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EileenA friend asked me if I could do some house repairs for a senior woman he said had no money to do necessary repairs. I do it a lot for seniors with little money and most times don’t have to charge them. He said she was a 72 year old widow with a big house.I got to the house Saturday morning and was met at the door by a short woman with a mean looking face but the next thing I noticed was her hair. It was multi colored. It was red yellow blue purple white and all sticking up all over the place. She was angry because I was 5 minutes late. I apologized and she let me in taking me right to the work she needed done. I went to work and never saw her until I was cleaning up. She came up behind me startling me asking me in a disgusted voice how much I wanted for the job. I didn’t have to buy anything to make the repair so I told her it was free. She looked at me like I had two heads and then her whole demeanor changed. She tried to insist she had to pay me something. I explained how I do this a lot and not to worry about it. As I was cleaning up she tried to shove money in my jacket. I stopped her. She was adamant I wasn’t leaving without some kind of payment. I kept telling her it was not necessary. Her last attempt was to have me stay for lunch. I did agree to that. We sat eating lunch, which was more like a dinner, talking. She was really a nice person though a little crazy with some of her thoughts. She also didn’t have a problem cursing a lot. I started thinking about maybe making a move on her. It turned out I didn’t have to.She told me she really liked me and how nice a guy I was to be doing the work bahis firmaları I do. That is when she asked me. Did I ever have sex with any of the senior ladies I did work for. I said I didn’t kiss and tell.She burst out laughing and said that’s fucking great your fucking these old whores for your work. She was laughing hysterically. Those old whores she said are so judgmental about me and they are worse cause they hide it. What bitches. I laughed and told her it wasn’t all of them. She didn’t care she was convinced I fucked them all. She told me she had fucked or blown most of the single men in their club and these women though she was discussing. Now I was hoping. As we talked some more she took our plates to the kitchen and when she came back she walked over to me pulled down the strap of her tank top and bra popping one of her tits out. It was a nice tit with a big nipple. She shoved it in my face and I began to lick the nipple then suck on it. As I sucked her nipple she managed to get the top and bra off. I went back and forth from each tit. Then she pulled away and squatted down in front of me undoing my jeans. She pulled my cock out and began kissing it. Then licking up the back side of it. Then taking the whole thing in her mouth. She sucked and stroked my cock with a purpose. After awhile she got and began kissing me. I pulled her pants down and she had no panties. I saw this big hairy bush and began running my hand through it. She took a deep breathe as my hand slid down to her pussy. I continued to suck her tits. My finger searched through the thick hair until I found her clit. It was small kaçak iddaa but nice. She stood there and let me explore her pussy slipping one finger between her pussy lips and into her hole. She held my head and moaned ” that’s it honey finger that pussy yeah deeper hun deeper.” I pushed as deep as I could and moaned spreading her legs a little. It seemed like a long time before she told me to stop and lets take this to the couch. We both stripped and again I was surprised by her body. A little lumpy and bumpy but very smooth and not a lot of wrinkles. She laid down on her back on the couch stretching her arms out to me to lay on top of her. I laid on her with my cock against her big bush. I slid my cock up and down her bush until she reached down grabbing my cock and guiding it into her cunt. She told me to go easy that she likes it easy not hard. I slid slowly inside torturing myself. She tight and not very wet so I had had to push a little. Then the head popped in and she gasped but grabbed my ass with both hands holding me there. I pumped slowly and she spread her legs up and around me. I kept pumping slowly as we kissed and sucked her nipples per her instructions. She kept whispering in my ear ” don’t you dare cum honey without me.” I was trying hard not to cum because her pussy was so tight. After a long time fucking her she finally began to show signs she was building to an orgasm. Her nail were digging into my back and her legs clamped tighter around me. She began squealing and she buried her head in my neck and biting my shoulder. Then she yelled out or more screamed out that she was cumming kaçak bahis and for me to cum inside her now. I didn’t have any problem releasing my pent up load of cum inside her tight pussy. She screamed out in a teeth clenched voice as I did ” fuck yeah that’s it honey fill my cunt with your hot cum yeah fuck fuck yeah.”Then she let out a long loud sound laughing and crying at the same time until she was done. She relaxed but still held on to me. My cock was throbbing inside her and she wasn’t letting me out. She lay under me breathing heavily into my neck. Then said ” holy fuck was that fucking good or fucking what.” I was in total agreement. She held me captive as my cock slowly shrank but still firm enough to stay inside her. Then she started moving her ass around and pumping her pelvis towards my cock like she wanted to fuck some more. I responded by stroking my cock in and out. My cock started to get hard again and she said ” honey fuck Batman I think something is rising again.”As I got harder she pushed at me and told me to turn her over on top of me. I did and she sat up and began wiggling her cunt around on my cock.She looked down at my with this angry face and said ” we’re gonna cum again you fucking stud, give to me I’m gonna ride em cowgirl.”She rode my cock for a long time even getting off once in awhile to suck my cock. Then she started squealing again and grabbed her own tits and her hair as she began cumming again. She jumped up and down crying out as I shoot another load inside her. Then she fell down on top of me and just laid there awhile. She got off and laid beside me panting.Then she said ” well cowboy how was that not bad for an old lady huh?”I said ” that was fucking amazing. You are one hot sexy lady.”Eileen and I still get together and it is always a trip with her she is so unpredictable.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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