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FOAMAM Part 5Steve stared around wildly. He looked deep into the darkness of the moonless night, but could see no one. Trying to slow his breathing, he moved quickly to leave the yard.But before he could get out onto the sidewalk, he was frozen in his tracks by the sound of a female voice calling after him.“Steve..? What are you doing out here?”Turning slowly, Steve saw Colleen moving from behind the back corner of the house. And despite the obvious awkwardness of the situation, his cock jerked a little at the sight of her. Colleen, a robe d****d around her sexy body, walked towards him. Her face, upper chest and legs were still covered in a sheen of sweat from her earlier exertions. Her long blonde hair cascaded around her face. She was beautiful.“I was… I was just…” he stammered.“You were watching us, weren’t you? I thought I saw you there at the very end. In fact…” and her voice trailed off. Summoning her courage, she looked him in the eyes as she said, “In fact, I was thinking of you fucking me instead of Paul just now. I thought that was going to send me over the edge, but obviously you saw how all that ended up.”“I know. I’m sorry.” Steve sympathized, and reached out to give her a friendly hug. Colleen responded gratefully and pressed herself into his waiting grasp. He held her close and stroked his hands across her back.“Mmmmm. It feels so good just to be held. I can’t remember the last time Paul…” Steve stopped her by opening his mouth over hers and kissing her deeply. She responded eagerly and kissed him back, their tongues darting playfully in and out of each others’ mouths.Her hand slipped it’s way down his back to grab his muscled ass and pull him to her. Steve’s now hard cock pressed into her lower belly, and she felt his pulse throb against her.Colleen pulled her head back back from his and whispered, “Now that Paul has finished, he’ll sleep like a rock for another hour at least. I’m so fucking turned on right now. Mmmmm, Steve. Take me. Take me here beside the house.”Steve’s hands moved down between them and quickly undid the knotted belt of her robe. He ran his hands over her nude body beneath, pinching her nipples with one hand as his other slid around to press onto the top of her ass, pulling her body against his. She ground against him, loving the feel of his manhood pressed into her. Wanting a closer look, she knelt in front of 1xbet yeni giriş him. Her thumbs slipped into the waistband of his sweatpants, and she pulled them down to his ankles as she lowered herself to the ground.Colleen marveled at the throbbing meat in front of her face, and reached up to reverently stroke it. It stiffened at her touch, lengthening a little more. Steve looked down, and could see the look of lust in the sexy blonde’s eyes as she slid her fist up and down the length of his cock. She bit her lower lip and looked up at him, then smiled before taking the purple head of his cock into her warm, waiting mouth. Her tongue drove him crazy, flicking over the head and probing inside the slit where she could taste his salty precum starting to ooze.Steve reached down to hold her head, and buried his fingers deep into her long golden hair. She moaned with her desire and swallowed about half of his meaty cock before she felt it hit the back of her throat. She sucked deeply and pulled her head back up the shaft, cradling the sensitive underside of his cock in her rough tongue as she did so. Her head began to bob in earnest, up and down his erection, and she reached one hand around to grab his thrusting hips as she sucked him.“Oh, fuck, Colleen!” Steve hissed through his clenched teeth. His dick felt like iron as he face fucked his beautiful neighbor. “Feels so fuckin’ good! Suck me. Suck my hard cock!” His fingers tightened in her hair, and he pulled her up and down his shaft as he thrust in and out of her wet, slurping mouth. “It’s been so long,” he moaned.Collen’s other hand slip up Steve’s quivering thighs to milk his balls in his tightening scrotum. They felt so big and heavy, full of more than a few days of pent up cum. He moaned as her fingers, moistened by the saliva running off his cock, teased and massaged his balls. She alternated this motion by sliding her hand up to grasp and stroke the bottom of his thick shaft as she sucked.Steve thrust in out of Colleen’s full slick lips for several more minutes until he felt the cum start to boil, and knew he was on the verge of orgasm. Quickly pulling out of her mouth, her sucking lips popped as his throbbing purple head emerged. “Damn, that felt so fucking incredible,” Steve said, pulling her to her feet. “But I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you hard and make you cum.”“OOoohhhh, yess, 1xbet giriş Steve,” she whined, her rapid breathing causing her breasts to heave up and down. Steve reached down between her legs and ran a finger up her slit. God, she was wet! Her pussy was dripping with her lust. He gently pinched her hard clit between his two questing fingers, causing her to gasp and open her eyes in surprise.Sliding his hand farther down the inside of her right thigh, Steve raised her knee up beside his body, granting him access to her quivering hole. She hooked her calf behind his back as he thrust forward, sliding his hard shaft between her slick lips. Teasing her, he slid the length of his pole back and forth, feeling her wetness coat his cock.Wrapping her arms tight around his neck she leaned foward to mutter into Steve’s ear. “Don’t tease me any more,” she hissed, delirious in her wanton lust. “Please fuck me. Fuck me hard. Fuck me like my husband won’t. Fuck me and make me cum.Adjusting his hips slightly, Steve moved his cock to the entrance of Collen’s tight vagina. He could feel it pulsing around his swollen head. Knowing she had waited long enough, Steve shoved the full length of his cock deep into her wet pussy. She uttered a surprised grunt at the size of him suddenly shoved into her body, and bit deeply into his muscular shoulder.“Shit!” she muttered against his skin. “So fucking big. Feels so good.”Slowly at first, Steve started moving his cock in and out of her. Pulling out all the way to the head, then pushing deep inside her, he fucked her faster and faster. Squeezing her ass, he pulled her cheeks apart as he thrust in and out. He could feel her pussy loosen a little against his assault as he stretched her. Yet as she moaned and fucked back hard against him, he could feel the tightness of her spasms milking his cock as he pushed her closer to her climax. Her juices were flowing freely now and he could feel the cool dampness on his balls each time he pulled out.Wrapping both legs around his waist, she leaned back, locking her fingers behind his neck and digging her heels into the small of his back. She pulled roughly against him on each pump of his muscular hips, burying his long hard cock as deep into the tight sheath of her pussy as she could. The two quickly found a frantic rhythm and he used her weight as a balance to his thrusting, fucking 1xbet güvenilirmi her for all he was worth. His fingers dug deep into her hips as he moved her rhythmically up and down his hard shaft.“Oh yes,” she cried, biting her lip to muffle her moans of pleasure from the neighborhood. “Yeah, fuck yeah. Fuck me, Steve! Fuck me! Fuck me with that big cock! Fuck me harder, yeah that’s it. Fuck me hard. Fuck my pussy. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Yesssss! I’m cumming… cumming… cummmmm…..ooooooooohhhh!”Her body tensed and Steve could feel her pussy clamp down, spasming and milking his cock. He slowed his rhythm, but kept moving her body up and down his throbbing shaft. Her juices flowed freely over his cock and balls. He could feel them dripping off him and onto the ground. He worked her through her climax and then began fucking her faster and faster, pushing her towards another orgasm. Pumping in and out of her, he felt his scrotum tighten, his balls nestling up against his body in preparation for his impending orgasm. As if sensing his need to shoot, Colleen came again, pulling hard against his rigid body. Steve thrust deep in her, shooting load after load of his hot seed deep into her wet cunt. Her pussy spasmed around his cock with her second orgasm, and her muscles milked the last of his load into her.“Oh, fuck, that was good!” Colleen exclaimed, leaning back in his arms, his stiff cock still buried deep inside her. “MMMmmmm, really incredible. My pussy is still tingling,” she giggled.“You were fucking amazing,” Steve whipered holding her close. Squatting slightly, he lowered her feet to the ground, and slipped his engorged cock out of her. “Whew!” she breathed, “What a workout.” She reached down to retrieve her discarded robe, and slipped it on as Steve pulled up his sweatpants.“Well, Mr. Green,” she giggled, and squeezed his semi hard cock through his pants. “We’re going to have to see more of each other soon, wouldn’t you agree?” And as if to push him over the edge, she dipped a finger down to her crotch and slipped it between her swollen lips, coating it with their mingled juices. She raised her glistening finger to her mouth, and sucked it deeply as she batted her eyelashes at him.“Yes, indeed we will,” he replied smiling broadly. “But now, I’ve got to get home.” He kissed her quickly and headed to the front of the house as she sauntered around the back of the house.Steve checked around to make sure no one was watching him leave Colleen’s house. He looked deep into the darkness of the moonless night, but could see no one. Trying to slow his breathing, he moved quickly to leave the yard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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