Good Puppy

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It was a late October day. I was getting ready for a casual night out with some buddies after work at a local pizzeria. When I got to the bar, my friends were all a couple beers deep. It was not busy. The bar was a speakeasy type in the basement of the pizzeria. A cozy, private vibe.

There were some couples scattered throughout the tables and bar, our group, and one older woman sitting a few seats away from us at the bar. She was striking. It was tough to judge sitting down but she was on the shorter side and very fit. Dark hair and tan, smooth skin. Sitting legs crossed, with a whiskey, she wore 5 inch black heels, dark black pantyhose, a tight turquoise dress, and skeleton earrings. She was in the Halloween spirit. The red painted toe nails on her cute, small feet showed through the nylon.

Guys and girls are a lot different when it comes to sex. While a woman’s good looks can carry her to a life of sexual gratification, for a man it’s more than that. They need to be bold, loud, and confident. Unfortunately despite my 6’3″ toned body and boyish good looks, I was a little shy. I had longish shaggy hair and a soccer player’s body. Including a firm shapely butt. Suffice to say I got a little bit of butterflies when I made eye contact with the woman a couple seats down. Yet every time she turned the other way, I had to sneak looks at her nylon encased feet and legs.

Despite my slight advantage in the looks department, my friends were a bit more bold than me as they invited her into our conversation.

“Hey! I’m David how’s it going?” yelled my large friend from the end of the bar.

“Hi boys. My friend brought me here then ditched me, so I’ve been better” she pouted, looking at David.

“No need to worry, you have a few new friends now” David said. He smiled and looked at Chris and myself who reciprocated welcoming smiles to our new friend.

“Perfect! How bout you have your cutie pie friend here refresh my drink?” She smiled, turned to me an looked me up and down. Was that hunger I saw in her eyes? Am I imagining this? The simple act of being talked about like I was below my more confident friend, of being ordered around caused a slight swell in my pants.

“You heard her, buy the woman a drink” David said as he and Chris snickered to hide their jealousy. Ok, so I wasn’t imagining it. I hailed the bartender and ordered her another Old Fashioned.

We continued to chat and knock back a few drinks. Sarah was her name. She appeared to be paying special attention to me. Asking me questions about myself. Flirting with me despite the effort being put forth by Chris and David to reel her in for themselves. I felt like a prey being pursued. And I liked it.

“How bout some shuffleboard?” Chris suggested. We all thought that was a good idea and headed over to the table with our drinks. Sarah savvily suggested we go on opposite teams so that we could stand on the same side.

The game was tight. We were down 18-20 and I had the last shot of the round. A three would win the game. I was feeling calm and composed.. until Sarah stood behind me and covertly grabbed my ass hard and said “don’t miss, cutie pie.” Of course I become horny and flustered, blew the shot and she had the winning shot the next round. Sarah came up behind me and whispered in my ear, “I always kaçak iddaa end up on top.” She flicked her tongue the inside of my ear.

By this point Chris and David could see what was going on. “We’re gonna head out lovebirds. Sarah, can you take care of the boy for the rest of the night?”

“I won’t let him get to any trouble, will I cutie?” she turned to me and put her fingers on my chin. I had no choice but to nod in the affirmative. She had such a powerful vibe about her. When Chris and David turned to go, she whispered to me “as long as you behave yourself” and grabbed my ass again. This time it was in clear view of a couple very good looking men who laughed at my expense.

“Be a good boy and buy us some drinks at the bar. I’ll meet you there in a second.”

Hearing the words good boy immediately sprang my boner back to life. She mesmerizingly walked to the bathroom. I performed as I was told, which for some reason I felt compelled to do with Sarah. On her way back, she stopped at the table with the two men who laughed. They exchanged some flirty looking exchanges, looked at me, laughed, then came back to sit next to me.

“So, since you’re too cute and shy to bring it up, I’ll talk about the dynamic we are going to have. We both know who is gonna wear the pants between us. I love boys like you. So attractive yet so submissive.”

“I’m not submiss-“

“Shut up. You are submissive. Everybody in this bar can tell.” She looked over at the two men who were eying us up and laughing still. “So here’s the deal. I’ve had a bad day at work and my friend ditched me. And it just so happens I was looking for a new boy toy. So apparently the stars aligned when your sweet ass dropped right next to me. What’s going to happen is you are going to drive me home and give me a massage on those feet you can’t stop staring at tonight you pervert.” She stared me in the eyes. I was stunned, confused, and so so horny. I couldn’t agree fast enough.

“Yes ma’am you deserve it of course.” The words felt so natural. She smiled and knew at that point I was totally in.

She paid our bill and handed me the keys to her Mercedes C Class. On our way home, she repositioned her body such that she was leaning on the car door and propped her feet up on my lap. In the bar I couldn’t smell them, but dang! They glistened with a light layer of sweat on the nylon and smelled like she ran a 5k during the day. She saw me make a face that was a combination of pleasure and surprise.

“I do a lotttt of walking throughout the day, boy.” We were sitting a red light. In a test of my obedience, she told me, “kiss them bitch.” I looked at her, looked at the red light, and bent down to her feet to plant a kiss on each set of toes. Her smell exploded through my nostrils and made me rock hard.

“Good boy.” She could tell I was into it when my dick twitched as she set them back on my lap.

The light turned green and we were back to her place and five minutes. It was a ranch style home with a large yard. As I parked her car she told me to carry her shoes inside. She walked ahead of me through the garage which allowed me to sneak a couple whiffs of her heels. Yummy.

Once we got inside she closed the door. I was still behind her. She grabbed me by the hard dick and dragged me to her bedroom. She took kaçak bahis the black high heels out of my hands and stuck the soles near my lips. “I heard you sniffing them behind me you bitch. Now lick and clean them. I have to have them clean for work in the morning.”

I started lapping at her leftover foot sweat like a popsicle on a hot day. She looked at me and laughed. “God damn boy, you’re gonna be my best pet ever.”

I got everything I could out of the shoes and waiting for my next direction.


“Yes mistress.” I took off my grey button down revealing my hard sculpted body. She looked at me hungerly. My pants followed, revealed my tight briefs, complete with full bulge. I paused.

“Keep going bitch, and turn around.”

I turned around with my back facing her, and pulled down my briefs. They got held up briefly on the top of my ass before snapping all the way, revealing me to Sarah. She looked pleased, which is all that mattered to me.

She paused. She still sat, fully clothed on her bed.

“Face me.” I turned.

She pulled her pretty dress over her head. What was left was a lacy black bra, her firm boobs perfectly framed. She was in such good shape. Looking down her flat stomach you could see her bright red lace thong under her pantyhose. She wiggled her toes. I was dumbfounded and started to touch my dick without even thinking. I think some drool dripped off my lips.

Her eyes flashed with legitimate anger. “Did I say you could touch yourself boy? What the fuck are you doing?”

I quickly stopped and looked down in shame.

“Get on all fours in front of me now.” I did so, her feet dangling in my face. “Suck toes while I talk pet.”

“Notice what I called you there, pet?” I paused to answer but she stuffed her toes even further in my mouth. “I didn’t quite tell you the whole story. I didn’t have a bad day at work, I didn’t get ditched by my friend. My puppy ran away. After looking for him this whole week I finally gave up today.”

She looked down on me. “You need more moisture. Look up pet.”

As I looked up, she grabbed the front of my neck with one hand, opened my lips with the other, and spit in my mouth. I thanked her.

“Anyway, that’s how I ended up at the bar. But to be honest cutie, I need companionship at home and I really miss my puppy. So when I saw you and your friends I got an idea. I don’t know how I sensed it, but I knew you were the one. The way your friends talked to you, the way you swayed that sexy ass when you walked, and importantly how I caught you looking at my feet, typical of a submissive bitch. And it doesn’t hurt that you’re so dang cute!”

“So here’s the deal. It’s pretty obvious that you need a master. And I so happen to need a new puppy.” She removed her feet from my mouth and stood up, walking towards the closet. I remained on all fours watching her incredible track and field ass go back and forth. She disappeared for two minutes and when she returned she had some items in her hands.

1. A headband with doggy ears like a slutty coed would wear on a college costume.

2. What appeared to be a butt plug with a tail attached.

“I know what your answer is going to be, but I am going to make you prove it.” She opened the bedroom door and threw the items near the front door.

“Your illegal bahis choice. Right now, either walk out that door right now… or be a good boy and fetch the buttplug, bring in back in your mouth with the ears on and solidify your role in this house.”

I acted like I was thinking about it but it was the easiest decision I’ve ever made. I turned around, my ass now facing Sarah. She spanked it, once, twice, three times. I crawled on all fours, put on my slutty doggy ears, enveloped the butt plug in my mouth, and returned the items to my new master. She smiled and ran her finger across her red lips.

“Good doggie. Now turn around. I wouldn’t have adopted you without that ass. Remember that.”

As she was now out of my vision I could hear a bottle pop open. She was pouring lube on the plug. Soon I felt it in between my cheeks. I was rock hard. 7″ full mast. Then I felt it. She was penetrating my virgin ass with a doggy tail butt plug. And I wanted more.

“Ughhh yes mistress.” I groaned.

She laughed and continued the degrading act of turning me into her pet. The momentary pain turned to the pleasure of being full. She fucked me a few times with the plug before leaving it lodged in me. She reached down her pants and stuck a couple fingers in her sopping pussy. Then got on her knees behind me in doggy style, reached around and left her dripping fingers on my lips. I knew what to do and sucked them clean. It made me reassured knowing how wet she was.

“Wiggle for me slut,” she demanded. I obeyed, while she continued fingering herself completely fixated on my ass. Being treated as this sexual object was truly incredible. “You should cum before we truly start training you.”

She reached around me and started to stroke me off. I was so horny I wasn’t going to last long. She used her other hand to repeatedly fuck me with the plug. Then when I was close, she stopped and got up. As she walked to the kitchen I saw a dog cage and pillow in the corner of the room. When she got back, she had a small metal dog bowl in her hand.

She returned to her dominant position behind my ass. “I know you’re close puppy, and you need something to eat tonight before you sleep.” She then held the dog bowl at the tip of my 7″ dick and stroked me with the other hand.

“Unfffff fuckkkk mistress yesssss” was all I could say as I shot rope after thick rope into the bowl. I sighed with relief.

“Goooood boyyyy” said Sarah as she patted my ass. “You gave me a fun night. Now go lay down in bed.”

I got up and looked behind me ready to jump on the bed with her when I saw her face flash with anger again. She pointed to the cage.

“You’re right. That’s where I belong.” I wiggled my ass as I crawled into my new bed. She took the bowl of my cum and set it in the cage.

“Good boy. For when you get hungry tonight. Now your mistress needs some other needs fulfilled.”

She pulled out her phone for a minute. 5 minutes later there was a knock at the door.

“Door, slut! And don’t even think about getting off your hands and knees.”

Now it was getting real. I was going to open the door to strangers like this? Nevertheless, I was driven to obey. I crawled to the front door and opened it from my hands and knees. When I looked up, I saw the two handsome gentlemen from the bar. Before I knew it I had a pink collar around my neck, tight and a large man holding the other end.

“Where’s your owner, bitch? Did her little boy get her all wet for us?” He ruffled my hair.

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