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Car or MotorcycleI “Niched” this as First Time,because, amazingly I had never been on a Harley in my life! It truly should be “Niched” Sexy Foreplay Fun!”Car or motorcycle?” he asked. I said, “Whatever you prefer”. To which he said I must have an opinion one way or another. I shrugged my shoulders and answered I was flexible. People find it difficult to believe I can be so relaxed and go with the flow so well. I guess I derive my pleasure from knowing if other people are happy, then I am happy.Is it because of being a Pisces? We flip flop like fish being reeled in. Or is it my optimistic nature that usually sees me through any ordeal. Oops big mistake! Oh well, learned a lesson. Or on the up side, success! Mentally giving myself a high five for a great decision. Or is it simply, I am unique and have a fountain of resources and knowledge that let me be wild, carefree and enjoy life to its’ fullest? Or am I on some big ego trip thinking I am one super brainiac who lets others lead the way for unknown reasons? Let them take the plunge and derive some gratification of thinking they made some dynamic decision. Understanding me and my complexities takes a lot of energy, I suppose. All I know is, I get me!What I know about myself is that I am able to be subservient or dominant depending on the situation and the cast of characters. My closest friends are an intricacy of fun loving, caring, compassionate and extroverted people. Surprisingly, only my dearest friends know my dreams and desires. Amazingly, once shy, I am very outgoing now. However, even having a great singing voice, I, would never consider singing at Karaoke night! Not my style! Recently, I met a new friend. He is very different than your normal run of the mill guy. I know more men than women, so I figure I am an expert in the field!Although there are many tales, adventures, experiences and fantasies to write about, I want to share this highlight in my life. It happened out of the blue like most grand times do!I met him on a Saturday night when I rang a neighbor’s doorbell to inquire about the lemon trees on the property. I was invited inside by the host and introduced to a few people. My friend and I chatted. We left the dinner party later and I went on my very first Harley ride in my life! So exhilarating and with a crystal clear starlit sky above, I was enthralled…and a little (lot) drunk! We made plans to go riding the next day.On a stunning Sunday morning, we left my house. Just to backtrack a bit. I have many passions and activities that get me excited. First is sex. I am always interested in erotic, hot, dirty, fun and naughty queenbet yeni giriş sex. Even writing that my nipples became hard and my pussy began to twitch. I wonder if all erotic writers get horny as they develop their stories. Don’t know, don’t care! Gets me turned on, so I am happy! Back to my passions, secondly, I love jets, planes, and helicopters. At one point in my life I had lived in the Mile High City, I am asked a lot if I am in the club. Unfortunately no! Never got the chance and now Air Marshalls frown if you hold hands or kiss on a plane! So, looks like I missed that opportunity! Things that fly give me a rush! So, being more realistic and cheap, motorcycles and jet skis are easier to access and rank third on my list. Reservoir jet skiing is okay, but, there is nothing like the sweeping air, roar of the motor and freedom that riding on a bike offers. So, on this day, we leave the city and the interstate, travelling smoothly, quickly and for me with abandon. I am clueless of the route. It is just scenic and fucking fun!We arrive at our first stop which is a bar and restaurant. Name escapes me, but, I could drive to it without difficulty! We are treated with hospitality and kindness, not that I expect anything less, especially on the sunny nice day. We relax on the patio with drinks, a frosty mug of PBR for me and iced tea for him. He asked for sugar because he wasn’t sweet enough, he joked. I thought if he only knew how sweet I thought he was already. But, I just smiled and laughed! Shortly after I talked his ears off, several friends arrived. Christina and Jim are a wonderful couple. Then, more friends arrived. Introductions took place. I repeated the names like the experts say to do. Sorry everyone, I remember Jim, Christy, blah, blah, blah, and Gail. These people were far from “blah” just my brain fried state eludes names! Positive, fun loving and energetic could describe them.Leaving there we rode to Cave Creek and attended the start of the Bike Week Rally. What an amazing experience! Wandering around looking at gear, bikes, merchandise and the Suburban turned into a dessert mountain tour vehicle. WOW! WOW! WOW! The highlight there was meeting the Jagermeister girls. They were dressed scantily in fishnet hose and hot micro shorts. Very nice women and so friendly!From there we went on to Greasewood. This was really entertaining! It was great to explore the grounds and check out the antique machinery, drink beer, laugh, listen to music and eat the best burger. Christy, Gail and blah got up to dance together. I swear they must have been exotic dancers. There queenbet giriş moves and the way they touched each other. Very hot and a turn on! This was a fantastic day and a super way to get acquainted with a new friend. I admit, I was somewhat nervous, probably why I talked so much! Sure!!! But, I wanted to touch and express my desire for more fun to my friend, but, I held back. This man was different. I mean that in a good way. He had this relaxed manner, thoughtful eyes, and intelligent witty hot conversation skills. I couldn’t resist talking, listening and sharing in this exceptional experience with him.It had already been a day to remember, but, we continued our journey. Brett Michaels was performing in concert at a Grand Reopening of a motorcycle dealership. The new owner was the president of GoDaddy and he’d spared no expense to draw a crowd. But, the place was so crowded to be enjoyable, so, we left. Later, we picked up some goodies we went to his home. We kicked back on the couch and chatted with his brother. Sue arrived and they all shared a joint. We continued our discussion on everything from world politics to fantasies. I wanted to stay all night, however, I had urgent family business to take care of. My friend graciously escorted me home. We groped, fondled, and teased each other a bit before deciding to get back together again. This day and night were probably the longest, most luscious and sensual foreplay fun of my life. I fell asleep thinking if I never saw this person again, the impact and awe he brought into my time on earth was internally embedded in my spirit and soul. There are so many clichés that float through my brain when I write and I repel them because my life is not about clichés. Also, it isn’t about car or bike. Salt or pepper. Window or aisle. It is about the people and experiences you have in life that matter. So, in closing this small prolog, which I hope leads to more chapters, my life goes on and I am a winner. I believe in full circle power and magic. My new friend contributed a sugar sweet hot space in my forever expanding circle of life. Thank You my love!”Car or motorcycle?” he asked. I said, “Whatever you prefer”. To which he said I must have an opinion one way or another. I shrugged my shoulders and answered I was flexible. I know where I live I’d have said car. It is still winter there and weather phenomenon’s can occur in a snap. Here, I believe motorcycles are the choice every time! I invited him over here and we drank a few beers and relaxed on the patio. I made a few calls to get medical provisions in order for my father. queenbet güvenilirmi One included me needing to assist with some paperwork, so, we quickly decided to take advantage of the moment. Because it was a Friday afternoon, we had privacy and were horny, we went for it quickly! I figure, we’d had over 12 plus hours of foreplay that past Sunday, so did we need to take it slow today? It was really a classic scene of being a teenager! Strip, ogle each other’s bodies, suck, fuck, and cum. Even the bed made that creaky sound from back in the day! Now, I am not one to want quickness and this man was a dream for my hungry pussy and clit. Hot cock and girth that blew me out of the water! I sat on the edge of the bed admiring his rod and tasting the pleasures of it. I loved sucking him into my mouth and down my throat, but, was greedy for pussy attention. Mmm… he lay down and I straddled him cowgirl style. My nipples are usually erect due to my freak of nature genetic wiring, but, the girls were in ecstasy and so hard on that afternoon. It felt amazing riding on top like that. But, I knew, that reverse cowgirl feels even more exciting. So, I rotated around and rode him like he was some wild stallion. The head of his cock did things to my g spot that had me shaking and involuntarily contracting in a fantastic manner. Being in that position offered all good and virtually nonpursued places deep inside me to shutter. I just sat up there gyrating on his cock and getting wetter and wetter. I played with my nipples, twisting and pulling them while he thumbed my clit and made me cum 3 times in that position in less than 10 minutes I think. I wasn’t really timing the experience, just, knew we had a swift time frame and getting all this pleasure was helping me relieve much pent up sexual energy. The time masturbating with toys is in no comparison nice to the warmth of a super hard cock buried deeply inside a wet juicy cunt. Truthfully, I would have gone for many more rounds of lust making and hard fucking that afternoon! It was so perfectly pleasant and even, as I write it, I envision the experience and it is making me want to experience it right now. My legs are quaking a little, pussy contracting, throbbing and swelling, heart pulsating and I am heavily breathing. Now, I figure that is a pretty good sexual experience to be able to write it out and derive an orgasm at the same time by imagining and reliving it! I need that feeling again and hope to replay it soon, possibly in slow motion or not. Who knows? That is the beauty of exhilarating hot fun sex! It leaves a smile on your face and in your system!I said earlier I do not believe in clichés, but, I do believe in quotes that are profound.“Friendship is one of the most tangible things in a world which offers fewer and fewer supports.” Kenneth Branagh.Thank you my hot naughty wild fun friend for being tangibly wonderful!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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