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Becoming a Boy 44

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I appreciate all the emails I have received providing comments and suggestions as well as encouragement to write more chapters. The story is winding down and I hope to wrap it up before too long. Just know that I get busy with work and delays will happen. Doesn”t mean I stopped writing, just means work took over for a while.

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I waited a bit before I went to the main area and faced the guys. I was embarrassed knowing that someone here bought these damn shorts and wanted me in them. My ass hung out the back a good bit more than in the shorts Ian had designed with his scissors. These really just displayed half my ass and of course it was red from Ian spanking it a while ago.

Why did I enjoy that? He spanked me hard! I felt like a little kid when he did that. I hadn”t even really done anything wrong. All I had done was complain about these clothes. Well, I guess the takeaway is don”t complain about my clothes. I guess at least I have something on, I didn”t want to be nude all the time that”s for sure.

“Hey, Timmy,” one of the brothers hollered. “As long as you are in there, grab me a beer, will ya?”

“Yeah, grab me one too,” someone else added. “Make it three!”

Fine, I thought to myself. I”ll grab them some beer. I opened the fridge and grabbed three bottles, popped the tops, and headed in to the main area. “Who wanted beer?” Manuel took a beer and so did Doug and Noah. I kinda looked at them trying to see if one of them was staring more than usual at me.

“Hey babe, grab us some chips and salsa too.” Manuel stated. He was staring at the football game on the tube. I never knew who was playing but there always some some game on tv it seemed. Babe? I was their babe? I wasn”t sure I liked being called that. I went back to the kitchen area and grabbed a couple bags of chips and some salsa. I even grabbed the bean dip and heated it up in the microwave. I brought it all out to them. I wasn”t sure why I was doing it, but at least it gave me something to do.

As I returned to the group, Isaiah whistled, then catcalled. “Those are some fine legs you got, girl. Come over here and let me see them.”

I set the chips and stuff down on the coffee table in front of them and all the guys hooted and hollered saying a variety of things about my legs and ass. Why did I just bend over and give them even more of a shot of my ass?

“Look at that booty!” “Timmy got more ass than your girlfriend, Doug” “Damn, girl, that”s a fine ass but we watching the game” “Hell, there”s more game going on there than on the tv”

“Shut up, you pigs,” I told them. How embarrassing! I knew I was blushing; I could feel the heat in my face.

“Come on,” Isaiah continued, “bring those legs over here and let me take a look.” I stared at him to see if he was serious or just hassling me. He was grinning and motioned me to come over to where he was. Fine, I thought I”ll walk over there.

“Now that”s something to look at,” he told me when I was standing next to him. “Big thighs and a fine booty, slim lower legs. I”m a leg man,” he stated.

“Tell him thank you, Timmy.” It was Ian who had reappeared in the room.

“Thank you Isaiah,” I repeated.

“No problem. You got those long fine legs,” he repeated running his hand along my calf. “Not a bit of stubble either. Damn, I like that, you must have waxed those.”

I jumped a little as he ran his hands on my legs. I wasn”t sure what to do. I looked over at Ian but he was just smiling and he sat on one of the couches to join in watching the game, or watching me, I wasn”t sure. Was he the guy who ordered these shorts? He wasn”t really paying attention to my ass, more to my legs. I never even thought about my legs much. They were okay. I knew Ian had gotten my thighs bigger at the same time my ass was growing but I just didn”t pay much attention to my legs. I never really looked at legs much, I mean, I looked at legs a lot these days since I was on my knees. Men”s legs were hairy and mine weren”t. Like that guy, Jared, at the salon said, men have hairy legs and fags don”t.

“Sit down, Timmy. Watch the game awhile,” Ian told me. The only place to sit was next to Isaiah so I sat next to him on a sofa. I tried to pay attention to the game but I was thinking about other things. Which guy ordered these shorts? Was he in the room now? Or was it Zach? Why was Isaiah touching my legs? What size of dick did he have? I had always heard black men had larger dicks than average. Was Isaiah bigger than average or was that just some stereotype people had made up? Why was I thinking about his dick? I never would have thought about it consciously a few months ago.

“I”m outta beer,” Manuel looked over at me.

“Me too,” another brother echoed him.

“Get busy, Timmy,” Ian ordered. I looked over at him and he just waved his hand to the kitchen and so I got up and went to the fridge again.

“Can you make some sandwiches too,” someone called out. “YEAH,” several other voices chimed in. Fuck, I was going to be their bitch, it seemed.

It took me several minutes to lay out the bread, spread mustard and mayo, slap some meat, tomatoes, lettuce and cheese on the bread and put everything together and clean up. I had a large plate full of sandwiches and several beers in my hands. There was a cheer from the guys as I entered with the food. It kind made me feel useful and liked that they were cheering. I bent over again, blocking their view, since I knew it bugged them. I even wiggled my ass a little this time, and got several more comments. I still blushed but it seemed like harmless fun.

When I looked up to go sit down though, Andy had already sat where I had been a few moments ago. I looked around and no one was moving. Then I saw Isaiah patting his lap.

“You can sit over here on my lap, Timmy.” Ian glanced over at me and nodded his assent. I really didn”t want to do that but Ian had said to do it wordlessly. I walked the few steps to where Isaiah was sitting and he spread his legs a little so I would actually be sitting between his legs more than on his lap.

“Come on, sit yourself down and stop distracting us from the game,” he told me. I tied to sit and stay upright and not really touch him, but after a couple minutes he actually pulled me back against him and I sorta lay back on his left side and the arm of the sofa. His left arm was around my waist and his right arm was busy with beer and food. “Here, hold this,” he told me and handed me his beer as he grabbed a sandwich when it was passed and started to eat. I sort of settled in and held his beer as he ate. I kept glancing over to Ian but he was busy watching and commenting on the game as were the rest of the guys. When Isaiah wanted a sip of beer he said `drink” and I would tip the bottle to his lips. It took me a couple seconds to realize he wasn”t asking for another drink, he expected me to give him his drink. I tried to be as relaxed as possible. I put my right arm behind him and held onto the back of the sofa so I could pour his beer into his mouth easier. It was totally weird, okay? I was sort of sitting against Isaiah, one arm around him and holding his beer and giving him sips when he said `drink.” I would look at him from time to time and he would grin back at me, but Ian didn”t look at me at all, just watched the game.

I should have been over sitting on top of Ian or with my arm around him, but here I was sitting in the main living area with Isaiah and feeding him beer and laying back against his body. What did that mean? Was I supposed to enjoy this? Was he enjoying me sort of snuggled against him and feeding him beer? Holy shit, how did I get here? I was about to get up when my phone buzzed in my pants. Isaiah looked at me and I moved to get my phone from my pocket. It was a text from Ian.

-Looks like you and Isaiah are getting comfortable. You”re a real fag, Tim. You like the guys being fed, happy, and comfortable. It”s natural for you to please men. I like seeing that in my boy. Make him as comfortable as he wants to be.-

I tried to look over at Ian but in this position I could only manage my phone in one hand and the beer in my other for when Isaiah wanted it. My neck wouldn”t crane itself around enough to see what he was looking at or thinking other than what he texted. I used the hand behind Isaiah to text back.

-But, Sir. He”s getting all snuggly. What if he starts other stuff? and why can”t I do this with you?-

-Because I”m telling you to make him happy, boy. I want you to get him off here, in this room, with everyone around.-


-Do it, boy!! You”ll think of something. I want to watch it. I want you to do what he wants to do.-

Fuck my life! I was in a room full of guys I knew pretty damn well and my, my, well whatever he was, my boyfriend, my man, was telling me to get another guy off while he watched it happen. What if the guy didn”t even want it to happen? That”s when I learned I was wrong. Isaiah did want it to happen. His left hand reached up and started rubbing my left nipple. It wasn”t tough, my shirt was loose and hanging all different ways. He just reached up and started running his fingers around it, like it was an everyday thing he did to another guy, as if guys sat snuggled up to him all the time.

“I”m cold,” I announced to whoever wanted to hear.

“Then get me another beer,” Manuel said yet again. “Warm up by moving around.”

I got up and went to the fridge, bringing several beers back this time so no one would complain again in a few minutes.

I went back over to where Isaiah was sitting and I settled again against him, snuggling up and really trying to bury my face up against his shoulder. I was trying to be as attentive as possible, like Ian wanted me to be, trying to get him interested. Isaiah was ready though. He had grabbed a throw blanket off the back of the sofa and had it ready for me. He put it around us as I sat back down. It was really a shock. I mean, this is a frat house and I am here sitting mostly on a guy”s lap and no one is paying any attention. They are all watching the game eating sandwiches, chips and drinking beer and I”m supposed to snuggle up without them seeing on some guy I have never done anything with and who may not be interested that much in me doing anything but my boyfriend is texting me to get him off. Fuck my life!

I was just scared stupid but it was also enough motivation to do things that I wouldn”t ever normally do. We were under a blanket! I warmed up next to Isaiah and got in comfortable. I was mostly to his left side and was sort of sideways to him. His hand went right back to my nipple and he was pinching ant twisting it now in addition to running his fingers over it. I went right to his crotch and grabbed where I thought his cock would be at. I hit the spot and he was hard! Real hard! Oh god, he wanted it as much as Ian wanted to watch me do it.

I massaged his cock through the fabric of his pants as he played with my nipple, all underneath the blanket while everyone watched football. Every once in a while he said `drink” and I gave him a sip of his beer. Finally, the bottle was empty and I set it down on the table. It gave me a chance to look over to Ian and he looked back, just smiling tuzla escort and grinning like a fool.

He wanted me to give him a show so that was what I had to do. I began unzipping Isaiah”s fly on his pants. It took a while. I had only one hand under the blanket and didn”t want to cause a scene. Finally, I managed to get the fly of his pants down and unbutton the button on his pants. They were open now and I stuck my hand inside his underwear and felt his cock. Talk about heat! That cock was hot! I pulled it out and began rubbing it up and down. It was not small by any means, his dick was way bigger than mine, but nowhere as big as Ian”s cock. I felt dirty and like a slut, again. Sorta like in the showers a couple days ago. But, it was also exciting, something I wanted to do. I wanted to get him off while no one knew what was going on. It excited me in a way that I hadn”t considered before. I could give a man some pleasure without anyone else knowing about it.

I started slow on his cock, running my hand over and around its fullness. He produced a good amount of pre-cum so there was no need to worry about a dry hand job, he took care of that. He was uncut and I slid my fingers around the head, moving the pre-cum over the full top of the cock. Slowly I pulled his skin back and forth creating more self-lube and teasing him. I would get him off this way, I decided. Just pulling back and forth on the head of his dick teasing it along slowly. I had control over this!

“Mmmmmm, that was some good food, Timmy,” Isaiah announced. “But I”m full up now.”

No one was paying any attention to us. The game was exciting and the guys were yelling at the screen, the refs, the players on the teams. I just kept jacking on his cock and it got slipperier by the minute.

“Come on, keep that up,” Isaiah yelled at the tv, but I wondered if he meant me. “It”s getting close, a few more plays like that and the game will be over.”

I looked at him and his eyes were closed. I kept slipping that foreskin back and forth over his head, running my hand up and down his shaft on occasion. Suddenly he tightened up and cum spilled out of his cock and over my hand. Isaiah opened his eyes. He was staring at me and I was looking at him. I slowed my work on his dick and wondered what I would do now.

“You better clean up this mess around here,” he said calmly. I know he meant that more than one way. There were empty bottles and plates and scraps of food, but also my hand was still on his hard cock and both were covered in his load. I blushed at his words but I knew he was right. I pulled my hand slowly out from under the blanket and then brought it quickly to my mouth. I slurped up his cum from my thumb and fingers. I looked around and only Ian was watching me. When my hand was clean I stuck it back under the blanket. Isaiah pulled up the blanket a bit so I could see where to wipe up. His cock was still hard and was quite beautiful. It was a darker shade of brown than the rest of his skin. I told myself fuck it all and I leaned over quickly under the blanket and swallowed his cock in one motion, suctioning up the rest of his spilled load and finished cleaning up the mess.

“Yep, that sure was finger-licking good,” he said as I pulled my head back up from his lap. No one pulled their view away from the tv. Isaiah rearranged his cock in his pants and zipped up. My phone buzzed.

-Good job, Boy. Another satisfied customer and another load of a man”s cum for you.-

I blushed reading his words but I also felt very satisfied. I had never given anyone a hand job before. I had gone from screwing girls to getting screwed and never had given a hand job until now. Isaiah tweaked my nipple again, but I got up from the sofa and started clearing up the empty bottles and the other mess in the room.


“Hi Mom, I said as she answered the phone.

“Danny! How are you? How is your new job going?”

“Oh, gosh Mom, it”s really exciting. I know it”s only temporary but still I am learning a lot and its even fun,” I told her.

“That”s great Danny. I”m so happy for you.”

“You sound really happy yourself, Mom,”

“Oh I am Danny. It”s been great here since Thanksgiving. I mean, I miss you boys of course, but you know, your Dad and I have been having a good time and I just feel great these days. So relaxed and free. Of worries, I mean,” she added.

Geez, that didn”t sound like Mom at all. She usually wasn”t as excited sounding as she was today. Who knows? Maybe Dad had just nailed her. Good for her I thought, thinking about Daddy”s dick. I didn”t miss it nearly as much as I first did, especially now that I was getting some good cock from my new Daddy.

“Mom, there”s something I need to tell you,” I told her seriously. I didn”t know any other way but to just say it. I had already come out to her what seemed like ages ago. Then she had caught Ian fucking me in the kitchen, so how bad could this be? “Mom, I, well, Mom, I, I decided that I”m going to start dressing and being a girl.” There I said it. “I”m still me, I still love you, I know it may be hard to understand, but I just feel more comfortable and more like I am supposed to be when I am being a girl,” I told her. There was nothing but a sigh on her end f the line.

“Oh Danny,” she started. “I know honey. Your father and I have guessed about this for a while now. Every time we see you, you look more like a young woman. Your hair has gotten so long. You”ve gotten your ears pierced. Even the boy”s clothes you wear look like they come from the girl”s section of a department store. I figured that you would tell us soon.”

“You mean you already knew?”

“I had guessed Danny. I didn”t know for sure, but I”m glad you told me. I just want you to be happy sweetie.”

“I”m happy Mom. It was tough to figure out, but I really like to get dressed up and look pretty, like you do. I don”t plan on any big changes, like on my body really,” I told her. “I just like looking softer and girly. I”m okay with my body, I like it fine.”

“I wondered if you were thinking surgery, Danny, I read that can be expensive and difficult. I tried reading all about it but I don”t like medical stuff,” she confessed.

“No, if anything changes it will be natural, Mom. I”m happy being a femme-like boy, not a full on woman.”

“Are you going to change your name? What should I call you now?”

Mom really seemed to have thought about it all already. I didn”t need to think of things to tell her, she already had a list of questions.

“That”s easy,” I told her. “I”m Danny, only now I will spell it with an I at the end, not a Y.”

“Oh that”s easy,” Mom said. “I thought you would make me learn a whole new name for you. I”ve always liked Danny and I admit changing your name would be tough for me, to try to think of you as another name, another person.”

“No, I”m good with my name Mom, I”m always going to be Danni, one way or the other. You”re really okay with this Mom?” She seemed so relaxed and easy going. I really felt she would freak out. Maybe now that Ian and I were both out of the house she had chilled a bit.

“Yes, Danni, I”m fine. I just want you to be happy. I can”t make decisions for you anymore. You are on your own. I”ve stopped worrying about having any grandkids. You and your brother seem to be on paths that aren”t going to get me any, so I have to face that.” She did sound a bit down about that but her tone perked up again. “I”m honestly happy you called, Danni, with an I. I”m looking forward to Christmas and seeing you however you show up.”

“Mom, you”re the best.” I made kissy sounds and told her I loved her.

“Honey, have you spoken to your father about all of this. He should know too, dear.”

“Yeah, he knows Mom.” I didn”t need to go into all those details. No, that was a closed door. Dad knew.

“Okay sweetie, love you, bye for now,” she said.


I was headed off to the first practice for swimming. I was looking forward to it, mostly. I pulled on my jock and jeans. No way I was wearing a thing or even worse panties. It was bad enough that I had to buy my pants in the women”s section of stores. But they definitely fit better than guy”s jeans. I felt like I hadn”t been in the pool forever, but I realized it was only a week or so since I last swam. Ian had kept me busy lately. Between providing regular service to his cock, working out, cleaning his room, doing his laundry, and then all of the other stuff I had to do like duh, going to class, doing homework, and how could I forget giving Zach head whenever he wanted. I was really busy. Usually at the end of the day I was exhausted and fell asleep right away.

When I got to the pool most of the team was there. All the big names on the team were there, yelling and carrying on like a team who hadn”t seen each other in a while. It was nice. I knew I”d never be a star, but I did okay and helped the team get points in our meets with other schools.

I opened my locker, on the low level as Ian said to do. I had a different perspective of things from down here that was for sure. I saw everyone”s cocks from this level much clearer than I did when at the same level as they were. I pulled my suit out of my bag and began to undress. I slid off my sweats and then the jock strap and slid into my speedo, grabbed a towel and headed for the pool.

“Warm-ups, gentlemen,” coach said as more of us got to the pool. Some of us stretched out first and others hit the pool right away. I was stretching, working my arms over my shoulders, pulling from the elbow over my head, bending over and flexing at the waist, bouncing a little.

“Sanders? What the hell have you done since spring,” coach said standing over me. I looked up at him and noticed for the first time that I could see the outline of a cock in his pants. He usually wore sweats to the pool. Coach was tall and lanky like the rest of us. He stood probably at 6-foot-tall and he had brown hair and green eyes. He was still in good shape from his swimming days and I realized how sexy he was looking up at him like this.

“What do you mean, coach?” I asked, genuinely confused about what he meant.

“Stand up Sanders,” coach told me, so I stood up. “Sanders, you”ve been putting on some weight.”

“I don”t know coach, I think I”m pretty much the same weight I was last spring,” I told him. I was pretty sure about that too. I had weighed myself not too long ago and I was only slighter more than I had been. I was on a pretty strict diet from Ian, so I was pretty sure I wasn”t heavier.

“Get over to the training room,” he directed me. “I want to check you on the scales.”

“Sure, coach.” I walked back to the lockers and training room, coach following me. I headed to the scales, while coach went to his office and grabbed his little black book that he always took notes in.

“Let”s see, I have you at 170 pounds last spring, and a 32″ waist. I don”t have a lot of other measurements here,” he said as he flipped around in his little notebook. “Okay, here it is you have a 44″ chest and 41″ hips. There is NO way your hips are 41″, Sanders,” he stated clearly.

On that topic I knew he was right. My hips, my butt, were not the same size as before. I had already figured that out with Ian demonstrating that.

“Get on the scale,” he ordered, so I did. “175 pounds, well you are a little heavier than before. Let”s get your measurements.” Coach grabbed his tape measure and slid it around my chest, just under my armpits. “45 inches. You”ve added an inch to your chest. Are you on any kind of illegal substances?”

“What do you mean?” I wondered.

“You know damn well what I mean, Sanders. You on roids?”

“No way, coach. Nothing. Just eating differently and working out at the gym a lot more,” I explained. Why did you ask that?”

“Because your chest is bigger and well and your nipples look big to me, like you were getting bitch tits or something,” he replied.

“No, Sir. I said. “I am not taking anything, no supplements at all, honest!”

Damn Ian and his order to get my nipples bigger. I didn”t think they were that much different, pendik escort but I had been pumping them earlier today. I had to do it when I had time, I was so freaking busy lately. Coach slid the measuring tape down to my waist. “What?” he said surprised and adjusted the tape measure again. “Sanders, your waist is 30 inches now. How did you go from 32 to 30 inches?”

“Uhm, eating right, I guess,” I told him. He slid the tape measure again and it was around my hips and ass.

“44 inches,” coach declared. I already knew that from the shopping trip at Thanksgiving. “You added a lot of weight to that ass, Sanders.”

“I guess so, coach.”

“Your suit hardly fits anymore. You have ass hanging out the back.”

I turned to look at it. I hadn”t noticed. I really couldn”t see behind me. I walked over to the mirror and craned my neck around. Coach was right, this was clearly not the suit for me anymore. I blushed looking at myself

“Sorry, coach, I didn”t notice. I”ll pick up a couple new ones in the equipment room,” I told him. I glanced over at him. He was adjusting his crotch, rearranging things. Was he hard?

“You do that,” he said and turned away.

Fuck! I just wanted to swim and not catch flack here, but I wasn”t sure it was possible now. I can”t believe the coach saw all the things that had changed. I hadn”t really noticed that much and it took someone outside of myself to point these things out to me. My waist was smaller still than the last time it was measured. Ian”s diet was keeping me healthy but with the work he had me putting in at the gym, it was rearranging my weight and clearly I was looking different to people who knew me.

Practice was okay. My times weren”t great. I had slowed down more than usual for the time off. I had never spent my workouts timing myself and it was showing this year. I would have to work to get my times down or coach wouldn”t carry me on the team, I knew.

Back in the locker room it was the usual games after practice. Guys hassling each other, stealing towels. I was minding my own business when out of the blue I felt the tell-tale sharp sting, and heard the sharp crack of a towel snap. Someone had just placed a good one on my ass.

“Shit, that stung,” I yelped. Not before a second one cracked in nearly the same place. “Fuck, I yelped again jumping forward trying to get away.

“Sorry, Sanders,” Stephens told me “That ass was way too big a target not to snap it,” he announced to anyone who wanted to hear him. He was one of the top members on the team. He had the best backstroke going.

“Well stop it!” I told him. “It really stings.”

“Meant it to,” he told me. “Where””s the fun in snapping an ass if it doesn”t connect and hurt? How you going to swim with that thing anyway? That”s enough ass to keep you floating in the pool. A lot of drag to haul around in the water.”

I could feel my face blush with the heat of embarrassment. “Well, I”ll have to deal with it,” I replied. “What the hell you doing staring at my ass anyway?” I wondered out loud.

“Hard to miss it, Sanders. Don”t see an ass that big on a swim team.” I looked at his body as he turned around. He had a fairly standard swim body, how I saw my body really. Bigger shoulders, tapering to a standard flat waist, and then slim ass and legs. Had I really changed that much. I wanted to go to the mirror again and pay closer attention but I didn”t want anyone watching me. I decided to look closer back at the house if I could do that. I turned around and headed to the shower.

Once I got to the showers I learned that this was a real different season. Suddenly I was surrounded by naked guys. I had to fight myself to not stare with my mouth hanging open at the cocks that I could see. There was a range of meat that I just didn”t recall seeing last year, or at least paying that much attention to. I guess I looked, because I remembered certain guys with certain cock sizes in my head, but now I stared. It was seemingly unavoidable to me. Jackson had a huge piece of meat between his legs and it swung anytime he moved. He didn”t look hard at all; it was just how it hung. Ramirez had a dick more my size, but it looked chubbier than mine was. Kazmirski also had a fat dick that was nearly as big around as that guy at the gym shower the other day. When Cory Stephens walked into the shower though, his dick was half hard. I could tell because it was bouncing as he walked. I had seen enough dick now I could tell when a guy was getting boned. I tried not to stare. As far as cock to stare at, Jackson”s cock was by far the most interesting, but Cory”s cock was nearly hard and it didn”t seem to bother him at all. No one else seemed to be staring, no one was doing anything really but talking about their times and what they were doing this semester. But I kept staring, trying to catch glimpses of Cory, to see if his cock went soft or if it got harder.

The more I tried not to stare at Cory”s cock, the less successful I was. I looked everywhere else I could but seeing a guy, half hard or sporting a boner was suddenly impossible for me to avoid looking. I know I was being obvious. I could have sworn coach was hard earlier. I tried to focus on washing up, but I just kept glancing over at his dick. The other cocks were nothing to sneeze at but they weren”t hard or well on their way to hard. Every time I saw a hard cock lately all I could think about as getting the guy off and tasting his load. Cory was no exception, despite the fact this was a guy on the team and we were at the pool, where everyone knew me.

“You thirsty?” Cory asked. He grabbed his cock and stroked it a couple times so that it now pointed up in the air

“Huh? What?” I replied. I tried to blow off the fact I was staring.

“I asked if you were thirsty,” he repeated. “Everyone else left, so I thought I”d see if you wanted a taste of what you”ve been staring at the last 5 minutes,” he stated clearly.

“Uhhh, me? I wasn”t staring, Cory,” I told him.

He grinned knowing he was being fed a line of bullshit. I hadn”t realized so much time had passed with me in the shower. The other guys had taken off and somehow I had missed that fact. I had finished up but was still standing there. I shut the water off and started to leave. Cory grabbed me by the arm on my way past him.

“You didn”t answer my question, Tim. You thirsty?”

“No, I, I can”t,” I told him. I wanted to get out of the shower area, out of the pool building.

“I think you can,” he said not letting go of my arm. Fuck! I wanted out but I didn”t want to make him mad or have him talk about me to the other guys. I really did want to suck his dick. Feel the heat he was giving off, sniff his chlorine-scented crotch, drink his load, yeah, I was thirsty, okay?

“No, I can”t,” I said again.

“Who”s stopping you?” he asked.

“Uhmmm, its, well, I have a boyfriend,” I whispered. “He doesn”t want me to do anything with anyone else.”

“You ARE queer, interesting. Your boyfriend tells you that you can”t suck dick? You already married?”

“Yes,” I said, then quickly added “I mean no. No, we”re not married.”

“Then you can do what you want,” he told me.

“No, I, I told him I wouldn”t do it with anyone else.” Cory finally let go of my arm.

“So he does tell you what you can and can”t do,” he stated plainly so I understood that he knew already what my story was. Did I give it away in my words? Was it visible on me somehow? Or did someone tell him what I had been doing the few months?

“Yeah,” was all I could say. I was blushing and I was no longer looking at him or his hard cock. I turned and continued my walk back to my locker.


Back at Johnson”s again for my growing involvement with the farm and other operations. I hadn”t seen Danny since Thanksgiving and I wondered what the hell he had been up to. I hunted around but didn”t spot him. I checked the barns and the bunkhouse, nowhere.

“Hey Johnson,” I began when I found him back at the house, “where”s Danny at?”

“Hey Ian. Well he”s gotten himself a job for a little bit.”

“A job? Besides here?”

“Johnson turned to face me and said, “Sit down Ian, let”s talk a bit about your brother.” I wondered what that meant. He seemed serious all of a sudden. “Ian, your brother needs to get a husband. He has needs that can be met at this point only by finding himself a Man. He needs that now to meet his needs for sex as well as someone to take care of him. He”s developed so well into being a submissive boy, an honest fag that until he finds that Man, he”s going to be trouble for himself and for everyone. He will be chasing dick, chasing men, it”s a danger for any boy who has learned that he needs to submit.

“So, you”re saying once someone like Danny gets a taste of total submission he needs a strong hand to keep him focused.”

“Right, Ian. I can provide that here with structured work and regular sex workouts for the fags who work here, but honestly, I see my job being to keep the boys moving through here as much as I can. An arrangement like the farm doesn”t work for an extended a period of time generally. A boy like Danny is set in his mind now that he wants one man; just one that he is going to serve. Serve forever, in his, or her, mind. Doesn”t really matter how they ultimately view their gender, the see themselves as wanting a strong constant influence. Until they get that, they can get into all manner of trouble searching in the wrong places and attaching themselves to the wrong men. You know Danny was already trying that at home before he was brought under stricter control.

“That”s true,” I said. I know how that worked out.

“Between your Dad, you, and then the farm, Danny has had that strong control for a while now, but he has a desire, like all fags do, to have their own man, their own dominant person they can serve. A subboy without a man to serve is like a dog without a master, that dog is going to keep looking for someone to be with.”

“And so this job is something that is going to help him find a man?” That was all I could figure Johnson”s discussion was leading to.

“In a way, yes. Actually, a man came to me looking for a boy who could be his wife, much like Me and the Mrs. He”s looking for someone who fit Danny”s description to a tee. Femme boy, very submissive, needs a guiding hand and control over their life, someone who will obey and not generally question him. He”s very wealthy. So Danny has been working there the last week or so. I”m not sure he is coming back here, actually. He”s already spent a couple nights with the man. They seem to be getting along quite well.”

“Wow, so Danny may have found a husband type?”

“Well, yeah, something like that. Your Dad and I agreed, let”s say, to market Danny. I used my contacts I have and put out the word and pictures of Danny to a select group of people who are looking. If I”m not missing the mark here, I am going to bet your Dad gets a visit soon from this man with an offer of marriage.”

“Seriously? Like, this guy wants to get married? To Danny?”

“Don”t be so surprised, Ian. Your brother is special. He has qualities that many men want. Plus, he”s damn good looking as a femme boy or dressed up as a girl. This man prefers someone like that. He has certain requirements for his wife and Danny fits them.”

“Wow. Cool for Danny!” I said. I honestly felt happy for the kid. Johnson explained more about the business aspects of what it meant for him, for the farm. I was fascinated to learn that he got a finder”s fee for bringing the man together with Danny if it worked out. I was surprised there was a market for such things.

“So, isn”t this a little, well, unusual?” I asked. “I mean, it”s all under the radar, I”m guessing.”

“Let”s say I don”t advertise these services to everyone, if that is what you mean, Ian. There isn”t anything illegal. Danny is of age. There are regular marriage brokers out there in the world. I just serve a niche market for men who want well-trained boys who are looking for a home to settle down in.”

“Okay. I get that. I hadn”t thought of these angles aydınlı escort though. I appreciate you sharing this, Mr. Johnson. But, back to Danny. Is he cool with this? I mean, is he happy with the guy? I don”t want him ending up with some weirdo, well, you know what I mean.” I had always figured Danny would find someone, I just hadn”t considered honestly that it would be orchestrated by Johnson or Dad, but really it shouldn”t surprise me.

“Yeah. By all means talk with him though, see what he says himself.” I was going to of course, but I had a hell of a lot of other questions too. Johnson spent some time going over some of the books with me. He showed me more that day about the finances than he had previously. I was beginning to see the bottom line for parts of the farm. He had several different companies doing business. They were all separated so that if one had problems, it didn”t take them all down, but money also moved between them to keep things going if needed. By the time my day was over there he had really given me a much better idea of what was going on business wise. I was frankly impressed. It really gave me a leg up on some guys in my program I thought. I could see what the end goals were and the profit margins, the expenditures in more than just the farming end of the place.

“So, I have a lot to consider with a business of this type,” I told him. “It”s going to take a bit for me to wrap my head around just all of the different areas,” I told him. “I hadn”t given much thought to some of these things. I guess I wasn”t thinking too deeply here. I was focused on the pleasure aspects.”

“You”ll learn,” he said encouragingly. “And yeah, you”ve been busy getting some of the pleasure aspects worked out,” he said with a grin.

“Yeah, I have questions in that area too,” I confided. “So, how do you know when you have that right boy? I mean, how does Danny know this guy is right for him? More importantly I guess, how did you know that Lynn was the one for you? Were you always into guys? Or was it the fact Lynn could be bent to your will, and wanted to be your boy, well, your wife?”

“A lot of questions there Ian. You must be thinking a lot about that boy of yours. Timmy, right?”

“Yeah,” I admitted. “I mean, I still think of myself as straight, I guess I would lean to calling myself bi now, but I”m still running a lot through my head about Timmy.”

“Go ahead, lay it out for me,” he encouraged me to keep talking.

“Well, I really like the fact that I can get him to do pretty much whatever I tell him. I know some of it is personality, but some of it is my cock. I”ve really turned him out to the fact he loves cock. How do I know he just couldn”t get cock from anyone and I could go on with life? I mean, I never really thought about guys, fags really, because I don”t think about regular guys at all really, but fags. Yeah, I get turned on at the thought of using them to get off, having them do things for me to earn my cock. Until I messed around with Danny it wasn”t even in my head to do any of this and now, I well, I like it. Fuck it, I love knowing I can read these boys and use that to my advantage.”

“It”s natural Ian. Some Men have that skill and others never will,” Johnson told me. “It works on women too, you know that.”

“Yeah, I pretty much have my way with the women too. I know they will do some stuff for me just to get the dick. I can tell within a few minutes what they are looking for, but getting a jock boy to do it, there”s just this extra thrill. Plus, a boy will do stuff a girl won”t. Tim does my cleaning, my laundry, helps with school work. I can just feel vibes from him that he enjoys that feeling of doing stuff for me. Yet at the same time, I wonder if it is just for any cock. So I test him, see what he does with other guys. I”ve made him be pretty slutty a few times, to see if he likes it, and my guess is he does like it. Maybe he just needs to be a slut. Maybe he isn”t doing it for me but doing it for the dick.”

“Well, you need to consider that. He might be doing that for you. He may not enjoy being slutty, except when you have told him to do that.”

“I”m still figuring that part out,” I admitted. “So how did you know that Lynn was the one? I mean, how did you decide to settle down, so to speak?”

“Well, it wasn”t an easy thing for me to do, Ian. And it”s pretty clear that I do as I want most of the time still, but I just sort of knew when she put herself out there and gave up what she was doing to make me happy. I mean, I had spent some time breaking her in, like I do all of the fags who came here before her and to this day, but she changed more than any of them to do exactly what I wanted. I figured she would go on her way with another guy eventually but she just hung around and kept following my lead, and I finally realized, that was the one.”

“You”d had experience with a lot of fags though. I”ve only really spent time with a couple. What if Timmy is not it? Then I turn around and think what if he is the one? Frankly the whole idea of having one special person of whatever type is a huge freakin step for me. I like being a free agent. I have to tell you sometimes I want to fuck around more than I do already because, well, because I sorta feel tied to him. I feel like I”m limiting myself at times” I hated admitting that but it was becoming clear to me, Timmy meant more to me than almost all the girls I had dated.

“Like I said, when I realized that Lynn pushed all my buttons with her submissiveness, then it stunned me. I could push and she did what I said. I could leave her be and she did what I said. I had her do a few things she just hated, but she did them and stuck around.”

“I”ve put Tim through a lot I think. I mean, he”s altered his schedule for me, he let me take him to a party for men to use, he let me turn him over to a guy in a gym shower for sex. These things were fucking hot too. I never figured to enjoy watching that stuff so much, but I did. And he is still hanging round and hasn”t complained.”

“He sounds like a winner so far,” Johnson continued. “Thinking about the fucking is a big step, Ian. I will tell you for a while Lynn was the only one I was fucking, but after some time together, I got back to dicking others. It truly doesn”t bother her at all now. Oh, on occasion she thinks I am too attached to one or another fag, but then I just pay extra attention to her for a bit and she realizes, I”m not going anywhere and neither is she. I spent too much time getting her adjusted to what I like and my expectations. That is a pure life business example. What would the cost to me be if I dumped her for someone else? She knows damn well her value to me. She knows damn well that for me, sticking to her as my primary boy, she is now in my heart, as much as I am in her head. Or her pussy or her heart, for that matter.”

“Whoa, okay.” That was deep. Johnson didn”t usually say much about love or commitment. It was something I needed to listen to and understand better. “So, is that like, love?” I hated that word and had never used it in that sense with any of the girls of fags I had fucked. It was too weighted a word. I could say `I love that pussy” or `I love your mouth on my dick” but to just say `I love you” well, that was for relatives or parents.

“Yeah, boy, what do you think it is?” Johnson fired back. “I love Lynn and she loves me. She of course got there way before I did. Fags attach easily and so once you know that is happening, you either get rid of them or make it very clear it isn”t going anywhere for you. They catch on quick if you are serious about no attachment. They”ll go away or you make sure they go away. But if YOU are feeling that sort of attachment, then you better try and push Timmy and see if he is serious before you up and say you love him.”

“I definitely don”t want too much of a femme guy,” I said. “I like the fact Timmy is a jock at heart. But I sure as hell love seeing him in a pair of panties or a thong and making him feel more femme. I love the fact he lets me do what I want with him, even though he says he hates it. Did you always find yourself attracted to fags?”

“Nah, I came into this business much the same way you did. I bought this place off a man who taught me the business. I was into girls as a young man, but I had also let a few fags swing on my dick. Once I figured out the pros and cons of people in general, I just opted for the fags. I loved making Lynn more femme appearing because that is the form, the shape, I wanted to look at the rest of my life. I still fuck women every now and then, but the second they start in on me bitching about one thing or another, I”m done. Remember, a woman believes she is always right, a fag knows that you are always right.”

I laughed at that statement. “I”ve been making Timmy over to look like what I like looking at,” I admitted. “I enjoy seeing a big ass, large nipples. I”m not really a breast man, though I love to fuck tits now and then,” I told him. “I”ve got him getting rid of all body hair, I just can”t stand the thought of having a guy around for any length of time who has hair anywhere, well other than his head.”

“So, he is doing it? His face too?”

“Yeah, he is.” I confirmed for him. “He started already. I was pretty impressed. He”ll have a face as smooth as a girl”s face in no time. But I don”t want him too soft looking. I will always have him working out on something to keep his shape. I admit I find a jock guy”s body nice to look at.”

“I don”t know, Ian. It sounds to me as if you know this boy is the one, already. He”s giving up a lot to you.”

“I know right? I just wanted to talk about it some. I still need time to think this through. I”m not so ready yet to make that commitment permanent. I need to be sure. I have to keep testing him.”

“That”s fine. You”ll know when you”ve run out of tests. Just don”t push too far,” he told me. “Everyone has a point they stop doing what you say, Ian. You”ll know then that you have a keeper. A person has some limits. The one”s who don”t are the ones to avoid.”

That sounded like solid advice.


I was freaking out at practice the next day. What if Cory had told the other guys that I was a cocksucker? What if they hassled me? What if Donor had talked to some of these guys? Fuck me, I had to face up to the fact I couldn”t keep my life a secret. I was a faggot, like Ian kept telling me. I loved cock now. I enjoyed seeing it. I enjoyed sucking it, getting fucked by it, I loved it period.

How could I have not noticed Jackson”s big cock before this season? Even in his speedo it was impossible to miss. He must have a tough time packing it in there, I thought. I just wanted to see it again in the shower, or at the lockers. I knew I was treading dangerous waters, so to speak. I was trying not to stare at the guys but was staring anyways. The worst thing was when I stared or even thought about the guy”s dicks I got hard. I usually got hard thinking about this stuff. It could really be obvious to anyone who even glanced around. That was the giveaway. They would see that it turned me on, being in the showers with all the guys.

Cory looked over at me several times during practice. I would feel this heat from somewhere and I would look around and he would be looking at me. He grabbed his crotch at one point. Maybe it was my ass? He had mentioned it yesterday. Did he like it? Ian liked the way my ass had gotten bigger, maybe Cory did too?

Ugh, all these things running through my head drove me crazy. How could I pay attention to my swimming if I was only looking at the guys? My times were bad today. Not so horrible that the coach would say anything, but bad enough that I knew they were off. I blamed it on the distractions, seeing everyone in a new light. Standing in the shower I was like a deer in the headlights, I knew it. All I could see was cock. I tried to shower and pay attention to getting the chlorine out of my hair and off my body, but I knew I was staring when I got an opportunity.

As I was finishing up Jackson passed me. He paused briefly and grabbed his swinging pole. He spoke quietly but clearly. “I don”t care if you”re gay, Sanders,” he said, “but stop staring all the time. If you want something, admit it.”

I know I blushed. He had caught me. I dried myself off, didn”t look at anything or anyone else and got the hell out as soon as I could.

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