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I FELL UNDER HER SPELL PT 2As a young man I fell under the spell of Christine a mature lady who would call me to her cottage whenever she was in the mood.She called me to be at her place early on Sunday next which was unusual as she usually liked to sleep late on a Sunday.She opened the door and said good on time again come through to the lounge .She looked so sexy to me dressed in her thick white dressing gown hanging open showing her well rounded figure and lovely breasts. Her appealing dark eyes looked a bit sleepy but she seemed in good spirits.She said make us a cup of coffee and come to sit next to me I need to talk to you.I put her coffee down on the table and sat next to her.She said I enjoyed our last session and was so pleased to find you could take the punishment on your cock.I said when you started to whip my cock the pain was unbearable but as you went on it faded and I felt my cock harden but it could not shoot due to the pain.She looked me in the eyes smiling I know as I felt your shaft harden as I was whipping which shows you are a true pain slut and just what I want.She unzipped my flies and pulled my cock out saying it is still a bit bruised and the cuts seem to be healing very quickly. I shall give it another week to recover then I shall give it another whipping as it makes me so horny.She went on saying how did you like me stopping your spunk as you shot.I said I felt my spunk build up and build up then shoot to immediately start a pulsing spasm which went on and on gradually subsiding to leave a dull pain in my groin which is still there.She said find it a turn on to stop your spunk and feel it bulging to get out but I control when it is allowed out so I shall do that to you from now on. In fact I feel like doing it to you again so come to the bed room.I lay on the bed with my legs over the end spread wide and she sat on my stomach to my shaft close to the crotch.She started by lightly playing with my hard shaft and balls then grasped my shaft betsobet yeni giriş and rapidly stroked lifting my balls so her right hand pounded them painfully.Soon my spunk was building up but she felt that and lessened her grasp on my shaft bur pounded my balls hard so the pain made my spunk recede. They as my shaft started to soften she grasped my shaft hard and lessened the pounding on my balls so my spunk built up again but she kept going and I felt my spunk shoot with great force to immediately start a pumping spasm which went on and on gradually subsiding to leave a pain in my groin.She said that was a great shoot I can feel it still bursting to get out as she ran her nails up and down my bulging urethra.She then released my spunk in to a small glass which she brought to me saying now this is for you to drink and it tasted salty and had some blood in it.She then said now I want you to do all the work and lay on the bed with her legs open.I sucked her clit used her big vibrator on her clit as I fingered her nipples and soon she was breathing hard saying keep going with the dildo and I pushed it right up in her in and out fingering her clit and she had a loud orgasm and lay shuddering saying more more. I kept thrusting and rubbing her clit hard and soon she had another loud orgasm.She lay on the bed saying wow that was so good, now go and make more coffee.I put the coffee down and sat next to her on the bed as she reached over and grasped my shaft saying it could do with another whipping but not today as we are having a visitor.She said I know you like my hair so I want to train you in taking it down as I hate the job . Later my friend calls once a week to put it up.She put on her dressing gown ans sat on the stool in front of her dressing table.Christine’s hair was always up in a teased style with a big pleat at the back topped with big curls which was a turn on for me and I was pleases she had asked me.She said start like this betsobet güvenilirmi by feeling through the hair for hair pins and pull them out.Her hair felt hard and rough from the hair spray and I felt like pushing my hard shaft through it but kept quiet.Soon all the pins were out and she said now pull out a small section with your fingers like this and then start combing at the ends working your way up until it is combed out.I started and fingered out a tress which was much longer than I thought and carefully started to comb it out. She stopped me ad said much harder as it is all heavily teased and needs to be combed out hard like this.I then continued really combing very hard as each tress was combed out.I was standing behind her naked and she reached back and grasped my shaft saying my you do like my hair the she dug her nails in and I said I find your hair a real turn on.After about an hour all her hair was comber out and she gave it a good brushing It was a lovely mahogany colour very strong thick hair which hung down to her mid back and I found it very sexy.I said you have such lovely hair have you had it longer in the past.She smiled why do you like long hair. I said yes I find it quiet sexy.She said my mother use to take care of it and it was never cut and was down to my knees and always in two plaits.I had it cut to waist length when I left home for university and just had it in a pony tale or one plait.My friend Jackie who is calling later is a hair dresser and she has been doing my hair for a few years now as she is good at big up dos which I like.She said now we need the go to the shower and she grasped my shaft and took me with her.She said start with my hair and give it a good shampooing.The warm water flowed down her tresses as I carefully washed each section of her lovely hair.Now she said use my face towel and wash my body all over. I soaped her lovely breasts then her well rounded waist and legs finally her lovely crotch betsobet giriş as she started to breath heavily saying keep rubbing my clti which I did and soon she had a loud orgasm.She said my that was a good shower you seem to have touched the right buttons as she came out and I towelled her down.She put on her dressing gown and said you have your shower then come through to the bed room to dry my hair.I towelled her hair in sections and then she got out the drier and soon her lovely tresses were dry and a cascade of shiny hair.I said I have loved doing your hair as it is a real turn on for me.Christine said well you will have to wait as Jackie is due soon so we sat in the lounge and had a coffee and a sandwich.The door bell rang and Christine said go on and let Jackie in. I said I will need my dressing gown on. But she said no go as you are quick.I opened the door and Jackie said hello that is a nice surprise.She was a very attractive mid twenties lady with auburn hair put up in a big style, a slim figure , lovely brown eyes a small pert mouth and a friendly manner.She came in and said Chris said you may be here but I was not expecting you naked at the door laughing as she grasped my shaft and took me with her in to the lounge saying look at what I have found in your hall laughing.Christine said I thought you would like a surprise come in and sit down for a drink and a chat before we go further.Christine said to me go and get a bottle of white wine and three glasses.Jackie sat next the Christine feeling her hair as I brought the wine in .She said well you have done such a good job on her hair I shall find work for you.Christine said to me come and stand in front of us.Jackie giggled saying he looks a fine lad but what have you been doing to his cock.Christine said last week I was in one of my aggressive moods and I tied him down and whipped the tip of his cock for ages.Chris said you should have called me to watch as you know how that turns me on.Christine said it was his first time so I needed to know how he would take it.Jackie said well tell more with agiggle.Christine said to start with he was in real pain but half way through his shaft hardened so I knew he can take it.Come next week when his cock has recovered and we can have some fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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