Always Faithful – Chapter Three

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Home to Husband Laura managed to get to their bed without waking Dan. She reached behind to zipper before changing her mind. Laura jumped on the bed fully dressed, and kissed her husband as he wakened. She was consumed with love for the man who married her and completed her being, possessed her and set her soul free. Laura tried to express that love with her kiss. Dan opened his mouth and accepted his wife’s kiss completely. His tongue joined Laura’s. When he wrapped her in his arms he discovered the dress. It seemed right, that she should be dressed coming home from her lover. Laura drew Dan’s tongue deeper; she tried to direct its path inside her mouth. Both worked to pull the sheet away. Laura wanted to be close to her husband like this. “Can you taste him, in my mouth, Greg’s cum?” “Yeah, I think so, you taste different.” “I brought some home, in a condom, a rubber. This rubber!” Laura waved the stretched misshapen tube then put the used condom on her nightstand. “I sucked Greg’s juice out of it on the front porch just before I came inside. I wanted to be sure his taste was still in me.” “I can taste him, taste both of you.” “I can too. I told you our next kiss would have his cum on my breath, in my mouth.” “Yes, you are always faithful in your way.” “Give me your hand.” Dan found she had worn panties home. “Greg let you wear one of his pairs home?” “No I took these with me; Greg still has all six pairs. I did wear the pair you picked out to dinner, Greg liked your taste.” “I’ll bet he liked my taste in the panties my wife was wearing for his birthday.” “Can you feel how swollen I am, my lips, my whole cunt?” “What I feel is wet, how wet you are.” “Yes, Greg put a lot of cum in me, in my pussy, my pussy cat cunt.” “How many times…” “I’ll tell you the details, believe me a lot, we did a lot. Do you want to do me; I want you to have me now if you still want me.” “I want you; I need to fuck you, to know you came home, know you are still here with me.” “That was never a question Baby, take off my panties, see how wet and fucked swollen I am down there.” Dan pulled the cloth away and saw Laura’s red and puffed up pussy. Even in the dim night light, Dan could see bruising, and shining cum inside and out. “He worked you over good, fucked you really good, didn’t he?” “Oh yes, baby, Greg really screwed me good. I egged him on in every way. You can tell he worked me hard, can’t you?” “Yes, it is obvious. He really fucked you and used your pussy hard; brutal is what you look like.” “Yes, brutal, a good brutal; I pushed him for brutal and Greg responded.” “I want you, want you now. Let’s get this dress off.” “Pull my skirt up, fuck me in my dress. I want to know and I want you to know that nothing delayed me from coming from my boss lover home to my husband. Fuck me in the dress I wore for him tonight.” Dan was ready, nude and erect he climbed in the saddle. Laura’s swollen lips held him back, tried to deny entrance, but he pushed through. Dan’s cock tip found a hot pool, a grotto. Laura’s vagina was swollen, steamy wet, and slick. “That’s Greg’s cum slick that I feel in you, isn’t it Baby?” “Yes Baby, your cock is in a pool of fuck juice Greg and I made. I wanted to leave it in for me, for the way it feels in me. I wanted him to stay with me for the way Greg put his cum in me. It is there for me, but I am glad you can feel it, feel your cock in my pool of sex.” Dan pushed completely in, his cock was covered in cum; Laura made this cum pool when she was with Greg. “Ahhh!” “That’s it, Baby, just feel us, enjoy your cock soaked in my cum. When you are ready, just fuck me; do me however you want, do me for your pleasure.” Dan began a rhythm of slow, deep thrusts into his wife. Laura winced a grunt with each meeting of their pubic bones, but she offered no objection. “That feels sooo good, I like your strength. Fuck me like this for a while.” Dan kept his steady thrust, thrust, thrust; he heard Laura’s grunts but her sex slickened, pool sucked his cock onward. Laura drew her knees higher, her dress bunched at her breasts. She used her hands to pull Dan up and above. “Go fast and screw me hard, use me just for you, I want to be for your sex tonight, right now. Fuck me hard and cum hard; cum hard in me while I tell you I love you.” Dan responded, he drove his whole body down and into Laura as rapidly, as forcefully as possible. His cock was a spear tip piercing Karşıyaka escort his lust victim. All of the evening’s pent up emotion flowed into his sexual being until Dan erupted and added his essence to Laura’s sex pool. With each cry of Yes Dan made, Laura matched with I’m here. Dan’s orgasm was all consuming. Every bit of doubt and concern ejaculated out of him and into Laura. Dan didn’t recognize that he alone had the violent orgasm. Laura’s satisfaction was in her conscience, she had not denied her husband anything that she gave her lover earlier that night. Finally Laura rose and undressed. She promised Dan she would tell all, but for now she needed sleep, sleep in husband’s arms. Morning came all too soon. Both could have used more sleep, but work beckoned. They finally staggered to the shower hand-in-hand to wake and wash their sex coating away. Dan was amazed and concerned at the bruises all over Laura’s body. He took her wash cloth and tried to tenderly wash away the hurt. Hickeys on her neck looked ugly, and would advertize her passionate activity for days. Her tits were still red, bruised finger and thumbprints were darkening. They wouldn’t wash away. Greg’s teeth marks were apparent everywhere on Laura’s chest. Dan knew Laura had kept telling Greg to bite harder; she would do that, she loved rough treatment there. Laura’s cunt, though, her beautiful, clean shaven cunt, had been absolutely ravished. Dan understood now, seeing her swollen lips in the brighter bathroom light, why he had to push so hard to gain entrance. Her outer labia were bulbous, swollen shut. A boxer’s eye would not be more swollen, more sealed. Teeth marks were evident here also. Laura insisted on cleaning her vaginal parts herself. Dan went to his knees to inspect as she opened herself and sprayed warm water on, around and inside herself. Dan gently opened his wife and placed the gentlest of kisses on each part of her pussy. “I know I could never do that to you, for you.” “I know that, my sweet loving husband, I know that” “You kept pushing, didn’t you?” “I asked him, I begged him; Greg didn’t do anything to me I didn’t want. He didn’t do anything I didn’t push him to do.” As she told her husband that truth about the physical sex she shared with Greg, Laura knew she was concealing the emotional side. So be it, for now at least. > > > > – – Unlike Monday, Dan was clear of mind and eye as he drove to work. He greeted everyone cheerfully on the way to his office. When his secretary brought his morning coffee, he had a big smile for her. Monday to Tuesday was like night into day. Dan went straight to work, he was a whirlwind. Reports, client calls, research, analysis, none of his normal daily tasks posed any problem. He was Midas, it seemed as if everything he touched came up golden. Even his occasional thoughts of Laura were warming and pleasant. Mostly he recalled the bruising and swelling her lush body displayed. Laura really enjoyed the stiff work out part of sex; she liked it rough and hard. Not always, but more than just sometimes. Dan smiled when her bruises came to his mind because try as he might, it hurt him when he hurt his wife. Greg had given the bruises; she craved the hard stimulation that Dan’s feelings denied her. Dan knew that Laura was feeling a sweet agony at this minute because her bra must be pinching on her sensitized nipples. The nylon of his wife’s panties and hose must be building a gamey moisture that would sensitize her swollen lips all day long. > > > > – – Laura did feel the sensations Dan thought about. Far from bearing up, she reveled in a glow of continuing sensuality. A twist in her seat would scrape a nipple inside her bra. Her sensory system brought Greg to mind immediately, and she remembered exactly why she felt this way. She remembered Greg twisting, pulling and biting the nipple last night. Last night’s bite brought today’s delightful torment. As far as Laura was concerned she wanted to feel this way forever. Greg had a morning meeting that would last until lunchtime. Laura was relieved that he was gone from the office. She had a feeling Greg would want to press her about last night, about possible future dates. Laura knew that hurdle must be crossed, but not first thing this morning. While Laura thrived on the physical sensations she felt the day after her wild sex with Greg, facing bornova escort bayan the emotional parts of her evening would not be as pleasant. Exciting, yes, certainly the emotions were exciting; yes, certainly facing the consequences would be exciting. There were, however, some negatives that cropped up last night that might continue into the future. I love you was a phrase Laura never intended to say last night. She never intended to feel it, never intended to even think it. I love you should never have entered her mind last night, but it did. Now Laura was stuck with a situation. Maybe two, three, four situations were out there on her horizon. First and foremost in her mind, should I, and how should I, tell Dan? Second, how do I tell Greg, yes, I meant what I said, I did love you last night, maybe do love you today, but that love must fit into a broader context. Third, how do I deal with myself? I loved what Greg and I did last night with each other. I want more! I think I just might actually love Greg in a certain way. It was the fourth situation Laura really dwelt on. I want this to keep on going. Can I have both my husband and my boss/lover? Here, Laura came up against a wall. She now realized that she had been unfaithful to her husband, unfaithful to Dan. Laura could rationalize everything about Friday and being faithful. She could rationalize the weekend and Monday’s activities, the sex part. In Laura’s mind, fucking Greg for his birthday was not an act of infidelity. Telling Greg she loved him was unfaithful to Dan. Saying the love phrase would be unfaithful even if she didn’t mean it; saying I love you to Greg and knowing that she meant it was even worse. I love you was her scarlet A. Greg returned from his meeting as the provoking thoughts worked through Laura’s brain. She gave Greg a bright smile and the purse of lips might have been an air kiss but no one in the office would know, and shouldn’t. Greg saw the smile, felt the air kiss, Greg knew. The kiss stopped him in his tracks, and he leaned close to Laura. They could easily be talking business, some detail about his meeting, but he was asking about lunch. Laura put him off, “I’ll bring that right in to you, sir.” Laura didn’t want lunch with Greg; that would lead to conversation. Talking about last night wasn’t the problem, talking about tomorrow would be inevitable. Laura wanted tomorrow, but not quite today. She wanted some time to think by herself today. Carrying an inconsequential file, Laura went in Greg’s office. “No to lunch, I am going to do a girl thing, go shopping. I will say yes to one thing though.” Disappointment showed on Greg’s boss face. “What is the yes thing?” “I want to kiss you; I want you to kiss me. I’ll say yes if you ask, and if you don’t ask I’ll take matters into my own hand.” “May I have a kiss in lieu of lunch?” Laura stepped into Greg, pressed hard against him and they shared a lover’s kiss. Greg held her tight at first, wrapping her in his arms. Laura’s hands wandered under his suit jacket, over his chest. She pressed her lips tightly to her lover, used her tongue with snake-like motion, flicking and tasting. Greg pressed her for a small arousal; he began biting her lower lip. Laura moaned and gave his teeth full play. Laura began breathing hard, feeling a growing heat in her body. She pushed Greg’s hand between her legs and tried to say feel me through their kiss. Her body language was sufficient; Greg first cupped her sex and then squeezed harder. Laura moaned again. The second moan guided her lover’s hand under her skirt. Only thin layers of nylon separated them. “I’m tender from last night, very tender. Squeeze me harder, get me good lover; feel me good.” Greg took a tight hold and a hard, full hand squeeze. “Yes, that’s it baby, that’s it.” A shift in his grip pinched her lips between fingertips and the heel of his hand. Greg pressed as hard as he could, Laura gave a small shriek. He pressed the question once more, “Lunch?” “No!” Greg kneaded as he squeezed, the pressure was even greater. “Lunch today, right now?” “No! Not today, Thursday.” “Tomorrow, tomorrow or I don’t let go.” Laura’s resolve weakened. “Mmm, just a little more; we can do Thursday and Friday.” Greg finally let go. “You must really want to go shopping, Thursday and Friday it is.” “God, I just came in for a kiss and now I am really Escort üçyol worked up.” “You need to start wearing stockings more often instead of pantyhose. I can get at you better; get at your cunt the way you like me to.” “If I wore stockings every day, you would never get any work done and neither would I. We would both get the can.” “I liked your can last night, I think you did too.” Laura laughed, “Men.” “Are you going shopping for more panties for me?” “No, you have to buy the next batch of panties I model for you.” Laura bent over Greg’s desk, took a piece of scratch paper and began to write. She felt Greg’s hand under her skirt, she expected as much from her pose. Laura took her time writing; she opened her legs and pushed her rear to greet the searching hand. After a minute or two of pleasure fondling Laura turned and handed the note to Greg. “What’s this?” “My sizes, panties, bra, waist and bust for garter belt, stockings, slips, that sort of stuff. Knowing those, any sales lady will help you get what you want me to wear. Victoria’s Secret has nice stuff; but there are some other shops that have things that are even more sexy, European things.” “So, I am supposed to go shopping for things for you to wear? That might be fun, maybe I will.” “I’ll tell you what, I am going shopping today; you go shopping at lunch tomorrow. I will wear whatever you buy underneath on Thursday when we do lunch together.” “Don’t forget lunch on Friday. We could do Friday lunch in my bedroom and not wear any clothes. How does that sound?” “That sounds like a plan you would come up with, but it’s probably not going to happen. Who knows, though, it might be fun, maybe, some day.” Laura gave her boss a quick hug, “I just came in for a kiss; somehow we got side tracked. See you after lunch.” Shopping for Laura turned out to be fun. She wasn’t looking for anything in particular, just looking. The costume shop was a pleasant surprise. It catered more to theater production costumes than casual party wear. Laura found a sexy harem girl outfit that was really well done, a belly dancer costume. It was sexy and almost revealing but almost not. A flash of brilliance burst in her mind. I can be Scheherazade or whoever that girl was in the tales of forty nights. I can wear this to tell Dan about last night, about being with Greg. Wasn’t the tale something like if it’s a good story he will want to hear more and not kill me? I hope that works with Dan, what the hell, give it a try. For the sake of my marriage, $150.00 is cheap, “Put it on the VISA please.” Elysian Luxury caught Laura’s eye in the next block. This might be a place to send Greg shopping, she thought. The lingerie they had was sinfully elegant, fit for a courtesan lady. Fit for a sinful affair between secretary and boss. Yes, this is definitely the place to send Greg. “Could I have one of your business cards to give to a friend?” “Certainly ma’am, here you go.” “You do assist gentlemen customers, don’t you?” “Of course, many women send their gentlemen to see us, both kinds.” They chuckled together and Laura handed over her VISA card and her selections. Laura began working her way back toward her office. She realized that she had bought something for each of her men, but she had not let her mind fret over the conundrum of having two men. Strolling along still looking in windows she said to herself aloud, what the hell girl, you deserve a day like today once in a while. A shoe store window stopped her. Those are sexy, she thought, really sexy. Laura entered the elevator with three bags and three VISA receipts totaling $412.92. She added the bills on the way to her desk. Greg was waiting for her; they both looked at their watches. “I’m sorry, I got carried away. The next time I go shopping instead of lunch, I’ll be more careful about time.” “Well, you bought some stuff; some women just look and take even longer.” “Your ex, I presume; sorry, I shouldn’t have said that, uncalled for.” “Maybe a bit uncalled for, but on the money. What’d you get?” “Not out here, but this is for you.” Laura gave Greg the Elysian Luxury card. “What . . . ?” “Let’s go in your office.” Laura closed the door when they entered and proceeded to lay out the sexy things on Greg’s work table. He whistled approval. Laura picked up the receipt, “Two hundred somety-something, you better whistle twice.” Greg went to his door and locked it. “Model them!” “No, not here in the office, I’ll wear them…” “Model them now! Get that damned dress off and the stuff underneath.” The forceful command had Laura nude in thirty seconds. Three minutes later, Laura stood before her boss, in his locked office, wearing a wickedly sexy bra, panty and garter belt set.

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