Anita’s Sexual Adventures Ch. 07

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Chapter Seven: Felicia

That next day Ma went up to Charlotte to spend the week with Pa. I am sure the events of the previous day played a big part in her decision. We “kids” were left to fetch for ourselves. The neighbors would be “watching over” us, which would mean there would be more adult supervision than if Ma was at home. We couldn’t throw any parties, or even stay up late. However, what this did mean was that I might be able to spend the whole night in Billy’s bed with him.

I got home late from school. It seems I had to stay over for talking in class to my best friend, Love Johnson. Together we could have started our own porno movie star name list. I shared nearly all my secrets with Love, except all the incest stuff. She used to date Billy before Felicia’s superior cock sucking ability took him away from her, and Felicia was a cutie too.

I was hoping to spend some quality time with Billy as I went to his room. On his bed, blindfolded, naked and tied up spread eagle was Felicia. We exchanged some quick pleasantries; she didn’t seem to mind me being there, although I know most girls would be having a fit at this time. All of a sudden I felt closer to Felicia, almost sisterly. It is amazing how one quick moment can define a lifetime friendship.

Felicia looked irresistible. Her skin was smooth and evenly tanned except for the pale white bikini lines. Billy clicked his wrist down by her pussy and I heard a familiar sound.

“Billy!” I cried. “Is that my Silver Surfer you are using?”

Billy looked puzzled and said “I had to change the ‘bat-tree.'”

Felicia sputtered. “What? Billy!!! And what the ‘H’ ‘E’ double toothpicks casino şirketleri in a bat-tree?”

Felicia was born in the north and raised mostly in the south. She had a southern accent, but at the same time talked fast. She was one of the least understood people in America. I explained, “‘Bat-tree’ is Billy’s way of saying battery. Now why are you using my vibrator on Felicia? Even the best of girlfriends don’t share a vibrator unless, they are carpet munchers. It just isn’t sanitary.”

Billy looked confused at this point. He didn’t know whether to scratch his watch or wind his behind. “But I washed it.” Billy said grinning. “I even got most of the fish smell off of it.”

As much as I loved my brother I wanted to kill him that day. He pulled Silver Surfer out of Felicia and handed it to me saying, “Here, if you want to be that way.”

I carefully grabbed the object by the non-business end, took it apart and let it soak for a moment in Lysol before drying it off. I then tip-toed back into Billy’s room to observe my brother in action. I didn’t want Felicia to believe I had returned. I never saw Billy fuck another woman before, not including Ma of course.

Billy was fiddlin’ with her huge titties, bouncing them a round and sucking on them from time to time. The boob fairy was generous to Felicia and visited her on more than one occasion. Billy generally kept one hand on her box and a finger poked up inside her cunt lips. Gawd! I had never seen such a thin waist on a girl with such big titties. It didn’t seem fair. Her pussy was good and soaked, but Billy felt a need to eat her out anyway. Billy was naked and while he was casino firmaları eating her out his cock hung down between his legs like an elephant trunk. I could see it from behind. I reached out quietly and grabbed it while it was hanging down. Billy jumped. I sure scared his mule. He shook his head “no” to my playfulness and wagged his finger at me. I got the idea. I would be quiet and just watch.

After Billy had brought Felicia off a few times, he mounted her face. He straddled her head as she sucked his cock. He had never done that with me. Why hadn’t Billy tied me up and raped my mouth? I am sure if he had suggested it, I would have told him he was crazy, but now that he has done it with Felicia, I wanted him to do it to me too. I made a mental note of something I wanted to try with a big man. Felicia didn’t even gag as Billy jammed it to her. I envied her ability, yet at the same time I was thinking “slut.” The rumor is she fucked all the white guys on the football team prior to playing Greenville last year, which was why we lost.

I moved in nearer to the bed so I could get a close up look of Billy’s cock going in and out of Felicia’s mouth. I was getting horny watching the show. How many people can say they watched their brother get a blow job from a distance of only six inches? I was in an exclusive club.

Billy was a gentleman and decided to give Felicia a little cock in pussy fucking satisfaction. Felicia’s hairy pussy was open and receptive. Her dark hair and wicked tan made her pussy lips look pinker than usual on a white girl. Billy was fucking his woman while I got to watch, and I took good mental notes too. I loved watching güvenilir casino the motion on my brother’s ass while he was fucking. Somehow, I had to get a mirror for the ceiling so I could watch his ass as he fucked me.

Watching Billy’s balls bounce from behind with each thrust proved too much of a temptation for me. While he was in motion, I reached out and fondled his balls. This made Billy cum prematurely. As I exited the room I heard Billy say, “Shoot! Sunny!”

This of course brought a response from Felicia who wanted to know why Billy was calling out his sister’s name while fucking her. This is something women do not appreciate. Billy did manage an inane excuse, and Felicia dropped the issue.

Billy’s balls hanging down reminded me of what happened to him and Steven as children when we still had a farm. Pa had bought a prize bull for stud service. He was real proud of that bull. He had a harness on the bull and would parade it around its pen. Well, one thing the bull did have was a huge set of balls which hung down real low betweens its legs.

About that same time Steven and Billy got their first BB guns and like most boys had to shoot everything and that set of balls proved to be too much of a temptation for them. They would hit those balls and that bull would take off running. They would keep that bull running back and forth in that pen, like a carnival target. It got to the point to where all the boys had to do was cock their guns and the bull would go crazy.

Well, Pa was real proud of that bull and one day went into the pen to parade it around to a few of the neighbors. At the very sound of the gate cracking open, the bull went crazy and tore Pa up. Pa was dumbfounded, “I don’t know what has gotten into that bull.”

Then one of the neighbors pulled Pa aside and explained to him what his boys had been doing to that bull. Their bottoms were sore for a good part of that week.

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