Becoming a cuckhold

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Becoming a cuckholdHow I became a cuckholdFebruary 15, 2013, 4:47 pmMy wife was amazed that I enjoyed watching and hearing about others having her. She said, “You really don’t mind?” I said not a chance it makes me very horny! She said she’s glad something makes my little cock horny.She told me she wanted to keep fucking others, did I mind? I said whatever you want. She said I am glad you said that, from now I get my cock and pussy from others? I said what does that mean for me? she said I may let you watch and I may let you clean me after I fuck, and to be nice I will jerk you off once very couple of weeks and fill you in on my exploits. I said ok just tell me what I should do.She said I cannot play with myself, I cannot stop her from having fun, I can’t be with others unless she oks it, and I have to do what she says. I agreed as the thought of it made me really horny and said when does it start? She laughed and said right now actually. I looked her and said, “huh?” She smiled and said said cum here.I followed her to our bedroom and she said, “ok get undressed”. I was getting horny, She looked down and said wow your teenie little weenie just poked out. Now I need to say I am not well endowed (about 2 inches hard)and I have man-boobs (could wear a bra)which is a bad combination. She told me to go over and sit on our couch. I did so and she tied me with ropes to the couch where I could barely move. She told me she needed to get ready. She went into the bathroom and got completely undressed. She came out put on some pantyhose and her 5 inch slut heels. She asked how she looked I said fantastic and asked what she was going to wear with it. She picked up her dress coat and said this! The look on my face must have been one of awe and she said here is a cell phone in case of emergency but if she calls I better pick up.She buckled the coat and said I better stay horny. buckled her coat and left. I sat there thinking what was she going to do. About 20 minutes later the cell phone rang, so I answered. She was talking but not to me. She was talking to a couple bahis siteleri and said, “I hope you don’t mind meeting here but it makes it easier to meet someone for the first time.” They talked for a bit about what each was wiling to do. The other female said we decided to meet other people because we wanted to liven up our sex life, and then asked my wife why she meets other people. My wife said, “oh it’s very simple, I love my husband with all my heart but he as a very small cock and man boobs, so he is kind of useless sexually except for cleaning me up after I have fucked others”. I was so embarrassed as she had never told that to anyone else (that I know of) but at the same time it excited me.The other couple asked it they could go back to her house with her and my wife said of course and they could have fun privately or let her lady-man husband watch. The other wife said it might be fun to have him watch. My wife said good but just remember he only gets untied for cleanings and it is good to cut down on his manhood. The other wife said this should be fun. My wife asked it one of them wanted to ride with her as it was only a ten minute ride. The other wife said she wanted to.They went out to the car and my wife kept the connection open so I could still hear. Once in the car the other woman said she liked my wife’s heals. My wife said she always wears just these when meeting someone to have fun. She must have opened her coat because the other woman goes, “oh wow you didn’t wear anything under your coat! Can I touch?” My wife said, “please start and don’t stop”. It got me so excited I accidently dropped the phone behind the couch.5 minutes later the garage door goes up and I hear the door open. two minutes later I hear my wife say, “why don’t we go into the bedroom and you can see my lady-man husband and you can laugh all you want at his little clit.” It actually popped up at she said that. They walked in and walked over by me and the other woman goes, “wow I haven’t seen a cock that small on a grown man before.” My wife said, “now you know why I have canlı bahis friends”.The other husband said, “why don’t we go become more friendly”. They went over to the bed and got undressed it. The woman was a little chubby but had great tits with long pointy nipples. Her husband was about 6 foot and a huge cock that had to be nine inches long and almost as thick as my wife’s wrist. They climbed on the bed and the other wife got in the middle. My wife said, “I think my tongue needs to explore and she proceeded to go down on the other woman. The husband was sitting there and holding his rock hard cock and smiling. The other woman was moaning and all of a sudden she goes, “Oh please don’t stop I am going to cum.” She started panting and then sort of shuddered and said, “oh wow, I never had a tongue lashing like that”, she turned to her husband and said I hope you watched and picked up some tips and laughed. She then turned to my wife and said,”it’s your turn, why don’t you get on your hands and knees.” My wife didn’t hesitate and was ready in a flash. The other guy mounted her doggie style and the other wife got underneath to look her pussy which looked quite moist.They started going at it and my wife turned to look at me and saw the excitement on my face. She smile and turned back to her fun. All of a sudden, she is moaning and saying, “oh please fuck me, let me feel a real cock”. For the next 30 minutes they kept going at it and my wife kept belittling my manhood. All of a sudden, she’s saying, “Oh don’t stop, I’m going to cum. Please keep going,”. 10 seconds later I heard her scream in excatacy like she never has before and for the next 4-5 minutes she kept having orgasm after orgasm.For the next 2 hours they kept going at it and there was orgasm after orgasm. I was so amazed and horny watching it all. Finally they get close to stopping and my wife turns to me and says, “OK I guess he deserves something”, she then climbs up n the couch and brings her cunt dripping with everyone’s cum and straddles my face and says, “let our company see how well you bahis firmaları clean since your have a useless dick.” I got her to cum twice and cleaned her completely up and she climbs down and smiles and winks. The other woman said, “can he clean me too?” My wife said sure, just make sure he does it right. The other woman climbs up and straddles my face and says, “clean me good.” He cunt had a real musty smell since she was so hairy and I managed to clean her. As she got off, my wife asked if I did well and the other wife said, “very good since I doubt he could get anyone off with his cock” and my wife just smiled. My wife started to say that they should try this again and the other husband said, “how cum he got to clean the two of you and not me?” My wife looked at me and smiled and said, “we don’t want to leave you out but you may need to give him direction since he has never done it”. He said don’t worry and walked toward me with a huge erection and I’m thinking I can’t believe this is going to happen. I had never seen a cock that big close up and all of a sudden it is parting my lips and I am trying not to gag. It was at least 9 inches and very thick. All of a sudden my wife is there with our video camera and telling me I better do it good. With some help I got into a rhythm and the other guy is starting to moan softly and all of a sudden he lets out a moan and I feel this hot stream going down my throat and I am trying not to gag. My wife is capturing the whole thing on video and looks down to catch my hard cock and captures that and smiles.The other couple thanks her for a lot of fun and they arrange to meet again and then the other wife looks at me and says, “you have him trained well for no penis, I hope he is here next time”.After they leave my wife comes up to me and I think she is going to let me out but instead she turns to me and says, “Did you enjoy being my husband lady? ANd you better be truthful about it because I’ve got the video to prove it!” I said I really did enjoy watching you get fucked and cumming”, She smiled and said, “I know”. She didn’t untie me though and I looked at her and said, “what about letting me out?” She smiled and said, “sorry but I have more guests cumming over in 2 hours so I’ll leave you like that to think about it……….”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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