Chance Encounter

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Chance EncounterJeffrey was driving home from work one day when suddenly his car died. He was in the country in the middle of nowhere. He got out of the car and looked in all directions and spotted a farm in the distance. He locked the car and began the walk towards the farm.He came upon a barn next to the house and heard someone inside. He walked in and saw the farmer. He was a large man with a big belly, wearing coveralls without a shirt. His nipples were large and pink and he had no evidence of body hair. He called to the farmer and he walked towards Jeffrey. Jeffrey explained how his car had broken down and asked if he could use the farmers phone. The farmer eyed Jeffrey up and down and began to grin knowingly. Jeffrey suddenly felt very uncomfortable and started to back away from the farmer. As he did so, two of the farmer’s farm hands appeared behind him and blocked his path. They were built and dressed much the same way as the farmer. The farmer ordered his helpers to grab Jeffrey and hold him there. The farmer approached Jeffrey and grabbed his crotch. He rubbed his cock through his pants causing Jeffrey’s cock to become hard and erect. The farmer smiled and was pleased at Jeffrey’s response to his touch. He told Jeffrey that there was no escape and that it would be wise for him to be obedient while the men had their way with him. The farmer’s helpers ripped off Jeffrey’s clothes and to their surprise discovered that he was wearing silk lace stockings, and a pretty camisole. Jeffrey’s cock was completely shaved and he was wearing a stainless steel cock harness that stretched and spread his shaved balls. They also admired the thick steel ring piercing the head of Jeffrey’s cock. The men picked Jeffrey up and carried him to a stable in the barn where they milked cows. They fit him with worn leather harness and pushed him down on his belly on the dirty hay covered floor. They tied his ankles to his thighs and tied his forearms together behind his back. They lowered a chain from a beam directly over the stable stall and hooked it to Jeffrey’s harness. They pulled the chain causing Jeffrey to be suspended in the air. He was at their mercy and completely helpless.The men then produced a cow milking machine. It was a stainless steel container with four suction tubes that were designed to fit over a milk cow’s udders. There was a suction tube running from the container to a compressor hidden from view. The farmer applied a thick layer of Vaseline to Jeffrey’s cock, balls and asshole. He then pressed a large rubber butt plug against Jeffrey’s asshole and pushed it deep inside of his rectum. The farmer then turned on the compressor to the milk machine. He slipped one of the suction tubes over Jeffrey’s cock. He put one on each of Jeffrey’s balls and finally put the last one on the end of the butt plug protruding from Jeffrey’s asshole. The tubes sucked powerfully at Jeffrey’s cock, balls and ass causing his body to spasm with sexual abandon. They sucked in and out, in and out. The tube that sucked at Jeffrey’s butt plug pulled the plug out and released it over and over again. Jeffrey began to lose control. His pendik escort cock was being sucked, his balls were being sucked and the dildo was being pulled out and released into him over and over and over with loud juicy suction noises. Jeffrey’s cock began to spasm and jerk and he suddenly lost control and ejacualted a powerful stream of hot sticky semen into the stainless steel milking container. The tubes continued to suck at Jeffrey while the farmer emptied the contents of the container into a glass and forced Jeffrey to drink every last drop. The farmer and his helpers smiled at the sight of Jeffrey’s hot sticky semen dripping from the corners of his mouth as he was helplessly suspended in the air. The farmer removed the tube from Jeffrey’s butt plug and quickly pulled the butt plug out with a loud juicy pop and tossed it aside causing it to smack the ground with a wet thud. He let the remaining tubes continue sucking at Jeffrey’s cock and balls. The farmer undid the snaps of his overalls and let them fall to the ground. He moved between Jeffrey’s legs and pressed his enormous erection against Jeffrey’s asshole. He rubbed it up and down the crack of his ass and then again pressed it firmly against his asshole. The farmer pushed hard and his cock disappeared deep inside Jeffrey’s asshole. He swung Jeffrey’s suspended body away from and towards him, sliding Jeffrey’s asshole over the length of his enormous cock. The farmer continued to slow fuck Jeffrey deeply. Jeffrey began to spasm and jerk against the harness. The tubes were sucking at his cock and balls and the farmer was fucking him deep and hard. Suddenly Jeffrey and the farmer’s cocks began to jerk and spasm and they suddenly ejaculated simultaneously. As Jeffrey released a hot stream of semen into the container, he could feel a hot stream of semen being ejaculated deep into his rectum. The farmer pulled out of Jeffrey’s asshole while still ejaculating and sprayed Jeffrey’s ass with his sticky semen. Again the farmer emptied the ejaculate from the steel container and poured it into a glass. He grabbed Jeffrey by his hair and pulled his head far back. He pressed the glass to Jeffrey’s lips and forced him to suck the hot semen down his throat, filling his mouth and causing rivulets of cum to run down the corners of his mouth.The farmer’s helpers approached Jeffrey. One pressed his thick erection against Jeffrey’s lips while the other pressed his cock against Jeffrey’s asshole. They simultaneously pushed their cocks into Jeffrey’s sticky mouth and cum soaked asshole. They fucked him in and out of his mouth and asshole, swinging him back and forth over the lengths of their hard muscular shafts. Jeffrey’s body continued to spasm against the tubes that were constantly sucking at his cock and balls. The helpers moaned out loud as they felt their orgasms begin to erupt deep inside their big meaty balls. Jeffrey could feel their cocks jerk and spasm in his mouth and asshole causing him to give in to the tube sucking at his cock. All three of them ejaculated a huge quantity of hot sticky semen. Jeffrey’s semen was sucked powerfully kartal escort from the head of his cock by the milking tube into the container. He could feel the hot sticky ejaculate from the men stream forcefully into his throat and asshole. The man behind him pulled his cock out of Jeffrey’s asshole with a loud, wet suction noise. The man in front pulled his cock out and rubbed it all over Jeffrey’s face. And all the while, the tubes continued to suck at Jeffrey’s cock and balls. The farmer walked over and as he had done before, emptied Jeffrey’s semen from the steel milk container and poured it into a glass. He pulled Jeffrey’s head back and forced him to guzzle it down his throat creating a loud gurgling noise as he did so. The farmer reached between Jeffrey’s legs and pulled slowly and deliberately on the tube sucking at his cock. The tube made a squishy wet sucking noise as it neared the head of Jeffrey’s cock. The farmer held it there letting the machine’s wet sloppy mechanical pumping continue to suck on Jeffrey’s hot throbbing knob. Jeffrey squirmed and cried out. His balls began to contract and spasm against the sucking tubes. Suddenly, the farmer grabbed the hoses attached to the tubes sucking at his balls and jerked them hard, freeing his balls from their tight grip. He then pulled the remaining tube from his cock head with a loud wet juicy pop. The farmer smiled at the sight of Jeffrey’s cock dancing and jerking between his legs, knowing that had he held the tube there a second longer, Jeffrey would have ejaculated powerfully. The farmers’ helpers lifted Jeffrey up and freed him from the chain, which suspended him. They laid him down on his belly on the dirty hay covered floor and removed the straps that tied his ankles to his thighs. They stood him up and admired Jeffrey’s trembling cum soaked thighs and mouth. They walked him to a stable at the other end of the barn and pushed him into it. Jeffrey was startled to see another man in the stable. He was sitting upright with his wrists cuffed together straight above his head and was wearing a collar that was clasped to the stable wall behind him. His legs were spread wide, pulled up over his shoulders and clasped to the wall by rings attached to his ankle cuffs, completely exposing his erect cock and asshole. The man was built like Jeffery and his cock and balls were completely shaved. The man was completely covered in sticky cum. It ran out of the corners of his mouth, down over his nipples and oozed around his thighs, causing a wet puddle of semen to drip on the floor on either side of him. His asshole was wet and shiny as the semen that was ejaculated earlier into his rectum oozed out and down his ass crack onto floor. The farmer produced a leather strap with two thick stainless steel rings at both ends. He spread Jeffrey’s legs and slipped one of the rings over his cock and balls letting the strap and the other ring dangle between his legs. The cold steel gripped his cock and balls painfully tight, as his erection grew harder. The farmer pushed Jeffrey to his knees and ordered him to lick the other slave’s maltepe escort asshole, suck his cum soaked balls and deep throat his rigid cock. Jeffrey eagerly complied and as he licked and sucked the slave, he could recognize the familiar taste and smell of the farmer’s ejaculate. Jeffrey’s lips slowly and deliberately sucked the length of the slaves cock deep into his throat. His lips were pressed firmly against the slave’s belly, his cock buried deep in his throat and he felt the slave’s balls spasm and contract against his chin. He pulled his mouth away from the slave’s cock and let it pop out as the slave ejaculated a hot stream of sticky semen all over Jeffrey’s face.The farmer pulled Jeffrey back and pushed him to his knees facing away from the slave. The helpers unstrapped the slave, bound his forearms behind his back and positioned him opposite of Jeffrey with his legs straddling Jeffrey’s. They slid Jeffrey back until his ass and balls touched the slave’s ass and balls. The farmer reached between the slave’s legs and slipped the stainless steel ring hanging from the strap attached to Jeffrey over the slaves cock and balls causing his erection to become harder. The veins of both of their cocks stood up and throbbed against the tight steel rings. The farmer slid Jeffrey slightly forward and produced a menacing looking black double dildo. He pressed one end against the slave’s asshole and watched it disappear inside of him causing his asshole to contract and quiver. He pushed the other end into Jeffrey’s asshole. The farmer smiled at the sight of the double dildo joining the two together. He ordered them to rock back and forth so the dildo would fuck them. He motioned to the two helpers to kneel in front of Jeffrey and the slave. They both grabbed the backs of their heads and pushed their enormous cocks slowly and deeply down their throats. When Jeffrey pushed back on the slave’s dildo, the slave’s mouth sucked deeper on the helper’s cock. When the slave pushed back on the dildo, Jeffrey’s mouth sucked deeper on the other helper. Jeffrey and the slave moved back and forth, fucking each other with the double butt plug while sucking the helper’s cocks in and out of their wet mouths. As Jeffrey and the slave fucked and sucked the farmer stood over them and masturbated with the head of his cock aimed between their asses. They all fucked and sucked and masturbated to a perfect rhythm. They all began to feel the semen rise from their balls. They all felt the spasms and jerking at the same time and they all ejaculated thick, hot sticky streams of semen. Jeffrey and the slave’s throats choked and gurgled against the hot semen filling their mouths. The farmer coated Jeffrey’s and the slave’s ass cracks with his enormous load smiling as the semen ran down and coated the dildo as they continued to fuck each other. The farmer produced another long leather strap and slipped it around the double dildo and attached it to a beam above the stable stall. He knew they wouldn’t be able to escape. The rings that gripping their cock and balls held them close together, making it impossible for the dildo to pop out of their cum soaked asses. And the long strap that ran from the underside of the dildo up to the beam would assure that they couldn’t crawl away.The farmer and his helpers left them bound together. They turned the light off and locked the barn door closed until their return the following morning.

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