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CouplesSadi had just left the Johnson’s house. She loved the wife with her enormous tits and the husband with his big long thick cock. She had sucked her tits as he fucked Sadi in the ass. Then the wife sucked all the cum from Sadi’s wet asshole before she tongue fucked her cunt. The married couple were horny and hot and Sadi had sex with them a lot. They loved Sadi’s young body as she just turned eighteen. Sadi chose couples that the wife had huge tits and the hubby had at least nine inches of thick hot cock. John had a ten inch thick meat and Pam had DDD tits with huge nipples and a wet pussy. Pam also loved eating pussy and tongue fucking it and Sadi was a perfect match for her. John was usually good for three good cum loaded fucks and Pam loved sucking the cum put of Sadi’s ass and cunt. Sadi’s young body was sexy and she had DD tits and a tight cunt that men loved. She loved to fuck as much as any man could handle. She could get as dirty and nasty as any one wanted. 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As he whipped the girls he made sure Pam had her tongue deep inside Sadi’s cunt tongue fucking her hard as both girls moaned at the lashing her gave them.When he had Pam’s pussy well whipped and red and swollen he then shoved his cock in her and fucked her hard as she kept her tongue in Sadi’s wet cum soaked cunt. As he fucked his wife hard he slapped Sadi’s sore illegal bahis and abused tits. He also grabbed a nipple and pulled and twisted on it to add more pain as Sadi came harder on Pam’s tongue. The fucking and spanking went on for two more hours before he untied the two girls. Pam had cum all over her face as she licked and loved the flavor of Sadi’s young cunt.Sadi had met Pam and John through a friend of her father’s who she had fucked at a very young age. They did a foursome and she kept meeting with Pam and John. The friend had got Sadi alone when she was real young and began rubbing her tits as she grew huge knockers at a young age. 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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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