Alone Time

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Sometimes I like to give myself a treat, y’know, give myself a break from all the hustle and bustle of college life. I call it Me Time, and time is the operative word, because I give myself all the time I need.

When I decide to pamper myself, I make sure my schedule is clear, and the phone is off the hook. The last thing I want is to be interupted – it kills the mood.

I will start out by taking a long, hot, steamy shower…the kind that leaves me lobster red. I spend lots of time shampooing, even more time conditioning, and I pay extra special attention to myself with my loofah.

After I wet myself down, I stand in the hot stream, and let the water wash away my tension. I lean against the wall, and feel my nipples harden against the cool tiles. I pick up the bottle of shampoo, and give myself a generous squeeze.

I love to massage my scalp when I wash my hair. It’s is so relaxing to feel pressure on your head, with the combined effects of the hot water and the sweet clean smell of the shampoo. I lather the suds deep into my skin, from the roots to the tips. I even take a handful of suds bahis firmaları and rub it between my legs.

I rinse away all the suds and start with the conditioner. Conditioner makes my hair so beautifully soft and smooth. Once it’s in, I loofah my legs, gently scrubbing and sudsing myself. I pay extra attention to areas that tend to get rough or dry, like my knees and my ankles. Then I grab my shaving cream and apply it, all the way up.

When I shave, I do it slowly, with purpose. No nicks, and no missed hairs. I love for my legs to be soft and smooth, even if the hairs are blonde and practically invisible.

I finish shaving one leg, run my hands all over to make sure I didn’t miss anything, then start on the other one. I don’t mind taking a long time, because I have given myself this time to relax, and pay attention to myself.

After the other leg is done, I take a handful of shaving cream, and lather my pussy. All over my mons, around the bikini line, and especially my lips.

I start on one side and work my way down and across. I leave a strip down the center. Sometimes I’ll kaçak iddaa be in the mood to shave it all off, and be totally bare, and other times, I like to keep it there. It all depends on a variety of factors, like who I’m with at the time, what he likes, and if I want to deal with growing it back.

Each of my lips are carefully shaved. I love when my lips are soft, smooth, and hair free. I swear they feel more puffy and inviting when they’re hairless. I also lather around my asshole…I like that hair free too.

When I’m done, I rinse off, and inspect myself. If I feel any need, I make some touch ups, then temporarily retire the razor and grab my loofah.

I squirt more of my soap onto it, and begin to scrub my belly and sides. I reach around to my butt cheeks and my back, then come back around to my breasts. I pay them extra special attention. I love to get them all soapy and slick, and rub them with my hands. I get distracted and slip a hand to my pussy, running my fingers up and down my smooth slit, then I gently rub my clit. Sometimes, when I’m really horny, I’ll squeeze some shampoo on kaçak bahis a finger, and rub it around my asshole. The sensation of rubbing my clit and teasing my tight hole are often too much, and I cum quickly with a finger knuckle deep.

I return to the task of washing myself, and I rinse off my body, my hair, and I simply stand under the flow of the water. The rushing heat and steam rising off me are intoxicating.

When I step out of the shower, I wrap myself in a fluffy towel, then I start to dry off. Before I’m completely dry, I wrap my hair in my towel, and stand before my mirror, naked. I squeegee my mirror so I can properly see myself, then I open the cabinet and pull out the bottle of body oil. I give myself a generous amount, and rub it between my hands. I lift the first leg and rest it on the edge of the tub, and I begin to massage the oil into my damp skin. I get both legs, move up to my belly, sides and back. I always get my arms and neck, then my breasts, then my mound. I love the feel of the oil on my lips, and I rub it in well.

My pussy is at it’s softest and smoothest right after one of my favorite kind of showers, and once I’m nice and dry, I go to Literotica, and get wet all over again.

Hey you guys, I hope you really liked reading about my shower. Make sure to vote on it! Thanks, Texas Tease

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