Brief Encounter

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Brief EncounterFor SteffeeTo the passengers on either side it would have appeared a genuine mistake. As the stewardess leaned across to hand out drinks, she spilled a small amount of water on my skirt. But as she helped me mop it up, her eyes caught mine for just a few seconds longer than was professionally required, and my heart missed a beat. The napkins she brought a couple of moment later contained a short note: ‘Suzanne Eitler, Airport Sheraton, Tonight’, and I felt a familiar dampness in my panties. This was not supposed to happen! I was a 35 year old married mother of 2, flying to Frankfurt on a first business trip for many years. Although my husband had initially liked the idea of marrying a bi girl, he had of late become jealous if I looked at another woman, and our sex life was nothing to speak of – 2 young k**s and familiarity had taken the shine off that. Suzanne had taken a gamble, but there was only one main airport hotel at Frankfurt, and given we landed at 10pm there was a fair chance I would be staying there – which I was.It was now 11.30, and I trembled as I picked up the phone. I had taken a shower, and put on some of my favourite Victoria’s Secret lingerie – sheer black hold-up stockings, a satin thong and matching satin/lace bra; all underneath a smart skirt and blouse. I need not have worried – Suzanne answered on the second ring – she must have been waiting! The bar was now closed, she explained, but she had some champagne in her room, would I like to join her? I felt drawn as if by an invisible magnet, blood pounding in my head as I tool the elevator to her floor.. As she opened the door, I got a chance to look at her more closely. Typically German face – neatly styled blonde çorum escort hair, fine cheekbones, full lips. Still wearing her Lufthansa uniform – white blouse, grey skirt. No shoes on her feet. She smiled as she handed me the glass of champagne, which nerves and a dry mouth led me to down almost in one. “I’m glad you came” she said, “I’d been watching you all the flight, and waiting for a moment to make contact”. And with that she took the glass from my hand, and without further warning, kissed me full on the lips. It had been ten years since I had been kissed like that by a girl, and I felt a familiar gush from my pussy, soaking my clean panties. Taking my head in her left hand, she squeezed my breasts with her right hand, fingers pinching the nipples hard as her tongue probed the inside of my mouth.I was breathing so hard I could not speak, and felt my knees tremble as she knelt in front of me. Releasing my skirt with practised fingers, I felt her warm breath on my pussy as she sniffed my heat. Her mouth briefly brushed over the soaked satin fabric, before she pulled it aside, and looking up at me, pulled my shaved lips apart and licked deep into my swollen cunt. FUCK! I leant against the wall, I could hardly stand. Her tongue was devouring my juices, running freely, and alternating between probing deep inside me and circling my clit. Helping me out of the now redundant panties, she resumed her oral attack on my pussy, licking, slurping and sucking as if she had not eaten for a month. “I love the taste of cunt” she said, “I can’t get enough, and I just knew yours would be good”. Her words triggered a further outpouring of juice – I had never had any issues with dryness! – and Suzanne lapped at escort çorum my groin like a dog. Her face was buried in my cunt, and her tongue probed deep. When she surfaced, and came up to kiss me again, her face was covered in my juice, which I tasted and shared with her hungrily, licking her face, and then sharing my spit with hers as we passed the sticky wetness back and forward. This was like some of my more extreme lesbian experiences from my youth, and I knew that my orgasm would be long, hard and wet. “Come” she said, and led me to the bed.She lay be back, and removed my blouse and bra, before removing her own. Straddling me, we assumed a classic 69 position, with her licking my pussy, while her cunt lips – already dripping – were a few inches above my face. Arranging a pillow under my head to raise it up, I drank long and hard at the swollen slit above me, smelling the familiar aroma of hot, wet girl, and tracing the outlines of each soft fold of flesh with my tongue. Clenching her buttocks in each hand, I pressed my face further into her groin, as if trying to push my head inside her. God, I’d missed this! There was a losing control element to lesbian sex that could not be replicated with a man, where both of you were worked up into such a frenzy that you actually wanted to be a part of the other, preferably inside each other. I licked a finger, and slid it gently into Suzanne’s butt, feeling her twitch in response, and felt a further wetness soak my engulfed face. Suzanne reciprocated, first one, then two fingers probing my ass. I bucked my pelvis up, grinding my gaping cunt into her face, with her fingers straining harder and deeper into my ass, while forcing my face into her own pool çorum escort bayan of wetness and heat. Both of us were moaning, almost a****l like, in our desire to merge with the other. To think only an hour ago I had only ever seen this woman on a plane! After several more minutes of frenzied desire, I felt Suzanne turn around, and approach my face.”Will you fist me? Please?” she said, with a look of almost desperation on her face. “I want to feel you inside me”. This was not an invitation I was likely to turn down! Suzanne knelt on the bed on all floors, ass raised, as I licked my hand and wiped it around her pussy to wetten it, before sliding a couple of fingers deep inside her. This was clearly something she had done before, as her cunt was flexible, wet, and very ready. The third and fourth fingers followed quickly, and finally the thumb, the cupped hand sliding gently inside. Pushing further, I was able to get as far as my wrist, and felt her pussy tighten around me as her orgasm started to build. With my left hand I felt underneath her belly for her clit, and started to rub that as I pushed in and out, round and round with my fist. “Fuck me! Fuck me!” she groaned, pushing back with her body to force my hand even deeper inside than I had thought possible. With my tongue, I played around her ass, occasionally pushing inside, and heard her starting to build as my own orgasm started to erupt. “Fuck yes! Fuck yes!” I heard myself saying as our writhing grew more intense, before, with a loud and prolonged moan, I felt her body go rigid, and felt my hand squeezed as if in a vice. At the same time I felt my orgasm wash through me, and pushed harder inside her with both tongue and hand and my own cunt juices flowed freely down my thighs. We collapsed against each other once my hand was withdrawn, and stroked each others hair and face. “I have so missed that” I said, kissing her eyes, “I must fly Lufthansa more often!”The End

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