Dr. Miller Comes to Call

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


Dear Reader,

A “THANK YOU” to 29wordsforsnow for kindly reaching out and being my wonderful Proofreader/Beta reader on this one! It is so nice to have a second set of eyes and perspective on things!

So again, Thank you!!

As always, characters are all 18+, fictional and hopefully enjoyed by all. This is my second reluctance story, subtle perhaps. I do hope it is enough for you.



The year was 1954, Louis St. Laurent was Prime Minister of Canada. A Liberal, so Poppa liked him, also a well known Lawyer before entering Parliament. Poppa thought of him as a smart man, who worked hard and diligently for his country. Poppa read the morning paper out loud every morning over coffee and a cigarette. Most mornings Momma hummed about the kitchen, making eggs and toast. Puttering around, the classic 1950s wife.

Momma always looked so beautiful and put together, tall and lean. Movie star looks.

“Sophia Loren with an edge,” Poppa always said.

Shiny dark hair with smoldering brown eyes and naturally long dark lashes which curled up on the ends. Beautiful skin that tanned and glowed so naturally.

She wore lovely crisp dresses and always smelled like lavender and honeysuckle. Her lovely thick hair up in Mother of Pearl combs. Momma attended church every Sunday, white gloves and a pretty hat. On the Ladies Council, Head of the PTA and ran the Township of Somerville Bake sale every spring and fall.

Momma was a “Do-Gooder” as they called her in town. A full-time stay at home mother, who ran house and was an active citizen of our fine city. She hosted many Ladies’ Bridge nights, I got to help out. Serve sandwich trays, refill pickle and olive bowls along with refreshing the drinks. I learned the basics, Tom Collins, Mai Tai, Singapore Sling and of course a Mint Julep.

I was still living at home as most unwed young women did. I had been sickly in my youth, in and out of the hospital. I missed so much school, I needed a tutor to catch up. I was smaller and less developed than my peers, even at 18. The doctors figured I would not grow any taller than my 5’4 frame. Forever petite. Momma teased that my future husband might break me clearly in half on my Wedding Night if I didn’t gain more weight. So home I stayed, a few college courses in the fall.

That night I set up the bar for the ladies. I loved playing bartender. They were always so kind to me, complementing my hair and fair skin. Smiling as they arrived, mixing drinks for them, one by one.

After a few drinks the ladies spoke so loud and crass. Usually idle gossip, but sometimes saying such dirty things about their husbands. Beth Harris was speaking extra scandalous that night, her whispers turned to shrieks as she spoke of the good Dr. Miller. Her sleek dark hair and eyes flashed around the room as she spoke. I could hardly hear what she was saying, but every lady in the room was rousing in cheer! Momma looked jubilant, cheeks flushed, eyes wild. Her lips curled in the most glorious grin.

I didn’t understand what they said, but my face flushed red and felt so hot. It made me feel uneasy and sick to my stomach the way they screeched about Dr. Miller. Then Beth Harris spoke about her husband’s lack of enthusiasm of pleasing a woman. I could fill in a few blanks, even though I knew nothing about sex. They spoke so lewd about men and the things they had to do! Beth Harris spoke about blowjobs and hair in her teeth, cunnilingus and masturbation, the room absolutely roared!

Ruby Harris, (Beth’s daughter) giggled at the talk she whispered in my ear in the kitchen all about what the ladies were screaming about. Ruby’s brown eyes sparkled as she spoke. Her wild chestnut hair tied with a pale blue ribbon that matched her pretty dress. Ruby Harris was the same age as me, though so developed. Her bosom so full and ample. Mine were small by comparison, like two little apples. While Ruby had melons, big ripe melons. My, how the boys chased her around.

And I, with my pale blue eyes and curly flaxen hair, waist length. Momma made me wear white during social engagements. Momma said it was proper, virginal, as she put it.

“Suitors would know what they were bargaining for,” Momma would say, then laugh as I turned a dark shade of pink.

She loved to tease me about boys, it seemed kind of mean, as they were never interested in me anyway.

Ruby was giggling so hard in the kitchen her breasts jiggled. Her face red and flushed as she went on.

“Claire, you need to suck on it after you marry! I caught my Momma sucking my Pappa’s. It was big and red, almost purple! And two big purple plums! Oh, Claire! You should just see it! I sneak a peek whenever I can!” Ruby laughed loudly at my shocked red face.

“That is only half of it! Cunnilingus is when my Pappa licks Momma between her legs! Naked!!” Ruby laughed again.

“Imagine having a man put his mouth on you there, Claire?! Ohhh… I imagine it so divine!” Ruby sighed, practically moaning.

My casino şirketleri mouth went dry as I stood and drank a little wine to calm my nerves. Ruby went on to explain Dr. Miller and his visits. How Mrs. Beth Harris had terrible cramping and the good doctor came by to help her through it. He massaged her and things were so much better for her afterwards. As Ruby explained, I couldn’t help my legs as they began to wiggle. Feeling little flutters between my legs, I blushed a little more.

Ruby went on about how good it felt to touch herself there and the fact she let Charlie White play and suck on her fat nipples. She yanked down her neckline to pop out a huge breast. Leaning towards me she pressed the tip of her nipple to my mouth.

“Suck on it! It feels so good!” she whispered.

I pulled away but Ruby pulled me closer.

“It can be our secret. Come on, Claire! We are both girls! Don’t be such a prude!”

I felt embarrassed and blushed as she kept pressing my lips with her hard nipple. Coaxing my mouth open, she moaned as I nervously took her nipple into my mouth.

“Now suck on it, Claire, like a lolly,” she whispered. Her eyes heavy as she fed me her nipple. I sucked and fluttered my tongue around her nipple. Trying to release her, but she held me against the kitchen wall.

“A little more, Claire, come on…practice. Men like this too. Flick them, suck ’em!” she smiled.

Just then voices right outside the kitchen door. Ruby tucked her breast in quickly as we scrambled to look busy. Momma poked her head in and asked us to clear a few plates.

Cleaning up after the party was over, Momma went up to bed, told me to leave till morning but I couldn’t think of sleeping after what Ruby Harris had done and mentioned to me. She told me how to relieve myself, that touching wasn’t a sin. That women should know how good it feels. That I should play and touch and tickle until I found it! She even offered to help me find the spot!

That night, laying in my bed, thinking of what Ruby had told me. I dared to let my fingers drift down under my night shift, inside my panties. It tickled, feeling warm and wet, remembering Beth Harris making that circular motion. I let my fingers find that spot she spoke of. A surge of electricity jolted between my loins and up through my body. Terrified, I stopped but an aching stirred within me.

After that night in May, Momma had the doctor come to call the very next week. Dr. Miller had kind eyes and a nice smile, he was tall like Poppa and always gave us lollies when we had to visit. Now whenever Momma was “havin’ a spell”, Dr. Miller came to call. She was far less hysterical afterwards, Poppa thought it was splendid that Momma was so happy and relaxed.

We cried for days when Poppa told us, he had to work away from home. All the way in Montreal. We all knew it would be taxing on Momma, she always got so upset at little things. I tried my best to help ease her stress. The Doctor came the full week for her “time”. The ungodly sounds Momma made up there frightened me. Sometimes it took hours but it seemed worth it, as Momma was always so pleasant afterwards.

Dr. Miller had come to call this morning as Momma had been hysterical all night long. Spit’n mad, hollering at us all. Sissy, Davie, the pup and me. Cuss’n us out, throwing food and a good smack of the wooden spoon if she caught any of us. Her menstruation came earlier than expected. The strain of Poppa gone was too much, her emotional rage and turning on all of us.

I had been out, tending the few chickens in the back. Collecting the eggs and feeding them all. I could hear Momma moaning from all the way out to the back field. She sure could squeal, that massage he was giving her seemed like hell to take. I looked up at the house, pretty white with black shutters. A big long porch in the back with two baskets of laundry to be hung. Washing never seemed to end.

I felt hot and anxious, the sun burning down my back that August morning. How my body ached, cramping up too. I sat slumped over for a spell. It was the time of the month for me as well. She laughed and said how in sync we were these days. It was three months past my 18th birthday. Momma said she was with child by my age, but I should wait to marry. At least until twenty years old, she and Poppa agreed.

Sissy and Baby Davie sat in the long grass, having a picnic in the shade of an old oak tree. Patchwork quilt with small tea cakes, lemonade and sandwiches. That I had made earlier. We stayed outside as long as Momma was moaning, no way I would let Davie bother her. Only add to the stress.

Seemed only Dr. Miller could help her these days. She had become so irate by Sissy and Davie. She had me so young, then waited a spell until she had Sissy and Davie. They were both dark and tanned with brown eyes like Momma. I was like Poppa, bleach blond with blue eyes, pouty red lips. He called me his little twin.

I was hot and tired, those two had to stay out a spell longer. I needed ice water to drink, my head was pounding so. Carefully I aimed for the stairs. Tippy-toes casino firmaları across the linoleum floor. Momma heard me of course. I a sweaty mess, hair sticking to the back of my neck. I groaned hearing her call on me.

Her voice assertive and strong, hearing my quiet protest.

“Claire, come into the parlor, Dr. Miller is here. We would like a chat.”

My heart instantly pounding in my chest. Oh, I knew exactly where this was going. It was just three short months ago, Ruby Harris and I made cocktails and overheard such lewd things during that Bridge Night. Dragging my feet to the front parlor, trying to hide myself. Filthy from gardening and sweat, hands and feet all muddy and scratched. Dr. Miller, smiling at me, while Momma rambling on and on. He, eyeing me up and down, my dress so short. So thin and wet, I felt naked under his eyes.

“Doctor, she is in a womanly way. Her hips have spread, and she is of childbearing time now. We worry she is apt to start breeding. Look at her! We keep them boys away for now, but not much longer! I believe you could help here, Dr. Miller. Please say you will.” Momma practically begging.

I felt awkward and my face flushed so. Ruby was right all along.

Doctor Miller spoke softly, smiling at me.

“Claire, you are 18 now, do you understand you are now a woman? It is okay to have needs and desires. I can help you with that. Make you relax and feel good.”

Momma interjecting, “Claire, you must do this, it really isn’t a request.”

My face red-hot as a surge of pleasure tickled between my legs. It frightened me. Holding the hem of my dress, I watched as the Doctor smiled, nodding to Momma’s request.

“Besides, she is having her time in sync with mine. Claire has begun the hysteria and it will only worsen, I fear!” Momma lied on that second statement.

“Momma.” I tried to protest, but that glaring look she shot me. I shut my mouth quick as I opened it.

I blushed again as she told Dr. Miller how I needed to be relieved of my hysteria.

“But, Momma… I don’t need it.” Trying to speak with futile attempts. Momma cut me off again and again.

“Claire, go to your room and undress, Doctor Miller is staying on to examine you. Go undress!”

Running up the stairs, my head spinning.

I knew why she was doing this to me! Ruby Harris kissed me that night during Bridge. Her soft hand up my skirt as she slid her tongue in my mouth. Ruby Harris liked girls more than boys and she told me so. Ruby told me she wanted to show me how to kiss a boy and what it felt like to be touched. My knees clamped together as she kissed me and tickled my soft pussy, inside my panties. I remember being so afraid, shaking as she touched me.

Ruby wrote about what she did to me in her diary, and, you know, her Momma read it! Then the four of us sat down over tea, Ruby apologized for taking advantage. Only she wasn’t sorry. The very moment our mothers’ eyes were not watching, Ruby exposed herself to me, thick black thatch of hair. Fingers diving in, and I a deer in headlights. Both mothers marching in, Ruby forced a kiss on my mouth before her mother got a hold on her.

Ruby was now being treated by the Doctor, she secretly telephoned me at an unwatched hour. While Momma was out getting her hair done, Sissy and Davie napping. Ruby also told me lewd things she wanted to do to me. I blushed so badly hearing her say such things. Slowly removing my dress and panties, setting them in the hamper in my room. I could hear the water running, a warm bath drawn.

“Claire! You are as flithy as dirt! I am running you a bath! You be sure to scrub up well!” she called from the bathroom down the hall.

“You be looking your best for the Doctor!”

I was already sweating, dying of heat. How I was dreading this bath. Wrapping my robe around me, I left my bedroom, wandering to the bathroom. Momma stood before the claw foot tub. To my surprise Doctor Miller was there too. My eyes downcast, I stepped back but Momma saw me right away.

“Momma, why?” whispering, my eyes in tears.

“You know why!” she hissed to my ear.

Pinching my arm, as she pulled at my robe.

“Remove this!” shooting me that scowl again.

The water was hot, smelled nice though. Vanilla and lavender notes, bubbles and her favorite sponges. My naked body sinking down. Finally, sheltered from prying eyes. I slunk down in the tub, not enough water to cover my bosom. Momma made me bathe, in front of Dr. Miller.

He smiled at me, his eyes lingering over my tanned, toned, naked body. I tried to hide, but Momma was so stern. She stood there watching, arms crossed. Her beauty not as prominent, when her lips were pursed in a straight line like that. I hated that look, it usually meant the switch for me.

“Claire, pass the Doctor a sponge, he is here to help you,” she smiled, eyes narrowing.

“Momma…please,” I pleaded.

“Claire, now.”

Shocked again, I reluctantly handed Dr. Miller a sponge. His hand brushing mine as he took it from me. A shiver rolled over my body, goosebumps.

Momma spoke güvenilir casino again. “Please bathe the filthy little beast.”

She actually watched, standing outside the opened door, telling me to let the Doctor wash me good. He sponged me carefully, softly. Nothing like Momma, she was rough and her eyes full of disdain. Dr. Miller was caring in his touch, warm water trickling down my spine. His hands and the sponge gliding over my flesh. Momma watched and smiled from the hall. Dr. Miller kissed my forehead as he whispered for me to sink deeper into the tub. Washing my hair, strong fingers stroking my scalp, it felt amazing.

Momma had left at some point to check on Sissy and Davie. Wrapping me in a towel, Dr. Miller patted my body dry. He stepped out into the hall, his shoes walking towards my room. Once I was dry, I put on my nighty that Momma had left out. Panties were to be left off, I remember her saying. Brushing my long hair, I Dutch braided it into flats. Walking slowly toward my bedroom, so anxious, with great apprehension, I lay on my bed. Shaking as he pulled a chair close to my bedside.

Momma poked her head in, bringing a fresh pitcher of lemonade and a plate of biscuits.

“Claire, you lay still and listen to the Doctor, you pay him mind. He is doing you a favor.” Momma scolded.

“I’ll be right outside,” she added.

Dr. Miller smiled at me. He had a kind face, blond hair with hazel eyes. He was young for a doctor, for around here. Maybe that was why the women all lost their heads. He was handsome, and I knew what all those ladies had been saying about him. I felt my cheeks warm with blush again.

“Claire, I am just going to touch your tummy, it shouldn’t hurt. It is supposed to feel good. Let me take a look. Are you menstruating now?”

My body was stiff as a board, legs clamped together. Holding my night shift down, staring at the ceiling.

“Claire, please,” he said softly.

“Let me help you. It won’t hurt, I promise,” he added.

“No, not yet. Just cramping.”

He smiled and began to caress my arm. “I promise, I can make you feel better, Claire. See how I am touching your arm? Doesn’t it feel good?”

I nodded, his fingers felt like feathers. Softly caressing my skin, teasing the little hairs on my arm. It did feel good. His hands then slid up along the sides of my small breasts. My heart began to race.

“You have never been touched by a man before, have you, Claire? I am very experienced and highly qualified. Let me help you. Wouldn’t it be better to have someone knowing what they are doing? Let’s give it a try. If it hurts or you hate it, we can stop. This is all to make you feel good,” he spoke so softly and kind.

His fingers now circling my areola through my thin nighty. Glancing down, seeing them peek at his touch. It did feel good, it felt incredible. My mouth popped open as my nipples felt a fluttering by his touch. Slowly he opened the tiny buttons to open my nighty. His hand slipped in, and he cupped my breast, thumbing the nipple. I held in a moan, it felt fantastic.

Watching as he moved his free hand and dipped his thumb into the lemonade. Then drawing it to his lips, he sucked his thumb. Then cupped my other breast, thumbing that nipple wet. I shivered as he touched me. Tingles between my legs, I squeezed them together. Continuing to touch and tease my breasts and nipple, his touch becoming firmer. Massaging my breasts now, sucking on his thumb again to wet it. Made my tiny pink nipples so pert and felt so good.

Ruby Harris said men sucked on nipples. I felt nervous he might try. But he did not. Instead, he caressed my arms and softly kissed the top of my head. Smelling my hair and stroking it gently.

His fingers sliding down, between my breasts to my navel area. Soft touches over my nighty, circular motions.

“Claire, we really need to get rid of this,” he smiled, tugging on my nighty.

His hand sliding down as my heart beat so hard in my chest. I could even feel my breath cut short. Raising my nighty up over my slender hips, my golden mound exposed. I whimpered softly, feeling shame and excitement. Sensing my fear, the Doctor hushed softly as his warm hand slid across my skin. Finally, he stopped just below my belly button. Reaching for a small bottle he squirted it on my tummy. Slow sweeps of the warm oil across my stomach, pressing deeply. His skilled hands massaging the oil into my skin.

Over and over he repeated this circular pattern, getting closer to my womanhood. I could feel my pussy twitching, tickling, I wanted more. I felt my legs relax and spread open for him. Never touching me there, yet those fingers applying pressure and that sweeping motion. My tiny hips bucking under his warm palms, inching towards my pubic area. His fingers pressing in deep, long strokes so close to my mound. I tried so hard to stay still, panting, my mouth gone dry.

I wanted to scream, to claw away from him but his steady touch felt so good. I could see the hem of Momma’s dress through the crack in the door. My God, I hoped she wasn’t watching. Squirming now, he looked into my eyes and hushed me again. Slowly his fingertips were there, feathering through my candy floss. Delicately opening the inner folds as he silenced me by placing his left forearm across my hips, holding me down.

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