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Subject: Cadence – Chapter 1 This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any real people or places is purely coincidental. This story is the property of the author and is protected under copyright laws. The author retains all rights. No reproduction is allowed without the author’s consent. Conversations and feedback are appreciated to Greyson B. via email ail. If you enjoy this story, please support the Nifty archives today with a thoughtful donation by visiting fty/. This story will contain graphic depictions of sex between males of teen and adult ages (M/m, m/m). If this is an issue for you or the laws where you live, you are obviously in the wrong place. Also, this is a story with plot, not merely wank material. You have been warned. Cadence Part 1 Cade was sitting in Algebra, third period, when he saw him. After a soft knock, a god walked in the door, the most beautiful boy he had ever seen. The sea foam green tshirt he was wearing made his blond hair seem almost white, while darkening his tanned arms. His tan cargo shorts hung perfectly off his slender hips. The boy walked up the side aisle and approached the teacher, murmuring something to him and handing him a slip of paper. As he turned to leave, his gaze swept the room. The boy’s pale, watery blue eyes caught Cade’s, and he momentarily forgot himself as they looked at each other. The other boy smiled self-consciously and quickly left the room. Cade tried to get back into the rhythm of the lesson as the teacher picked up where he had left off. His notes started to suffer as his mind stayed on the boy who had just left. Sure, there were plenty of cute guys in the school, and a boyfriend was the last thing he believed he needed. But damn, was this boy going to haunt his dreams. Eventually his guilt got the better of him, and Cade got his head back in the izmit sınırsız escort bayan lesson. At lunch he slipped into the library, said “Hey” to Ms. Finch, and quickly grabbed the cart of books to be returned to the shelf. Technically he was supposed to be in the cafeteria, not in the library, but Cade had found out early that Ms. Finch didn’t mind him hiding out in there, especially since he always helped out, stayed quiet, and never caused trouble. Cade was pretty sure she knew he was serious about his studying. He used to get hungry about this time of day, but after nearly two years of skipping lunch, Cade’s stomach was used to it. Instead it was the perfect opportunity to combine his two preferred activities: staying 100% on top of his grades, and staying 100% out of everyone else’s questions. Cade finished returning the few books to their shelves, grabbed his backpack, and headed back to his usual corner. His heart stopped when he saw that familiar sea foam green shirt sitting at a side desk, but then realized it wasn’t the same color. It wasn’t him. Cade was realizing that kid really had an effect on him. He sat down, pulled out the report he was working on, and made himself forget about his own personal deity. Hopping down from the bus onto the curb, Cade was met by Jordan, his 10 year old little brother. Jordan had beat him home, unsurprising since elementary school let out 25 minutes earlier than the high school, and had been waiting on the front porch. “Hey Cade! Guess what?” he asked excitedly, bouncing from foot to foot as we walked up the sidewalk to our house. “Guess! Guess what?” “Hmm,” Cade teased, “You managed to eat 43 marshmallows this time?” “What? No, silly,” he said, giggling. “My essay won, and I got a ribbon for it! You did it! I know it was your evinde görüşen escort help that sent over the top.” “Naw, that was all your work, Jordan” he answered. “Well you helped, so half this ribbon is yours,” Jordan said excitedly. “Alright, you tear it in half, and I will put my half up in my room.” “I don’t want to tear it! I just wanted you to know.” Jordan paused, like he was trying to decide something, then he said a little quieter, “You can have it if you want. I wouldn’t have won without you helping me write it.” “That’s your ribbon, Jordan,” Cade answered. “By the way, what are you doing out here? Why aren’t you inside?” “I forgot my key.” Again? Jordan, we talked about this.” “I know,” said Jordan. “I’m sorry.” “Well, just try harder, and I’ll try harder to remind you,” said Cade. “Get started on your homework, and after dinner we can add your ribbon to your scrap book.” Cade unlocked the front door, and they both headed inside. The two boys worked on homework for about an hour together, then Cade let Jordan disappear to the living room to watch Netflix while he finished his work and then started on dinner. When the food was ready, he called Jordan to the table. Jordan helped put their schoolwork away and set places. As they ate, Jordan asked, “Hey, Cade, is Duncan coming over tonight?” Cade could hear the conflict of emotions in his brother’s voice, wanting the answer to be yes, but trying not to get his hopes up. “I think so,” Cade responded, “but I don’t know for sure.” ” Well I hope he is,” Jordan said. ” I haven’t got to see him since Sunday. It’s no fair that you get to see him more than me.” “I know, but Duncan and I have to keep the bills paid,” Cade countered. ” If he comes by, I’ll make sure that he comes in to say goodnight to you. Speaking of Duncan, kocaeli sınırsız escort bayan when is your next parent-teacher conference? Do you have your schedule yet?” “Naw,” he said, toying with his mac and cheese, “They said some time next month.” “Alright, well let me know so I can get everything worked out with Duncan.” They finished eating and cleared the dishes. Then Cade joined Jordan on the couch for a bit of Netflix before sending him up for a shower and bed. When Cade heard the water starting up, he pulled out his notebook, fired up the laptop, and started typing up the report he had completed that afternoon. Yes, he supposed it could be more efficient to have typed the first draft, but his mom had believed that you retained more information if you hand wrote everything before typing, and anyway, Cade found the notebook to be infinitely more portable, and less prone to breakage. It was after 10 before he got to a quitting point he was satisfied with, powered off the laptop, and headed for bed himself. Duncan had never shown, and while he was disappointed for Jordan’s sake, Cade was personally relieved. One less night for him to worry about his side of their arrangement. As he lay in bed, working on drifting off to sleep, Cade’s mind drifted back to the blond guy from Algebra. The color of his tshirt was haunting him, so unusual in color, which of course was a distraction. What was really haunting Cade was the way it hung off his shoulders, falling long and smooth down his torso, his slender arms beckoning to Cade. He walked through Cade’s bedroom door, dropping his note on the bed before climbing on top of him. The boy’s pale eyes locked with Cade’s as he leaned in for a kiss, swinging his leg over Cade to straddle his waist. Their crotches began grinding as their lips locked together. Cade reached up and ran his hands up under the boy’s shirt, feeling up his narrow waist and smooth back. Then his weight lifted off Cade and he began floating above him, shifting in form to become some other strange dream that he lost memory of. Cade woke up the next morning with the taste of him on his lips, and his own hard-on in his fist.

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