Emma and Naomi Ch. 01

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She knew she only had a few minutes before Naomi’s alarm clock went off to wake her up, so she had to be quick about it. Tucking her phone into her back pocket, Emma took a running start, and jumped up to the kitchen window, her shoes gripping onto the wall while she tried to push herself through the window.

“Damn D cups, move!” her whispered threat to her boobs seemed to do the trick, as she suddenly was laying on the floor inside her baby’s house. Jumping up, she fixed her clothes and took off her shoes quietly, creeping towards Naomi’s bedroom as silently as possible. I should definitely sign up to be an assassin or some shit, swear to god, she thought, slowly opening the door. With the bed in her sights, she pounced on the form underneath the blankets.

“I gotchu, you cute mother…” She lifted the blanket and groaned.

“Bunch of mothafuckin blankets… Oh shit…”

A small rustle from the closet gave her a small second of warning before she felt a soft collection of curves crash into her back with a small squeal.

“Fine ass, tryna sneak in on me?” Naomi whispered, pinning Emma’s hands to the small of her back. A small whimper escaped her friend as she pulled a set of cuffs from her pajama bottoms. She quickly pinned Emma on her bed and cuffed both of her hands on the 2 of the poles on her head board.

“Whaaaa? I wasn’t trying anything…,” Emma groaned. Naomi shook her head slowly, sliding Emma’s pants down to her ankles. She felt Naomi’s lips against her thigh, and shivered slightly.

“Wait! I’ll, uhh, I won’t do it again, honest!” Emma pleaded squirming with all her might.

“Nah, you thought you was slick. Comin’ in here on some stealth shit.” Naomi softly caressed Emma’s inner thigh “You know what has to happen now”.

“Naomi, please” Emma cried.

Naomi lifted Emma’s leg up and smacked her ass, hard.

“‘Naomi please’ what?” Naomi said, smiling as Emma’s cute little whimper filled her ears. She continued to spank her cute little pet, turning her asscheek pink from punishment. A few smacks later, she stopped while Emma laid gasping on the bed, biting the pillow with her eyes shut tight. Naomi leaned down closer to Emma’s ear, and pulled on it with her teeth. Emma moaned into the pillow while she spoke. “Now, since you like to disobey rules so much, how about you tell Mommy exactly what the rules are?” Emma opened her eyes slowly to Naomi’s words, and nodded her head slowly.

“I won’t touch Mommy unless she asks me to, I’ll always be ready to do whatever she wants, and I’ll always take punishments with a smile on my fa-“

Emma’s voice cut off with a scream of pleasure as Naomi yanked her head by her hair and latched her mouth onto her neck. She moaned louder, a smile spreading across her face as her panties turned wet. Naomi’s nose picked up on her slave’s scent and she slid a hand between her thighs, holding two wet fingers in front of Emma’s face.

“What’s this on my fingers, Em?,” Naomi asked, spreading them back and forth under her nose.”you’ve made a mess, baby, how are gonna clean it up?” Emma opened her mouth. Naomi slid her fingers into her open mouth and stroked them along Em’s tongue. “Good girl, Emma! You might just get your favorite treat today.” At this, Emma smiled. istanbul escort Naomi lifted up off of her for a minute to take off her shirt and bra, then stood up on the bed to shimmy out of her panties. Settling back down, she lifted Emma’s left leg toward the ceiling, and she watched her toes curl as she slid her hips to press her pussy against Emma’s. “Say it, bitch. Say what you want Mommy to do,” Naomi said, licking her thumb and tracing around Emma’s exposed asshole. Emma’s lower half twitched, and she squealed.

“FUCK ME! Fuck me mommy, please. I need it so fucking bad!” Before the words had time to fade out of the room, Naomi was rotating her hips hard and slow against Emma’s, making her bite the pillow harder and crying out in shocked pleasure whenever her clit rubbed against Naomi’s pajama covered mound. A twist of Naomi’s hips, and Emma was whimpering into the pillow, her eyes rolled back into her head as she fucked her harder, the clap of thigh on ass filling the room with Emma’s noises. As Naomi sped up, she started to pull back hard on Emma’s hair, and she could see Em’s feet kicking in her signal for climax. Smiling cruelly, Naomi pulled back her hair harder and started spanking her ass, gripping Emma’s fleshy ass before slapping it again. A few more minutes later, Em’s body seized up, and her legs became taut with sexual pleasure as she came, rolling around under Naomi. She tried as hard as she could to lift to hips, to let her clit have some air, just something to let her breathe a bit. However, her hips were stuck under Naomi, so she rolled and squirmed and cried in pleasurable pain as she was forced to ride the waves of orgasms until they were finished. Left paralyzed and drained of all energy, Emma knew it wasn’t over just yet. Crawling up to Emma’s blushing face, Naomi settled a leg on each side of Emma’s head, and lowered her pussy until it was rubbing against her mouth.

“Clean it, slut,” Naomi said, pulling Em’s face into her wetness by her hair. Emma licked at her mistress’ wet pussy, juices dripping down her chin while she sucked at her clit and slid her tongue along her lips. Naomi started to grind against her tongue, holding back her own hair with one hand and holding onto Emma’s head with the other. Leaning back, she patted the bed for the key to the handcuffs, and finding it, took a minute to unlock Em’s hands. Finally free, she pulled Naomi back onto her face and started eating again.

“Fuck yes,Oh god,…fuckin suck it you dirty little…ugghh.”

Emma knew her mistress was this close to cumming. This made her shift her position so she could have a better angle when she sticks her tongue in Naomi’s pussy.

“Ahhhhhhhhh my god” Naomi moaned when she felt Emma’s hot wet tongue penetrate deep inside of her pulsing pussy “Oh, Ooh Emma baby, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” Even Emma let out a light unheard moan. Knowing that she’s the one that’s making her mistress moan and cum like this made her red and tired pussy throb and drip leaving a pool of sweat and cum on the bed. Naomi felt the remaining waves of mini orgasms shoot through her throbbing clit causing her to shake and jerk. After she calm down a bit, she slid down from her pet’s face making sure to rub the little bit of cum still gushing out of her cunny spread against rus escort Emma’s nose. Emma was a little disappointed that she didn’t get keep licking up her baby’s juices that she saw dripping from her pussy to the sex riddled bedspread like she always does.

“Very good M Naomi’s pet name for Emma. “Might even be good enough to make me do the same to you. Don’t think that I don’t see your pink wet pussy throbbing for me. You’ve probably been wet ever since you left your house to come here”

Emma smiled at this. She has been horny ever since she left the house. She’s actually been horny ever since she woke up. All she’s wanted to do, from the second she was awoken by the blistering sun, to just about a minute ago, she’s wanted to taste Naomi’s pussy until her tongue was tired.

“Would you like me to lick your pussy?” Naomi said interrupting Emma thoughts.

“Yes, please mistress” Emma said sounding a little desperate. Naomi started doing a face that indicated that she was thinking.

“Mmmmm I don’t know. I mean you did try to sneak in here like you thought you had me.”

“I’m so sorry mistress” Emma said all too quickly, hoping her mistress wouldn’t change her mind. “I can make it up to you”

“Oh yeah? How so?” Naomi said with a lustful grin.

“Anything you want”


“God, yes mistress. I wanna cum so bad on your tongue”

“Mmmmh ok… Pinch your nipples,” Naomi said in a stern voice. “Hard!”

Emma hesitated a little bit but immediately did as she said hoping her mistress hadn’t seen her slight pause.


She had.

Naomi had just smacked Emma’s pussy lips causing her to yell and squirm. “Did you actively just second guess me slut?”

“I’m so sorry mistress, I was just afraid that it would hurt.”

“Oh, my sweet little M&M,” Naomi said while running her fingers up Emma’s slit, catching some of her wetness, and putting one of her digits in Emma’s mouth. “It’s gonna hurt.”

Naomi caught one of Emma’s nipples between her thumb and forefinger, rolling it while Emma stared at the ceiling, trying to keep her face straight as her nipples hardened, tingling between Naomi’s fingers. Her breath hitched slightly when Naomi bent down to bite one of them, but she quickly fixed her face when she looked up. “You see what you made me do?” Naomi started as she lifted her head from her slaves breast. “I just can’t get enough of you.” Naomi sat back to admire her one quick second. “Now. I want you to pinch and twirl and pull on those lovely nipples of yours.”

Emma nodded, closed her eyes and did what she asked hoping to make her mistress happy. She pinched, she pulled, she twirled, as hard as she could. She did everything that mommy asked of her and when she had the strength to open her eyes again she had seen that her mistress disappeared. She started to get worried but she didn’t dare let go of her already swollen nipples. Just then, she felt something nick at her clit.

“Ahhh,” She felt another sensation down in between her legs. It hurt a lot more than the last one. When Emma looked further down, she had seen that Naomi had took Emma’s clit in her mouth and started gnawing at it. Not too hard but definitely not too soft. Emma pinched her şişli escort nipples even harder. Even though both acts were painful, she could feel her pussy dripping of her wetness. “Ahhhhhhhh Oh my god…my god, shit!” Emma felt Naomi let go of her clit and lap up her fallen juices. The pressure from her clit had shot right back to her making her feel everything at the same time. Pain and pleasure consuming her all at once. “Don’t let go.” Naomi said almost unheard over Emma’s moans. Emma felt the pain from her pussy be relieved when Naomi had started with the tip of her tongue and ran it up slowly from Emma’s hole to her labia and finally to her aching clit. She started fluttering her tongue against Emma’s clit while she raised her finger up and slowly invaded her wet cunny.

Emma’s body responded to this quickly as it hugged and throbbed around Naomi’s finger. Naomi turned her finger up finding Emma’s pleasure spot and gently pressed herself against it. Emma’s moans turned into high staccato yelps when she felt her lover’s tongue working her clit, her finger rubbing her g spot and her thumb spreading her juices around her asshole. That’s what Emma needed to send her over the edge. Her second orgasm had ripped itself out of her and made her spasm uncontrollably. “Oooooooooh myyyyyyy goodness. Oh yes, god I fucking love you.” She started rotating her hips pressing herself onto Naomi’s tongue, aching to feel her tongue lick her one last time, but every time she did, she either felt only the tip of Naomi’s tongue barely caressing her or no tongue at all.

When Emma had come down from her high, Naomi crawled up to her, tracing her tongue along Emma’s stomach, to her breast and nipple, to her collarbone, up the nape of her neck, around her ear and pressed her lips against hers. Lightly at first then more passionately. Naomi’s tongue explored inside of Emma mouth, slowly massaging Emma’s tongue with her’s. They tasted one another’s cum in each others mouth which made them hungry for each other even more. Each of them trying to dominate each others mouths into submission. Emma, trying to suck her juices off of Naomi’s tongue and Naomi running her hands up all over her body, and gently sucking in her lip and caressing it with her tongue and biting it when Emma let go of it every once in a while. They broke apart slowly and looked in each others eyes.

“M&M?” Naomi started. “You can let go of your nipples now.” She said with a smirk. Emma hadn’t realized that her fingernails were still tightly gripping her swollen nipples. She slowly released her fingers to try and ease the pain that shot up in her nipples. Emma sucked her teeth feeling the repercussions of the harsh pressure. “You all right?” Naomi said genuinely sounding concerned.

“Yeah, oh my god that was fantastic.” Emma lightly kissed Naomi on the cheek while she tried to sit up. Naomi put her hand on Emma’s chest and pushed her back in the bed.

“Wait,” Naomi looked at Emma with a mischievous smile. “You know… If you really want to step up our little journey of me dominating the shit out of you, I have somewhere I wanna to take you.” Emma was a little hesitant, but when she had seen her baby’s eyes look at her with such hopefulness it was hard for her to say no.

“Sure babe, I mean you haven’t steered me wrong yet.”

“Get dressed, If we leave now, we can be there just in time.”

To be continued…


I wrote this a while ago. Finally decided to publish. Comments are very welcome. Tell me if you want more.

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