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Big Tits

I looked at the message again. “I’m in the lobby. Blue pants, white shirt, blue sport coat.”

I took a deep breath and headed for the stairs. I didn’t know his name. I hadn’t seen a face picture. I hadn’t even asked for a dirty picture of him. I just knew that I was horny, he checked a lot of my boxes (older (58 to my 30), sexy hairy chest, total top, slightly dominant but not an asshole in our chats), and we had connected. I don’t hook up a lot. Both because I’m married and don’t have a lot of opportunities. And because, contrary to the sluttiness of my present actions, I really do insist on a connection when I chat. I had a hotel room to myself on a business trip tonight, so that took care of opportunity. And I really liked him when we talked. We were both married professionals, and had a nice talk about our jobs and the state of the world before I couldn’t take it any longer and asked if he wanted to come over. He told me he was coming from a business dinner, and I was his pit stop on his way home to his wife. I made a bad joke about him making sure to have pineapple for dessert, and he told me he laughed.

As I got to the lobby, I scanned the room. I didn’t break stride as I walked from the stairs on my way to the elevators. My eyes settled on him, and everything froze. He was bald, a little short, and completely relaxed in a chair with his legs crossed and his eyes on his phone. He looked up and I froze in my tracks as our eyes locked. He stood up and walked over to me with a smile. “Hi, Mike?”

I took his hand. “Yes, sir.”

“Hi, I’m [I could make up a name, but if I’m honest my ears were ringing and I didn’t hear it.]”

“Hi, sir.”

He began walking. “Shall we head to the elevators?”

“Yes, sir.”

As he walked in front of me, I followed, wondering who the fuck this submissive person was. We’d never talked about me “sir”ing him. That wasn’t a particular fantasy of mine. It just suddenly slipped out.

“Did you say you were on the 4th floor?”

“Yes sir.”

He hit the button, and we rode up in silence. Me standing behind him. I looked him over. He was about 4 inches shorter than me (I’m 6 foot even), bald, older, but clearly worked out. We had discussed me blowing him, no reciprocation. But I could already tell that all plans were out the window. My mind was on auto pilot, and I was clearly going to do whatever he wanted me to do.

As we got to my floor, he asked which way, and he then led the way to my room. I handed him my key, and he unlocked my door for me. I followed him in as he walked right around my bed. He paused to take off his sport coat, which he folded and hung over the desk chair. Then he sat on the little hotel couch with his legs spread wide. He leaned back, gestured between his legs, and said “shall we just get to it?”

I got on my knees. Hands on his thighs. I couldn’t decide if I should make eye contact with him or with his bulge as I asked him how he wanted to get started. “It’s your show,” came the response.

“Yes, sir.”

I slid my hands up his slacks, enjoying the feeling of his muscles under his pants. I avoided his visibly swelling bulge as I felt his thighs transition to his hips beneath my fingers. I reached his belt, then slid my hands toward the center and started undoing his belt buckle. I popped his button and pulled his zipper down before I asked if he could lift his hips. Instead, he stood up over me.

He didn’t say a kaçak iddaa word as I tugged on the sides of his pants. I was so focused on his bulge, millimeters from my face that it took me a moment to realize that his pants weren’t moving. I did a double take and realized that his fly wasn’t all the way open. I slid my hands inside his waist band and found the inside clasp. Then dug further into his pants before finding the final button. My hand was almost fully inside his waist band as I fumbled with the button; I was still entirely focused on the clear bulge standing over my face that I hadn’t gotten the nerve to kiss or otherwise touch yet.

Finally the button came free, and his pants dropped to his ankles. He was still silent as he stood there in his maroon boxer briefs. I could clearly see his penis now, outlined against his underwear. I looked up at him and asked what he liked. Again, “it’s your show.”

“Yes, sir.”

I couldn’t resist any longer and slid my hand up to squeeze his package. I was shocked that he wasn’t particularly hard. He wasn’t flaccid, but he was already enormous and he clearly wasn’t done growing. I leaned in and gave him a kiss on the tip through his underwear. I was terrified of what he would taste like after he told me he’d been at work all day. He smelled nice though, and I just kissed on his tip for a moment.

He just stood there, hands on his hips, as I kissed him. I was ready to see more of him, so I slid my hands up his impressively muscly thighs, and grabbed the waistband of his boxer briefs. I loved seeing his silver bush come into view as I slid them down. Then his cock sprang out. If you were to pull out a measuring tape, I’m not sure he was objectively more than large average… maybe 7 inches. But the thing somehow packed an enormous amount of mass. As it landed across my face, I could feel the weight in what felt like the biggest cock I had ever played with.

I slid my hands down his legs, ready to push him back onto the couch, when I noticed that his pants were still around his ankles. He had made no move whatsoever to help, so I guess that was my job. I crouched down and noticed that his shoes were still on. Never in any fantasy I have ever had have I thought about taking a man’s shoes off, but nothing quite puts the exclamation point on feeling submissive like trying to unlace his shoes while his hard cock drips pre-cum on the back of your neck and into your hair.

He lifted his feet to help me after his shoes were untied. I slid his shoes and pants off, then kissed my way back up his legs. I wanted him naked, so I got up on my knees, and unbuttoned his shirt. As I undressed him, I could feel his cock against my chest; still rock hard and drooling. I made a joke about not wanting a blue dress situation as I took my own shirt off. He laughed a bit, then sat back down on the couch, legs spread wide, totally naked except his blue socks.

I stared his cock down some more, still somewhat intimidated by its size. I decided to start kissing his thigh. I enjoyed the feeling of his skin under my lips, and my nerves settled as I kissed quickly up the insides of his thighs. He was still totally silent until I kissed high enough that my beard started to tickle his balls. Once I was that high, alternating which thigh I was kissing, it seemed only natural to stop in the middle and kiss his balls. I loved the feeling of his pubes tickling my face as I gave each ball a quick peck. kaçak bahis Then, as I started sucking his balls in earnest, the dirty talk above me turned on like I had finally found the on switch.

“MMM, you like daddy’s balls? Get daddy’s balls into your mouth and start sucking.”

I happily obliged. Alternating licking and sucking his balls, loving how they filled my mouth, loving the way his pubes tickled my nose. As I was enjoying licking him, he shifted position, and his cock fell across my face. I was worried it was going to leave a bruise, it was so heavy. I grabbed it, intending to stroke him a little while I sucked his balls, and I felt his hands on me for the first time. “No hands,” he said, as he pulled my hand off him.

I pulled back and got out most of “yes, sir,” before I felt his hand on the back of my head, pulling my mouth back onto his balls. I moaned with my mouth full as I resumed licking.

I knew it was time to give his cock some attention, so I pulled my favorite move, either giving or receiving a blow job. I moved down a bit and kissed the bottom of his balls. Then, I placed the tip of my tongue at the back of his balls, dragged it up the seam between then, then continued licking slowly up his cock until I could take the head in my mouth. I loved the feel and taste of his cock slowly drooling into my mouth as I began to suck him.

I loved hearing him moan as I began to bob my head up and down on him. I had him about half way in my mouth, loving the blow job. I was deciding if I could take him all the way down, or if I even wanted to. Without warning, his hand was on the back of my head, encouraging me deeper. There was no doubt I was going to comply as the pressure on the back of my head increased. I focused on breathing through my nose as I felt the head of his cock pushing against the entrance to my throat. I was about to give up when his hand turned from insistent pressure, to forceful pressure. I felt the briefest sensation of my lips sealed tight around the base of his cock before I gagged hard and I was suddenly sitting back on my heals gasping.

“You like that.” It was a statement, not a question.

“Not every time, sir. But once in a while is…” We both knew what I was going to say, but he had pushed his cock back into my mouth before I got to finish. After a minute, he sat back, hands off my head, and just let me suck him at my own pace. The constant stream of dirty talk resumed. He reminded me a few times not to use my hands, so I just enjoyed stroking his thighs as I blew him.

After a particularly nasty round of how much I must like sucking daddy’s big dick, I pulled back and looked up at him. With his cock resting on my chin I told him “you know sir, the daddy talk doesn’t really do it for me.”

He grabbed the back of my hair and forced me down to his balls. I vaguely heard “interesting, now suck daddy’s nuts” as he pushed them into my mouth. I’ve never had someone deep throat me with their balls before, but that’s the only way I could describe what happened. He had both hands on the back of my head forcing his entire sack into my mouth. I tried breathing through my nose, which was sandwiched in the crease between his thigh and his cock, and I couldn’t help gagging as he forced his balls as far into my mouth as he could get them. He held me in this position for probably a minute, ignoring my gags and demanding that I lick daddy’s nuts. I did my best to comply, illegal bahis but mostly I was focused on the dual feelings of panic at having trouble breathing, and being unbelievably turned on as I tried to angle my nose to find air around his cock and thigh.

I felt him put his feet on my shoulders. Finally, the pressure released on the back of my head, but now he was pushing me down, demanding that I “lick daddy lower.” I was completely frozen. I had never licked ass before, but I also knew there was no way I was telling him no. As the panic subsided and I decided I was going through with whatever I was told, I realized that the dirty talk had changed. He was now very into me licking daddy’s taint. I kept licking the back side of his balls, now growing disappointed that he hadn’t forced me down to his ass. I wanted to submit to him completely, but I just didn’t have the nerve to rim him without him making me.

After a few minutes, I moved back to his balls, then I was sucking his cock again. His feet were still on my shoulders, and I had my hands wrapped around his ass. The dirty talk never stopped, and I knew better than to tell him I wasn’t into the daddy talk again. I was really enjoying popping the head into and out of my mouth, when apparently he noticed too.

“Mmm, you like the tip, cocksucker?”

I looked up, swirling my tongue around the tip as I answered. “I like feeling my lips popping over the rim, sir.”

“Does it make you think about daddy’s dick popping in and out of your ass?”

My brain locked up again. I liked oral; I had never actually had sex with a man. And there was no way I could take a cock this big. There was also no way I was going to tell him no. I hadn’t even begun to process how I wanted to respond when I heard my voice, “are you asking to fuck me, sir?”


I was relieved, but I heard my voice again. “I have condoms, sir.”

He smiled at me and didn’t say anything as he grabbed my hair and forced his balls back into my mouth. He only made me gag for about 30 seconds this time, before pulling me back to his cock and immediately pushing me all the way down. Again though, he let off relatively quickly as I began to gag, and he let me go back to blowing him at my own pace.

I looked at a clock later and realized that I blew him for almost an hour. It didn’t feel that long though. Eventually, I felt his feet slide in and tighten around my ears as I was sucking him. He had been dripping precum since before his pants came off, but he was starting to leak much faster as I heard his breathing quicken and saw his abs tightening.

I heard, “sorry, I didn’t find any pineapple with dinner.” Then, I felt him ejaculating across my tongue. I had pulled back until just the tip was in my mouth, so I could taste every drop. I didn’t have time to do much savoring though as he filled me so fast, I had to swallow quickly to keep from spilling any.

Eventually, his breathing slowed. I just held him in my mouth as he came down. Feeling him go slightly softer, but still shockingly rigid. Finally, I heard “thanks. That was amazing.” He shuddered as I slid him out of my mouth and gave him a kiss right on the tip. “No, thank you, sir.”

He stood up over me and started to get dressed. I realized as I tried to stand up how long I must have been on my knees. I was too stiff to stand up smoothly. I realized in the same moment that my jeans and shoes had never even come off. We made awkward small talk, and I stood there shirtless as he got dressed. In a few minutes, he was gone. I could still taste his semen as I realized that he hadn’t even kissed me goodbye.

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