Batteries Not Included Pt. 03

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To be honest I never thought I would need batteries for my poor little friend again. Even now being over two months pregnant, Dad was just as energetic as the first time. The difference was now we didn’t have to hide it.

I was leaning over the breakfast table one morning, while Dad dumped a hot load into me, the whole time Mom just sat at the table and watched us. I had read about cuckolding, but honestly never been a part of it.

It was fucking awesome. One moment I was the adoring innocent daughter, and the next I was a horniest slut you ever saw. One thing about being pregnant that I have discovered is that your hormones go haywire. I was hornier now that I had been when this all started, if that was possible.

I think it was because of that, that things took a bit of a strange twist. You see, one thing about sex; when you’ve been getting it pretty regular, it’s a bitch when it suddenly stops.

No, it wasn’t a guilt trip, or mom; or even being pregnant. It was the most mundane thing. Dad got the fucking flu. I mean the poor man was sicker than a damn dog, and no offense puking and all that is NOT my thing.

By the time we hit the third day of dad being sick, I was about coming out of my skin. I needed a cock so bad I was dripping wet twenty-four hours. Knowing Dad was not in a position to relieve my stress; I decided that I would have to revert to my old friend.

The only problem was I couldn’t find the damn thing. I had searched my room and nothing. I had even asked Dad but all I got was a miserable groan as a response. It was a Wednesday, my short day; and I figured I had the time to really hunt for him. I didn’t have to hunt as far as I thought. I had gotten home from classes, checked on dad who was sleeping in his room. I needed to take a quick pee so figured I would just hit their bathroom quick. I was just sitting on the toilet when I saw him, sitting on the corner of their bathtub.

What the hell, I wondered how it got here. I knew it wasn’t Dad; that only left one other person. My mind jerked, wait a minute, my mother…was using MY dildo…to get off. Holy shit, I thought.

Like I said before, between flight and fight, you got it fight usually won out. I was pissed as hell; how did she have the guts to use MY dildo. I picked the thing up and took it with me to my room.

As I settled on my bed, I looked at it closely. Sure enough, I could see the specks of white froth from her cream still clinging to the surface. She hadn’t even taken the time to clean it; at least when I was done I always rinsed it off and took care of it.

I thought of mom, standing in her shower, shoving my dildo up into herself as she came. Honestly, I did the first thing that came into my mind; I shoved my friend so deep inside myself I almost screamed.

Normally I would tease myself, take my time building; but right now I was horny as hell, I hadn’t been fucked in over three days; and I had this image of mom shoving my own dildo up her dripping hole in my mind; hormones took over.

“Ohhhh fuccckkkk” I groaned as my walls stretched around the cool rubber.

I spread my legs wider on the bed, as my juices dripped down the crack of my ass. God this wasn’t going to take long. I reached down with both hands and gripped the base of my toy, with a grunt I rammed it in as deep as I could.

“Oh God…fuck me daddy” I moaned.

I could hear the sloshing of my cunt as I climbed, I stared at the ceiling as I envisioned my father looming over me; his fat cock stretching my cunt. I twisted the dildo, feeling the smooth rubber slide across my clit. I didn’t have enough hands, I wanted to use both hands to pump it in and out, but I also wanted to tease my clit since the smooth rubber wasn’t quite enough.

As I lay there, my poor sick father down the hall sleeping, I hammered my cunt until I could feel that knot building. Unbidden I wondered how mom did it. I mean she had to have been standing in the shower. Did she use both hands, or did she use one hand and frig her clit.

Did she think of the times she watched me and daddy? God the whole thing was driving me insane with lust. I couldn’t help it; it was like someone just painted it into my hormonal teenage brain. The image of my mother, standing in her shower, her back against that same cool tile my father had fucked me against.

Her legs splayed apart, as she shoved my fat little friend into her hungry hole. Her head hung down and her blonde hair hid her face, but down lower I could see her hand spreading her fat lips open, teasing her hard clit.

This time it wasn’t a vision of my father, God help me. I watched in my minds’ eye as mom looked up right into my eyes…and came. I fucking lost it right then; my feet planted on the bed, my ass shot straight up; and I drove that toy so deep I swore I would need surgery to get it back out. But that wasn’t the most shocking part to me.

“MMMOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” I screamed as my belly exploded.

Holy shit, I was coming to a vision of my mother having her orgasm; and intense was casino şirketleri not the word. I felt my walls contract and squeeze that vibrating toy, as fluids poured out of my quaking body, flooding the damn bed under me.

“Oh fuck…oh Jesus…Oh God…” I moaned as wave after wave rolled through me.

I kept the toy shoved deep, as the humming swept through my womb; God I didn’t think I could cum this hard without real sex. I quivered and shook as my ass slowly lowered to the bed, gasping to catch my breath as after-shocks rippled through me.

What the fuck was THAT? I had never been interested in girls before; and I had even had a couple make a pass at me. The idea my own mother turned me on shocked me. As I pulled my friend free of my sucking hole, I knew I needed to sort this out. I looked down at the now quite rubber in my hand, as it literally dripped my juices onto the bed.

Usually I would have immediately cleaned him up and then stowed him in my bedside stand; this time I just tossed him to the side on the bed; knowing he was now covered in the hot cream of TWO women.

I spent a lot of the rest of the day applying all kinds of logic to what had happened after class. Let’s be honest, it is a bit of a shock when you shove a dildo up yourself, covered in your mother’s juices; and then promptly have one of the biggest orgasms of your teenage life.

At first I thought it was because she was my mom; I mean fucking my father is HOT. Just knowing this is the man who’s sperm made me, and he is now dumping a hot load of that same sperm into MY womb, is HOT…HOT…HOT.

I rapidly realized that wasn’t the only reason though. There was also the fact that mom was a cuckqueen; being submissive and watching her own husband fucking her daughter. The fact that my mother could be dominated and taken added something to it I hadn’t experienced before. I admit when it comes to sex, I’m pretty aggressive; I mean who climbed on daddy’s lap; who threw away her birth control pills deliberately.

I knew I had daddy, I mean let’s be real; even sick as shit; Dad had tried coming to my room two nights ago. The fact that the last time he had fucked the shit out of me; mom was sitting at the kitchen table only feet away watching; I knew who owned his balls and it wasn’t mom.

For the first time I looked at mom that night at dinner. Did I want to dominate her? To own her the same way I owned my father? Was that what this was all about rolling around in my brain?

I watched mom bend over when she set the table, her breasts swinging heavy in her blouse; fuck I felt a gush of wetness. When she stood at the stove, I looked at how her tight jeans molded to the curve of her full ass; and I wanted to reach out and grab those delicious globes.

Yep, there it was; I wanted this woman; and I wanted to OWN her. Some people prefer the subtle approach, while some use the conniving approach. Me, I prefer the direct approach; just do it. If mom really was as submissive and cucked as I thought she was; she wouldn’t be able to refuse anyway.

Tonight, I decided, was time to test that theory. Dad was out with the flu; I was horny as shit; and here was the perfect answer. I waited until after dinner, when mom headed upstairs for her nightly shower.

I headed up a little bit after her; knowing she would be missing my friend I had taken out of their bathroom. I headed to my room and retrieved him from my bed; he was still coated from one end to the other in my dried cream. Fuck, this was going to be good; and my body quivered in anticipation.

I slipped through mom and dad’s bedroom, treading quietly to not wake dad. I opened the master bathroom door and slipped inside. I could see mom’s form through the frosted glass as she moved in the shower. Slowly I undressed, being as quiet as I could; I wanted this to totally catch her off guard, it would work better that way.

“Hey mom” I said softly, as I slid the shower door open and quickly slipped under the warm water behind her.

“Honey…what…” Mom stuttered in surprise.

“I just figured I would return something,” I said in a husky voice. “Aren’t you missing something?”

Mom’s eyes glanced down to the empty corner of the tub and then back up to me. She stood stock still as I edged closer, until our nipples were only separated by mere inches.

Mom’s eyes grew wide as she saw the dildo in my hand, where I held it outside the spray of the water. I didn’t want the shower to clean it off; I had something else in mind.

“I hope you don’t mind; but I used it today” I whispered.

Mom shuddered and moaned as she stared at the froth covered toy. I almost could see her nipples harden to diamond tips before my eyes.

“I figured…you can clean it off” I rasped.

I raised the toy upward as I reached out, wrapping one hand behind mom’s neck, pulling her to me. Just as our nipples began mashing together; I slid the head of that cum covered toy into her mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmm” mom moaned as our bodies ground together.

I had her; casino firmaları she was mine now; now to see just how far this would go. I slid my hand down her wet back, gripping one full ass cheek in my hand.

“Suck it slut” I whispered, as I ground my pelvis into her.

Warm water cascaded over our bodies as I pressed into mom; I had to admit this whole thing was getting me hot as hell. I could feel my own juices trickling down my inner thighs. It was time to ramp this up a notch, I decided.

Pulling the toy free of my mother’s lips, I heard her give a soft groan. I stared into mom’s eyes as I slid it slowly down her body, the tip of one finger depressing the small button at the base. A gentle hum started just as the tip reached her nipple.

“Oh goddddd” Mom murmured.

“You really are a closet slut aren’t you mom” I whispered in her ear.

“Please…don’t…” Mom gasped back.

“Only a slut watches her husband fuck another woman” my voice was almost as hot as the water.

“Your father…Oh God…” Mom groaned as that vibrating tip slid down her flexing belly.

“My father…my lover” I hissed back.

“Careful, he’s just on the other side of that door; you need to be quiet or you might wake him.” I told Mom

“Honey…we shouldn’t…what are you…” Mom was quickly losing it.

I slid the vibrating tip of the toy between her thighs. I felt her legs shift, opening; inviting me in. I knew she was giving in, time to ramp this up and see what mom was capable of.

I angled my hand, bringing the tip of the dildo up; I pressed it between her swollen lips. I watched mom’s eyes widen and a gasp come from her lips when I knew I hit the right spot. I pressed upward, jamming the tip against her hooded clit.

“Oh God” Mom moaned, her head tilting back.

Her moan echoed off the shower tiles, her hands reaching back to try and brace herself. She stepped back, pinning herself against the tile. I moved with her, closing in. Time to really own her, I smiled.

“Such a slut” I whispered. “You want it and you know it.”

“Please…don’t…” Mom softly moaned.

“You watch us not because you wish you were me” I told Mom. “You watch because you wish you were him.”

I saw her eyes open wide and she stared at me; I knew I had hit a chord with that one. I knew this was now a two way street; I wanted to own her, but even more; she wanted to BE owned…by her own daughter. Just like her husband was.

“That’s what you want, isn’t it” I looked her in the face. “You want your own daughter…to fuck you.”

“Oh God…please” Mom whispered back.

“Say it, tell me you are a perverted slut” I hissed.

I ground the tip of the dildo against her clit; between the pressure and the vibrations coursing through her I watched as her belly flexed. Mom stared at me wild eyed, lust clouding her vision.

“Please…don’t ask…” Mom stuttered.

“Oh I won’t ask” I smiled. “I won’t need to…you will.”

I slid the tip up just a bit higher, barely parting her swollen lips; I could feel her hunch her hips, trying to capture more of that rubber cock inside herself.

“Please…Please…” Mom chanted softly, her hips rocking.

“Tell me mom” I locked eyes with her.

“Tell me you want your innocent daughter…to fuck your slut pussy.” I egged her on.

“Please…oh God I can’t…please…” Mom reached up one hand and gripped my shoulder.

Her hips were rocking back and forth, desperate to pull that phallic cock into her grasping pussy. Her eyes were wild and blazing as her nails dug into my shoulder. Mom exhaled a large breath then her face rose and calmly looked at me.

“Fuck me” she panted. “Fuck your slut mother” she softly begged.

I leaned into her, my breasts mashing into hers as I pinned her back against the same wall my father had pinned me to. My lips clamped over hers as my tongue drove into her wet mouth. It was the only way I could think of to muffle what I knew would be a blood curdling scream; as I rammed the dildo straight up into her.

Eight inches of rubber cock slammed into my mother’s quivering belly; I gave no quarter as I took her. She was mine now, and we both knew it.

“Ngghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Mom moaned into my mouth.

Her hand clamped onto my shoulder and her hips shoved forward, forcing that fake cock even deeper. I felt a sudden gush of hot fluids wash over my hand as her belly flexed. I didn’t let up; I pulled that toy back, and rammed it back home again and again.

Mom’s mouth pulled free of mine as her head banged back against the shower wall. Hot water cascaded down our bodies, but neither of us noticed it was starting to cool. I could see the whites of her eyes as they rolled back, her hard nipples pressed against mine.

Her entire body shook and vibrated as I continued to pound her dripping pussy with my toy. I could hear her mewling and moaning as her orgasm roared through her. I didn’t want her to just cum, I wanted her to fucking explode.

“Give it to me slut” güvenilir casino I hissed in her ear. “Give me every fucking drop of your cum.”

“I’m a slut…a whore” Mom grunted

“Your whore…my daughter’s whore” her eyes started to refocus as she looked at me.

“Then cum for me…mom” I told her.

I rammed the toy as deep up into her as I could; releasing the butt end, leaving it lodged inside her; my fingers found and pinched her throbbing clit. I watched mom’s face intently as her eyes widen in surprise at this new sensation. I had seen porn clips of women orgasming; but you never knew what was real and what wasn’t.

This time, I watched a real live woman as her orgasm barreled down on her. A heard a soft whimper from mom’s throat; and then her eyes rolled back again while her whole body went rigid against the shower wall.

“Oh God I’m cumming” Mom grunted.

“Cumming…cummmiinnggg…cummmiiinnnggggggggg” her voice started to climb.

I could tell how badly she wanted to scream, but she also didn’t want to wake Dad in the next room. As she stood there and vibrated against the shower wall, in the same spot Dad had made cum; I could hear the splatter of hot juices on the tile floor at our feet; her cream exploding out of her body

As her knees began to buckle under the sensations, I slid the still vibrating toy from her, depressing the power button. I watched as mom slowly slid down the shower wall, her back slick on the tile as she crumbled to the floor under.

I reached out and shut off the now cooling water and looked down at this woman who had been such a dominate factor in my life. Knowing that I had caused her to lose such control; I had brought her such pleasure. I knew that now she belonged to me and it was time for her to show it.

Reaching down with my free hand, I curled my fingers in her hair, tilting her face up towards mine

“My turn mother dearest” I whispered.

“Mmmmmmmmmffffffff” I heard her moan as I mashed her face between my thighs.

My teenage gash covered her face as I ground into her; it was time for my relief.

“Suck me mom” I looked down. “Suck your daughters’ cunt.”

She didn’t need any more encouragement, as I felt her hot tongue slide between my lips and probe inside me. It was such a different sensation from when dad would eat me; while he used his strength to direct my body; mom used finesse and fluid motion as her tongue traveled all over me.

First deep inside; and then along my swollen lips sucking one inside her hot mouth. When her tongue flicked across my throbbing clit I shuddered in raw pleasure. God damn my mother could eat pussy.

“That’s it mom; make me cum” I gasped.

I ground my pelvis into her face hard, as my fingers wrapped into her blonde hair. Without even realizing what I was doing, I raised my mother hand and sucked that rubber dick into my mouth as she sucked my clit into hers.

I could taste the now cool rubber, but more; I could taste the sweet tartness of her juices that clung to the surface. I had never tasted a woman before; and the flavor went from my mouth to my brain; and then straight into my gut. I jerked the toy out of my mouth, dropping it to the shower floor as my other hand curled into her hair.

“FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” I screamed as my gut spasmed against her mouth.

“Eat me…oh fucking hell eat my cunt mom” I wailed as I yanked her face tighter against me.

I could feel my juices literally spray out, coating her face as I exploded. I thought what had happened earlier on my bed had been intense, it paled in comparison. My head rolled back as I stared up at the ceiling, my mouth hanging open. My hips hunched uncontrollably grinding into mom’s face; as my ass cheeks clenched in time to the waves rolling through my belly.

Mom had hardly moved or made any noise as I used her hot mouth to get off. She had knelt there in the shower, pleasing her daughter; as a good slut should. I looked down at her and smiled.

“Such a good slut” I whispered.

Mom just knelt there, trembling; silently nodding. I stepped out of the shower, drying quickly I bent down and picked up my clothes, mom hadn’t even moved the whole time. I reached in and picked up my toy resting on the shower floor, my head bent close to moms’.

“Maybe next time, we’ll use a real dick” I whispered.

“Thank you” mom whispered back.

As I slipped out of the bathroom, I glanced over at Dad; he was lying on his side watching the bathroom door. I know my scream along had been enough to wake the dead, let alone mom’s noises.

“Enjoy the show daddy” I asked as I bent down and kissed his warm forehead.

“Very much” he half smiled. “What are you doing?” he stared up at me.

“Mmmmmm” I murmured. “Looks like someone might be feeling better” I said.

I reached out and wrapped my fingers around that hard fat sausage that was more than evident through his sheet. I gave him a gentle squeeze and was rewarded with a pulsing through that thick pole.

“Oh God” Dad moaned.

I pushed his hip, as he rolled onto his back. My hand tugging down the sheet as he lay spread out on the bed. His cock lay rigid and stiff, the swollen purple head pointing at his naval as I bent over the edge of the bed.

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