Daydreams Ch. 06

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There seems to be no end in sight. Dream along with us!

Daydreams 6: Over the Edge


A glow of absolute contentment washes over my being. I have never experienced anything quite as numbing as the powerful orgasm you had expertly pulled from my body. No contact, just that invisible bond of two lovers, as they exposed all their vulnerabilities to each other, totally comfortable in what had just transpired.

Laying there looking at you, your hunter green teddy covered in my sticky white sperm, your face glowing in the aftermath of the mutual masturbation session. The vibrator still clutched in your delicate hand, your legs draped over the overstuffed chair, your body glistening with sweat. The smell of fresh brewed coffee drifts into the room. I had forgotten about setting the coffee maker up last night, suddenly a sly smile crosses my face. Jumping up from the bed, naked I look down at you.

“Wait right here!” I whisper as I head toward the kitchen. Pouring two cups of hot steaming coffee I quietly slide into the bathroom. It is still covered in steam from your earlier shower. Slowly I fill the tub with hot water and vanilla scented bubbles. Content that all is ready I return to the bedroom. You are still draped across the chair just as I left you moments before. Walking up to you, I take the vibrator from your hand and toss it on the bed. Grasping your hand I help you up from the chair. Standing there looking into my eyes I grasp the sheer teddy and gently lift it over your head. esenyurt otele gelen escort Your naked beauty never stops amazing me as I gaze at your bright red hair and velvet smooth skin. Scooping you up into my arms, your arms around my neck, our skin touching as I carry you into the bathroom. Gently setting you down in the mountain of bubbles she start to sit down.

“Wait!” I whisper as I step in behind you. Grabbing you by the hips I slowly guide us both into the hot water. The bubbles wrapping around our bodies, caressing, tickling as we sit against the smooth surface of the tub. My legs outstretched, your petite frame nestled against my body. My flaccid member resting gently against your lower back, your back laying against my chest. We can sense the contact everywhere, our legs, and your head so softly resting on my upper chest. Reaching out I retrieve the cup of steaming coffee, handing it to you as I find mine. Contented, happy we sit there sipping coffee…no words just the even steady rhythm of our breath, the peace of the moment.

My mouth leans down and gently kisses your neck. You close your eyes and sip the hot liquid as I play with your neck gently. It is then that the realization of a night and morning of pure unbridled passion has physically drained both of us. The water and bubbles caress us, relaxing us to the point of near sleep. Setting down the coffee my fingers gently stroking along the sides of your arms. The gentle touch esenyurt rus escort raises small goose bumps on your skin as you gently sigh.

Dipping my hands into the water and pouring it down over your chest. My hands moving out and around working the water into your soft skin, gently cupping your magnificent breasts. Your nipples harden under my wet palm. Teasing you, rolling the hard nub softly, my hands kneading the supple soft globes. My mouth teasing your neck as my hands softly caresses you. Your breath quickens slightly as you sip more coffee, your head resting comfortably.

“Tim, please be gentle…I’m a little sensitive!” You whisper, wrestling with your renewed arousal, not sure if you could withstand another orgasm just yet.

Knowing you are tired, your body sensitive from the recent episode I try to sooth you, wanting desperately to arouse you but at the same time allow you to rest. I am torn by my desire to pleasure you and the subtle knowledge that we both need a rest. My hands move slowly down your taunt stomach and onto your smooth thighs. Stroking lightly along your firm toned legs, gently massaging the skin. Your breathing very even almost sleepy, as my fingers play casually, caressing your legs and feet, rubbing, soothing up between your legs. Tickling lightly along your inner thighs as I feel the softness of your hair. Smiling and thinking to myself; “What a perfect moment, you and me just sitting here, no worries or cares just enjoying esenyurt türbanlı escort each others touch and feel.”

Most of the bubbles have finally dissolved. The water begins to cool as time effortlessly passes by. My fingers slowly caress your thighs; smiling to myself I slide my finger up and over your clit. You jump, the sensitivity still present. Quickly I move my hands to the side of the tub and gently hoist myself out and onto the rug. Grabbing a towel I dry myself before retrieving another. Reaching down I take the empty cup from your hand, holding that delicate hand I raise you from the tub and help you to the rug. My hands covered in the towel begin to slowly dry your body. Satisfied you are dry, I scoop you up in my arms, smile as I feel your arms around my neck. The feeling of our naked bodies against each other is wonderful as I carry you back to the bedroom. Gently laying you down on the bed, tossing your teddy and toy onto the chair still positioned where we left it, I pull the blankets up over you. Tucking them in around your form…I lean down and kiss you softly on the cheek.

“Sleep my love…dream pleasant soft dreams.” I whisper

Picking up my jeans I begin to dress, my socks, then the t-shirt and finally slipping into my shoes. Looking down at your twinkling eyes I smile softly as I turn to leave.

“Tim!” You softly whisper trying desperately to fend off the sleep that is rapidly consuming you. “Where are you going?”

“Well, someone has to take the dogs to the park!” I reply smiling as I head up the stairs to retrieve the two anxious animals knowing their playtime has finally arrived.

To be continued…

I wish to express my adoration and deepest thanks to a wonderful friend, Mityam for all his input and support with these stories. Without his contribution they would be but fantasy in my mind!

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