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I watched Kathleen close the door behind her before returning my attention to Bobbie. She proved my decision to make her the head of my dream foundation was indeed a very sound one.

I had seen deep-rooted lust in her eyes from the moment she stepped through the curtain and it was still there. Instead of pushing forth her own needs, she thought first of mine.

With a smile, she took my arm and led me to my small dining table in the corner of the living room closest to the stove on the other side of the curtain. I’d had a small rectangular window installed beneath the stairs so that I could look out behind Cybill’s house where she had built a small bird sanctuary, while I was eating.

Bobbie kissed me softly on the forehead after I sat down then disappeared into the kitchen. Over her soft humming, I heard the sounds of food being dished out and prepared for serving.

The sounds ended then I heard a soft giggle followed by a rustling sound then a chuckle. A few seconds later, Bobbie came through the curtain carrying my large serving tray in the palm of her left hand and my huge coffee pot filled to the brim with fresh, hot coffee.

At first, I barely noticed the food as I grinned at Bobbie wearing my BBQ apron she evidently had noticed hanging on the hook of my small linen closet door next to the refrigerator.

It did practically nothing to hide her abundance of charms but I had to give her an ‘A+’ for effort. The bib was so small it barely covered the inner half of her mammoth mounds then after setting the tray and coffee pot on the table, when she lifted both arms to pull her almost ass length, wavy blonde hair from beneath the loop of the apron around her neck the bib completely disappeared in her deep cleavage.

I laughed and she giggled as she did her best to cover as much of her tit flesh as was possible while calmly saying, “I know you men love huge breasts but I have hated these monsters for as long as I can remember.”

I smiled as my eyes drifted to her blonde bush which was completely exposed beneath bottom edge of the apron’s skirt and Bobbie winked before saying, “The damn thing is just too frigging small. It was either cover my tits or cover my cunt but no way it can cover both. I opted for covering the boobs since I will be seated with a table between us while you are eating.”

As if to prove her point, Bobbie had sat down opposite me as she spoke. I laughed when she stood back up and the bib was again invisible between her large breasts as she moved three platters of breakfast delights and a large bowl of hot, buttered cheese grits in front of me then poured us both a mug of java.

As she reached to lean the tray against the wall before sitting back down I softly said, “Please Bobbie. Get rid of the apron. It actually is turning me on just as much as your nudity does but then Sweetie you could be wearing an army tent and still be gorgeous because I’ve seen what is beneath your clothing and that my Dear isn’t very forgettable.”

Bobbie smiled and quickly removed the apron then dropped it beside the tray before sitting back down. The breakfast Kathleen had fixed was fantastic and the coffee was simply wondrous.

As I finished saying grace, I had asked Bobbie why she wasn’t joining me but just as I figured her mother had prepared a huge breakfast and Bobbie had eaten before coming to my apartment and finding Kathleen cooking as I still slept.

As she told me she had eaten at home I noticed a fork on the napkin next to the spoon she had used to stir sugar into her coffee with and she picked it up to spear a link sausage from the platter of meats while saying, “I guess this is why I am so fat. I’ve been on a seafood diet most of my life. I see food and I eat it.”

I let her barb about her weight go un-admonished but I logged it into my memory before saying, “When I first ran off, I damn near starved for 5 or 6 years. I knew very little about cooking and had very little money for groceries so mostly I lived off wild game and the fish I caught. After my fortunes took a turn for the better, I bought a few cook books and taught myself to cook with the help of a few lady friends here and there.”

I sighed softly as I thought of the ladies I’d known back then and Bobbie with total understanding in her voice softly asked, “When are you going to leave us Woody?”

I smiled before answering, “I really don’t know Bobbie but no matter casino şirketleri what happens while I’m gone you can be positive that I will be returning as fast as I possibly can. I know that the love I feel for you and your sisters and your mother is much greater than my lust. I never dreamed I had a real family until I returned and nothing on earth could keep me from coming back here and planting my roots as deep as possible before I die.”

She grinned from ear to ear as she speared a hot buttered biscuit before saying, “Then, I know I can speak for all of us when I say hurry up and go because the sooner you leave the sooner you will be back.”

She giggled loudly then quickly added, “Not too soon though. You’ve still gotta teach me about sex and I know damn well neither Tara nor Katie won’t to be virgins until after you’ve come home.”

I smiled and said, “That is the third thing you’ve said this morning that really confuses, actually I guess the 4th thing.”

She finished the biscuit and was spearing a slice of fried ham as I spoke then as her eyes filled with questions I said, “Why in God’s name do you think you are fat? What on earth could cause you to hate your own breasts? How the hell did you and all of your sister’s remain virgins all these years? How did you know the country club in Tucson was so exclusive? I didn’t know that until Kathleen said it was but you obviously already knew it was.”

She almost choked on the ham as I finished then drained her cup of coffee and fixed us both another cup before answering, “My earliest memory of watching television was with Daddy. We had an old B&W Zenith portable TV and he was watching a golf tournament when I found him to tell him Mama needed help outside. I watched as he went to see what she wanted and by the time he had returned I was totally fascinated with golf. I really didn’t understand the game but even in B&W the scenery around the course was mesmerizing to me.”

Her eyes became as big as the saucers our mugs were on when I said, “I know Clarke County High School has never had a golf team. How on earth did you become good enough to get a golf scholarship and lead your University to the NCAA championship every year since you began college.”

She gasped and then stammered, “How do you know everything Woody?”

I laughed as I pointed across the room at my computer desk before answering, “I’m not sure I’ve mentioned Allison to anyone here by name. She is the lady from California that has made me a multi-millionaire and eventually a billionaire. I had never even seen a computer until I began repairing her system and I am really a novice but I enjoy playing games online and browsing the internet from time to time. When I first discovered I had a family, I went online one night while I was still living in the motel and I checked out every thing I could find online about my new loved ones.”

She grinned as she said, “You are amazing. Allison?”

I laughed and then said, “Not so fast Miss Thang. I love where you fancy for golf originated but it didn’t answer any of my three questions.”

She stuck out her tongue then quickly said, “All I’ve ever heard Victoria get excited about was her Grams in Tucson. We saw her on TV one day as the camera scanned the crowd at The ‘Tucson Open’. We were going to go there one summer together and I tried to get a temporary membership ID which turned out to be just as impossible as Grams getting a local membership. Sweetie, I know I’m a sexy young thang but I weigh almost 180 pounds. That is fat. My tits were in a B-cup when all my friends were getting their training bras. I can’t ever remember not being at least two sizes and more often than not 4 or 5 cups bigger than the other girls my age. Attention is nice but not always and my huge melons gave me a very much undeserved reputation that I’m still overcoming to this very day. Now Mister Man. Allison?”

I winked as I said, “In a minute, young lady but don’t rush me. An old man has his stories. About a year before I left California, Allison took me with her to Tucson. She had a business meeting there with her midwest distributors. To make an impression, she rented that entire Country Club for the afternoon. I’d never even seen a golf course and I shot a 67.”

Bobbie sat bolt upright as she gasped then interrupted, “Golly Woody. A 67, the course record is 66 and that’s only been done twice.”

I held my sides laughed casino firmaları as I picked up, “I know. That was what I shot on the second hole. They wouldn’t let me play any more after that.”

I grinned at Bobbie shaking her head then continued, “We’ll go there one day when I get back Bobbie and that’s a solemn oath promise. Wow just 180 pounds! With watermelons on your chest weighing at least 40 pounds each that makes the rest of you a whopping 100 pounds soaking wet according to my math. If I knew a 1000 models, I could name a 1000 that would kill to weigh a 100 pounds.”

After some more ribbing and teasing I finished, “As for your breasts, I just recently acquired a taste for large breasts. I still think I prefer the really small ones because they tend to have longer nipples that are more sensitive but while I am admittedly a breast man, I love for the heart and soul under them much more than I lust for that surface flesh.”

Bobbie smiled as she said, “Very nicely put. Allison?”

I laughed before answering, “The money is really nice but only because I can use it to help others. Allison gave me so much more than that however. Before I met her, I very seldom was anywhere for even a full month and more often than not I seldom stayed anywhere a week. At first, I was so scared of being caught and sent to an orphanage that I hid in the woods and just kept traveling every few days but once I was legally an adult, I guess I’d just developed an overwhelming wander lust. I lost my virginity on my 18th birthday to a 60 year old lady named Agatha. I was doing a few odd jobs for her and I stayed with her almost 3 months but that was the only time I was with a woman for anything more than a one night stand until I met Allison.”

I got up and took Bobbie’s left hand in my right then as I led her upstairs I finished, “I guess you could say that Agatha taught me most of the skills you are about to enjoy and that Allison refined them. The biggest thing Allison taught me was that love and family is much more important than anything else on earth even though we were not in love and neither of us had a family.”

I stood at the foot of the bed as Bobbie crawled over the footboard then stretched out in the middle of the bed before extending her arms as she softly whispered, “I had never once even kissed a boy until the day I met you Woody. I liked it a lot and now I just know I’m going to love everything you do to me.”

I stood with my eyes bulging from their sockets as my sexy young cousin spread open her body then as I crawled between her legs she softly added, “You are never going to know a woman whose breasts are more sensitive than mine. That is their only feature I ever liked until I saw the way you looked at all of me instead of just them yet they increased your desire without becoming your first viewing priority. Right now though, I really want you to like them and teach me how to love them.”

Bobbie pressed inward on her mammoth mammaries forming one giant breast with a large nipple as I knelt between her widespread thighs. I took in all of her mouth watering charms then focused my attention on her puffy labia.

I placed the head of my massive cock against her perineum and pressed it downward as I leaned forward. As my cock head dug deep into her slit and slid upward, it came to a stop against her clit just as my mouth reached her nipples.

Bobbie moaned softly as she whispered, “Us big tit gals can have fairly large nipples too. In my case, there is just so much tit pressing against them they are hard to visualize until I am cumming. Then they just burst out from my juggs.”

I smiled as I felt them reach my lips as if they knew exactly where they wanted to be. From as flat as penny nipple centered in a small pancake type aureole (small only because her gigantic breasts made their almost 6 inch diameter look less than half that size), Bobbie’s nipples had swollen as her orgasm began to rock solid bullets damn near three inches long and still as big around as a penny or even a nickel.

I made one quick swipe with my tongue before sucking them into my mouth but that was all it took before Bobbie screamed and pounded her slit against my shaft as she yelled, “Mmm, Woody, I’m cumming! Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes! Suck it harder.”

Bobbie had just one orgasm as I feasted on her fantastic mountains but that one orgasm began with that very first swipe of my tongue and still hadn’t güvenilir casino peaked over an hour later when I moved down to her boiling hot pussy.

I plunged my tongue deep inside her tiny opening and she screamed, “Ah, ah, oh, fuck! Yeeesss keep eating my pussy! Oh, fuck, that feels so gooooood! Oh, mmmh!”

I became so lost in her sweet honey pot that I will never know how long we had been in a ’69’ position before just as her first orgasm finally peaked I hollered, “Mmm, Bobbie. I’m almost there,too,”

She groaned, “Cum in your mouth, Lover.”

“Oh yess, I m cumming baby, I’m cumming! Take it in your mouth baby, eat it!” I said and I flooded her mouth with my hot seed. Bobbie swallowed every drop.

As we both exhausted the last of our respective juices, Bobbie quickly moved up and kissed me then we began licking each others faces clean and kissing heatedly.

“Tell me what you want.” I said.

She giggled and then softly moaned, “I want your cock. I want it in me. Fucking me. Filling my pussy. Making me a woman!”

I wanted so badly to fuck her that my cock was already hard again. Bobbie wanted to be fucked so badly that her tight cunt sucked my cock inside and she barely winced as it burst through her maidenhead and flew deep into the bottom of her boiling hot cavern.

“OhyesWoodyfuckme,” Bobbie slurred.

“I’m cumming, oohh GGoooddd, Immm cuummmiinnnngg!” Bobbie tightened up and trembled as she came.




As I pounded her for all I was worth, Bobbie’s words ran together as one huge orgasm after another surged through out her body. Then, I rolled her on top of me and strangely they became much clearer as she rode my cock into oblivion.

“Cum in me.”

“Oh Woody. Woody,” she moaned.

“Oh God, I’m going to cum. I’m going to. OOHhhhh Woody. Woody. Oh Lord, I’m cummming. Cumming,” she moaned as she collapsed back down onto my body.

I know Bobbie screamed much more than that but my own balls erupted with such a fierce furor that the screams of ecstasy in my head drowned her out completely. I can’t ever remember being so thoroughly drained or exhausted after just one quick fuck.

I had never been completely drained so fast in my entire life. I was asleep even as Bobbie and I kissed. She was still snoring softly when I awoke just as the sun was setting.

My right arm was under her and my left arm was across her so that as I awoke they were crossed and my hands were still tightly squeezing her huge tits. I relaxed my grip and Bobbie moaned softly between snores.

The setting sun was damn near as beautiful as the lady in my arms and I wanted to share it with her so I pinched her swollen nipples.

“Harder, harder!” she said.

I laughed softly at the first words from her lips as she awoke then moaned as she pushed her ass against my throbbing cock while she whispered, “That’s amazing Woody. I can’t ever remember seeing a more beautiful sunset.

I brushed her long hair out of the way with my nose then kissed the nape of her neck before whispering, “I know Bobbie. It is damn near as pretty as you are but it ain’t even close to being as sexy.”

She giggled before saying, “You say the sweetest things Woody. Oooooooooooohhhhh!”

The latter came as she felt my huge cock head against her tiny brown eye.

“Yes, baby, touch my ass!” she said. “God! I would love to feel you in my ass baby.”

“I cant wait any more, take my ass. Open my little hole with your cock. Come on baby fuck my ass!” she pleaded, even as she moved onto her hands and knees, ass thrust high in a provocatively posed invitation.

“Fuck my ass hard. Give me what I need. Now, please. I’m begging you.”

I was surprised by her hunger for anal sex as I reached around and grabbed her huge melons for leverage then I was shocked by how easily my huge cock slid into the depths of her bowels.

Bobbie tossed her head from side to side screaming, “Yes! Yes, yes!”

In seconds I screamed, “Ohhh Bobbie. Your ass is wonderful. I want to cum in your ass hole.”

“Yes baby.” she replied. “I want to feel your hot cum in my ass hole too.”

Oh yeesss! I’m cumming Bobbie! Take my cum in your ass hole! Take all of it! Aahhh! I’m shooting inside you Bobbie! AAAAAHHHHHHHH!”

After a while she said me, “That was of course the first time that someone fucked my ass. It was very nice, we have a whole 48 more hours. I want to suck you every morning and you can fuck my ass as many times as you want.”

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