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‘Oh sorry….’ Bloody sod had just stood on her toes! Her friends had thought her crazy, but she knew there was a good reason to keep returning to this insufferably cold platform. She’d even taken up a job offer, just so that she could see him. Life was too short anyway. If she saw something or someone she liked, she went for it. The age of equality was now, after all. She thought about him every minute, at work and at night, he invaded her dreams. He’d stirred something deep within her. She knew it wasn’t very lady like but she couldn’t resist wolf whistling as he went by.

His rugged looks and strong muscles. His scent and sexuality, dripped off him like water. She longed to quench her thirst. She felt her palms sweating, and her heart racing. Her breathing becomes quicker, louder, sounding so noisy to her, that it drowned out the sounds of the tube station. Her heart beat strong in her chest, pumping the blood round her body in the direction of her sexual organs. Her body felt as if it was floating, light, no longer a part of reality. She ached for the touch of his hand. Skin, damp with perspiration, moulding them together… Oh, heck! She thought. Off again! It always attracted too much attention for her liking. She got so involved in her daydreams, they almost seemed real.

During the rush hour, on a London tube, it can be very difficult to move. Any degree of comfort will certainly be out of the question. Londoners had come to accept it as part of the questionable charm of living in the capital, but tourists could find it disconcerting. It was not unusual to find your nose stuck up some sweaty man’s armpit, which defied the laws of hygiene, and something hard and large, prodding you from behind. Eliza didn’t want to think too much about any hardness sticking in her, unless it belonged to him. Trying to find a seat was a waste of time. It was just as easy to stand where you got on. She had no idea if he had got on, or if he had which carriage he was in. So, when she noticed his familiar scent, she was in no doubt as to where he was. He was there, behind her, standing so close. She could hardly believe her luck. His heady aroma invaded and stimulated her senses.

His breaths teased, gently, onto the nape of her neck, making a tingle go up her spine and, then down into her pussy. She felt floodgates open in her groin, soaking her panties and making her gasp. Her head began to feel a bit pendik escort light, and she wasn’t sure if it was the other man’s BO she’d taken a dose of, the fact that she had missed breakfast or the prodding in her arse. A combination of all three, perhaps? Reaching round with her free hand, she took hold of ‘the thing prodding her’ and gave it a firm squeeze. She was rewarded with a sharp intake of breath. It made her smile. She was so ready for him, it was unbelievable.

She kept facing away from him, wanting to keep the sense of anonymity. It incited a sense of daring and stimulation. Sex was always more satisfying when it did. She had always thought so. Most of the men she had known had not been against the idea. Steadying herself with a hand on the side of the train, she pressed backwards with her arse to rub his crotch. She performed a kind of a lap dance, wriggling her butt on his groin. She loved to hear his moans, as she teased his cock harder. She fidgeted, feeling her pussy grow wetter in response to her actions. Her clit grew harder, with the thought of that great cock inside her, stretching her vagina walls, filling up every nook and cranny. She was going crazy with desire, wanting so much to be fucked, good and hard.

The tube got busier, the space lessening with each additional passenger. She found herself pressed closer to him, as the jostling and pushing became more urgent. She desperately tried to keep still, planting her feet firmly into the floor, and holding tight to the handrail. The ache inside her was intensifying, causing her to want to gasp out loud. She clamped her hand over her mouth. She had forgotten where she was, but she had no intentions of going somewhere more secluded. This was what she had been wanting for weeks.

His strong body pushed against her, almost causing her to lose balance. As she felt every inch of his muscles through the pressure on her body she closed her eyes so as to intensify the sensations. His arms snaked around her holding her firmly and steadying her. As he did so he whispered gently in her ear. ‘You are one hell of a lady; I never thought I would be getting this excited ever again. I’d given up hope. How do you want to be taken? Tell me.’ This had turned out better than she could have believed! Not only was he incredibly horny, he was offering a bit of rough play. It wasn’t possible in here, though so she kartal escort just said: ‘Anyway you want, honey.’ He continued to press his hot cock into her, almost trying to penetrate her through her skirt. ‘Here let me help you.’

Shifting slightly, she obligingly lifted her skirt, revealing the softness at the back of her thighs. Her pussy by now was sopping wet with her juices, with the naughtiness and excitement of what they were about to do. At any time someone may see, but it just made it even more thrilling. She heard him unzip his fly and release his cock. It was bigger than anything she had ever felt before, as he pressed it harder into her crack. She longed to take the whole length into her mouth, and savour the taste. By now her pussy ached to be fucked hard, to feel the walls widen with the breadth of that cock. She leaned into him so to achieve the greatest penetration. She moved aside the crotch of her panties and guiding his cock in one hand, Eliza positioned it at the entrance to her now eager pussy. As he thrust forward to slide his cock in, she cried out in ecstasy.

None of it seemed real, but the atmosphere was electric. Heat and passion was heavy in the air. The other passengers seemed oblivious to their sexual act. Somehow that didn’t seem right. She knew they were making a lot of noise. So why couldn’t they hear them? Somehow, though, it didn’t seem important. Maybe it was commonplace in London. She wouldn’t have been surprised. In London, anything goes! It was way too good to stop, anyway. She could feel every inch of that cock, with the balls slapping against her arse. The heat in the tube was almost unbearable, and their combined passion was adding to it. She knew that the next station would be coming up soon, but would they be finished in time? Somehow Eliza knew they would.

Her heartbeat quickened, this was unbelievable sex. Better than she had imagined. He breathed softly against the nape of her neck, her breathing intensified, the tips of his fingers exploring the warmth of her mouth. She wanted so much to kiss him, to feel his mouth open willingly beneath her own. She could imagine them somewhere else. Alone and so much into each other, that nothing else mattered. Her head became heavy with desire for him. His hands seemed to be everywhere. Fondling her tits, he tweaked and rolled her nipples in between his fingers through maltepe escort her bra. They stiffened and she could feel them pushing through the fabric. Great big waves of ecstasy ran up and down her body.

The build up was so intense. As his cock rubbed the inside walls of her pussy, she gave herself up to him completely. His strokes became urgent stronger. He held her tighter, crushing her to his chest, as he felt the ripples of pleasure travelling over his cock to his balls. In a big, powerful orgasm, he filled her, spurting again and again lavish amounts of semen, until he was empty. Feeling the waves of orgasm running through his cock and body, she finally allowed herself to succumb, gasping and holding him inside her she experienced the most satisfying, fulfilling climax, she’d ever known. It seemed to go on forever, involving every muscle and nerve of her body. She cried out, tightening her vaginal walls around his still erect cock. As her climax ebbed away, the whole of her body became relaxed. Hot cum dripped out of her pussy, and down the inside of her legs. Using a travel tissue, she wiped up the sticky trail of fluid, running from her swollen lips.

As the train stopped at her station, he pulled away from her. He seemed aware that this was her stop, confirming that it was he! He couldn’t have known that if he had been a complete stranger. She knew that, after today, she would not be able to concentrate on her work at all. It had certainly made her day. As she stepped off the train, she glanced sideways towards the front of the carriage. It just seemed that she had to look that way. Nothing unusual. Turning her head back again, she caught a movement in the corner of her eye. A late passenger had just got off. She recognised him immediately. It was the young man who had been on that platform, so many times before. The one that she had been lusting after all this time. The one that she had just shagged on the train.

How the bloody hell did he get all the way down there? There’s no way he could have moved that fast. A thought hit her, if it hadn’t been him, who the hell was it? She turned round to look behind her, an old man, tall and sprightly, was standing, his eyes following her moves. Eliza pushed past him, trying to see if the stranger was still on the train. Several dawdlers were still coming off. There was no sign at all of him, or any one who looked remotely like him. She became confused. The old man, she noticed was grinning, and, cheekily, without any warning, as she past, he put out his hand and grabbed her arse. She began to feel nauseous, as the full realization of what had occurred, struck her. She had made love to the old man. The following day, Eliza quit her job.

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