From Princess to The Broken Bitch Ch. 01

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For several months now Ryan had been under the spell of a beautiful exotic women known as Mistress Witch. Mistress Witch had always threatened to pay a visit to Ryan’s wife Princess however he never really thought she would do it.

Everything about Princess was perfect she was always making trips to the salon to have her hair styled and colored. Princess was 5’9″ tall with a 110 lbs fit body, long blond hair and blue eyes.

The Witch was an exotic beauty who was 5’2″ tall with an extremely fit muscular 100 lbs body. She had long black hair, fair skin and bright green eyes that were so bright they did not seem real. Ryan had fallen under The Witch’s spell when he looked into her eyes and instantly did whatever she demanded of him ever since.

The Witch always said to Ryan when he was departing after a worship session that she had seen Princess’s latest perfect facebook selfy online and that she needed to pay her a visit. Ryan never worried about this happening as the two had never met and he did not think The Witch even knew where they lived. The Witch would say that she was not going to put a spell on Princess but beat and humiliate her into submission so she experienced every event to the fullest. Ryan would ignore the comments and continue about his business feeling this was only talk.

It was a weekend like any other, Ryan was at home with Princess and the two had just prepared to leave the house for Princess to go clothes shopping. Princess had showered, perfected her makeup and hair and had changed into her favorite outfit. That is when Ryan heard the doorbell ring and Princess had went to answer it. Ryan could hear Princess talking with another female at the front door and invite her into the house. Ryan went to the front door to see who had come to the house and when he rounded the corner he seen The Witch standing in the entryway setting down a plastic glass and black duffle bag. Princess was speaking with The Witch who was glistening with sweat and he could smell her body odor from 10 feet away. The Witch had clearly just finished a workout and had not showered afterward. She was wearing tight black spandex boy shorts, a tight black tank top, black running shoes and black ankle socks.

The Witch briefly looked at Ryan as he was approaching and held up her hand pointing upward. Instantly with that motion Ryan froze and was unable to move or speak he could only stand and watch what was happening.

The Witch turned to Princess and without saying a word swung her right hand slapping Princess so hard in the face that she stumbled backward nearly falling to her knees. The Witch quickly grabbed Princess’s perfectly placed blond hair tight to her head, twisted and began walking Princess down the hallway toward the master bedroom. As they passed Ryan she ordered him to pickup the plastic cup and duffle bag and to follow them into the Bedroom.

As they walked down the hallway Princess attempted to fight her way free of The Witch’ grasp but was unsuccessful. The Witch taunted Princess saying she didn’t expect her to submit this early and appeared excited at receiving the resistance. The Witch was to strong twisting Princess’s hair even tighter as they entered the bedroom.

With her left hand The Witch slapped Princess again in the face causing Princess to collapse half conscious on the large king bed. The Witch ordered Ryan to put the duffle bag on the end table and then sit in the chair in the corner holding the cup. She also ordered Ryan to start masturbating to the show she was putting on. Unable to break free of The Witches spell Ryan obediently did as he was told.

The Witch still maintaining her tight grip of Princess’s hair taunted her telling her how she couldn’t wait to fuck up her perfect makeup and turn her into a Broken Bitch. With Princess laying on her right side pinning her right arm underneath her The Witch sat next to her on Princess’s left arm never losing grip of her hair. The Witch swung her left shoe up next to Princess’s face and began to untie the laces. The Witch slid her shoe off and the room instantly filled with the strong vinegary scent of her hot sweaty workout feet. Princess began to cough and gag attempting to turn her head away from the stench. The Witch steered Princess’s head easily with the strong grip she maintained on her hair and stuffed Princess’s nose deep into her disgusting workout shoe. Princess refused to smell the scent and she opened her mouth gasping for fresh air.

With a swift movement The Witch removed her sweaty ankle sock stuffing it into Princess’s mouth with no mercy. Princess gaged and coughed continuing güvenilir bahis to struggle attempting to free herself from the assault. The Witch removed her other shoe and sock stuffing it in Princess’s mouth as well. Princess was now unable to breath through her mouth and forced to inhale the awful scent of The Witch’s workout shoes through her nose. Princess continued to fight and struggle which only made her breath deeper sucking in all of the sweaty stench. The Witch laughed and taunted Princess telling her she must really like the smell of her feet with her breathing so hard.

Princess began to cry at the humiliation and her eye makeup began to smear down her cheeks. The Witch held Princess in this position for 15 or 20 minutes until she was satisfied with how much stench Princess had inhaled. The Witch laughed at the smeared makeup reiterating that she was going to fuck up her hair and makeup.

Finally The Witch pulled Princess’s nose out of her shoes and forced Princess onto her back. The Witch never letting go of Princess’s hair quickly straddled her head pinning both arms and shoulders to the bed with her knees. The Witch plumped her ass down on Princess’s face using the firm grip of her hair to force Princess’s nose right up against her asshole. The only thing preventing Princess’s nose from pressing right into The Witch’s asshole was a thin layer of sweaty black spandex shorts. Princess still unable to spit the sweaty socks from her mouth was forced to inhale deeper with every kick and twitch as she attempted to free herself.

The Witch then explained how her post workout protein shakes made her extremely gassy and she needed to relieve herself. The Witch advised Princess she did not want any of her nasty farts to enter the room so she wants her to sniff them all in. You could hear the faint muffled screams by Princess into the sweaty gym socks as she began to panic flailing and struggling desperately to free herself from the horrifying pin. This only made Princess breath deeper and deeper as The Witch began to release long and loud farts straight into Princess’s nose. Princess inhaling each one deeper and deeper as her screams stopped and faint sobs could be heard and tears streamed down her face streaking her makeup further and further. The Witch continued to laugh and fart up Princess’s nose for 10 minutes as each one was sucked in by the defenseless Princess.

Finally The Witch raised her ass up off of Princess’s face and peered down at her. Princess’s movements were delayed and it appeared she had nearly passed out from the strong smelling farts that had been forced up her nose. The Witch looked at Princess’s face removing the socks from her mouth and asked if she would like to wash the sweaty sock taste out of her mouth. Princess still slightly dazed nodded her head yes.

The Witch still holding and twisting tightly on Princess’s hair stood up and ripped Princess of the bed backwards. Princess crashed to the floor ass first as she slammed her back and head against the other large heavy wooden bedroom chair nearly knocking her unconscious. The Witch quickly grabbed nylon rope from her duffle bag and tied Princess’s arms and shoulders tightly to the front two legs of the chair. Princess now bound to the chair began to regain her thoughts and started to flail her arms and legs trying to free herself. The Witch slapped Princess’s face with another hard right hand leaving her again slightly dazed. The Witch stood over Princess’s face as she pulled her shorts down and removed them. The Witch explained it was time to completely ruin Princess’s hair and makeup. A stream of bright yellow urine came pouring out onto Princess’s face and hair, The Witch stopped after only a short stream appearing satisfied with Princess’s ‘new makeup’.

The Witch then removed a metal spider dental gag from her duffle bag and again grabbed firmly ahold of Princess’s hair causing her to scream in pain. As Princess screamed The Witch jammed the dental gag into her mouth securing it firmly into place. The Witch squatted over Princess’s face moving her mouth into position using her firm grip on Princess’s hair. The Witch then explained it was time to wash the dirty sock taste out of her mouth and forced a steady stream of bright yellow strong smelling urine straight into Princess’s helpless open mouth. With her other hand The Witch plugged Princess’s nose forcing her to swallow the urine if she was ever going to be able to breath. The Witch paused her stream of urine momentarily for Princess to take a gulp of air and then began urinating again straight into her mouth. The Witch repeated this pause two more times türkçe bahis taunting Princess each time saying halfway there, I have a lot of piss for you to drink. Princess was noticeably better each time a gulping the thick yellow urine down as she improved her technique to the point that it almost went down faster then The Witch could force it out.

Finally The Witch dropped the last few drops of urine into Princess’s mouth and stepped back appearing satisfied with Princess’s appearance. The Witch then removed Princess’s pants and attended her duffle bag where she pulled out a two pronged remote dildo and inserted it into Princess. On large prong was forced into her perfectly landscaped vagina while the other spread her asshole open wider then it had ever been. Princess muffled a scream through the dental gag as it was forcefully inserted into her ass and pussy.

The Witch cranked on the vibrator as she removed the dental gag from Princess’s mouth. Immediately after removing the gag The Witch grabbed Princess’s hair with both hands and began violently grinding her pussy all over Princess’s nose and face. The Witch laughed as she explained that Princess was going to orgasm and at the same time The Witch was going to cream all over her beautiful face. The Witch increased her rhythm faster and faster as she started to scream. The Witch’s pussy began to ooze all over Princess’s face as her juices formed a thick coat all over her eyes and face. At this moment The Witch cranked the dildo even higher causing Princess to scream as she had an intense orgasm. The Witch laughed an mocked Princess asking her how she felt getting off to getting The Witch off.

The Witch stepped back admiring the broken prize of Princess’s face that laid face up on the chair exhausted and broken unable to move. Princess was clearly broken and exhausted. The once confident and strong blonde beauty was now nothing more then a Broken Bitch Slave motionless laying there eyes closed with The Witch’s juices slowly hardening over her eyelids and soon to prevent her from being able to open them at all.

The Witch looked over to Ryan and ordered him to ejaculate into the cup which he did on command filling it nearly half full. The Witch obtained the cup and returned to Princess who’s spirit was clearly shattered by the dominant Mistress. The Witch opened Princess’s mouth with no resistance and poured Ryan’s cum into her mouth. On command from The Witch Princess gulped down the thick white cream without hesitation. Princess still hadn’t opened her eyes and clearly now The Witch’s cream had fully hardened preventing her from opening them even if she wanted to.

The Witch stood over Princess and explained that her humiliation was almost over and there was only one thing left to be done. Princess nodded her head without hesitation and explained she would do anything for it to end. The Witch ordered Princess’s mouth open again and The Witch inserted the dental gag again without any fight or resistance. It was clear Princess just assumed The Witch was going to urinate into her mouth again and then leave her be to recover from her humiliation.

Clearly Princess underestimated how sick, twisted and domineering The Witch really was.

The Witch grabbed Princess’s smartphone from the night stand and demanded the password from Ryan. Ryan provided the password without hesitation as he sat there in awe at Princess’s destruction with his cock still in his hand.

The Witch turned around squatting with her asshole hovering inches above Princess’s mouth. The Witch grabbed Princess’s head with both hands securing it into place to ensure it couldn’t move. Princess unable to open her eyes even if she wanted to lay there unsuspecting of what The Witch was about to do to her. At that moment a thick soft brown log began lowering down into Princess’s once beautiful mouth until it landed into the back of her throat and began to coil upward round and round as it completely filled Princess’s mouth. Princess now realizing what was happening began to panic, kick her feet and try to move her mouth and head but all efforts were to no avail. The soft brown log completely filled Princess’s mouth and continued to flow out of The Witch’s beautiful asshole. The Witch slightly raised her ass as the log continued to lower down no extending 5 inches above Princess’s mouth. Finally The Witch cut the log with her asshole causing it to fall up over Princess’s, lip, over her left eye and the tip of it coming to rest on her forehead.

The Witch stopped looking at Princess’s face between her legs still holding her head firmly in place with both of her hand. güvenilir bahis siteleri The Witch then explained if Princess moved her face at all she wouldn’t hesitate making her eat the entire mouthful of shit and the log laying across her face. Princess nodded her head that she understood and The Witch released her face spinning around to look at her masterpiece. Princess vibrating with fear she would be forced to eat the fowl tasting shit that filled her mouth lay there frozen in position. The Witch grabbed Princess’s once perfect blond hair and used it to wipe her asshole clean leaving noticeable brown highlights in the blond hair.

The Witch attended her duffle bag again and pulled out a pair of latex gloves that she pulled onto each of her hands. She then turned to Princess’s face and disassembled the mouth gag and removed it careful not to disturb the perfectly cut coil log in Princess’s mouth that extended out and across her face. The Witch pulled out Princess’s phone out and unlocked it with the password provided by Ryan. The Witch knelt down beside Princess’s shit filled mouth and face and snapped a selfy next to it with the phone.

The Witch then pulled a small bowl out from the duffel bag and set it on the chair next to Princess’s defiled shitty face. The Witch removed the soft shit log from Princess’s eye and forehead breaking it off just inside her lips and placed it in the bowl. Quickly without warning The Witch forced Princess’s mouth shut and held her lips tightly closed. The Witch laughing at Princess explained to her after everything she had done to her did she really trust she wouldn’t make her eat the shit. The Witch then stated she would not be plugging Princess’s nose as she wanted her to chew the soft brown shit up slowly and savor every gulp as she gagged it down her throat.

Helpless, hopeless and broken Princess began to sob as she slowly chewed the fowl tasting brown shit, gagging each and every bit of it down her throat. Once Princess finally swallowed the last of the mouthful Mistress Witch grabbed the log that was on Princess’s face out of the bowl and crammed it into her mouth. Again Princess slowly chewed, savoring every gulp that went down her throat. After several minutes Princess finally finished her shit meal served to her by Mistress Witch. Mistress Witch whipped her latex gloves clean of all the shit on Princess’s hair nearly turning all of her blond hair to shitty brown.

Mistress Witch stepped back ordering Princess to give her a nice big Broken Bitch shit eating smile. Princess now fully humiliated and shattered without delay gave a big smile showing her once beautiful teeth. Mistress Witch snapped a second picture of this pose on Princess’s phone making sure to capture her once white teeth that now had brown shit smears all over them.

Mistress Witch then opened Princess’s Facebook posting both photos with the following caption:

“Today Mistress Witch showed me that I am nothing but a Broken Shit Eating Bitch. Thankyou Mistress Witch for the delicious meal and I am forever grateful for it.”

Mistress Witch then set Princess’s Shitty smile photo as her profile picture and her shit filled mouth and face picture as her background photo. Mistress Witch entered the Facebook settings and changed Princess’s password to prevent her from changing anything.

Mistress Witch then stood in front of Princess and made her repeat the following:

“I am forever Mistress Witch’s Broken Shit Eating Bitch”

Mistress Witch made her repeat this until Princess said it perfectly to her satisfaction.

Mistress Witch then untied Princess and grabbed her hair leading her into the bathroom as she explained she was done with Princess now and it was time for her to get cleaned up. Mistress Witch kneeled Princess down in front of the open toilet and explained the broken bitch shower she was going to take. Princess nodded her head to the orders and dunked her head and hair into the toilet water holding her head upside down in the water up to her eyes. Then Mistress Witch straddled the Toilet urinating all over Princess’s hair and back of her head which trickled down into her mouth, face and then collected in the toilet below.

Mistress Witch set a timer for 20 minutes and set it on the back of the toilet and then dropped Princess’s phone into the urine soaked toilet water next to her face. For several minutes you could still hear the phone chiming as all Princess’s friends were responding to her post before the phone would no longer function.

Mistress Witch then got dressed and left the house as Princess still kneeled there with her head in the urine filled toilet water. Princess remained there as instructed until the timer went off and allowed her to repeatedly flush the toilet until she was satisfied with her shower.

Chapter Two to come shortly

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