pay. Little did Tom know that every day, once she was through using him, she was going to make him orally service all the women in her office.Tom arrived early and set up his desk, which was just outside of Doris’s office. He made a large coffee pot, which was in the middle of the office so the entire staff could use it. He also sorted through the mail as the women began coming in the office. Everyone seemed friendly saying good morning, but he also felt some fear as all the large women looked at him with obvious amusement.Doris walked past Tom and ordered him to get her a coffee black. Everyone had their own cup with their names on it. Tom filled Doris’s extra large cup and brought it to her with the morning mail.”I will need you to take a memo in a short while. In the mean time, I will introduce you to all my staff. “She led the way to the middle of the office with Tom following behind her. Her big jutting ass in the red summer dress was almost hypnotic to Tom.”Ladies come and meet our new employee.”Tom could not help but feel intimidated, as he was so small compared to these Amazon size ladies.”You already met Karen our receptionist; the other ladies are Tina, Dawn, Susan, Janet and Helen.’They all shook his hands saying they were glad to meet him.Doris advised Tom that whenever she did not need him, he would be required to provide any service they might need of him during work hours. Tom was immediately stunned and must have shown it in his face. The women all laughed, but Doris was serious as she put her face close to Tom’s and said,”Yes, I do mean you are to do ANYTHING THESE LADIES DEMAND OF YOU. Your mouth, tongue, lips and face will be kept busy all day long. I am your boss but all the women in the office are also your boss. You will find each of these ladies has her own special erotic needs and interests, and as far as you are concerned, they are ALL YOUR QUEENS. Do you understand SLAVE?””Yes, Doris I understand and will do my best ladies to be of service to you.””Karen will give you six envelopes, one for each of the women. It will detail what each wants from you. While you are servicing them, you will call them your Queen and they will refer to you as slave. I am sure you will do all that is required to earn your pay Tom.””Yes, I will do my best to satisfy all your needs.”All the ladies smiled as Doris said, “Okay ladies back to work.”Karen handed six large envelopes to Tom, telling him to keep them in the order given him. Each had a woman’s name and the time he was scheduled serve her. Doris, his boss would be using him from 8: AM to 11:30AM. The rest of the day belonged to all the other women in the office.Tom now knew that he was in big trouble and had no idea how he would be able to endure being an oral sex slave to all these women everyday. He had thought he would only be serving one dominant woman’s sexual needs with his mouth, tongue, lips and face. Nevertheless, he knew he had no choice because he was broke, he needed this job, but more important he recalled signing a binding contract that said he would have to stay during his one-month probationary period or he would be sued.Tom went back to his desk with the envelopes. He noticed several of the women looking and smiling lustfully at him. The voice on the intercom blurted out.”Tom come to my office with a pad.”Doris dictated a memo to another company explaining the services her company will provide in the contract. When she was finished, she told to Tom to send the letter out today.”Is that all my Queen.””No Slave it is not. That coffee has just gone through me and you know what that means slave? “”Yes, my Queen.””Come with me.” Doris had her own private bathroom with a toilet, sink and shower. The main office had the same kind of set up in the bathroom for the staff.The first thing Tom noticed was special bench with shackles on the side and leg area. It also had a high padded area on one end for his head, which also had a strap to secure the head in place. Doris ordered Tom to sit down and lay back on the bench. Doris immediately locked Tom’s wrists to the side and locked his legs in place. She locked his head in place so that Tom could not move it in anyway. He was totally helpless, which both excited and frightened him. Doris looked down at his face as she spoke.”Remember what I clearly told you Tom about what you would be required to do as my oral slave.””Yes, my Queen I know what is required of me.””I am now going to sit on your face and you are to open your mouth. I had this bench and the one in the staff bathroom specially made so that when a slave is secured he cannot move his body in anyway. This insures the ladies can exert their full feminine power on your face. The strap on your head is to make sure that you cannot move your head so when a woman sits down her pussy is sealed tight on a slave’s open mouth. The bench was designed so that the woman had a padded thick bar to lean on so she would be more comfortable using a slave’s face for long periods of time. She could also sit on his face either forward or reverse and be serviced.”Doris decided to sit on Tom’s face reverse so that his nose would be buried in her ass as she peed into his mouth. “You will have to swallow as fast as you can because I demand full consumption of all my pee without having to stop the flow.”Doris than lifted her red dress up and pulled down her panty hose. Doris looked down at Tom and saw the fear in his eyes. This excited her and gave her the thrill of power. Tom opened his mouth as Doris’s full weight came down on his face. She placed her pussy over his mouth and his nose was buried in her asshole. Once a tight seal was made Doris let loose.”SWALLOW EVERY DROP SLAVE.” Doris ordered loudly.The pee gushed out with such force it startled Tom, but being a good slave, he began to swallow as fast as he could. He also knew that he had no choice in the matter. It was either swallow or drown. Tom was gulping loudly as Doris smiled to herself and peed with lusty joy. Tom had never swallowed a woman’s full pee load, but he was doing it now. He never realized a woman could pee so much as the flow kept pouring into his mouth as he kept swallowing as fast as he could and hoped he did not begin to gag on the amount being forced into his mouth and down his throat.Just as the flow was beginning to slow down, Doris was also beginning to climax at the same time. She began to brutally fuck Tom’s face as she kept peeing, soaking his face and hair. Tom choked, swallowed, and began to lick his Queen’s pussy and ass as it slide forward and back and up and down on his helpless face. Doris’s wet pussy and ass were smothering him, as he gasped for air. The feeling of her female power, having a slave under her pussy and ass was the ultimate thrill for Doris, as she ruthlessly bounced her ass up and down brutally on Tom’s secured face. She was using Tom’s nose like a small dick up her asshole, as she sat with all her weight to make sure his entire nose was driving as deep as possible up her asshole.Tom felt he was going to be knocked out by the force of her thrusts down on his secured face. Doris lost track of how many times she climaxed as she finally moved forward Tom’s chest. He was gasping for air happy to be able to breathe some air after the intense face fucking he received from Doris. She wanted to fuck his face facing forward, and she would have continued riding Tom’s face but she had an important meeting with a new client and had to leave the office for the day.This was just a sample of how she intended to use Tom’s mouth, tongue, lips and face. Doris released Tom and told him to wash his face and hair. She advised Tom that she would be gone the rest of the day but that he must finish and send the letter she dictated to him. He was further told that his lunchtime would be from 11:30 to 12: noon and that He must than report to Karen for further duties as she was in charge when Doris was out of the office.Tom wrote up the letter and envelope. He put it in the mail slot and went back to his disk to eat the sandwich he brought with him. Tom wondered how each of the women in office would be using him for their own pleasure and satisfaction.Chapter 4Tom’s job is never done.(12: NOON)While Tom ate his sandwich, he read the typed sheet inside the first envelope. Each of the women wrote their own special kinks so that no one but Tom would know exactly what each of them liked done to them. One thing that all the women would require is for his hands to be secured as he serviced them. Each of the women had her own set of leather cuffs in their desk drawer.Karen wrote that she actually enjoys being orally serviced in every way, but one of the things that really turned her on was having her large size 11 feet kissed, licked and sucked. Many women loved having their feet licked, but what made Karen’s special desire different was that she wanted me to lick and suck her pee from her feet, as she forced her feet into my mouth and throat.Karen was a rare woman in that she actually climaxed when she forced her feet into a slave’s throat. She loved hearing a slave gag as she used her other foot on the back of a slave’s head to force her toes into a slave’s throat. This really made her climax hard. The sight of a slave licking, sucking and drinking her pee from her feet gave her a wonderful superior feeling. She loved seeing her red painted toes being forced inside a slave’s mouth. She prepared for the first session with Tom by already having peed in a large pan under her desk in which both of her feet were soaking in waiting to be worshipped. She had peed a lot and it almost covered both of her feet.Tom walked up to Karen at exactly 12: noon.Karen looked into Tom’s eyes and she was not smiling. “Did you read my note Slave?”Yes, my Queen, Tom replied. Karen placed the leather handcuffs on him with his hands behind his back. “Okay get under my desk and begin licking my feet clean and do not stop until every single drop is swallowed.”Tom looked at the long thick female foot and noticed her red painted toes glistened in Karen’s piss; Tom licked and sucked Karen’s feet. He swallowed her pee as one of her wet feet was placed on the back of his head, forcing his mouth to the bottom of the pan to insure he drank it all. Once the pan was licked clean, she ordered Tom on his back under her feet. Karen roughly rubbed the bottom of her feet on Tom’s face. He licked and sucked the bottom of her feet. Karen than forced the heel of her left foot into Tom’s mouth, stretching it to the extreme. For Karen this was foreplay. He would suffer greatly when she forced her feet into his mouth and throat.Once Karen’s felt every inch of her feet were thoroughly licked, she ordered Tom to sit with the back of his head against the heavy disk. She than shoved her left foot into Tom’s mouth. Tom internet casino had never felt his mouth so stretched as Karen brutally pushed her foot deep into Tom’s mouth and throat. Tom gagged, which really turned Karen on, ordering him to take it deeper. She than placed her right foot on the back of Tom’s head and forced her left foot deeper as the same time. When she heard Tom gagging, she climaxed, shoving her foot forward and back, r****g Tom’s mouth and throat with her foot.She than changed feet, shoving her right foot into Tom’s mouth and placing her left foot on the back of his head. She began to slowly fuck his mouth and throat with her foot. Tom had never been so ruthlessly mouth fucked by a woman’s foot, as Karen began to force her foot in and out of his mouth harder and harder.Karen loved forcing a slave to gag as she ****d Tom’s mouth and throat with her foot. When she got Tom to gag she again climaxed. She did not pull her foot from Tom’s mouth until she was finished climaxing. Karen took off the leather cuffs and advised him to hurry up and read Tina’s envelope.1:PMTom opened up Tina’s envelope and like Karen, she claimed she loved all kinds of oral worship but her special interest was having her ass licked and sucked by a slave as she sat on his face. However, like all the women in this company, it was not as simple as that. Tina had a passion to make a slave really suffer under her big, deep ass. She liked putting things up her ass, like bananas, honey, strawberries, but most of all chocolate. She loved making a slave lick, suck and eat it all from her shit hole. She especially loved to have a slave lick up and down between the cheeks of her ass, using him as if his face was a piece of toilet paper. She also never wore panties and was always naked under her outer clothes.”Do you like chocolate slave?”Tom answered, yes, my Queen.For this slave session with Tom, she stuck a small Hershey dark chocolate bar between the cheeks of her ass, which quickly melted. Tina secured Tom’s hands, and had him place his head back on her padded chair at her desk. Tina pulled up her dress and squatted over Tom’s face. She used both hands to spread her enormous cheeks. Tom gasped as he could see the melted chocolate completely covered the crack of her ass. Tina lowered her heavy cheeks on either side of Tom’s head, wedging his face deep between her ass cheeks. Like a good slave, Tom begin licking and swallowing the chocolate as Tina grinded her ass on his helpless face. Tom licked as fast as he could, hoping Tina would show some mercy and allow him to breathe a little air.”Stick your tongue deeper up my ass slave and eat all of my shit.” Tina demanded. Tina began to rock forward and back on Tom’s chocolate stained face.Tom’s tongue dug deep in Tina’s asshole licking, sucking and swallowing the dark chocolate. Tina moved her asshole over Tom’s nose and sat with all her weight, forcing his nose deep in her shit hole. Tina began to lustfully bounce on Tom’s face, fucking his nose with her asshole as Tom licked her soaked pussy.Tom lost track of time and felt dizzy because of a lack of air. Tina could care less, as she rode Tom’s face to three mind-blowing climaxes. She finally raised her ass from Tom’s face, released him from the cuffs and told him to go wash his face before seeing Dawn.Tom began to realize that he might have made a mistake applying for this job. He thought he would be an oral sex slave to just one woman, which would be difficult enough, but being used as an oral slave to seven women was not something he was prepared to do. Nevertheless, he had no choice. He realized now why Doris and Karen told him that no one lasted more than two weeks in his position.2:00PMTom than opened up the next envelope.Dawn special interest was simple; she just loved to secure a slave under her desk as she used both of her hands to grind her pussy in a slave’s face to climax after climax. She had a chair specially made, which was shaped like a horseshoe, so that a slave’s face would be secured tightly to her pussy. Dawn was the kind of woman who poured out huge amounts of pussy juice and pee whenever she climaxed. She also demanded a slave swallow every single drop of her pussy juice and pee. Dawn liked to talk dirty, whispering in a slave’ ear, telling him exactly what she was going to do to him.Dawn secured Tom’s hands and placed him on his knees. She began to whisper in this ear.”I intend to smother you with my hot pussy slave and you are going to lick and suck my pussy until I pour my pussy juice and pee into your mouth. Do you understand?”Yes, my Queen.””I am going to fuck your face without mercy slave. I want to feel your tongue digging deep in my asshole as I fuck your nose with my pussy. When I climax you will be forced to drink and swallow all my pussy juice and pee, there will be a lot. You are nothing but a slave fuck face to me and I am going to use your face like a vibrator.”Dawn pushed Tom down into place. She grabbed the back of his head and secured it to the chair so his mouth was flush against her hairy pussy.”Start licking slave.” Dawn grabbed the back of Tom’s head and began to grind her pussy up and down against his face. Tom licked and sucked her pussy and ass. Dawn was a multi-climatic woman. Her pussy gushed out pussy juice and pee after each climax. Tom mouth was being filled with liquid so fast that he gagged. He swallowed quickly to avoid drowning in Dawn’s juices and pee. After Dawn climaxed four times, she released Tom, telling him he was a good slave.(3: pm)Tom opened up Susan’s envelope. Her special thing was sitting on a bound slave’s face with all her weight. She got off on breath control and hearing a slave smothering under her pussy and ass. When Susan climaxed she would grind her pussy and ass even harder on a slave’s face. She seldom bounced her ass up and down on a slave’s face, but rather got off on the joy of smothering a slave with her pussy and big ass. She was cruel and relentless when she rode a slave’s face. For her, it was all about total control of a slave’s very breath. Now and than she would briefly raise up to give the slave a quick breath, but her pussy and ass would ruthlessly be back grinding into his face.Fortunately, Tom was in good physical shape and could endure the brutal face fucking Susan was giving him. Each time she raised up, Tom gasped for air. This made Susan laugh with joy, as she again and again settled her entire weight on Tom’s face, grinding her pussy and asshole forward and back to climax after climax.”I love smothering you with my pussy and ass slave.” I don’t give a fuck if you can’t breath, just keeping licking and sucking my pussy and ass slave.”Finally, Susan climaxed for the last time, which almost knocked Tom out from lack of air. Susan released him and Tom went back to his desk to read the last envelope that had Janet and Helen’s notes inside.(4: pm)JANET AND I DEMAND FULL SERVICE FROM OURTOILET SLAVE WHEN WE GET TOGETHER.Tom quickly drank some coffee and had a diet snack bar to give him strength for the last hour and one half he had to work today. The reason Janet and Helen’s envelope came as one was because they ALWAYS used a slave together. The note said he was to meet in the women’s washroom at 4: PM and he was to strip down to his underwear immediately. Both of them would be using him until 4:30PM. He would be giving them total tongue baths beginning from the bottom of their feet and he would be secured on the special slave bench where they would fuck his face. They made it clear that they would both be using his mouth for ALL their toilet needs and would demand FULL SERVICE OF HIS MOUTH.Tom was more scared now than with any of the other women he orally serviced. It was clear that Janet and Helen were going to use and abuse Tom like he never had been used in the past. Tom did not know that his boss, Doris had planned everything that went on today. She had also advised Janet and Helen that they would be the last to use their oral slave and to show no mercy to insure obedience to their commands. Doris chose Janet and Helen to be the last to service for the day on purpose. Doris knew they were the most sadistic and demanding of all the women. They were dominant Lesbian lovers and really got off using submissive men and women as oral sex slaves.Tom entered the women’s washroom a few minutes early and took off everything but his under shorts. Tom noticed the middle of the room had thick towels. Both women came in at the same time and Helen locked the door. Both women were Amazon looking, with thick thighs and huge asses and feet.Helen spoke first. “On your back and put your head on the towels slave.”Tom responded immediately. He lay on his back on the carpeted floor. Both women took their dresses off but still had their shoes on as they stood over Tom’s face.Janet glared down into Tom’s face. “It has been a long day and our feet are sweaty and tired slave. You will lick them clean.”At this time, both women took their shoes off. They both stood on either side of his head and both placed the bottom of one of their sweaty feet on Tom’s face. The slave began to lick them both as they forced more of their weight on his face. Each of the women took turns forcing the heel of their feet into Tom’s mouth, stretching it to the extreme. They than took turns sticking their toes in his mouth, making him suck on them. Janet than spoke to Helen.”Shall we make our feet tastier for our slave?”Helen laughed and said “Yes, let’s do it.”Janet pulled a large pan from one of the cabinets and squatted over it. She began to pee filling the pan half way. Both women laughed as they each put one of their feet into the warm pee. Both feet were dripping as they came on Tom’s face.”Lick and suck the pee from our feet slave.” Helen ordered. Tom kept licking and sucking their pee soaked feet. Tom lost track of how many times they forced their feet into his mouth and throat, making him gag, which they clearly loved to hear.When both of their feet were thoroughly licked and sucked, they ordered Tom to lie on the oral sex slave bench. They secured his legs, arms and head to the bench. They were both sexually excited from the through foot licking and sucking Tom had done to them.”Shall we flip a coin to see who gets to ride his face first, Janet asked Helen.””You take his face first Janet.” Janet sat on Tom’s face in the forward position and Helen sat on his chest behind Janet. Tom had never felt so controlled as both women began to settle on him. Janet’s pussy and ass totally covered Tom’s face as Helen urged her on.”You go girl. Give this slave a face fucking he wont forget.”Janet did not need encouragement, but laughed as she bounced and grinded her pussy and ass on Tom’s helpless face. She lost track on how many times she climaxed before changing position with Helen. Where Janet liked to bounce up and down on a slave’s face, Helen came best when she just brutally rubbed her pussy forward and back on a slave’s face, not giving him a chance to breathe.Tom groaned under the onslaught of these two dominate women’s pussy and ass r****g his face. They kept taking turns, first sitting forward and than reverse sitting on his face. Both women made full use of Tom’s face, forcing his nose in their pussy and asshole, as he licked them with his tongue. Even though Tom licked and swallowed as much of their pussy juice as possible, his face was still soaked.Even though both women were finished climaxing, they both looked forward using Tom’s mouth for their toilet. Janet ordered Tom to open his mouth because she was going to secure his mouth to her pussy. Janet settled so that her pussy was over Tom’s mouth, forming a tight seal.”Swallow every drop of my pee slave.” Janet let loose full force, making Tom gag. Both women laughed, but Janet did not attempt to help Tom in anyway, as she just kept pissing full force into his mouth. She was impressed that Tom was keeping up with her flow, but that was only because she had peed in the pan earlier. She wondered how Tom would do when Helen peed in his mouth. Tom licked her pussy clean when Janet was finished peeing.Helen looked down at Tom’s face with cruel amusement.”I am going to reverse sit you so that your nose will be up my asshole when I piss, which means you will not be able to breathe until I am finished peeing, and I do have a full load.”Tom was ready to beg her not to reverse sit his face while she peed, but Helen had already sat down on his open mouth. He felt her asshole open up swallowing his nose. Tom knew he was in trouble now, but could not panic. Helen began to pee full force, as Tom began to swallow as fast as he could. He kept swallowing and swallowing, but there was no way to breathe between gulps, as he began to gag as the pee totally soaked his face and hair. Again, both women laughed, knowing that there was no way a slave could keep up with Helen’s flow in the Reverse Sit position. Helen began to climax and began to grind her soaked pussy and ass on Tom’s face. She fucked his face for another five minutes before standing up.Janet smiled at Tom saying, “You are through for the day slave. You better go home and get some rest for tomorrow. By the way, we both decided to give you a break today since it is your first day at work. BE PREPARED TO BE USED FOR OUR FULL TOILET SERVICE FOR THE REST OF THE MONTH.”Tom was exhausted and was just too tired to think straight. He realized he was trapped and would have to serve as an oral sex slave to Doris and her staff for one month. He fell asleep immediately after supper.The alarm woke him up and he slowly sat up wondering how he could endure another day at work. He realized he had no choice but to continue being Doris’s and her employee’s private oral sex slave secretary.

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