I Took My Neighbor’s Virginity

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I Took My Neighbor’s VirginityMy roommate and I have the the object of our neighbor’s son Kevin for the past two years. Admited due some provocation on our end. His room is across from mine, sometimes after a shower I’ll “Forget” to close the curtains while rubbing on lotion. Or Lynn and I will make out or dance around naked. We often have him come over and do odd jobs around the house(clean the gutters, clean our pool, put together bookshelves, ect). All the while wearing tight shits without bras and yoga pants or pajama bottoms without panties(which I don’t usually wear anyway). Two years ago on his 18th birthday I had to go out town for a work thing. Last summer in preparation of his 19th birthday I had Kevin do some stuff around the house for some extra cash cuase he he and his friends were going to Canada to celebrate. A week goes by his parents went to Hawaii for a second honeymoon. He was supped to be in Canada, so can imagine my surprise when he showed at the door step with flowers and jewellery for Lynn. Lynn was on a weekend get away with bayraklı escort her latest excuse for a boyfriend. I told him were she was and asked him whathe was doing. Kevin told me that in addition to the card and $50 we got him for his 18th that weekend Lynn also gave Kevin his first blowjob. He’d been “In love” with here ever sence. I told him to get his money back and go do something nice for a girl his own age. The next day I was lying out by the pool, and I could here was break up songs coming from his room. yelled up for Kevin to turn off the music, throw on some trunks(cause if I’m gonna be consoling a sad college k** I might as well have some eye cany),and come join me by the pool. He was so sad, but felt more humiliated more the anything else. I talked him into taking a dip, Kevin came out of the pool his muscles glimmering, and his bulge makings a prominent impression in his shorts. Truth be told he’s a very handsome young man and it had been months sence I had sex. Given the situation I thought it better to change the subject before escort bayraklı I jumped his hardy bone. Kevin wanted to be a pro wrestler and the person I know that loves it as much as I do. So we started to talk wrestling, after a while I stopped listening and started to star at his six pack and wonder how hard his dick can get. I rolled over on my stomach and asked Kevin to rub some sun screen on my back. I untied the top to bikini and told him it was so I didn’t get lines. Truth was I just wanted him to touch me some more. My breasts were poking out of the side, it didn’t hurt that I was wearing a thong. I could feel him getting hard. “Don’t forget my butt.” I said. “That’s not a fun place to get burned.” As he nervously made his way to my booty, I started good hot and decided to take my chances and fuck him his brains out. He started off bearly touching it like my ass was going to eat him alive. I rolled over on my back exposing my breasts and asked if he help keep me tan line free. Kevin stood there stunned, “it’s not polite to stare.” bayraklı escort bayan I said. “Grab them.” “Are you sure?” He asked. “Your right. Not out here, I was secretly photographed once before.” I took him by the hand and led him in the house. Once he got in I pulled off his shorts and stroked his cock. I untied my bikini bottom sat on the couch and told him lunch was served. His tongue was a wet prob just wagging all over my pussy. Really just wanting to get fucked I told him to stand up and let me have that hard cock. I took that youthful piece of meat balls deep over and over. Licking his balls with all of his cock in my mouth was too much and blew his loud down my throat. I kept jerking his cock to get him hard again. He almost put my eye out, his shot straight up like a rocket. I sat him on the the couch, and sat on his dick. Sliding down on it nice and slow enjoying ever inch. As I rocked my hipsand cried,”Oh yes. Fuck me Kevin, fuck me good.” “You like it baby?” He fired back. “OOOOOOOOOO YEAH! Give it too me good.” “OH shit! I’m gonna come he yelled.” I hoped off and deepthroated the cum right out his cock. He filled my mouth with a mixture of sweet come and my very own pussy juice my favorite drink. He thanked me for taking his virginity. I had put on his shorts and kicked him out.

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