Angela’s Adventures Ch. 02

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Angela sat on her bed and touched herself. Her fingers flew across her clit with a desperate urgency and her entire body convulsed as she reached her climax. With a sigh and a shudder she stood pulling her robe down over her perfectly toned pale body, and grabbing her habit off of the small inn table and pulled it on over her gorgeous smooth blond hair. She checked in her tiny mirror for hair sticking out and pursed her lips. Then she crossed herself and sent a prayer for forgiveness to God, for vanity and self pleasure. She made these prayers to often, but she firmly believed that He would forgive her, after all it wasn’t exactly a sin to pleasure yourself.

After repeatedly reading the Bible she found no evidence of it being a sin. God frowned on men doing it, but hadn’t given any instructions to women. Angela walked out of her chamber and headed towards the breakfast table. She watched the other nuns file in, and hated her mind for seeing the delicate shapes of their bodies through the robes. So desperately she wanted to be good and pure and clean, to help others, but her desires were so strong she could barely fight them off. She sat down and bowed her head for the morning prayer. It lasted almost ten minutes and then they ate. A simple breakfast that left her full but unsatisfied as she filed out for her morning chores. She smiled at the Sisters around her, not talking much but conveying a joy she wished she could feel.

Her eyes met Sister Catherine across the table as they wiped them down. A jolt went through her and she blushed looking away. When she looked back up Sister Catherine was blushing as well and looking away. She would have to be more careful. The feeling she had should never be shown to her fellow nuns. It was hard for her to hide her feelings, her ultimate sin of Lust was her only real sin.

The days were simple, chore after chore left no room for reflection, no room for her thoughts to roam…though they did anyway. Her mind never needed much leeway to lose focus, and as she dug in the garden or polished the silver, she fantasized. Great big fantasies, about perfect men with stunning cocks, and gorgeous women with breasts so ripe and firm and luscious. She hated herself for these thoughts, because when she was satisfied, and wasn’t fantasizing, she could form such grand schemes. She had the knowledge in her head to better the world, but she couldn’t get her mind off sex long enough to do anything about it. That is what brought her here.

Ever since that fateful night of lust, that one night stand that changed her life, she had been fighting these impulses. It seemed almost demonic the way her mind always went back to his hair, his lips, his eyes. How her body ached for his touch, and how no touch had matched it. It had been barely any time at all since he had deflowered her. Yet it was like the life before that had no flavor, and he had brought spice in. She shook her head at the cliché and and followed the line of black clad women heading towards the chapel for nightly prayers. Only two hours of prayer and a thirty minute meal before bed.

She lay in her bed in an odd state of exhaustion, it was mental not physical. Spending all day trying not to think thoughts of a certain kind meant she couldn’t wait to collapse into her naughty dream filled sleep. She dozed off quickly.

Catherine walked the halls silently. The Sisters weren’t the type to post guards, but she still felt as if she would be caught. Though honestly she didn’t know what her own plan was. She just wanted to see her, and this was the only way she could, without feeling guilty. Odd that, sneaking into someones room, to alleviate guilty feelings.

She reached Angela’s room and opened the door quietly, careful not to let the flickering light from the hall wake her. Her eyes strained as she walked slowly towards the bed, taking a bit to adjust to the darkness of the small chamber. She saw Angela lying on the bed and her heart skipped a beat. Her blond hair fell in beautiful waves over the pillow and her mouth was open. Angela moaned in her sleep and it seemed as though she were lost in the greatest of pleasures and right then Catherine admitted to herself that she wanted to be the cause of those noises, to be the one who brought such a brilliant flush to those cheeks. Her head moved in without thinking, but mere inches from Angela’s mouth she realized what she was doing. She almost backed away, almost ran from the room to sit in her room and say penance, but a small part of her mind kept her going and she pressed a chaste kiss to those beautiful red lips. That chaste kiss lasted no more then a few seconds but it seemed an eternity before she opened casino şirketleri her eyes and realized Angela was awake.

Angela awoke to soft lips on hers, and immediately her lust boiled up from inside. Her arm snaked out and grabbed a wrist her eyes opening in a flash and meeting a pair of gorgeous green eyes she could spend the rest of her life staring at. Catherine’s habit was off and her dark red hair flowed down her shoulders in gorgeous curls. Catherine looked shocked to see Angela’s eyes open and went to pull away, but Angela pulled her in close and kissed her deeply, tongues tangling in a fevered embrace. Hot need sprang up between them and they rolled onto the bed wrapped around each other.

Angela could not believe the feelings inside her were this strong. It wasn’t even just lust, there was a deeper connection. She didn’t just want to feel this woman’s arms around her, she wanted Catherine. Wanted her as a person, body and soul. And as they kissed she hoped with the deepest part of her that this would not be just one night.

“We really shouldn’t Catherine, if we start…I might never let you go.” Catherine’s eyes lit up and she shook her head leaning in to deepen their kiss.

Her own thoughts were along the same lines. She too felt a huge connection between the two of them. She would almost call it love, accept she couldn’t believe it could happen like this. In her heart she still felt she was sinning as this beautiful woman’s hands found the most sensitive part of her and began to caress it. She was lost in an ecstasy she had never known before. As a young girl she had let boys touch her, but none so far as this, and none had elicited such a reaction. The kiss deepened and she found her own hands caressing Angela. She could feel the high firm shape of her breasts through the thin fabric and moaned at the thought of their bodies pressed together nude.

“I never thought…Angela…I’ve never done this before.”

“It’s alright…we can go slow…I need to feel you…I can’t control this…not now. But I’ll be gentle, just let me see you.” Catherine nodded and reached down and pulled her robe up, and over her head baring herself to Angela’s gaze, and Angela took in the sight like a starving person, her eyes lingering on all the key points. And then she pulled her own robe up freeing her own body to Catherine’s gaze. The way her usually pure eyes ate up the sight of that body was almost frightening, like she had starved for so long and she could not restrain herself any longer. Catherine’s mouth kissed a line down Angela’s naked body, her tongue tracing the fine lines of her toned torso, placing light kisses everywhere she could see. Angela gasped at the boldness, she had believe Catherine would be shy but it seemed that her passion was equaled.

Angela flipped Catherine onto her back and sat above her looking down at that perfect body. Her skin was naturally tanned and soft, not fat but luscious in a way all women should be. Angela bit her lip from the sight and her eyes traveled down those curves with enthusiasm.

“Dear lord Catherine you are beautiful.” Even in this intimate setting Catherine still blushed at that. Angela allowed her eyes to travel farther down. When she got to that perfect patch of dark hair, perfect curls that begged to have her touch them, kiss them, she couldn’t restrain herself any longer. Meeting Catherine’s eyes she let herself slip down that beautiful body. She propped her legs on her shoulder blades and eased her head down between those perfect thighs.

Catherine gasped as Angela’s tongue lapped at her, long licks that made her whole body shake. And she was forced to bite her lip to keep from crying out as those lips found her clit and suckled. No one had ever touched her there before. She had never even allowed herself to explore those folds but if she had known… Angela nipped at her skin gently making her jump her whole body squirming with pleasure at this invasion. And then…Angela’s fingers probed her one finger feeling gently at her wetness, and Catherine knew she would never want anything quite as much as she did this. Angela dipped her finger into her hot wetness and pulled it out, starting very slow and shallow and going deeper with every thrust. All the while her tongue continued to play perfectly over Catherine’s clit, and her body began to thrum in a new rhythm. A song was trying to burst out of her, a perfect feeling growing with every pass of that tongue and every delve of that finger. She felt it crest over her head and crash down upon her her whole body jerking wildly as she road it.

So this was orgasm, this was the Holy grail that all women sought after. casino firmaları She basked in it’s waves as Angela began to slow. Angela’s moans as she swallowed her orgasm, tasted it as it spilled from her, and she wished she could do as much for her. Catherine knew she did not have the experience to do the same but she could try. She lifted Angela’s head and repositioned to meet those lips, tasting her own sweet flavor on them. Shifting herself to lay between Angela’s legs she began to taste her. She started off slow, teasing, until she felt those legs tightening around her, and knew she was wanted. Her tongue circled Angela’s perfect bud and her lips pulled on her lips. Her tongue delved down into her cunt flicking out in a rhythm she didn’t know she could manage. But she did, within minutes Angela was near screaming and her whole body shook with it rising over her. Catherine felt herself getting wetter hearing those sounds and needing to hear her name on those lips. And she did. As Angela came with a violent shudder she called out Catherine’s name and shook as wave after wave of orgasm rocked her.

Angela looked down at this innocent girl who suddenly meant so much. She pulled her up into her arms and kissed her, her tongue circling Catherine’s tasting herself and wanting more. She sat up and put her thigh between Catherine’s legs and Catherine’s between her own. She kissed her deeply as they began to grind feeling that hot wet cunt on her thigh and tasting those gasping lips as she strove for it told her more then any words could. This was love at first touch. She knew she would spend the rest of her life staring into this woman’s eyes, and nothing would stop her from that. And she said it, she whispered those three impossible words against her lips and felt them curl in a smile, followed by a gasp as she road harder. They were locked in an embrace as perfect as any other and their bodies fit together like pieces of a puzzle. Her cunt rode that perfect thigh and her hands toyed with those immaculate nipples. Soon she felt it rising again and Catherine was shaking in her arms as they both headed off the edge their lips locking to keep quiet as they fell together again and again.

They collapsed against each other panting, their bodies covered in sweat and the smell of sex was so strong in the air it tickled their noses. Catherine looked at her and returned those three little words. And then they started planning.

They had been in the convent for only a short time each, but Catherine was taking her vows within the month. They knew they would have to leave before then. It wasn’t a prison to escape from, and they knew they could just walk out the door. Yet for some reason they felt it would be best to leave in secret. Let the people talk, they would not be laughed at, or disdained. Love was love and so their plan was set. The next night, just before the sun rose they packed their bags and left.

They were on a plane heading to Angela’s house within a few hours, Angela had rich parents once, and that money had gone down to her. Catherine was from a small family and didn’t have anyone to tell so they had no obstacles. It seemed they had found each other perfectly and nothing would stand in their way. Angela felt happy for the first time in much to long, she found someone who pleased her and she found someone she could love. They sat next to each other on the plane and held hands, they spoke the whole time filling each other in on their lives. Catherine had been born Catalina, to a Dominican family in southern California, she had grown up surrounded by men and was pressured by lustful stares all the while as she grew. She realized that she felt nothing for them, did not want to be with any of them, and believed her only choice was the convent. As a devoted Catholic she believed she could better serve God by helping others, but when she had met Angela….

Angela shared her story and explained how she had come to join the convent, running from her own lustful self. She told her about Leo and his late night visit, and she told her how she couldn’t stop wanting sex for a single moment since. But she knew as she sat next to Catalina that she would be cured now. Her sin was sated and though she couldn’t wait to fall down onto her own bed and have her way with Catalina, she was okay with that now. When they arrived at the house Angela had left they found the bed dusty but soft and the others embrace just as warm and welcoming.

Angela awoke late at night and looked down at Catalina’s sleeping face, her heart filled with joy and her belly filled with lust. But mostly she was craving tea. She walked out and put the kettle on and stepped out of the güvenilir casino room to brush her hair. When she walked back in the kettle was gone.

Her heart skipped a beat but she told herself it was just a coincidence, that Catalina had taken it off or something mundane. But the clinking of china in the next room chilled her blood…while at the same time started an ache deep in her. She walked slowly towards the other room and saw him.

Leo sat blond and beautiful on her couch. He had stretched out and was in the process of unzipping his pants. He was already shirtless and his toned body was pale but godlike. When his ice blue eyes met her she felt that ache in her grow and molten lava burn low in her belly. Yet somehow no matter how she wanted him she knew she shouldn’t do this. She knew it was wrong and it was a violation of the budding trust between her and Catalina. Yet as his tight jeans fell around his ankles baring his perfect cock in all it’s glory she could not stop herself from biting her lip. He looked at her and with a simple gesture she approached. Her eyes begged him to not ask her, because she knew she couldn’t say no. So he didn’t, he just said two simple words.

“Fuck me.” And she did. She approached him and dropped her robe. She straddled his lap and felt that perfect cock probing her. She was already so wet and ready that he slid in perfectly. She gasped as he filled her, his body fitting her like she was designed for him. And she rode his cock, his mouth suckling at her nipples. He thrust up into her making her cry out again and again as she thrust back down onto him. She needed this like a drug and she felt she could never have her fill. He flipped her over and thrust in from behind his fingers stroking her clit as he pounded in and out. She hated herself for letting him have her again, but knew she would be there anytime he asked.

His fingers toyed with her clit as his speed picked up and she felt the orgasm crash down around her, her own cries drowning out the gasp from the doorway. When she looked up she saw Catalina watching them her eyes filled with hurt and sadness. Angela tried to pull away but he held her still.

“I’m not done yet.” Were his only words as he picked up his pace and came deep inside her. He thrust a few more times each thrust pumping her full of his seed as she watched tears start to fall down Catalina’s cheeks. She wanted to go to her, to explain, but he held her tight as he took his fill of her tight cunt. And when he was finished he let her go and she stood up and grabbed her robe. She ran to Catalina and tried to take her in her arms but she pushed her away and Angela fell to her knees sobbing. That was to much and Catalina knelt down and took her in her arms, both sobbing together.

“I’m sorry Cat, he…I can’t say no to him. I try but it’s no use, it’s like he controls me.” Catalina just held her close

“Angela, stop deluding yourself, it’s not like you don’t know. I mean you pretend you are fleeing me, but really you always come back, and you manage to convert another pure soul like yourself. You are mine, my little Angel. I own you. You were chosen to be my consort.”

“But who are you!?” Angela cried. “How can you control me, it doesn’t make sense.” She sobbed harder and Catalina stroked her hair. Leo smiled.

“You truly are deluded. Angela, I marked you, you bare my mark. I own you, and until the day I decide to take you home with me you have a semblance of free will. But you cannot deny me, you will never be able to say no to me…at least not and mean it.” Leo smiled at her and she gaped at him.

“What mark? I don’t have any marks.” Catalina looked at her strangely and pointed down. Angela stood and ran to the mirror. Underneath her golden curls was a black mark, it looked like an L in the center of a sun. L for Leo.

“Only one of my names, if you think about it I bet you can guess my other name.” She gasped as she realized what he meant and her tears fell heavily now. L, and the sun, Lucifer, the Morning Star. She was the consort of Satan and marked by him. He smiled at her and disappeared leaving her and Catalina alone together. Catalina smiled sadly and whispered those same three words and she returned them. She hated herself for corrupting her, letting her own sin infect someone else, it seemed as if she was doing his work, and she hated to even consider that. She felt as if the only choice that was truly hers was that she would always love Catalina, and love was one thing he couldn’t have from her.

They slept together that night in bed, though neither of them slept and the next morning they both acted as if it had never happened. They sat at the table and ate sausage and biscuits and chatted about what they would do today. Angela swore that when he wasn’t here she would be just a normal woman with a sin of lust and a woman that she loved, and it was true. When he wasn’t around.

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