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When I was nineteen years old, I was living in Miami and going to college down there. My school fund was mostly depleted by my second year and I needed to look for work right away. So, I applied for several jobs but the one that stood out was at a well-known video store. I figured it would be a lot of fun and a new experience and, oh boy, was I right. I experienced a lot of firsts working there. I killed the interview, being a movie buff. Also, I was told later that one of the managers thought my butt was sexy, another reason for me being hired.I shrugged it off because, hell, I needed a job and this work was pretty much cake. I am a full-figured girl, big butt, long black hair, generous breasts, full lips, and semi-Asian eyes that I liked to accentuate with black eyeliner. Nothing much has changed since then. I was lonely a lot of the time before then. I was introverted and a recluse, only going to school and coming back home. Everything changed when I started to work there, my coworkers often invited me out to bring me out of my shell. They had to hide and buy me drinks on the side. Everyone went out together, even the managers whenever they could make it. One day I was working a late shift with one of the managers named Dante. He was an older, Hispanic guy, a guitarist, with tattoos all over his body. He wore his black hair short and sported a goatee and earrings. I’m not going to lie! I swear he looked like bahis şirketleri a sexy pirate. I wanted him to pillage my body in every way I could imagine. But he always acted so sweet and kind and never really even flirted with me. We always listened to metal or techno when we closed together.But that night things took a different turn. I had changed out of those horrible khakis and the blue polo shirt and into some tight jeans and a v-neck top. which showed off the girls. I freshened up my make-up too. I was going over to a coworker’s apartment after work to have some drinks. He was having people over so I wanted to look nice. I came out of the bathroom and Dante was filing away returned movies. He stopped short, looking at me up and down, taking in every bit of me as he assessed the unexpected vision before him. “Wow, you look great! Are you going out on a date? Who’s the lucky guy, muneca?” he grinned.“No! Just meeting up with Jessica and the others. Is this too much?” Feeling brave, I turned in a full circle to show off my assets. I was biting my lip with suppressed pleasure as I enjoyed his smoldering gaze. “No, um, you look good,” he stammered. That made me giggle.I swear he was looking at me with fresh eyes. We flirted some more as we closed the cash registers. There was a big discrepancy in mine and it took forever to fix. He would stand behind me and brush up against me. I felt his hardness a few times. bahis firmaları It was tight quarters behind the registers, but I knew he was doing this on purpose. We were having fun joking around getting to know each other better. My previous evening plans were shot, since we ended up closing way later than I thought we would. He asked me to go with him to drop off keys at another store, saying he would bring me back to my car, and I said yes. We went to the store and dropped off the keys. He asked if I’d like to check out the new Tiesto CD for a little. I nodded and he pulled his car behind the shopping center the store was in. We sat there just listening to music, playing track after track. It was dark and I couldn’t see much in the car. I figured something would happen, I certainly hoped so. I was feeling adventurous and maybe a little curious as to why he wanted to spend more time with me. I couldn’t help but look at his hands when he spoke, I wanted to feel his calloused fingertips on my skin. I remember him putting on Killswitch Engage: The End of Heartache. We were just jamming along to it when he reached over and brushed the hair away from my face, grazing my cheek slightly. I leaned towards him, enjoying his touch. He took his other hand and cupped my face. Before I even knew what hit me he kissed me like he was starving for me. It was deep, so demanding, and I was glad I was sitting down. He ravaged kaçak bahis siteleri my mouth. It was so fucking heated and intense it made me whimper. My lips felt bruised after in the best way. We stopped kissing and looked at each other, and at that moment I knew I was epically fucked. Because you shouldn’t want to fuck one of your bosses. We made plans to have drinks the next time we worked together. ————————————————————- A week passed by and we were on schedule to work the same shift. We spent the week exchanging flirty, sexy, text messages. I couldn’t wait to spend more time with him. I started to get ready for work. But this time I took the time to shave every bit of me. I just figured you never know what might happen. I did my hair a little and grabbed an outfit to change into. I had someone drop me off at work since it would be easier for him to take me home. The shift went by so fast. We couldn’t stop sharing small caresses in the dead zones that the store cameras could not see. He would cup my ass gently and squeeze, sometimes using his body to block it. I would brush my ass against him when I moved past or lean over and press my breasts against his arm. We kept teasing one another like this all night. Let’s just say my body was humming and I was already pretty wet before the shift ended. As we finished closing up, I whispered in his ear that I couldn’t wait to kiss him again. It was that we had to hide it; the company frowned upon staff dating each other, or having any sort of relationship. They always made an employee transfer to a different store when that sort of thing was found out. 

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