Frank’s Holiday Part 6

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Frank’s Holiday Part 6Kelly was a sweet girl and we struck up quite a rapport, she had my kind of personality and as we sat and chatted she told me that the bar was about to shut down as the trade wasn’t what it was, I could understand that as I was there 2 hours and not a sole came in which was fine by me as Kelly was good company. I already had 3 drinks when she picked up my glass for another refill, “Get one for yourself” I said as I stood up asking where the toilet was as I needed to empty out the last three, “I will show you” she said, “Follow me” so I followed her inside the small shack and she showed me out the back to a small room which had no door which was a bit strange, “In there and turn left Frank” she said pointing the way, “Oh and it’s unisex” she said with a giggle as I walked in.It reminded me so much of the park toilets, no urinal but two stalls and as I went in and dropped my shorts the first thing I did was check for holes, alas there wasn’t one so I just emptied my bladder and returned out to my seat where Kelly was sitting with our drinks. “Feel better Frank?” she asked and I certainly did. The beer was cold and good and I was certainly getting a buzz and enjoying the open air and sun, Kelly seemed relaxed drinking her wine and we were having a laugh and I looked down at her tanned legs, “I guess you spend a lot of your time out here eh Kelly? I said jokingly pointing to her tan, “Too much Frank” she said and seemed a little upset telling me she was actively looking for another job and I didn’t blame her if I was honest.“Oh Fuck” she said as a middle aged guy appeared from behind me who didn’t look happy, “Kelly, A word please” he said calling her inside and as she got up she looked at me, “That’s the boss” she said and disappeared inside and I thought ‘oh well, at least I had some pleasant company’ so I carried on with my drink and relaxed. I heard lots of shouting from inside and was worried so I knocked my drink back with the intention of going inside to see if she was ok, just as I got up she came back outside and slammed the door and walked back to me picking up her drink and knocking it back in one, wow!“Fancy a walk Frank” she asked and seemed quite calm under the circumstances, “Sure” I said picking up my shirt, seemed like the boss just sacked her as it appears she often sat drinking with the customers, my kind of girl I thought as we walked off down the prom.“Well, that’s sorted that cunt out” she said feeling relieved that she doesn’t have to spend another boring day in that place. We had a giggle about that after she assured me she would be ok.“Fancy another drink?” I asked her as we wandered down the half deserted prom approaching the guest house, “Hell, why not” she said, “I ain’t got nothing else to do” she said laughing and we decided to go into the guest house which generally isn’t open to the public however I was a guest and Kelly was a mate so I was sure it would be ok.Brenda was in reception as we walked in and immediately recognised Kelly and was pleased to see her, we explained what had happened and asked if we could get some drinks and Brenda was more than accommodating, “Shall I bring them up to your room Frank?” she asked which shocked me a bit, “You can sit out on the balcony” she continued and I looked at Kelly for approval, she smiled and agreed it was a great idea. I had a good buzz going on and I placed my order and we went up to the room.Again it was nice and clean and the chocolates on the pillow in a heart shape, what a great gesture and Kelly informed me that although she knew the family she had never actually been in the place herself although she had met a few of the guests at the other bar and had heard only good thing, why was I not surprised by that.Kelly stepped out on the balcony to admire the view, I stood behind her as the sun shone through her dress, OMG it bahis siteleri was like she didn’t have it on as I could see the gap between her legs and a clear vision of her small white panties, the outline of her bra was visible too, “Awesome view Frank” she said and I couldn’t agree more as I studied what was in front of me.I answered the knock on the door and in came Sam with a tray containing a bottle of wine, 2 glasses and a pint, “Here you go Frank” she said as she walked in and placed it on the table, she stood by the balcony door seeing the same view as I did and looking at me smiled, Kelly turned round to see Sam and they chatted for a minute or so, “Feel free to use the health suite” she told us and Kelly answered that she had nothing to wear but was then informed that clothes were optional, “Ohh” she said with a confused look on her face. Sam told me that Jean had checked out and handed me a piece of paper with her number on it.“I must go” she said, “I have to get the room ready as we have a nice couple arriving” and she went on her merry way leaving me and Kelly to our drinks.I poured Kelly a big glass and we sat out on the balcony, “Fancy a smoke?” I asked as I lit one up, she looked at me with her confused face but agreed to share with me and I could see instantly that it was having an effect.We sat there next to each other and Kelly had her feet on the lower safety rail which had inadvertently slid her dress up and I could just see the gusset of her tiny panties, she seemed so chilled out sitting there and we laughed and joked, Kelly got up to fill her glass and on her return sat down adopting the same position but this time her legs were slightly parted, I couldn’t help but look and could feel myself getting a boner as I sat back in my chair, Kelly looked across and saw it, “Are you ok there Frank?” she asked with a sly smile, I told her it was an adverse effect of the alcohol and even kept a straight face and she surprised me with her reply, “Better have another drink then” she said laughing.Kelly was quite tanned so it was obvious she liked to be out in the sun so I made a suggestion, “Why don’t you undo your Dress Kelly? Let the sun get to you” I said but she looked unsure, “But people will see Frank” she said coyly, “What about the guests next door?” she asked and I told her they had gone, “But Frank, you are old enough to be my dad, I am sure you don’t want to see me in my undies” she said, she did have a point. “Oh its ok” I replied, “I am gay so it doesn’t really matter” I said without even thinking but it seemed to do the trick, “Oh!!” she said looking down at my boner again which seemed to have got even stiffer in anticipation of Kelly undoing her dress.She stood up and started to undo the buttons, “Do you mind if I watch?” I asked as her bra came into view, “I guess it’s ok Frank” she replied as the last button came undone and she actually went a step further and removed it completely, “WOW!” I said as she stood there in her little white undies, her tanned body looked smooth and her rounded boobs filled out her front clasp bra, I looked down at her flat tanned belly to her little white panties and could just see the top of her pubic hair visible at the top and her thigh gap was tight as her cotton panties hugged her pussy, my cock was throbbing at the sight.She seemed to be more relaxed now and I was just finishing my drink, she looked down again at my boner which was now looking like a tent pole under my shorts, “Can I get you some wine?” she asked with a wicked look on her face thinking that the alcohol was the cause of my erection issues and went in to refill the glasses.Telling her I was gay seemed to have been a master stroke as she walked back out with the wine handing me a glass, “Thank you” I said softly and as she put her drink on the floor she bent down forcing her little panties up the canlı bahis siteleri crack of her arse, OMG she was fucking teasing me now thinking I wasn’t in the slightest interested in her body “What’s in the health suite?” she asked and I told her it was just a sauna and hot tub and I explained how tight it was and how wicked the tub was, her eyes lit up and we agreed to go and have an hour down there, “Shall I put my dress back on to go down?” she asked and I said it was better if we undressed up here and went down with a towel wrapped round us. “OK” she said softly as we both went in to the room, I handed her a towel and she watched as I pulled my shorts off, I could see her face light up as my cock sprung out, she looked down at it.. “Are you ok going down like that?” she asked and I wrapped the towel round me which hid the offending erection.I pretended not to look as she unclasped her bra letting her firm 34b’s wobble free and then slowly pulled down her panties putting them on the bed, I couldn’t help but notice her trimmed and tidy pubic triangle which looked so hot, “Better use the toilet first I think Frank” she said as she walked away into the bathroom, her cute rounded arse was a sight to behold. I quickly picked up her panties and gave them a quick sniff, OMG the aroma was sweet and musky and I closed my eyes and got an immediate head rush and took another, WOW!“What are you doing?” came Kelly’s voice and I was so lost in the moment I didn’t realise she had finished her business and was standing by the open bathroom door, “Sorry, I had a runny nose and thought these were a tissue” I said putting her panties back on the bed. She smiled, “Oh that’s ok Frank” she replied and wrapped her towel around herself which only just covered her.Obviously the health suite was empty and the tub was swirling and bubbling away and at first glance Kelly looked concerned, I told her it was tight in there and was safe as she approached the steps with apprehension, I stood behind her as she climbed the 2 steps up holding on to the handrails and I was so tempted to lean forward and kiss her little arse but refrained and she tentatively stepped into the bubbling waters submerging herself up to her shoulders, “WOW” she said as the water swirled around her body and I stepped up, “I need to step down in front of you” I said as I started my decent down into the tub turning to face her, it was impossible to get in without some kind of bodily contact and such was the ferocity of the water I had to go slow. I apologised in advance as my cock brushed her face and because of the motion I had to go slow, “Oh be careful Frank” she said in a concerned voice as she tried to turn her head away but my cock seemed to have a mind of its own and flowed the contours of her face and I am sure I felt her tongue touch my balls and then the length of my shaft as I lowered myself into the swirling water, this time it was her apologising.I felt my cock rubbing against her titties as I submerged and the motion of the water pulled me aside her and I was able to sit down next to her, I looked at her and she smiled, “This is awesome Frank” she sighed as the motion of the water kicked up a notch and our bodies seemed to float.“I am told you can get 3 people in here” I said to her laughing, “No way” she replied sharing the laughter as our arms and legs were all over the place, “Sometimes you have to hold on to anything” I said as I grabbed hold of her thigh to steady her and she did the same to me as the waters swirled and bubbled.I pretended not to notice as her hand ran up my thigh cupping my balls and grabbing the base of my cock and I followed by pulling her leg over allowing my hand to slide right up to her fanny feeling her pubic hair with my thumb and my fingers fiddling with her outer lips, I heard her sigh softly as her hand wrapped around canlı bahis my shaft, “OMG” she sighed, “This is so relaxing Frank” she continued, “I had no idea this was so relaxing” and the swirling water was forcing her hand up and down on my throbbing cock.“Wicked isn’t it” I said and as her body swayed about in the water I felt my fingers slip inside her tight little hole and her head went back as she closed her eyes enjoying the sensations of the jets and bubbles.The water had a mind of its own and as I had my hand between her legs and she gripped my cock for support I could feel her body moving up and towards me, “Woah” she sighed as she held on tight as her body seemed to float over toward me and before I knew it she was more or less on my lap, I lost my grip on her but held on to her waist to steady her and luckily she still had hold of my cock otherwise I don’t know what would have happened.I felt her body pressing on me as the water seemed to lift me up slightly which forced her hand away but as I had hold of her waist I was able to keep her steady and then felt something tight around my shaft as my cock somehow slipped inside her tight pussy, the water seemed to push me up and luckily I had the foresight to raise my hands grabbing hold of her wobbling 34b’s and squeezing them tight as her whole body rested on my lap, it got crazy as the motion seemed to pull her up and luckily I had hold of her chest and was able to pull her back down, it was madness and if it wasn’t for the fact that as she pulled up I pulled her back down and with the water forcing me up I managed to keep some sort of control.I think she was getting scared because her breathing seemed to get heavier as our bodies swirled around and I could understand that as mine did too and when her body started to shake I got worried, “OMG FRANK” she cried out and I had to figure out a way to stop this madness, I tried to push her up out of the water but the motion was pushing her back and I think she knew I was trying to get her out as she kept yelling “YES, YES, YESSS!” which forced me to push harder and then I felt this strange pulsating feeling in my cock which was quickly followed by her screaming out again.Things seemed to calm down a bit after that and I was able to lift her off and she grabbed the hand rail to try and exit, I grabbed hold of her arse cheeks to steady her, something she actually thanked me for as she tried to find her footing, I turned round under the swirling water and pushed up on her cheeks however she lost her footing and was very apologetic as her arse slipped back right onto my face.Luckily I still had hold of her cheeks bet her slip forced her cheeks wide and I ended up with my nose pushed right against her arsehole, I was surprised and tried to keep a grip and luckily she wasn’t heavy and if it wasn’t for the fact that my head was there she would surely have fallen back into the torrent. I tried to speak and as my mouth opened I felt this salty liquid enter my mouth, OMG what was that??Whatever it was tasted good and as she tried to find her footing slipped again which caught me by surprise, she was wet and slippery but I had an idea, I pushed with my head which only seemed to result in my tongue forcing it’s way inside between her legs, I don’t think she liked that as she cried out “OH MY GOD FRANK” but I couldn’t apologise as I couldn’t speak, in fact I was having trouble breathing as her weight pushed down on me. I was intent on getting her out and grabbed her arse tighter which only seemed to widen her cheeks forcing her downwards further and I don’t know how it happened but my thumb pushed right into her anus, I pushed harder with my thumb and soon the salty tasting liquid changed to a more sweeter tasting liquid as her body shook again. Luckily she managed to find her footing and climb to safety turning back to help me out, she was smiling so it couldn’t have been too bad for her. She helped me out and noticed that my cock was softening, she looked at it, “Seems like the alcohol is wearing off Frank” she said as we walked over and got our towels.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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