Claire de Lune

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He felt his balls tighten as he slapped into her; her whimpers grew louder and uncontrollable; she writhed against him as he slapped faster and faster, and suddenly his cock was jerking unbelievably fast, each stroke deep to the hilt into her as his load of come filled her up with cream; she felt it gush hot and wet deep inside, making his cock slide even faster and smoother, pushing her over the edge; she gave it up and jerked in orgasm, with gutteral moans, his cock still sliding in and in and in and a distant woman’s voice was speaking words he couldn’t understand but then a man’s voice said more clearly, “It’s normal, it happens to all of us,” and as he heard those words he became aware that his pajamas were soaked through with come and he vaguely smelled the dust of the couch and the thin covers and the throw pillow without a pillowcase. He lay still, and couldn’t help humping a little to still his throbbing cock, but since he lay facing the door, he could see the morning light through his eyelashes, and he opened his eyes slightly, imperceptibly, to see the silhouettes of two figures in the doorway, a man and a woman–it came back to him where he was–it was his friend’s sister and her husband in the doorway watching him. He opened his eyes a tiny bit more to see them more clearly, because they showed no signs of leaving. He tried to quiet his own embarrassment at being seen humping the couch in the middle of a wet dream.

His friend’s sister was not taking her eyes off his ass, which had now calmed down, and she quietly repeated to her husband in a low husky voice, “Are you sure he’s okay?” and her husband said, “Claire, really, all boys do it and sometimes men, it’s a dream state, we get aroused in dreams, especially in the morning. Come on, let’s have coffee and leave him alone before he wakes up,” and he pulled on her shoulder to make her follow him into the kitchen.

She followed him, but not without staring back at the young man on the couch until she stepped out of sight.

Jack reached down to feel his soaking pajamas, and quickly tried to figure out how to clean himself up. He wiped what he could clean with a handkerchief, got up, went into the bathroom and ran the shower.

When he showed up, clean and dressed, for breakfast, he tried deliberately to breathe steadily and pretend he knew nothing about Claire and Robert watching him from the doorway. He wondered if he should tell one of them that he had got their couch a little wet through the sheet but dismissed the idea.

“Ah, there you are!” said Claire brightly. “What will you have? Coffee? Eggs? Cereal? What do you like?”

“Oh, anything, really, whatever’s easiest,” said Jack.

“Fix him some eggs and bacon, hon,” said Robert. “He must be famished.”

“I’ll make eggs and sausage, how would that be?” said Claire.

“Well, fine, great, sounds good,” said Jack.

Claire set about fixing the breakfast for Jack, as he joined Robert at the table.

“Sleep well?” asked Robert.

“Oh, yeah, yeah, very comfortable couch, thanks. I really appreciate you guys putting me up. I guess I’ll be heading out soon. I don’t want to trouble you.”

“Ah, no problems at all,” said Robert. “Stay and see the wine festival today–free tastes! Maybe Claire can take you over. And you’re welcome to stay longer. Any friend of Pierre’s is a friend of ours!”

Claire brought Jack’s breakfast to the table. She seemed to breathe deeply through her nose as she set it in front of him, leaning close on his left side. Jack could smell the citrus shampoo in her loose blonde hair. Her tight red dress was like a robe, with a simple rope belt.

Robert stood up and gulped the last of his coffee. “Off to work. That’s the way it is for men, isn’t it? Just when you want to relax and visit with a friend. At least it’s Friday.” He strode purposefully to the coat closet to pick up his coat, as Claire sat down opposite Jack.

Robert stepped over to give his wife a peck on the lips. “Later, hon,” he said, and strode out the door. “Show him the wine–pride of Dijon! Bye!”

Jack continued eating, and Claire watched in silence for a moment. “Is it good?” she asked.

“Perfect. Thanks very much, it’s great.”

“Oh, you need more coffee!” She jumped up to get the pot. “Do you want another sausage? There’s one more on the grill.” She brought it over on a plate.

“No, really, I’ve got enough, thanks,” said Jack, as she poured him more coffee.

Claire sat down again and placed the sausage plate in front of her. She eyed him as he ate his eggs, and as he took a sip of coffee, he saw her begin to eat the sausage herself. She was watching him, and instead of biting the sausage, she ataköy escort let it slip partly out of her lips. Her mouth opened wider around the sausage and her tongue drew it back in before she bit a piece off to chew slowly. Jack was very turned on by this but he figured that was his active mind at work; it looked like she was not aware of what she was doing.

He felt a bit awkward in the silence, and took another sip of coffee.

“The wine festival is a big party,” said Claire. “It starts at 2:00. Do you want to go?”

“Yeah, sure. I’d like to look around the city a little first, though. Should I meet you here at 1:30?”

“OK, good, that way I can get a few things done.” Claire lifted the sausage to her soft lips and Jack didn’t want to stare but couldn’t help watching, between bites of egg, glancing over as she again took the sausage in with her tongue and slid it back out a little before sucking it in and eating it.

Suddenly, Claire realized what she’d done and that Jack was watching. She stood up quickly, and said, “Well I better be off. See you here at 1:30, okay?” She swung round and Jack couldn’t help gluing his eyes on her shapely ass and the line of narrow panties showing through her tight dress. Since no one was watching him, he indulged himself in watching her ass and her narrow waist, the bra line, her shapely bare legs, the toss of her blonde hair as she put on her red jacket.

She caught him looking and gave a Mona Lisa smile. “Bye,” she practically whispered.


At nearly 2:00, Jack knocked on the door to the apartment, and Claire opened it.

“Sorry I’m late, I had lunch at the Cafe National and it took a while to be served. Then I realized it was farther from here than I thought.”

“Oh, yes, that’s down near where we are going. Did you see the preparations?”

“So that’s what it was. Very nice looking women in costumes, setting up tables.”

“Yes, that’s it. Come on, let’s go.” Claire took his arm and turned him toward the door, and down the stairs they trotted, to the car. A red convertible. This was going to be fun. It was a sunny day.

They hopped in, Claire in her red jacket on the black leather seats in the red convertible, Jack in his old worn-out denim jacket and jeans. He couldn’t help noticing how high her tight dress rode up when she made herself comfortable in the leather seat, ready to work the pedals. And when she put the seat belt on, his eye followed the curve of her beautiful mound of flesh almost to the nipple, with no bra yet in sight.


At the wine festival, Claire showed him all the booths, and they waited through a few presentations of awards for new wine made that year. At each booth there were small paper cups with tastes of wine. They tried them all, and as they walked in the bright sun and the cool spring air, they laughed about the characters surrounding them–the gawky tourist at the first booth whose camera swung from the strap on his neck and knocked over three winecups, the huge lady at the second booth who thought it okay to squeeze herself into a miniskirt, the girl in the next booth whose miniskirt was extremely becoming (even Claire thought she was hot-looking), and the busload of tourists who got out at the corner, piled out to take pictures of the festival, and then jumped back in to zoom off to their next destination.

“Some tour they’re getting, all pictures, and no action,” said Jack, laughing.

“You’d think at least they’d sample a bit of wine!” said Claire, taking hold of his arm and chuckling. “They don’t know what they’re missing! Mmmm it feels good to have a day off and be free and easy!”

“Is this a day off for you?” said Jack.

“Yes, I usually work at Robert’s office for part of every day, but we decided I’d show you around. Really, this is fun for me.” She smiled up into his eyes, glanced at his lips and away to the bandstand at the end of the street.

Jack reached around her shoulders, pulled her tight to him for a moment, and said, “You are the perfect guide for me–beautiful, funny, smart and sassy, dressed to kill, and I’m an embarrassment with my jeans and jean jacket! I’ll bet people in this town are going to talk–who was that bum you were with yesterday?”

Claire laughed. “Oh, no, they don’t really know me. We’re new in town; we moved last year from the suburbs to be in town and closer to work. Don’t worry, I’m free as a bird, especially today.”

They selected one of the booths to buy a few bottles of wine from, and made for the car, feeling a little tipsy from all the samples they’d drunk. In the driver’s seat of the convertible, Claire happily sunned herself bakırköy escort for a moment before revving up the little car and driving, a bit sloppily, down the narrow streets to home.

They pulled up to the apartment building and started up the steps to the door. Jack followed Claire’s shapely ass, which seemed to twitch even more cunningly than usual, and he made it a game, since she wasn’t looking, to walk as close as he could to that swaying ass, since he was feeling a bit lightheaded and was relishing the moment. Until, that is, she stopped suddenly at the top and his nose poked right into her ass.

She whipped around with a little shriek. “Oh, you sassy thing! What are you doing?!” and she tittered a bit as she fumbled with the keys.

“Ahhhh! Sorry! I didn’t mean to poke you in your luscious bum,” said Jack before he could stop himself.

“Why you little scoundrel,” said Claire. She backed up the last step into the now open kitchen door and pulled Jack by the chin towards her. As soon as he cleared the door, she whacked it shut with her red shoe, and placed both palms against Jack’s chest, pushing him against the door.

“I am a married woman,” Claire said in a low voice, practically spitting out the words in a loud whisper. “You had better watch yourself. I know men and what they’re about and you can’t fool me.” She glared into Jack’s eyes and her hands rounded his ribs to his side and slid down to his waist, still pushing him against the door. Her thumbs drifted around so her hands were now gripping his hips. She was ready to let him go but couldn’t resist sliding her thumbs lightly down his groin as she let him go, backed up, pulled off her jacket, tossed it over a stool and marched over to the fridge.

“Now what are we going to do for dinner?” she said, moving on quickly to the next subject.

Jack followed her to the fridge, where she stood, feet apart, leaning forward into the open fridge, and he grabbed her by the hips and leaned into her ass. She stood up and shut the fridge door. He slid his hands round her waist to hold her belly from behind, her ass and back tight up against him. Both of them could feel his hardness inviting her ass to respond.

“I’m a married woman,” she whispered again. She turned slowly to face him, maintaining full contact with his body, and looked up into his eyes. He felt her chest press against his. It was a full chest, and his hardness rose faster. She pulled his head towards hers and sucked his lips into hers, sucked his tongue into her mouth, swirled it round her own.

Their intense kiss stopped with a jolt when they heard the downstairs door slam shut.

Jack sat down at the table. Claire set about opening one of the new bottles of wine. Robert walked into the kitchen. Everyone appeared to be in a fine mood. Claire suggested they all go out to dinner.


Nothing more could happen between them. Robert was cheerful, generous, went on at length about the history of the wine festival. They drank a lot of wine and drifted back home. It was time for bed.

Jack was just coming out of the bathroom as Claire was going in. They brushed close by each other and their hands caught each other. Jack saw that Robert was reading in bed. He turned to look at her. She looked slyly back at him and playfully pulled at the elastic of his boxer shorts and let them snap back. He gave her a playful glare and reached in to tweak her nipple through her nightie. “Hey!” she said and then clapped her hand over her mouth smiling. Jack checked Robert; he was still reading. She shut the bathroom door on him, and there was nothing more to do but go to bed.


Many nights lately, Jack had been having wet dreams. This morning’s dream was a bit embarrassing, and he hoped not to have that happen again. But there was not much he could do about it, since when it happened, he was asleep.

Sure enough, he dreamed of a woman dressed to kill in a tight red dress with a rope belt. He untied the belt, and let it drop to the floor. Her dress fell open, revealing a fit, healthy, warm, shapely body. He felt her reach out to pull at the elastic on his boxer shorts but in the dream she didn’t snap them back; instead, she pulled them down to reveal a full, heavy, spongy, rising cock which he dreamed she took hold of with both hands. Then he felt another sensation besides the hands. As it descended his shaft, he realized it was wet and swirled round the head of his cock, which slipped partly out through her lips before she opened her mouth and her tongue drew his cock back in like a huge sausage. His cock was completely rigid and her saliva was dripping all the way to the base. Her hands slid up his slippery rod, following her lips as they journeyed to the tip of his penis, and her tongue circled the head. She sucked hard and let the broad head snap into her mouth and pulled back, and let it snap in again while her hands worked his shaft; he was getting extremely turned on and reached out to feel her ass and her hips and her ass again and her crack which his hands followed down to the juicy cunt lips and slid right in easily, two fingers pushing in, and out, and his thumb found her clit and he dreamed he heard her moaning and felt the vibrations of her moaning on his cock, and then felt her cunt leaning on his hand and moving up toward his face. He pulled the cunt into his face and the sharp taste made him realize this was no dream. He licked at the juicy cunt while her lips smacked on his cock and he started driving his cock into her mouth as his tongued sucked at her clit and poked into her cunt and back and forth from one to the other and she whimpered while his hand held and kneaded her rubbery nipple and in a moment the pace was getting faster and his control was not holding out and his cock settled deep in her probing mouth and she sucked for all she was worth and stroked him and he frantically nibbled her writhing cunt as he exploded hard into her greedy sucking mouth again and again and she sucked and swallowed every drop while moaning and writhing her cunt against his wide open mouth.

They slowed down; she moved away from his mouth and released his wet cock and turned around to face him and they peered into each other’s eyes in the dark night. The day had not yet come.

They kissed deeply, tasting themselves and each other, and the unexpected gift of this beautiful woman deep in the night of his dreams kept his cock hard even after he came, and she noticed this with her hand, and slid her nightie up around her waist and opened herself to his still-hard cock and let it slip slowly into her cunt as she lowered herself onto his rigid staff and slid down the come-covered cock to the bottom of the shaft. She lifted slowly and the juices coated them both as she slowly pumped down and up, down and up, her hungry pussy beginning to want to feel him unload himself into her deepest self, and she could feel him responding and getting even harder again, and she began to think he might come again sooner than she thought possible, and as she thought this he was kneading her nipples and she brought her breasts down to his mouth and he sucked on them, bringing them together to suck on both nipples at the same time, and she gasped as her own sensations jumped to a higher level and she could feel warmth radiating from her sex and her belly and her breasts and suddenly he had inserted a wet slippery finger between her clit and his belly and she tipped over the edge, jerking her hips again and again and again and trying for all she was worth not to cry out because her husband in the bedroom was not so far away, and then on top of her orgasm she felt him come deep into her, gushing again and filling her up, and he unloaded up and up into her deep cunt, holding her and pulling her down on him and sliding his hands into her ass and down into her asshole as she felt her breasts press hard on his chest and she let her head lay quiet on his shoulder.


Showered, dressed, packed, and ready to go, Jack entered the kitchen where he smelled breakfast cooking. He steadied his breathing and acted as if nothing had happened. Cheerily, he said, “Good morning,” as he rounded the corner, and tried to still his beating heart a bit when he saw only Robert there, cooking an omelet.

“Well good morning!” said Robert. “Sleep well?”

“Oh, yes, very well, thanks. And you?”

“Great. I fell asleep reading and didn’t move until this morning! But Claire, she’s completely sacked out. I think you wiped her out!”

Jack started, thinking for a second Robert knew. “Oh, yes, we did have a very long walk yesterday at the wine festival, and then all those wine samples, and that great dinner, I’m not surprised she’s sacked out still.”

The two men had breakfast; Robert spent part of the meal reading the paper, and Jack got up to straighten up his things. He neatened up the couch, and couldn’t help sniffing the sheet for a whiff of Claire as he rolled up the sheets into a pile on the floor.

It was Saturday and Robert was not going to work. Claire was still sleeping when it came time for Jack to catch his train.

“Say goodbye for me, will you?” said Jack. “I’m really sorry I can’t say it myself.”

“No problem, Jack, she’ll be sorry she couldn’t say goodbye too. Have a great trip, though. And keep in touch, won’t you?”

“Definitely,” said Jack. Very close touch, I hope. You are one lucky man to have a woman like that every night, he thought. And he walked out the door, still tasting and smelling her even after a good breakfast.

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