Case of Frustrated Analyst Ch. 05

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Chapter Five: The Eastern Philosophy

A year past. The whole time was devoted to Alicia. All the tenderness and love I could find in me was lavished on her. My fantastic cravings subsided with the fear that my next trip into utter depravity would result in permanent harm. Perhaps the next woman suffering my anal onslaught would find it impossible to live with the shame.

Our trips down the chocolate highway were fewer than before and always gentle, never reaching the heights that drove me insane with ass lust.

All in all, life was good. My business was a success and I had found a good manager, leaving me more leisure time. We traveled some. Worked on remodeling the house ourselves and Alicia went back to school. She wasn’t pursuing a degree. She was simply interested in many subjects and was happiest when studying them in an academic setting.

My business at the office where the fat woman worked ended and I never saw her again.

I joined a private health club and so never saw the young blonde again either.

In time the fight within myself against the urges to loose myself in the delightful agonies of violent assfucking was lost.

One afternoon I was in the weight room at the club when the tiniest woman I had ever seen glided in. At first glance she seemed no older than 13, but a closer look revealed those hints of curves and the jutting nipples that only a mature woman can have. She was Oriental, which might have accounted for her size. She was also limber, strong and lithe. As she bent, twisted, and contorted in the manner of a gymnast, every man in the room was riveted in place.

I went about my routine but my eyes constantly searched her out. Soon she was face down on a bench, pulling weight with her heels. That tiny bulge of ass was clenching and rising with each straining move and I was lost. She looked over at me and winked and my prick rose in my sweats.

I followed her to her place. We pulled up in the driveway of a neat as a pin little house on a quiet street. I followed her inside where she suggested that we shower.

She ran the water as hot as we could stand and while I stood with the spray beating on my back she knelt before me and took my dick between her lips. I rose like a fish after a fat bug as she ran the tip of her tongue around my dickhead. Looking down gave me the glimpse of her nipples standing out from her small perfect cones of flesh.

The shower head was one of those massage types on it’s own hose. I reached back and took it down from it’s holder and played it on her head, back, and breasts. She took me deeper into her tender mouth, holding her lips tight around my shaft as she sucked so the water running down her face was sealed out.

I started to pull away as my climax built, but she grabbed my ass and held me while sucking like a fury on the swelling rod pushed tight against the back of her throat. I spread my legs, bent back and reached around with the shower head to spray against my balls. She drove her hot mouth up and down on my shaft and the cum surged out into her throat.

She stood up and I turned her around. I took my slime coated dick and rubbed it between her cheeks. She pressed back against me and moaned with pleasure. I bent her forward with a hand on her back. She braced against the shower wall and I took my dick away from her tight crack. I set the spray of the shower to hard, pulsing jets and started running it down and around her cheeks. She bent further over and exposed the dark pucker of her shit hole above the tiny cunt lips that spread to show her pussy hole. It was clenched tight. I aimed the spray into her slit and the hard jets beat against her clit and battered at her tight hole. She grunted with the effort of keeping the water from getting up her cunt as I kept the water running at her. I moved the spray up to her bung and reached around to turn the hot water up higher. The steam rose around us as the scorching water pounded against her puckered hole. I reached back again and turned the hot water all the way off. She jerked forward with a gasp as the steaming hot spray turned to ice against her anus. I dropped the shower head and got to my knees behind her.

I reached out with the tip of my stiff tongue to caress her pussy lips, then poke the length of bursa escort it into her cunt. The muscles of an athlete clamped down on my rigid licker. The shower head was spraying hard jets of freezing water into my crotch so that my balls shrank up inside the sack. I forced my tongue out of her hole and went to work on her clit. I flicked the tip across her hard little nub until it throbbed under my stiff tongue. She was bending over further and further until her hands were flat against the bottom of the tub. The cheeks of her tiny ass flattened out so that the puckered hole of her anus was almost level with the bones stretching the skin of her butt. The offer was too good to refuse and my tongue lashed against her bung, flicking around the strained folds of her rectum, and stabbing at the tight muscle until the tip penetrated the slightest bit inside her. She reached back and turned the shower head away from my crotch then started massaging the head of my dick. My tongue had worked deeper into her hole and the root of it was aching with the effort.

My cock was rampant again. I put my feet on the edges of the tub so that I could get a straight down shot at her. I braced myself with my hands on her hips. Slowly the head of my bung splitter approached her clenched hole. As the tip touched she shuddered and raised up on her toes to meet me. At the same time she pushed with the muscles of her ass walls to open the sphincter for my entry. I plunged in to the root of my cock, amazed at the ease with which she took me, and disappointed at the lack of the fight I had come to need when getting the first fuck of an asshole. Within seconds the only feeling left to me was ecstasy as her powerful anal tunnel clenched tight around my cock. She dropped down off her toes and my entire weight shifted with her to slam my hips into her rock hard cheeks. My straining cock sank even further into her. I could feel the coiled bowels stretching and straightening to take the head and shaft crammed into them. She looked back at me and smiled and told me her name was Suzy. I took that as a sign that she approved of nine hard inches packed up her butt.

Without moving, leaving my rigid dick buried deep in her, she used her muscles to milk me of my second blast. I clenched my teeth and ground my hips down onto her while she strained with her legs to hold me up. The burn started in my nuts and shot up the underside of my dick to tear at the hole at the head. The pressure built and receded as she sensed the coming release and backed off the delicious pressure that slid up and down my hot shaft. Again and again she brought me to the peak, keeping me right on the edge. I gasped with the agony of the pressure building in me and my legs and arms were shaking from holding myself up. Just when I thought I could stand no more she clamped my aching cock in a vice grip that squeezed the jiz in my dick out but blocked off the rest of the flow from my sack. The head of my dick swelled tighter and tighter as the blood was forced into it and the sensitive hole oozed hot cum. My nuts strained to push the fluid out but her grip on my shaft held it in. The pain in my sack was so intense that tears streamed out of my eyes but I kept my dick tightly lodged in her gripping hot hole. Without warning she relaxed her grip on my shaft just enough to start a rippling action down it’s length. The fiery jiz forced it’s way into my cock and battered into her butt in blast after blast.

My dick pulsed and bucked in her hole and I raised up until the head was hanging above her gaping pucker and watched as a gout of cum sprayed out the end and drenched the hole. Her sphincter started to close up and I slammed my dickhead back into it. Her knees gave out as I slammed my full length into her steaming bowels. My feet slid off the side of the tub. The base of my buried cock dragged down on her hole and her knees buckled to try to bring her bung in line with my dick. I reached down and around to grab her hand sized tits. I pulled her up so that she was standing while I kept my dick tight up her, bending my knees. With my arms wrapped around her small body I straightened my legs and lifted her into the air. She squirmed with the agony of having her weight carried on my shaft. Gravity pulled at the bowels around my dick and even more bursa escort bayan of her tube slipped down my shaft. I grabbed her under the arms, lifted and held her with my dickhead just penetrating the rubbery sphincter. She clenched and unclenched her hole so that my cockhead slipped almost all the way out then popped back in again. I dragged down on her, slamming deep in her anus again. I turned her so that she could bend down and turn off the shower. She stayed leaned out from my chest, my dick deep in her anal passage.

I stepped out of the tub, and walked out to the bedroom with water running off of us. Every step jarred my hard cock deeper into her bowels and she gasped with the shock.

We reached the bed and as my knees hit the edge I dragged her up off my bulging cock and threw her face down on the bed. She bounced off the mattress and I was on her, my face buried in the crack of her ass and my tongue searched out the pucker that still gaped open from the stretching of my fat crack splitter. My stiff tongue sank in and out of her as fast as I could make it go. She screamed then and began to shudder with her first orgasm.

My tongue fought to stay in her anus as the vibrations of her pulsing sphincter tried to push it out. Finally she subsided and I pulled my tongue out to lick around her crack and the slit under her bung.

My dick was still hard and I ached for that third orgasm. I rolled her over on her back and laid down on her, reaching for her mouth with mine. As we kissed and sucked on each other’s tongues I mashed her tiny tits against my chest and ground my prick into her pussy slit. She spread her legs and I stabbed blindly until my stiff cockhead found the opening to her cunt. I stopped at the entrance to her pussy. Still kissing her sweet mouth I pushed gently at her cunt and the head eased into her tight, slick tunnel. She groaned around my tongue that scraped at the tender roof of her mouth. Slow inch by slow inch my shaft eased into her heated hole. When half my length was encased in her I pulled back out with the same slow slide. Her tight wetness pulled at the sensitive skin on the underside of my cockhead. She was so tight the I had to work to keep from being pushed out of her pussy. When I was all the way out, with the head pushing lightly at her hole, I reached back and slid my hands under her ass. Caressing the hard cheeks resting in my hands I pushed back into her cunt, harder this time, working my way to the base of my straining dick. She cried out with the intense pleasure of my fat hard dick buried to the hilt in her tight cunt. She pulled her legs up and back until her toes rested on the bed on either side of her head. I started pounding her hole then, pushing in and out of her gaping slit. I kept up a fast, hard pace of slippery fucking until my ass ached from the effort and my breath came in hot gasps. She bucked up against me, meeting my thrusts with punishing slams into my hips.

My hands kneaded into her ass flesh and I worked a finger into her shithole. As the second knuckle slid into her bung I felt her buck with the orgasm that flooded her tight slick pussy with scalding juice. I rammed tight up into the tiny hole at the back of her pussy, the ring of the cervix stretched to let me slip deep into her, then tightened around the ring of flesh at the base of my cockhead. She shook with the strength of her come, over and over the shudders flung her up off the bed. I jerked my finger out of her asshole and she pushed back with her ass to try to capture it back into that dark, gripping hole again. I ripped my dick out of her dripping cunt and dragged the head down the short alley to her twitching pucker. She screamed and thrust up as I smashed down and my bung buster rammed deep into her spasming bowels.

I was going for it all this time. I pounded and twisted my pulsing prick into her anus. We ground our bodies together while my engorged dick reached up as far as muscle and bone allowed. The juice that had coated my slamming cock burned away with the friction of our fucking. The drier I got the hotter the walls of her grasping hole got. Her tight hold on me was pulling at the skin of my cock while the speed of my thrusts in her desert dry hole was making her scream in agony. I pounded all the harder as our pain escort bursa swelled into a red haze and broke through to that plateau of pleasure I so desperately needed.

I loosened the iron grip of my hands on her ass and wrapped my arms around her lower back, locking her straining legs tightly bent at her hips. I slammed deep into her shithole and rolled us over. We lay for a moment with her relaxed against my chest. I moved in her again, rocking her slight form up and down and around on my stiff hot shaft. I felt her gathering strength, taking deep slow breaths and flexing her slender arms and legs. I jerked my prick out of her anus and she got her legs under her again and rose up to her knees. She bent her head to my chest and licked down the length of me until she got to my twitching dick. She slowly ran her tongue up the length of my shaft and flicked at the hole with the tip. Then she worked her way down the other side and nipped at my sac with her teeth. Turning her back to me she reached between her legs and bent so that her pulsing shithole was lined up with the prick she was grabbing. She eased back on my shaft and worked it deep into her hot tunnel. When I was buried to the base she lay back to rest on my chest while my pole quivered against the walls of her hot hole. With a quick, wrenching move she pulled back on her legs, bent her knees, and got her feet lodged into her armpits. She rocked her body forward, jamming my pulsing shaft deep. She caught her weight on locked arms, hands braced on the bed. The only place our bodies touched was where my dick stuck into her asshole, and she was using that punishing vice grip on the tender flesh swelling in her.

My dick was straining at her dry tight walls. She rocked forward again and brought her arms around to her front to catch her self in an upright position. Her shithole was pointed straight down and, with all her athletic ability she began to lift herself on and off my dick with her arms. I put my hands on her taut hips and put my own strength into helping her raise up, then pulling hard to slam her down, sinking my throbbing stiffness into her burning bung. Over and over we kept up that punishing, scraping friction of cock and asshole. I knew that if we didn’t end this soon we would both sustain real damage. I held her against me and rocked up so that I sat up. I gathered my legs under me and scooted out to the end of the bed as she relaxed back against my chest and let her legs down. I felt her jerk as the pain of blood rushed back into her legs. I gathered myself and rolled her over, then raised her up so her ass was in the air, her cheeks spread wide.

I looked at my raw dick crammed into her hole. A leak of blood oozed out around the shaft. I didn’t know if was mine or hers or both of ours. I shook my head and pounded deep into her. Again and again I dragged my cock out of her all the way and ground it back into her stinging hole. The pressure in my nut sack was growing slowly through the pain of my scraped dick. She was breathing faster and faster, no longer working her overheated ass muscles, just staying with my thrusts and enduring the pain of my dry dick tearing at her bowels. My rock hard butt fucker swelled as more hot blood pumped into the shaft and pulsed at the engorged head. She felt the increased girth and screamed that she could take no more. She lunged away from me with all her strength. As strong as she was for her size she was no match for me. I flung my hands out and got one around her flat hard stomach. As I wrenched her back to me, slamming my ravaging poker deeply into her, my other hand landed hard in the dark, curly hair of her crotch. I worked my hand down into her slit and jammed two fingers into her clenching pussy. She screamed and arched her back like an angry, spitting cat. My violent invasion of her snatch had ripped out some of that stiff hair and it had shoved into her cunt along with my fingers. I kept pounding her butt while twisting my fingers in her pussy. Within minutes I felt the spurt coming up my dick and she was shuddering against me, gripping my fingers in her dripping cunt. Our orgasms took forever to build and I never let up for an instant but ground ever harder into her anus until the wracking spasms in my buttfucking pole brought on the shuddering spasms of her ass muscles once more. She milked at my burning cock, squeezing the hot thin juice out drop by drop as I bucked into her. Her whole body was quivering with the strength of her cum and time stood still in the ecstasy of never ending pleasure.

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