hermione’s gift

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hermione’s giftHermione had been stayed at the Burrow for the week before term started on her last year at Hogwarts. She was Head Girl this year and as a celebration, Ron and Ginny had invited her to stay with them until school started. Hermione was so excited and proud of herself that she Ginny had thought of a joke of a present to give Hermione for her becoming Head Girl. Hermione was sitting on Ginny’s bead reading the 13 page pamphlet Head Boy and Girl called Maintaining Order and Administering Discipline at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardryfor the second time already when she dropped a silky sack on her booklet. “Happy Achievements!!” she said excitedly as she plopped out on the bed. Her voice almost sounded seductive, “Hope you enjoy it” “Ginny why are you getting me presents? That’s hardly necesa… Mother of Merlin, What the Hell is THAT?!” Ginny couldn’t help but laugh out loud at Hermione’s shocked innocence! “Oh, calm down ‘Mione, you don’t expect me to believe that you don’t know what a vibrator is” she said arrogantly. “I got it from a muggle store when we went to get you.” Hermione was holding what looked like a large green rubber penis in her hand. Hermione shocked and embarrassed at her gesture. “I know what it is, but why would you get me something like this?” “I hear that the Head Girl gets her own room? You know, privacy can open the doors to soo many fun activities!” she winked “Ginny I am not going to take that thing to Hogwa..” “But you have to!” she interrupted, “I can’t take it back, for Merlin sake, and I am NOT going to leave it hear for my mother to discover! Besides, it a Present Hermione. Just accept it and have fun!” “But… I can’t Ginny. I don’t even know how to use one.” Hermione admitted timidly “That’s easy, do the same thing that you do with your fingers,” she held it up, “with this.” “Oh.. okay” Hermione said with a blank expression. Ginny caught on to it quick. “You’ve never… You mean to say you don’t MASTURBATE!?” she screamed “Stop shouting!! Hermione hissed pleadingly, “You live in a house full of men!” Hermione was mortified. She did not want to have this conversation. No she didn’t masturbate. She was always taught that it was wrong and forbidden so she had a sort of mental block against it. Even the few times that she’d tried, after watching the ((‘forbidden’)) tapes she’d found in her mother’s closet, it didn’t seam to work. It felt awkward and slimy. “No, Ginny, I Don’t and I also am not having this conversation” “Aww! Wow, I feel bad for you! I would die if I couldn’t… I almost want to teach you how out of pity” “Ha Ha, don’t try to distract me from the point Ginny, there is NO way you are going to make me take that thing to Hogwarts!” ** “Am i Distracting you ‘Mione?” “No that’s not what I’m saying ‘Cause I wasn’t joking.. I kinda Do want to teach you! You have no idea what you’re missing out on! Its one of the most amazing feeling a woman can feel!” the way Ginny was persisting almost started to sway Hermione. Her episodes of unsatisfied arousal had been increasing the past few months; and for some confusing reason, Now was one of those time. “I don’t think that’s a good idea Ginny, we’re friends and it would be awkward not to mention…” “No it won’t, just think of it as a lesson! Come on ‘Mione, Please? I thought you liked learning new things, Plus, it’s something that I’ve always wanted to try kocaeli escort and you’ve never experienced!” She was starting to beg. It wasn’t a completely bad idea, what she said did make a bit of sense.. But it was wrong and It was bound to complicate their friendship. Ginny got up in the middle of Hermione’s thoughts and locked the door to her room. This made Hermione nervous; apparently she wasn’t going to take no for an answer. “I just don’t think it’s a very good idea Love, don’t feel rejected, I’m just being cautious” she tried to make her voice sound reasonable. Ginny laughed and scooted closer till he was only a few inches from her face. Hermione’s heart quickened, “Hermione, your face is flushed, your chest is spotted red, you’re breathing heavy, and…” she looked down at the small wet spot forming on Hermione’s shorts, “I can smell you.” she smiled. Hermione looked guilty but still a little hesitant. “How about this,” she placed her hand on her upper thigh, “give me five minutes, and if you still don’t want me to after that, I’ll stop… You really have No Idea what you’re missing. I Promise you won’t regret it. Hermione took that in for a minute. “I guess you can try for five… minutes?” Ginny had scooted her hand up her thighs and pressed her fingers firmly right where her clit was. Hermione, taken by surprise at the mouthwatering feeling, bit her lip to stop from moaning. “Feel that? It’s nice isn’t it? This usually helps too.” She reached her hand under Hermione’s shirt and squeezed her whole breast hard; until her hand slid towards her nipple and she pinched it lightly at first. Her fingers slowly started gripping tighter and she started to pull. Hermione couldn’t help but let out a moan. Ginny smiled and slid her hand down to the waistband of her shorts and started to pull them down. Hermione started to protest but Ginny stopped her with a firm kiss. That she wasn’t expecting. She licked her friend’s swollen lips as she pulled away. “Five minutes!” she reminded and then pulled her shorts the rest of the way down and threw them off the bed. She started moving her fingers around Hermione’s clit in different patterns and motions. Which do you like better? When i do.. this?” she was moving her fingers around in circles around her swollen numb, “This..” she was moving her fingers fast across it now, ‘or This..” she had her index finger under her clit and her thumb above it, pinching and pulling it to point. Hermione let out a gasp, breathing louder and heavier. Hermione started reflexively grinding her hips along her fingers trying not to make noise! Then Ginny stopped and looked at Hermione’s confused face. She smiled and reminded her. “you want more than 5 minutes?” She answered her by taking off her shirt and bra and threw them across the room. “You were also supposed to show me how to use this.” she tossed the vibrator at Ginny and slid her panties off and threw them in the pile the rest of her cloths were in. Ginny smiled at her enthusiasm “Duh! Lay back and spread your knees apart.” she looked down a little ((shocked)) and impressed, “You shave?” “It’s more practically hygienic, is that bad?” she was starting to get a little self conscious something else happened that made her forget what she had asked. A warm, wet tongue was licking along the outer edges of her folds. She could feel Ginny sucking on her lips and it made her tremble. escort kocaeli “Your Pussy’s so smooth and wet ‘Mione. It feels soft on my tongue” she was mumbling through the strokes of her tongue. Ginny’s moaning made soft vibrations on her folds. “Please Ginny… More!!” Hermione panted while she was clutching onto the sheets under her. She smiled and put her lips around the sensitive area surrounding her clit an sucked in deeply. She groaned at her taste which sent the slightest vibration down her core. Ginny sucked in a few more strokes and then released her so she could sit up. Hermione was confused again. “Why do you keep stopping?!” She giggled but ignored her, “Are you learning anything Love?” “How about, I’ll let you know…” Hermione was starting to get aggravated but Ginny persisted. “Okay, I’ll rephrase it.. ‘What have you learned so far?'” Hermione thought for a second, “…Only the sweet, loving, caring people won’t hit you upside the head for for stopping!” she hinted “Hm… Correct! Shall I continue then?” “Please!?” Ginny looked devilishly in her eyes and put, what could only be described as the head, of the rubber penis in her mouth letting her saliva drip onto it. “Just in case your pussy’s not dripping wet already” Hermione moaned at the sight her mouth working around the shaft, making then entire think soaked in spit. “Okay now, lay back and brace yourself” Hermione did as she was told and spread her legs as wide as they would go. Ginny got down on her elbows and knees and threw Hermione’s legs over her shoulders. With one last teasing look, she held the soaked cock and asked, “Ready?” “Just Do It!!” Hermione hissed. And Ginny obliged. She was moving the head around the opening of Hermione’s folds until she whispered “more…” Then, she shoved in the rest of the shaft in and just held it there. Hermione’s eyes and mouth shot open but only a whimper came out. Ginny was disappointed. “Making noise does helps release the tension and brings you closer!” Hermione didn’t respond, all she could manage was another whimper. “Come on ‘Mione.. Scream for me! I promise it’ll make it feel so much better.” “Can’t…. they’ll.. hear” was she could manage to pant out. “Oh, so that’s your problem? Why didn’t you tell me?” she reached for her wand under her pillow and said silencio out loud for her to hear. After a second Hermione let out a loud moan that turned into a scream! Ginny started going faster. “And I haven’t even turned it on yet” she didn’t wait for a response. As soon as her finger touched the button, Hermione’s hips bucked at the sensation. The feeling was intensifying and she could feel the infamous orgasm creep up on her and blacken her vision. Ginny bent down and wrapped her mouth around Hermione’s clit once more and that was it. Hermione’s eyes rolled back, her back arched, her legs locked up and went numb and she shouted Ginny’s name over and over again until she road out her orgasm to exhaustion. “You were right…” she breathed, “i have been missing out” “You’re Welcome darling” and they both giggled. Then Hermione thought of something. “Wait, but I have a question…?” she waited for Ginny to respond. “…Yes?” “Well, you taught me how to receive pleasure… but I still don’t know how to give!!” she smiled “And since I’m all warn out…” Ginny was already getting undressed. She hadn’t realized how wet she’d gotten while getting kocaeli escort bayan her best friend off. And in an instant, Hermione was in the same, knelt down position that Ginny had been in earlier. “First, rub your hand up and down my pussy and get it soaking wet” Hermione did as she was told and Ginny let out a little groan “Faster…” Hermione liked the way the increasingly wet pussy felt against her hand. It was warm and smooth and made it made her nipples harden. She grabbed them with her other hand and continued to rub. “Now, put your fingers inside of me” Hermione could find her cunt easily enough; it was the heated hole that was dripping the juices onto her hand. She dipped one of her fingers in and moved it around experimentally. Ginny let out a moan. Hermione kept moving her fingers around until she could see the pooling of her juices in her palm. She wondered. Ginny looked up, realizing a loss of contact and moaned loudly at what she saw. Innocent little Hermione was sucking her best friend’s pussy juices off of her fingers. Ginny had never seen anything so arousingly beautiful in her life. She was at an awe. “Oh, God Hermione. Keep doing that and finger me with your other hand NOW!!” she shot out. Hermione smile and continued. She was surprised at how aroused she was getting and started to used some of her newly gained knowledge on herself with her saliva soaked fingers. Apparently this time she knew what she was doing. Which gave her an idea. “Well, thanks for the lesson Gin, i learned a lot…” She stared at her friend in awe. She looked shocked and a little confused. Ginny didn’t know what to make of this situation. It had all been to help her friend. She wasn’t a lesbian but feeling someone else touch her the way she touched herself was beyond an amazing feeling. And since she couldn’t blame her friend for stopping the forbidden act she simply laid her head back and said… “Um… Your welcome… I guess” and sat up to find her pants. Before she knew it, she had been flung back down on the bed and Hermione was standing on her hands and knees on top of her. Ginny was, yet again, shocked. “Payback, not fun getting teased is it?” Hermione sung out with a smirk. “You bloody Bitch!!” “Now, now dearest. Naughty words will get you nowhere” Hermione said as she started kissing and sucking on her stomach. “On second thought, I kinda liked it. Say it again” She stared up at her. “You really are a Fucking Bitch Hermione!” She groaned and started trailing her sucking kisses further down. “Please ‘Mione, More, i want MORE!!” Ginny couldn’t hold back any noises, she wanted to come so bad. Hermione was sucking hard on the lowest part of her stomach, leaving her tingling and making her body ache for more. She kissed the protective skin above her clit and it made Ginny squirm. “Please ‘Mione. Do it now. Please” Hermione closed her mouth around Ginny’s clit and sucked hard once. “More…?” Ginny couldn’t take her teasing any longer, she let out a loud frustrated groan and grabbed Hermione’s head, rubbing her wet lips to her mouth. Hermione, not taken by surprise, grabbed the vibrator and stuffed it in her aching cunt turning it to the highest level of vibration. Ginny’s hips bucked and she let out a loud scream as her orgasm shot through her body. Hermione started sucking softer and turned the psudopenis’s dial down slowly till she had road her climax out. “I thought… you said you didn’t… know how..” Ginny panted. Her friend smiled at the compliment “We should do that… Every.Day!” Hermione panted, looking at the equally worn out smile on Ginny’s face, Ginny giggled “Practice makes perfect!”

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