Bily’s wild daughter Jen

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Billy’s wild daughter Jen

I had just baked some fresh banana bread today. I took a loaf it my friend Billy and his wife to try it out.
I’ve known Billy for 30 years or longer. He’s my best friend. His wife Linda is a great lady too. She and my wife were close friends too. Till I lost my wife to a heart attack a couple years ago. I still see them on a regular basis.

I was at their house when their daughter Jen showed up. She is basically a good girl but runs with a wild crowd. She stopped to see her mom about borrowing some money.

Let me tell you a little about Jen. She always was in trouble in school, got suspended several times. Ended up having to finish at an alternative school. Getting her GED not a diploma. She can’t keep a job, I think because of her attitude. She cannot or will not follow any set rules for a job. When she was growing up she would never listen to her mom about doing chores around the house. Billy always had to discipline her to get her to do any thing. More than half the time she would end up getting spanked by Billy. I sometimes thought she liked it.

Anyway Jen ran with an odd crowd but she never ran with the same ones for long. Seemed like she was always dating a different guy every week. Of course Billy hated them all. She dated all kinds too from a boy barely 18 to one guy her dad’s age. I am sure it was just to get back at her parents. That’s just how her mind worked. The funny part or not funny was she really was an intelligent girl. She could have carried A’s in school and when to college. That was not how she used it at all though. She was very deceitful girl she would lie, cheat, and steal almost anything. She took her mom’s credit card one time and maxed it out, without telling her. When Billy found out he wanted to beat the shit out of her but Linda stopped him.

Jen could have any job or guy she wanted but chose to antagonize her parents instead. She is a very good-looking woman 5’5” tall, a little heavy but not fat by any means. Dutch boy cut brunet hair, looked very cute on her. Hazel eyes, button nose, full lips and a nice smile. Her breast were average I’d say C maybe D cup. She had great ass that just bounced when she walked. Great legs, I’m a legman so they were her best asset to me. She had at least a dozen piercings 2 or 3 ear piercings, eye brows too. Lip ring, nose stud and tongue stud. Never understood that one till later.

Back to her asking her dad and mom for money. Billy was fuming, as he could not believe she would even ask after some of the things she had done to them over the years. She tells him if she can’t borrow the money she will get thrown out of her apartment. Billy says that’s your problem. Then I’ll just have to move back home she tells him. No way you’re moving in here again he tells her. Billy tells Linda to give her the money to get rid of her. I feel sorry for them having such an ungrateful daughter. I also know they created the monster called Jen. The way they raised her.

I talked to Billy for a while longer then took my leave. As I was pulling out Jen caught me. “Hey Dick. Mom gave me apiece of your banana bread it’s really good. I didn’t know you were a baker.” “I do a lot of it since losing May. Keeps me fat and sassy.” She says, “ Fat you haven’t an ounce of fat on you.”

I’m about 5’8” 150 lb., I work out 2-3 times a week to keep fit. She says, “I’d sure like to get some of that bread.” I say “I have several loafs at home. I can bring one next time I come over and leave with your mom.” “Awww, I was hoping to get it sooner if I could.” Playing the sweet little girl card on me. I liked Jen even though she could be a real bitch sometimes. “OK, Come by the house later I’ll give you one.” She had been to my house with Billy several times, but never alone. “Great I’ll be by in a couple hours.”

I get home start my routine, cleaning house, dishes, laundry, the usual. I had just sit down to rest and have a cold one. I hear a car pull in. I get up too see who it is. It’s Jen’s car, so I go to the kitchen and get a loaf of banana bread out for her. There is a knock on the door. Come on in Jen. I hear the door open, “I’m in the kitchen.” I hear her footsteps coming my way. “Hello Dick.” She says “Hi Jen.” I answer, not looking at her yet. I pick up the bread turn to give it to her.

That’s when I see she has changed clothes. Earlier she had on blue jeans and a loose T-shirt. She was now wearing pink short shorts and some kind of pink tube top. It left little to the imagination. Smiling she could tell it made an affect on me. I had a hard time not staring at her. “Here you go I hope you enjoy it.” I say. “I’m sure I will. I was wondering if we could talk for a bit?” Curious I ask, “Talk? About what Jen” “Oh I don’t know just chat about stuff.” This has me questioning her reasons to be here. Usually Jen has an ulterior motive behind her wanting to talk. I have learned that over the years. But I oblige her. “OK let’s go sit in the living room. It’s more comfortable there. Would you like a drink of some kind?” “I’ll have what your having if that’s OK?” I go to the fridge and get her a beer. We enter the front room I sit in my recliner, her across from me on the couch.

“OK, what conversation shall we have?” I say, “I was wondering if I could come over and use your pool sometimes?” “I don’t know. I don’t swim a lot so I don’t keep the chemicals up like I should. I’m sure it needs a good cleaning too.” Jen says “I can clean it and if you show me how I will keep casino şirketleri the chemicals up too. Please Dick, It would give me a place to do my water aerobics. I have been trying to lose some weight. I’m guessing she weights about 165#, is 5’5” tall Dark blonde hair cut into a Dutch boy style. Makes her face look fatter or round. She a good looking girl not above average but good looking. She has hazel eyes and pouty lips. The same look she gives her dad to get her way.

“I have lost 4 lb. In last 2 weeks. But it cost me $40 a month to use the Y’s pool. I really don’t have that kind of money to waste on the Y.” I’m thinking what is this really leading up to. She still is giving me the sad eyes look. “Make you a deal, you can use it if you clean it and keep chemicals up. The only other string is I need to be here when you’re using it. Just for safe measure, my insurance company would crap it you were to get hurt or drownd, god for bid.”

Her eyes lit up and thanked me profusely “When do you intend to start?” “I can come tomorrow after noon if that’s OK.” “No problem just call me first to be sure I’m home.” Jen says I will I promise.”

The whole time we are talking I can’t help but notice. Where she was sitting and her legs spread slightly.
I could see a small wet spot on her shorts at her crotch. I’m wondering if she was getting wet being with me? I’m more inclined to think she had more than swimming on her mind. I just can’t imagine what that could be. Especially with me, seeing how I’m almost 30 years older than she is.

The next day Jen calls at 12:30 “I’ll be over in about a half an hour if that’s good.” I say “Sure that’s fine.
I will get the chemicals out. Along with the cleaning tools. See you soon.” She says “OK bye.” then hangs up.

I get the chemicals out of the shed and cleaning tools. Place them by the pool and go back into the house. About ½ hr later I hear a car. I had just put a load of laundry in the washing machine. There’s a knock on the rear door. “Hello Dick are you here?” “Coming.” I say.

I get to the back door Jen is standing there fully clothed. “Thought you were going to clean the pool?”
“I am.” she says, “I just need to change. Can’t drive around in my bathing suit.” “Oh Ok I never gave it much thought. Duh moment there.” She laughs asking, “Where can I change?” “Use the bathroom down the hall. I will go out and start getting ready.” ‘No problem I’ll be out in a jiffy.” She walks toward the bathroom her hefty ass bouncing. Like two puppies wrestling in a bag. She glances back and smiles.

I proceed to the pool, measuring out the chlorine, opening the bag of charcoal for the filter. I am removing the sun cover when Jen comes out the back door. I really am not paying to much attention to her yet.

“Do you need a hand with that cover Dick?” I start to tell her No when I really see her. She is wearing the smallest bikini I can imagine. It causes me to be speech less for a few seconds. “No no no, I’ve got it. You can get in and start cleaning out the leaves.”

She stands on the edge then dives into the water. “Oh my god it’s cold!” “Oh shit! I’m sorry Jen, I forgot to turn the heater on this morning.” She splashes me with the cold water “Take that asshole.” Laughing as she does. “You just wanted to see me freeze my tits off.” She immediately gets out. “Where’s a towel?” “You didn’t bring one?” I ask. Jen says “I left it in the bathroom I must have forgotten it when I was changing.” “Wait here I’ll go get it from the house. I go into the house, entering the bathroom I see her clothes in a pile on the floor. The towel is next to them on the floor. I bend down to get the towel I see her panties. Her red panties stand out like a flag. I can’t help my self and pick them up. Fist just looking at them trying to imagine what she looks like in them.

Then I raise them to my nose and her musky odor of her pussy emanates from them. It smells wonderful. I had not smelled a woman’s feminine odor for almost 4 years. It smelled wonderful. I am getting hard from smelling them. I guess I was taking far too long. For second later I hear behind me “I’m freezing my ass off out there and you’re in here sniffing my panties.” I was caught red handed, my face turned a dark shade of crimson I’m sure. Instinctively I reach out and hand her at towel hanging on the rack.

She starts to laugh. “Your just like a 10 year old who never had a woman before.” I’m still in shock and speechless. “This is great. Now I have you where I want you.” “What?” I mutter “I knew you had the hots for me for a long time, but didn’t know how to prove it.” “Wait, Jen it’s just that I have not smelled a woman in so long and your undies were there and I was drawn to them. The red color caught my eye and I had to smell that familiar odor of a woman. I’m sorry I should never have done it.”

“What you only wanted to smell my cunt? Hell if that’s all you wanted to do. You’re more of a pervert than I though. I figured you might at least make a pass at me.” She said ruffly. “I’m your dads best friend Jen. I could not make a pass at you. Hell I’m older than your dad is. You could be my daughter.” “ You mean you have never thought of fucking me?” “Please I’d rather not answer that question.” She says “Fine I’ll just tell dad I caught you smelling my panties then.” I felt like a 10-year-old caught jacking off by his mom. “OK yes I have wondered what it would be like to have sex with you. But I would never really try anything.” “Well now that, that casino firmaları is out, doesn’t that make you feel better?”

Unsure where this was going. I looked at her wondering what was next. “Not really.” I manage to get out. I’m still very unsteady with the situation. “I can tell you this I need a hot shower after freezing my ass off out there.” I say “OK I’ll leave you alone.” “I don’t think so.” She says. “Huh?” ‘You heard me your going no where. You going to stand there and watch as I take my shower. If all you want is to smell my soiled panties, go ahead and smell. Then all your going to do is watch me shower.” I can’t believe what I’m hearing.

Then she reaches behind her and unties her top. It falls to the floor. Her almost bare tits are now just that bare. Her nipples are rosy pink and standout almost ½ an inch. Her tits are beautiful at least D cup with no sag at all. I’m speechless as she slides her bottoms off. Her patch of blond hair over her pussy was trimmed short. I could see the tip of her slit with her standing there. The shower was behind me. She stepped forward almost rubbing those huge tits on my arm.

I turn as she passes me stepping into the shower. Her ample ass undulating she does. She soaps up her body I can feel my cock starting to grow inside my cargo shorts. Oh god I’m thinking she will see and I’ll get it just like a 10-year-old again. I’m still standing there holding her panties in one hand and the towel in the other. I use the towel to cover my quickly hardening cock.

Then she looks at me and says “ Smell my panties, I want to see you smell them.” Slowly I raise them to my nose and inhale. “Like that smell do you?” I simply nod yes to her question. She laughs “God your such a pussy.” I watch as she soaps her breasts and then her pussy. I’m getting hard as a rock watching. She rinses off then stepping out of the shower. She come to me and grabs the towel out of my hand. My ridged tool is straining at my shorts. Making them tent out.

“Well, well what do we have here?” Taking my cock in her hand through my shorts. “Hell you got quite a tool there mister. We just might have to give that a try out.” I manage to say “Jen, Please Its been 4 years. I really cannot have sex with you. You dad will kill me.” “Fuck that I want to try this thing out.” “Please No.” “Oh yes Dick! Unless you want me to tell dad about this.” I’m caught between lust and fear.

She then drops her towel and unbuttons my shorts. Slips her hand inside them and my briefs. Grabbing my shaft saying, “ Fuck yea that thing is almost the biggest cock I’ve ever held. I sure ain’t passing that up. Where’s your bed room.” She demands Meekly I say “Top of the stairs on the left.” She still has a grip on my cock as she pulls me out the door down the hall then up the stairs. I dropped her panties in the hall to grab my shorts to keep them on. I can’t help but look at that massive ass undulating ass as we climb the stairs.

We enter my bedroom. “Very nice, I like this.” Then nearly throws me onto the bed by my cock. Then grabbing my shorts by the cuffs and pulls them off. My ridged cock is straining at my briefs. Next she grabs the band of my briefs pulling so hard she nearly rips them off me. My almost 8”long 1 1/2″ diameter cock springing free. “Oh Hell yes I knew I was going to like this.” The head was swollen like a balloon throbbing and deep red. God I was so turned on. My brain is swirling with thoughts of her fucking me. I didn’t care about shit any more. I just wanted to fuck her so badly I couldn’t stand it. She says to me, “You have nothing to say yet?” “Fuck me please fuck me.” She laughs hysterically. “Hell I’m going to fuck your legs off you little man.” “Fuck yes! Fuck me till I can’t do it any more.” “That should be easy if you haven’t had a fuck in 4 years. One quick blast out of you and it will be over I’m sure.” Her eyes fixed on my throbbing ridged cock.

She climbed on me her full weight on my hips. I can feel her slit on my cock. “Humm this is going to be fun.” She quipped. She raises her ass enough to get a hold of my shaft, rubbing the head on her clit. When it was covered with her juices. She slid the head into her hot wet pussy. I am suprised how tight she is. She actually lets out a grunt as the head enters her hole. “Dam that is big, and it been a month since I been laid too.” She works her ass rotating and pushing me deeper and deeper into her pussy.

Just as my last inch goes in I feel the head hit the back wall of her uterus. ‘UGH!” she grunts. Grinning ear to ear says “ Oh Fuck yea, Fuck me daddy.” I begin to meet her rhythm, my balls getting crushed each time she comes down on my pelvis. “Like that Dick? I know I like that dick of yours.” Smiling down at me. Her face was different. I could tell she was really getting into it.

As turned on as I was I figured like she said I’d blow in a few seconds. I fought off the sensation several times, thinking of her dad screaming at me for fucking his daughter. I could not help but want to squeeze those huge tits. She had her eyes closed as she humped me. I take one hand and place it on her left tit. She never said a word. I squeezed it hard then took her nipple between my thumb and forefinger pinching and rolling it. “Harder pinch it harder.” She says Fuck yes I’m thinking.

Suddenly she stops humping me. Pulls my cock out of her, climbs off. “Fuck me doggy style.” She assumes the position, I gladly get behind her. As my cock slides into her she says “Oh Fuck Yes, pound güvenilir casino my pussy Dick.” I slam my cock into her, nearly bruising my cockhead when I hit her pelvis. I slam my cock into the as fast as I can.

I reach around trying to get a hold of her huge tits but I can’t reach that far. So I grab her hips and pound my dick into her. Shortly she begins to say “That’s it fuck me hard. Oh God I’m going to orgasm.” I fuck her frantically. Then feel her cunt clinch down on my cock. It’s so tight I have a hard time moving in her at all. I still am not ready to cum, not that I haven’t come close a couple times. She collapses forward on her face. I feel her cunt loosen up on me so I continue to pound her. Each time I do she gives out a low grunt.

I finally feel my balls tighten and the head of my cock tingle. I blow my wad into her hot wet cunt. I leave my cock buried deep in her for a couple minutes enjoying the feel of her tight hole. I’m so turned on I never go soft. I slide my cock out of her.

Her ass in the air like it is and her anus is so inviting. I place the head on it and push hard. The head pops in, I get no resistance from her. I work my cock deeper into her ass. ‘Fuck yes!” I say. It had been a lot of years since I fuck a woman in the ass. I am not really an ass man but I was hard and it was inviting.

‘Holy Fuck!” Comes out of her mouth. “I haven’t been fucked in the ass for a couple months. God it feels great.” I’m shocked she likes it. Actually pushing ass back to meet me. I get my dick fully buried into her, my balls slap her pussy. I ass fuck her for about 15 minutes, she groans “Oh fuck yes.” Her ass tightens up on my cock. She is actually orgasming from being ass fucked. I am no where near ready to cum. I pull my still hard dick from her ass. Climb off the bed and go to my master bathroom and cleanup.

I return she is on her back smiling at me. “Hell I figured it would be wham bam and over I about 2 minutes. Fuck, how wrong I was.” I say “I can stay hard a long time as long as I’m turned on. Hell May & I fucked all night sometimes. I can cum at least 3 or 4 times a session.” “Holy Shit, Really!” she says, “Fuck yes! Hell I’m ready for a go now. I’d love to fuck those huge tits of yours. May only had A cups so that’s something I never really got to do.” She says “Go for it big boy, I like to tit fuck too.”

I climb on the bed over her waist slip my cock between those massive tits. She squeezes them together, but it to dry. “Hold On.” I say. I get off go to my bathroom again come back with some flavored lube I bought to jackoff with. I get on her again squirt a glob between her tits and on my cock.

I slip my dick between those magnificent tits. She pushes them together. I start sliding my cock between them. As the head slips out the top she licks the head. “Mumm Strawberry I like that.” I push harder it comes out far enough she cam get the head into her mouth each stroke. Watching her do this is a huge turn on. No more than 5 minutes fucking her tits I shoot my load in her face and mouth. “Wow that was quick.” She says. Couldn’t help it watching as you sucked my cock head. Just was more then I could take. Laughing she says that was quite a load too. Wiping it from her face, nearly getting her in the eye. She licked her fingers saying “Mumm Yummy! I love the taste of cum.”

I get off her, telling her she can clean up in my bathroom. She heads for the bathroom. I love how her ass wiggles as she walks to it. I’m thinking god your such an old pervert. If Billy finds out about this your in deep shit. But I really don’t care Jen is way to good a fuck to care about anything right now.

Looking at the clock It’s almost 3 we have been at it for almost 2 hrs. She comes back looking at me kind of odd look on her face. “You’re still hard?” “Well not real hard but yea. So?” “I don’t know any guy that can fuck for 2 hrs and stay hard. You on Viagra?” “Hell No, I just have a real high libido. Told you I can stay hard for several times if I have the right stimulation. You’re the best stimulation I’ve have in years.”

“Well fuck I’m going to be sore for days if I don’t quit now.” She says I give her that pouty look she gave me earlier. I really wanted to fuck her one more time, but I wasn’t going to push it.

“Don’t worry I’ll be back day after tomorrow. I have errands tomorrow so it will have to be then. “OK I guess I will live till then.” I say. “I never thought catching you smelling my panties would turn out to be such a wild time.” “Dam I knew I forgot to do something!” “What is that?” “Well suck your pussy of course, smelling your panties. Made me wish I could suck your pussy. I love to eat pussy almost as much as fuck it.” “Dam I wish I had more time or I’d let you now. That just will make you want to do it more later.

I sigh and say, “If I must wait I will.” I need to get dressed and get home, before Tom gets home. I follow her down the stairs to the lower bathroom where her clothes are. Watching as she dresses I still amazed at her huge tits they have no sag at all. “Are those real and how big are they?” “Are what real? My tits Fuck yes!” Proudly she says, “They are a G cup” “G cup I never heard of tits that big before.” “Now you have.” Laughing “Hell you even got to fuck them.” “Yea that was great, I’d love to do that everytime.” “Sounds good to me.” She says.

Dressed she heads for the door. I’m left standing there stroking my cock. “I will see you in a couple days.” Blows me a kiss and heads out the door. I stood there and jacked off thinking of fucking her again.
I go finish cleaning the pool and recover it. God I’m glad I told her yes she could use it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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