Boat Trip

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Boat TripSarah and I met in college and hit it off immediately. The very first moment I saw her eyes light up as she laughed at one of my awkward jokes, I was in love. We were both housed on the top floor of the school’s most remote dormitory. She was in the room at the end of the hall, and, for some reason–which turned out to be lucky–the housing department decided to put me next to the bathrooms.Most days, I would leave my door open hoping she’d pop her head in my doorway as she made her way to the ladies’ room. Often she’d stop by in the evenings before “being dragged out” with her friends. In the mornings, she’d saunter slowly by my door in only a towel–she always made sure I was looking.Our flirtations turned into casual dating, then after graduation we moved in together. A few months later we were married. It was the happiest day of my life.Our sex life is and always has been incredible. Sarah is always surprising in bed. She is fun and creative and always becomes far more aroused than any girls I had been with in the past. Sometimes during especially heated sex she would go into a frenzy–an almost trance-like state where she’d whisper the dirtiest things I’d ever heard. I absolutely loved it.Our sexual games have always been limited to our own bedroom. Our feeling was that as long as the craziness was just between us–there were no limits: fantasies, toys, role-playing, and everything else. There was nothing too “out there” to try once–as long as it was just between us.This particular Saturday, Sarah and I had planned to go out sailing on our new yacht. It was a simple yacht–as far as yachts go–with a small cockpit and simple living quarters down below consisting of two small bunks and a meager galley. The boat was how I rewarded myself for finally earning a new job I’d been working toward since school. The pay was more than I’d ever dreamed of making. I didn’t grow up rich, so I decided to do what the “rich guys” do, and buy a boat. I had sailed this particular boat only once before with the previous owner while I was deciding whether or not to buy it, but this was the first time Sarah and I would have been out on it alone.For a few weeks during the boat-buying process, Sarah and I had been revving each other up talking about all the sexual fantasies we could come up with once we owned the boat and were able to take it for a full day a few miles offshore and all alone in the open sea. Today was that day. I spent most of the morning bouncing around the house, packing a picnic, double-checking the gear, and tucking my erection into my waistband. Sarah was excited too. She woke me up with the most wonderful blowjob, and when I opened my eyes, I saw she was wearing a red sailing handkerchief! I laughed. She looked adorable.We had collected and packed all we needed and as we were headed out to the boat, the phone rang. Sarah slapped my ass and told me she’d only be a second. I stood in the doorway and bounced impatiently.”Hello?” said Sarah, answering the phone. “Oh hey. … Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that. Yeah, that won’t be a problem. Come on over, and yes of course, please, bring Tatiana.”I could tell from Sarah’s posture and sinking expression that we weren’t going anywhere. She hung up the phone, dejected.”Honey. I’m so sorry, but that was Richard. He needs my help on a last-minute sales presentation for work. He and Tatiana are coming over for a bit so we can finish it up.”Richard is Sarah’s boss. He’s a good guy and he and I get along really well. Over the last few years we had become good friends. We often meet up with him and his wife, Tatiana, to go out for dinner or beers or concerts. So the news wasn’t entirely bad–just a bummer that our sailing trip would have to wait.”He’s bringing Tatiana over too, because they had plans to go to the beach that he had to cancel. Maybe you and she could go sailing instead?”My heart sank. I wanted my first “real” trip out on the boat to be with Sarah–not only for the sexual carnival I envisioned–but because I wanted it to be a special moment in the story of our lives.”Well fuck. I don’t want to go without you. I’ll just güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri hang back and sit in the corner looking sad all day.” I said.Sarah laughed. “No way. You’ve been wanting to go sailing for months now. It’s a beautiful day. Go. Have fun.”I reluctantly agreed. Richard and Tatiana showed up a few minutes later. We all hugged and greeted one another in the doorway before I helped Richard lug in his presentation materials, books, and boxes from the car. He was stressed and distracted. I felt bad for him–work was obviously weighing him down.By the time we got a workspace set up in the dining room for Sarah and Richard, Sarah had already offered her spot on the boat to Tatiana–who had excitedly accepted. She said she’d much prefer it to sitting inside all day watching her husband work. So it was decided. Tatiana grabbed her beach bag from their car and we waved to Sarah and Richard as they began straightening the pile of work on the dining room table.***It was a beautiful day in the bay. I had grown up sailing tiny boats, but never captained my own yacht. I felt wonderful. The birds were overhead, the sun was shining, and there was a steady breeze from the east. It would have been perfect if it was Sarah sitting in the cockpit with me instead of Tatiana. Not that Tatiana’s a bore. She’s a smart and beautiful girl, a few years younger than my wife, with a great sense of humor. She and I got the sails up well enough and had a great time talking and laughing as we made our way out into open water.After a few hours of steady breeze, laughing, and lively conversation, the wind died down. We found ourselves bobbing around like ducks in the middle of the bay–seven miles (and a few hours) from shore. The sun began to beat down on us and Tatiana started to lose some layers. When she pulled off her sweater, I could see her perfectly fit and tan belly. I peeked, but in a gentlemanly way–with her sweater over her head, I don’t think she could’ve noticed.I had to begin peeling off some clothes too, and soon I was sitting behind the wheel in just my bathing trunks. I think Tatiana took that as a cue to strip down to her bathing suit as well. Even though I would never cheat on Sarah, I had to admit–Tatiana was attractive and in great shape. It was hard to keep from looking at her.We were enjoying each other’s company and some cold beer I had stowed away–just bobbing around in the bay waiting for wind–when Tatiana’s phone rang. It was one of those smart phones with that face-to-face technology, so she held it out in front of her in a way I’d never seen before. I silently made fun of her when she picked up the call. She was laughing at me when she started talking.”Oh hi Sarah! I was expecting it to be Richard,” Tatiana said into the video camera. “What’s up?””Hey! I just have to ask James a quick question, could you pass him the phone?” said Sarah.Tatiana passed me the phone and it took me a few seconds to get my bearings. It wasn’t natural for me yet to speak at a video of my wife’s face.”Hey honey. What’s up?” I said.”James, I have to ask you something and I hope you aren’t mad.” Sarah said.”Uh. Ok. Shoot.” I looked at Tatiana–my expression asking, what’s up with this? She just shrugged.”James. I was here working with Richard and he started to get … a little rude with me.” Sarah said. Tatiana’s ears perked up–she looked concerned. I thought “rude” was a vague word, so I just chuckled.”Ok. Go on…” I said.”Well, we were here working on the sales stuff, and he put his arm around my chair, you know. And it was a bit close. Then he started playing with my hair–which was weird, but it felt nice. He’s a good friend and I thought it was OK, I guess. His hands were so gentle, it was amazing and I didn’t want him to stop–even though I knew he probably should.””That’s a little weird Sarah. Did you slap him?” I asked.”No. But I asked him to stop and he asked me why he should and I told him it was weird. So he stopped.” Sarah said.”Ok. Whatever. I’ll give him some shit about it when we get home.” I said. Tatiana had now moved up beside me so güvenilir bahis şirketleri that she could look over my shoulder. She smelled fantastic, and I could feel her breasts on my arm. I pretended I couldn’t feel them there.”There’s a little more,” said Sarah. “He stopped caressing my hair, but then he stood behind me and started massaging my back. I was still trying to work, but his hands were so strong. I’m sorry, but it felt amazing, and I thought, we’re all friends, there’s nothing wrong with an innocent backrub. We’re all stressed,” Sarah said.Sarah’s phone shifted a little bit and I could see that her shoulders were naked–and her voice started to become more excited. I started to get worried.”Richard started saying some really vulgar things to me,” Sarah continued. “He told me that I had incredibly sexy breasts and that he couldn’t concentrate with them so near him. He whispered that he wanted to suck and bite my nipples. And that the thought of touching me was making his cock hard. And I was shocked, and I slapped him. But my pussy was so hot from this morning…that I just reacted to his words and felt my pussy get so hot. Oh James. I’m sorry. Richard could see my nipples getting harder at this point and he slowly moved his hands around the side of my breasts. He perfectly pinched my nipples.”I was sick. Richard felt up my wife! What the fuck? As Sarah was talking to me I could see her face was flush and hot. She was beginning to breath heavily describing this scene to me. I was horrified, but my cock was beginning to swell in my suit. Seeing Sarah get so turned on was incredibly exciting.She continued. “Richard massaged my tits through my shirt and I couldn’t help myself. I let him. I wanted him to. It felt so fucking good. I could tell he was incredibly turned on. I knew I should stop him, and so I stood up and turned to face him to tell him to stop. When I did, he looked into my eyes and lifted me gently onto the table. I felt his strong arms and shoulders and I was lost–I started unbuttoning his shirt. My hands just did what was natural. I was aching to see his naked body. I was so turned on. Richard then tore my shirt at the shoulders and my breasts popped out into the air. My nipples were so swollen.”With that, Sarah moved the camera down her body to reveal that her breasts were still naked. I could see that her nipples were red and swollen. She was pulling on them with her free hand. She was still sitting on the table.”Richard rubbed his cock through his pants and told me how badly he wanted to free his naked cock. He told me that his fat cock was fucking horny. He started to unzip his pants. I just sat here trembling on the table. His cock sprang free and my god it was so thick. His cock is so fucking big and hard. My pussy was just inches away wanted it so bad. I’m sorry James, but I wanted his cock inside my little pussy.”Sarah lowered the camera further and showed me her dripping pussy. She was swollen and ready for cock. Her free hand was now rubbing her clit slowly. Tatiana’s nipples stiffened on my arm when she saw Sarah’s pussy, and my cock was raging in my swimsuit.”James. That’s when I called you. I would never cheat on you. So I had to call you and ask you to tell me it’s OK.” Sarah turned the phone a little more to show Richard’s stiff cock just inches from my wife’s pussy. He was stroking his massive cock slowly–rubbing the precum all over the fat head and swollen shaft. He looked ready to burst.I heard Sarah, “Please James. Please tell me I can have this fat cock. I can feel how hot it is on my pussy. Just say yes. His balls are tight and swollen. Please let Richard stop stroking his cock and push it inside me. I want him to. I want to fuck the cum out of that fat horny cock.”God help me, I was now fully aroused as well. Between my wife panting on the phone and Tatiana’s aroused breathing in my ear, I wanted all of the worst things to happen. I wanted everybody to release in an explosion of sexual fury. But I couldn’t bear the thought of Sarah fucking another man.It took immense concentration, but I shook my head. “No Sarah. canlı bahis şirketleri Don’t do it. I’ll come right home now and fuck you all night… Just please don’t…” I pleaded.”Oh baby. Please let me have this big cock,” Sarah whispered–half in a daze. The camera, still pointing at Richard’s cock, showed Sarah lightly touching Richard’s cock for the first time. She touched her finger to it and then slowly wrapped her hand around his girth. She began stroking him slowly–slowly pulling him closer to her pussy.””Oh god Sarah please don’t do it,” I said, unaware that I was now stroking my own cock through my swim trunks. Tatiana’s bikini top was now on the floor of the cockpit. I hadn’t noticed her take it off, but could now feel her naked breasts on my shoulder. She began biting my ear. I was mostly oblivious to Tatiana.”Yes. James. Oh god yes,” said Sarah. “I’m going to. I have to. I’m so sorry baby. I have to. I fucking have to….”With that, Sarah’s voice trailed off into heated whispers. I watched as she pulled Richard’s cock in soft contact with her pussy lips. She rubbed his wet swollen cock head around the outside of her pussy. I could almost see them both throbbing for each other. Sarah began narrating.”Oh god James. His big cock head is inside my pussy. He fucking me gently with just his fat cock head. Is that OK baby? It’s just a little bit. It’s so hard. He’s so fucking horny. I’ve never felt a cock this big and hard. Oh god I want more James. Tell him he can fuck me. Please tell Richard to put his big cock all the way inside me. He’s just teasing me with his fat cock head. Oh James, he sucking my tits.”She moved the camera up so I could see Tatiana’s husband sucking my wife’s hot tits. It was an incredible sight and my heart was pounding, staring into the video phone.”Sarah. Please. Stop it. Please?” I begged, while jacking off my own cock.”Oh god James, he’s working his cock deeper. My pussy is stretching around it so much. I want his horny cock. I want it. You should see his big fucking cock….”I could now see Richard working half his cock in and out of my wife. I was stroking my cock watching this unfold and powerless to stop it. Tatiana had removed her bikini entirely and was rubbing her pussy. I could hear her, but I was still entranced by the scene unfolding in front of me.”Oh fuck yes. Oh fuck fuck yes.” Sarah screamed as Richard pushed the rest of his cock deep inside her. He fucked her hard on the table, biting and sucking her nipples–moving that long cock in and out of my wife’s little pussy. Sarah’s hair was thrown back and her stomach was trembling with the oncoming orgasm. I could now hear Richard on the video.”Yeah. Cum on my cock. Cum on that big cock while your husband watches. You want that big cock don’t you?” Sarah answered, “Yes. I want that fucking cock. Fuck me. Deep. Deeper.”My horror had been completely obliterated by arousal. I hated what I was seeing, but I wanted it never to stop. I loved seeing Sarah ride Richard’s big cock. My heart was pounding in my ears. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the screen, and my own cock was about to explode. I had to take my trunks off and start rubbing my own naked erection.”James,” said Sarah. “Oh god I’m gonna cum. It’s so deep. His balls are so full. I can’t. I can’t stop!”I watched my wife scream and convulse in waves of pleasure as she came with Richard’s cock buried deep inside her pussy. Richard started cumming as well, and I could see his hips jolting in ecstasy until semen started dripping out of my wife’s swollen and filled pussy.Tatiana was breathing heavily in my ear as she brought herself to orgasm as well. The sight of my wife cumming on Richard’s cock and the feeling of Tatiana cumming while leaning against me brought me over the edge. I came so hard that I nearly blacked out.After my orgasm subsided, I looked back at the phone. The last image I saw before Sarah disconnected was Richard and Sarah kissing deeply on the dining room table while Richard worked his softening cock in and out of my wife’s drenched pussy.***Tatiana put her bikini back on and I slowly cleaned up on the boat in a daze. My mind was spinning with what happened. Did I like it? Was I crushed? What was the state of my marriage? Tatiana was silent and staring out at the sea–I assumed she was wondering the same things. I decided not to wait for the wind anymore, turned on the engine, and began our two-hour journey home.

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