Becoming Ch. 02

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Teen (18+)

Short and sweet, but plenty more to come! Don’t forget to catch up on chapter one if you haven’t yet!


Audra awoke just before eight the next morning, groggy and disoriented. She was tangled in her sheets and her skin felt hot and clammy. Her shoulders and ribs ached, and as she turned over onto her back, her naked chest brushed along the sheets, sending painful shockwaves through her.

“God,” she groaned, freeing a hand from the blankets to mop at her unpleasantly damp face.

Her nipples felt like they were in vice-clamps, and fuzzy memories of the previous night’s furious masturbation came back to her. She remembered squeezing her nipples to the point of pain, but she hadn’t thought she’d hurt them that badly. Apparently she’d be wrong. They felt bruised and achy, and she cursed herself for going so hard.

Never again, she vowed. Damn.

Audra blinked her eyes open, letting her vision swim into focus. She stared at her ceiling for a long moment without really seeing it, feeling the pain in her chest. She wondered if she really had bruised herself and figured she might as well assess the damage.

With a groan, Audra pushed herself up onto her elbows. Pain flared through her back and she grimaced, pushing herself the rest of the way up so she was sitting against her headboard. The blankets fell away and pooled at her waist. She looked down at her chest, expecting to see purple and yellow splotches. What she saw made her do a double-take. Triple-take. She rubbed her eyes. Blinked. Wondered if she was dreaming, but the pain shooting from her shoulders to her neck told her otherwise.

There, where before there had been not even ankara escort bayan the slightest bumps like those a twelve-year-old may hide in her sweater, were two orange-sized breasts. They sat high and proud on Audra’s ribs, round and perky and with just enough fullness to give them a pleasant heft. Her nipples were dusty pink bullets, hard and tight. They jutted ever so slightly upwards from the centers of puckered, quarter-sized areolae.

“Oh my god,” Audra breathed. She stared down at herself, unbelieving.

How? How was this possible? You didn’t just grow breasts overnight, even she knew that. Especially not like this… Hesitantly, she lifted her hands to cup the undersides. The skin was warm and smooth. They filled her palms perfectly. She lifted them, testing their scant weight. She pushed them together and felt like she could cry as she watched cleavage form for the first time in her life.

Hesitantly, she brushed her thumbs over her nipples. Pain flared, but was rapidly chased away by white-hot pleasure. Audra moaned and did it again. Less pain this time. Again. Again. She ran tight circles around them, teasing the tips with the pads of her thumbs. They grew impossibly harder, felt swollen and overly engorged. The pleasure was immense, unlike anything she’d ever felt before.

She tilted her head back against the headboard, realized she couldn’t see her chest anymore, brought it forward again. She took a deep breath, filling her lungs all the way and watching her chest rise and fall with just the barest hint of jiggle. Her pussy grew slick and needy, but her hands were too busy to take care of it.

Experimentally, Audra mersin escort bayan closed her thumb and forefinger around her left nipple. She squeezed it gently. Pleasure so intense it should have been pain filled her. She moaned and her eyes fell shut. She forced them back open and repeated the gesture on her right nipple. Pleasure bolts flew straight to her cunt. She felt herself beginning to drip, her clit aching.

She had to see herself. Her mirror was on her closet door on the other side of the room, and she climbed out of bed on trembling legs. She drug a pillow with her over to the mirror, threw it on the floor, and lowered herself onto it, straddling it. She ground her hips against it, savoring the friction, and forced her hands away from her new tits. Then she looked.

The sight was enough to make her want to cum. There she was, but she had never seen herself like this before: skin flushed and dewy, thighs glistening, tummy taught and was her waist flared in and were her hips rounded out more than they had been? Audra thought so. But there was no denying the real show-stopper: two perfectly round, high breasts rising and falling with every rapid breath. They looked larger as she looked at them head-on. Larger and rounder and fuller, deliciously so.

They were B-cups, at least. Had to be. Audra watched herself cup her tits and moaned, both at the sight and the feel. She ground her hips against the pillow faster, rubbing her nipples against her palms. The pillowcase between her thighs was soaked and she rode it for all she was worth, though nearly all of her pleasure was centered around her tits.

Her tits! She could still hardly believe izle it, even staring at them, feeling them. It seemed too good to be true, and Audra wanted to savor this moment, to make it last. But the tension was building too quickly. Her body was on fire. Her cunt ached and her nipples throbbed. She squeezed each nipple between her fingers, rolling and tugging them and making her tits bounce.

Her breathing hitched and her eyes wanted to close, but she forced them to stay open, to watch herself as her orgasm ripped through her, tearing her apart. Her pussy gushed and quivered, her breasts bouncing and jiggling wildly.

When she finally came down from her high, she wiped her hands over her face and grinned at herself in the mirror. She panted, watching her breasts. Up, down. Up, down. She cupped them, revelling in their realness, then paused. Moments ago, her hands had engulfed them entirely, all fingers touching her ribs. Now, only the very tips of her fingers brushed her ribs. It felt more like holding a smallish grapefruit rather than an orange.

Bigger? Audra looked from her chest to the mirror and back again. Maybe… They did look a little bigger. They certainly felt bigger, but… Audra shook her head, laughing to herself. Probably just her imagination. She wasn’t used to having any chest yet. It would probably take her a while to get used to judging it by sight.

A door opened down the hall, and Audra heard her brother wander down the stairs. She looked at the clock on her nightstand. It was nearly nine-thirty. She’d been…preoccupied for much longer than she realized.

Breathing deeply, she stood and stretched, appreciating the way her breasts lifted and fell as she did so. She stripped the sodden pillowcase from her pillow and threw it in her laundry basket, then sauntered into her attached bathroom, already wondering how the pulsating shower head would feel on her two new twins.

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