Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 13

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My name is Kristin Benedict. A five-foot-ten, curvaceous Black woman in my early twenties. I’ve got short hair, medium brown skin and pale gray eyes. My father James Benedict is Haitian-American. He works as a heart surgeon at Mass General. That’s actually where he met my mother Juanita Sanchez. She came to the emergency room with her sick aunt during his first year as an M.D. It was love at first sight, I guess. My mama is Mexican-American, and works as a corrections officer for our county. Tough job but someone’s got to do it. I have an idiot brother named Thad who’s currently working as a cop for Brockton. My dual heritage gave me my awesome good looks. I’ve got a cute face, sexily curvy body and a big round ass. Technically I’m a biracial honey, though I consider myself Black. Although I look cute and innocent, I’m actually quite wicked. By day, I am a business student at the University of Massachusetts in the city of Boston.

At night, I’m a very sexy nightmare. What do I mean by that? You will soon find out. Behold the heroine of this raunchy tale. I’m an out and proud lesbian with a keen interest in Intergenerational Lesbian BDSM. Simply put, I am a young Black woman who likes to dominate sexy mature women. Actually, make that sexy mature Black women. I am not into White chicks. Why not? Well folk, they just don’t do it for me. They frankly don’t appeal to me. I subscribe to the Black female standard of beauty. I like a big chest, a curvy body and a big round butt on my women. Beautifully dark skin is also a plus. Now a sexy Black mama is a different story altogether. I got a serious Jones for mature Black women. It’s not easy for me to find what I’m looking for but I’m good-looking, wealthy and have a lot of time on my hands. I can make things happen.

Today, I’m having some fun with a tall, busty and kind of heavyset Black woman named Mary Johnson. She’s a lawyer in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. Mary Johnson is a woman who leads a very straight-laced canlı bahis life. She’s married to a tall, handsome African-American policeman named Jeremy Steele. They have two sons, Michael and Jake, and a daughter named Angela. All three of them attend Boston-area colleges. The Johnson family lives in a nice neighborhood of Brockton’s quietly opulent West Side. They do quite well for themselves. Yet another proud Black Middle Class family. And I can respect that. However, Mary Johnson isn’t happy with the life she has. She’s got money, a respectable job, good looks and a family that loves her. Yet certain needs she has are unfulfilled.

What are those secret needs? Simply put, Mary Johnson is a dyke, folks. Her husband Jeremy would be stunned to discover his quiet, hard-working and church-going wife likes pussy more than he does. Her situation is by no means unique. Lots of well-to-do Black women are living a life in the closet. Their husbands have no idea they’re more into women than they are. They keep that closet door locked tight. I find this kind of funny. I’ve been out and proud as a lesbian ever since high school. The way I see it, life is too short to worry about what a bunch of losers think. I do my own thing. To hell with everybody else. It’s a motto that’s served me well.

It’s her hidden lust for young women that drove Mary Johnson to seek me out. We met while she was visiting her old friend Jacqueline Monroe, a middle-aged Black woman who happens to be one of my professors. Professor Jacqueline Monroe is another closet dyke. She’s married to a portly accountant, and has a habit of sleeping with white female students at the university. So far, her affairs haven’t come back to haunt her. The University of Massachusetts frowns upon students dating their professors. It’s in the rule book. He or she who breaks that sacred rule will get fired. It doesn’t matter if they’ve got tenure. Don’t you just love college rules of behavior? I’ve used them as leverage against bahis siteleri Professor Jacqueline Monroe once when she got out of line. I don’t let anyone mess with me. It’s against my religion.

The moment I saw Mary Johnson, I immediately sensed what she was. The tall, good-looking Black woman in the fancy business suit was definitely a dyke. She looked at me the way a hungry person looks at fast food….after five days without a meal. I decided to have some fun with this sexy lady. Why not? I’m not busy this semester. Taking five advanced level classes in business and acing them wasn’t hard for a genius like myself. I was valedictorian of my high school graduating class you know. I beat a white chick and an Asian dude for that number one spot. Anyhow, the lovely Mary had an ass to die for and a sexy body. Her face was very pretty, and she must have been a model or something when she was younger. At least that’s what I thought. I wanted a piece of her action. And what I want, I get. Just how the universe works when you’re me.

As luck would have it, I ran into the lovely Mary Johnson at Westgate Mall in the city of Brockton. I don’t like shopping there, I much prefer the Braintree Mall. Or Copley Square. However, there are lots of hot-looking women at that mall. A diverse crowd, too. Black women. Asian women. Hispanic women. Cape Verdean women. Tons of hot chicks of every color. Such a bevy of beauties appeals immensely to the horny lesbian in me. Westgate Mall is my prowling ground. Or should I say hunting ground. Whatever. I spotted Mary Johnson coming out of Old Navy and approached her. She beamed at me and looked me up and down. I could tell that the sexy mature Black woman liked what she saw. So I coyly asked her to have dinner with me. She said yes. The rest, as they say, was history. I took her home that afternoon.

Once we got there, she didn’t waste any time. I took her straight to the bedroom for some fun. Mary Johnson was a horny dyke. And she was a sucker bahis şirketleri for sexually aggressive young Black women like me. I put the mature Black beauty through her paces. She loved being bossed around. I like that in a woman. I made Mary Johnson strip, then she knelt before me and licked my pussy. I grabbed her hair and roughly encouraged her to lick me right. When she displeased me, I smacked the shit out of her. Mary didn’t protest. Like a true submissive, she got off on it. I pinched her nipples, teased her pussy with my fingernails and inserted a long, slim blue dildo into her asshole. For such a big beautiful mature Black woman, Mary certainly had a tight asshole. I enjoyed widening it with my dildo. I made her get on all fours, face down and ass up, then I spanked her fat ass while shoving the dildo into her asshole. Mary cried in pain and pleasure as I stretched her asshole with the dildo. I turned her around, smacked her face and told her to shut up. Then I resumed sliding the dildo in and out of her asshole. To top it all off, I stood over and pissed all over her face. And you know what? Mary eagerly drank it. I love submissive mature Black women! They go crazy for butch Black chicks like me.

Folks, this marked the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Mary and I have lots of fun together when her hubby is away. Just two Black women having some fun. At least we were, until she found religion and rejected me, calling me a sinner and all that jazz. What in hell brought this on? Mary went from hot and sexy bisexual mama to self-loathing closet case. I was shocked. And to be honest, I was hurt. I tried to win her back. I cared about her, you see. I liked what we had. I knew she had a husband and a family. I respected that. So why was she so eager to throw me away? I didn’t know. Of course, I got back at her. You see, I videotaped all of our sessions. Every hot lovemaking scene we ever did. I sent her husband, daughter and sons some of the tapes. Yes, and I made sure her congregation received the deluxe version. The partners at her law firm also saw some of the tapes. I made her famous. Isn’t that awfully nice of me? Don’t mess with me, people. I’m too much for you.

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