Corporate Assets (Chapter 5)

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Corporate Assets (Chapter 5)Chapter 5Skinny and Stocky picked her up by the arms. Maria again held up the photos. One showed Sandra being impaled on Skinny’s cock. Another showed Sandra’s mouth filled with cock while another was buried in her pussy. “You have a real talent, chiquita,” said Maria. “Maybe we take you down to Mexico and get rich off you.” They all laughed. Sandra was walked into another room. The room was empty except for a roll of carpet that had not been laid. The third man (who Sandra called in her mind, Swarthy) was there. Maria walked over to him and began to undo his jeans. Swarthy took off his t-shirt. Maria began to pull down his pants. “Now, you will see something,” smiled Maria. Sandra’s eyes grew wide with fright as his cock was exposed. It was the biggest one she had ever seen. It was as long as Skinny’s and as thick as Stocky’s. Sandra began to twist and turn, trying to get away from the men holding her and that gigantic cock. “I don’t think she likes your friend,” said Maria. “Please, please don’t put that in me,” Sandra began to plead. “I’ll do anything you want, but don’t do that to me. I’ve learned my lesson.”Swarthy made no reply, but Maria bent down to open a small bag that lay at their feet. She took out a bottle of golden colored liquid. “We know you’re watching your weight,” Maria said, “so we’re going to use peanut oil; Less calories.” She smiled and opened the top of the bottled and poured some of the oil into her hand. Sandra jerked and tried to pull away, but the men held her. Sandra was moved and thrown, face down, over the roll of carpet. Skinny came around by her head and held her hips. Stocky grabbed her ankles and spread them. She felt hands pull her fleshy asscheeks apart. The air flowed against her exposed anus. “No, no, please,” she cried. She heard Maria say, “You better relax, chiquita, ’cause if you fight this take-over, it might rip your corporate asset in two.” Sandra felt something warm being poured between her ass cheeks. “This is like a down payment. To help pave the way for the real pay off,” said Maria. The oil ran down over Sandra’s asshole and then to her pussy. Now Maria was rubbing a finger around Sandra’s asshole. Sandra tried to squirm away but Skinny held her firm. “So you like calling people assholes?” asked Skinny. “Well, now you’re gonna see what a real asshole is for, you bitch.” One of Maria’s fingers slipped into Sandra’s virgin ass, then two. The pain was worse than being fucked. “Stop, you’re killing me,” she cried. Then Maria forced a third finger into Sandra. “This is just the exploration. The real drilling is about to begin,” said Maria.Then Maria’s fingers were pulled from Sandra’s ass. The pain subsided. Skinny grabbed a handful of Sandra’s hair and raised her head. She could see Swarthy standing in front of her. Maria was pouring oil onto his enormous cock. “I don’t think it’s very nice to call people assholes,” said Swarthy. “I think after today, you will pendik escort think assholes are something to be fucked, not something you call people.” Maria went up and down the throbbing cock until its entire length was slick with oil. Her fingers couldn’t close around the girth of his tool. Maria slowly massaged Swarthy’s balls which dangled below his cock. She knelt beside it and kissed the head of the cock. She winked at Sandra. “We’ve went to all this trouble to put on this demonstration just for you and you don’t even appreciate it. That’s not very nice,” Swarthy purred. “Where are you manners? I think you need a lesson in manners.” Maria gripped Swarthy’s shining cock and led him out of sight.Sandra felt her fleshy asscheeks being pulled apart. Then she felt something being pressed against the ring of her anus. More pressure. She realized it was the head of that enormous cock. She struggled desperately. “No, no, no,” she cried. She knew that cock would kill her. The pressure increased and was followed by a shock of pain that ripped through her entire being. A hot flash radiated from her ass. She screamed. “I’ve only put the head in you,” she heard Maria say. “There’s lots more to go.” Skinny stopped holding her shoulders. Sandra looked over her shoulder to see Swarthy’s leering face. “All of it goes right up your ass,” he smiled. “Ten inches of cock up your shit chute. You’ll never want it any other way after this.” She heard the camera click away. “This is for all those people you called assholes and treated like shit. Just imagine that they’re all right here and they’re watching as I shove all of my cock into your fat ass,” said her sodomizer. “Shake that ass so that our studio audience knows you like it.”He began pushing again. Sandra lost her breath as she felt more of the cock go into her ass. Then the pushing stopped. The cock was pulled out a bit. Then it went in, deeper this time. In, then out, then in deeper. Time stood still. Maria appeared in front and raised Sandra’s head to show her the photos. Sandra suddenly saw what was happening. She saw the huge cock gleaming with oil. Her large ass was slick with the same oil and her ass cheeks were spread apart. She saw five inches, half of the cock, embedded in her ass. Swarthy began to slowly worked more and more into her asshole. She felt her ass cheeks quiver as Swarthy slapped them. “Move that fat ass for me, you whore,” he yelled. He was grunting from the effort, but soon, there was a pause. Maria returned with more photos. Sandra automatically looked up. Just as Swarthy had promised, Sandra now had ten inches of cock stuffed up her ass. His cock was totally buried in her bowels. One photo from above showed his dark cock filling her white ass. Another,taken from below and through his legs, showed his huge balls pressed against her empty pussy. Sandra began sobbing. She sobbed for the pain and for the humiliation. “It’s too late for kartal escort tears,” said Maria as she yanked back Sandra’s head with a handful of hair. “Now, comes the graduation ceremony.”With that Swarthy began to withdraw his cock from Sandra’s ass. Slowly he pulled back until only a few inches remained. Then he slowly started to fill her again with his male hardness. Sandra no longer really felt it; Only the dull ache and the pressure. The cock began to move in and out slowly. Filling her, then withdrawing. Again and again the cock sawed into her ass. Swarthy smacked her greased fleshy ass cheeks until they were red. Sandra lost track of time. It might have been minutes or hours that she lay there being fucked in the ass. The head of that giant cock deep inside her. Her asshole distended by the log of flesh that was jammed in her. She felt the oil drip onto her pussy which still leaked cum from its fucking. She felt his balls smack against her pussy. Sandra’s head was jerked up by Skinny. His thin cock was erect again. “Just one last taste,” he said as he put his cock into Sandra’s mouth. After a few lunges, he withdrew. Sandra’s head was jerked up again to find Stocky’s cock waiting for her mouth. “Never can get too much of a good thing,” he said as he filled her mouth with his cock. He forced it in as far as it would go and held it there. Then he pulled his cock out. Maria appeared in front of Sandra, “Don’t want you to get bored,” she said as she raised her skirt. Someone held Sandra’s head up as Maria turned around to expose her large brown ass. She pulled apart her ass cheeks and then pressed her asshole against Sandra upturned face. “Put your tongue up by ass, chiquita,” ordered Maria. Sandra pushed her tongue into the other woman’s brown hole. Maria ground her ass against Sandra’s face. Then Maria pulled away, turned around and pressed her pussy against Sandra’s lips. Sandra pushed her tongue into Maria’s cunt. As the cock pushed into her ass, she pushed her tongue into Maria. Maria held Sandra’s head firmly in her hands. She leaned back and rocked her hips against Sandra’s face.Sandra concentrated on pussy licking to try and ignore the ass-fucking that was being inflicted on her. Maria groaned, Swarthy grunted as they each used Sandra to achieve their pleasure. She was there only to serve them. One had her pussy shoved in Sandra’s face, the other had his cock shoved up her ass. Then came the inevitable climax. The grunting, followed by the faster pace. Maria ground her cunt against Sandra’s lips with abandon. “Si, si…pela me, chiquita,” moaned Maria. She let out a cry as she came. From behind Swarthy yelled, “I’m gonna fill your ass with gallons of cum.” He forced Sandra down against the unyielding roll of carpet beneath her. Then Sandra felt warm cum filling her bowels. The cum acted liked a soothing balm to her ravaged ass. Maria let go of Sandra’s head. Then the pressure began maltepe escort to subside in Sandra`s ass. She felt the cock being withdrawn. Finally there was a loud wet sucking sound as Swarthy pulled his cock from her cum-filled ass. He rubbed his semi-limp cock in the crack of Sandra’s ass, smearing it with the last of his cum.Sandra lay limply over the roll of carpet. Her ass was filled with Swarthy’s cum. She felt as if she had been torn apart. Maria lifted Sandra’s head. “You see chiquita, you learned something today. Maybe you even like it this way now, yes?” laughed Maria. Sandra felt cum running down the inside of her thighs. Maria began stuffing a rag into Sandra’s asshole. She stuffed another in her pussy. “We don’t want you dripping all over this new carpet,” laughed Maria. Maria pulled Sandra into a standing position. She led the dazed Sandra into an unfinished bathroom. Maria untied Sandra’s hands. “Get in the tub,” ordered Maria. Sandra stepped in. “Now lie down,” said Maria. Sandra lay down in the tub. “Time for clean up,” said Maria and she turned on the shower full force. The cold water struck Sandra in the face. She gasped. “Here wipe yourself off with this,” said Maria as she tossed Sandra a threadbare towel. Sandra did as she was told. Maria cut off the water and gave Sandra another towel to dry off with. Then she began to put on Sandra’s blouse. Sandra neither helped nor resisted. Then Maria slipped on Sandra’s skirt.Sandra’s blouse stuck to her still wet body and Maria couldn’t resist one last mauling of Sandra’s tits. “I think maybe we should do this again sometime. Just you and me,” she purred into Sandra’s ear. The three men had put on their clothes and now entered the room. Skinny pulled Sandra’s hands behind her back and tied them. “You got an awful nice pussy between those legs, shame to let it go to waste,” he said. Stocky put on the blindfold and the gag. “You can suck cock with the best of them, maybe I tell the guys on the crew about you. There’s only 20 of them,” he laughed. “Remember what I told you about people and assholes,” whispered Swarthy. “People are for talking to, assholes are for having cocks stuck in ’em.” They guided Sandra out of the room and down the stairs. Then onto the floor of the van. Sandra hardly noticed any of this. Soon they were back in the garage. The van stopped in back of Sandra’s car. She was taken out of the van. Her blindfold and gag removed, her hands were untied. “Now maybe you have learned something,” said Maria. “You can’t just fuck over people like they was nothing.” Sandra started to say something, but Maria held up her hand. “Don’t say nothing, just remember what we say to you,” said Maria. “And just in case you forget here’s something to remind you.” She handed Sandra some of the photos. One showed Sandra as she was sucking a cock and being fucked in the pussy. Another showed her licking Maria’s pussy as a huge cock was being shoved up Sandra’s ass. “If that’s not enough, then maybe we come back for more lessons. I know lots of tricks. I might even do it for free next time,” laughed Maria. She got into the van and blew Sandra a kiss. The van pulled away, leaving Sandra leaning against the trunk of her car.To Be Continued…

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