Ally Visits Aunt Tracey

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Hey there everybody… so after talking to a few of my readers, some of you wanted details about a visit from my cousin and her daughter. (smiles) I might have a few details that I can share with ya since it’s literally still going on…lol… Well, I haven’t slept hardly at all…as a matter of fact, I’m about to pass out right now as I write this. I just wanted to make sure that I got it all down while it’s still so fresh in my memory.

I didn’t think they were ever gonna get out of bed this morning. But that was probably a good thing… it gave me time to make my bed and straighten up a little bit, plus I got to message a few special people about the kiss… For those of you who don’t know about that, just keep reading, you will figure it out in the next few paragraphs (winks)… I guess Ally’s mom Amanda had already talked to her a little bit before they came to visit – by the way Amanda isn’t her real mother…but due to certain circumstances she’s living with my cousin for the foreseeable future.

But anyway, They had got to my house pretty late the night before and just ended up going straight to bed. Amanda told me that they had been up since about 7 AM the previous day because Ally wanted to watch the parade on tv that morning… I guess they were pretty tired because they had spent all day at her mom’s house, then had Thanksgiving dinner there, plus the long drive to my house afterwards.

Well it was now Friday morning and Amanda and I were the first ones up… both of us had the same idea about visiting the only man in the house… Mr. Coffee…lol. She and I were sitting at the table and when Ally got up and sauntered into the kitchen… Amanda told her to give her aunt Tracey a kiss… I just expected a peck on the cheek… but it wasn’t like that at all.

She kinda grinned and said “okay” when Amanda told her that… oh my god!… she kissed me like I’ve never been kissed in my life!… that tiny little tongue in my mouth… I just about came from her just kissing me. Have you ever heard someone say something that you’ll never forget?…When Amanda said, “give your Aunt Tracey a kiss”… that will forever be burned into my memory… but not as much as Ally’s reply back when she kinda nonchalantly said “okay”… like it wasn’t a big deal or anything… just talking about it now still gives me the chills.

Another thing about us getting a late start is I knew that Jennifer (my best friend / girlfriend) would be at work by the time we got back to the house… I told her that I had family over but I didn’t go into any detail about it… As much as I love her… I just don’t think that she would be able to understand this situation.

I’ll try to cut down on the boring stuff… We went out Black Friday shopping and afterward we went out to eat… yadda, yadda, yadda… got back home right around 7 o’clock… After we got all of our goodies out of the car, all of us decided to change into our comfy clothes for the rest of the night.

Ally slept in Robbie’s room last night (Robbie is my son that joined the military last year) and after she changed, she came out and asked what the microphones were for that were on his desk… when she found out it was a singing game for the PlayStation her eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas morning… as she was bouncing up and down she said, “oooooh, can we play it?!”… I looked over at Amanda and asked her if she wanted to sing… I mean who’s gonna say no to someone that excited?…lol.

I did make one request… I told her that we could play on one condition… that before we start I get another one of those good kisses (I was trying my best to be cute)… I think she said something like, “that’s not a problem…I love to kiss!” – but it was the way she said it…like she was super proud of herself. As she came over and leaned in to kiss me I said “you’re really good at it too” as I tucked her hair behind her ear… then her voice got really quiet as she said “thanks” just as our lips touched.

This time I was ready Girne Escort for it… the first kiss caught me off-guard so much that I didn’t really know how to react… So I kissed her back with a lot more passion than I did on our initial one… I also let my fingers trace the side of her tiny body while we made out for just a minute…but it felt like it was longer. It was one of those moments where time stands still ya know.

Anyway, here we go…all 3 of us are on his bed while I try to figure out how to hook it up… Amanda wasn’t really excited about it at first… but after the first song she really got into it… Robbie and I would play for hours when he was home… anyway, Ally liked it so much that she asked me to see if Robbie would sell it to her…lol. It’s honestly that much fun… imagine a home version of X-factor or American Idol… kinda like that.

Between the three of us, we played a full game… I think there are 9 rounds total… anyway, by this time Amanda was starting to yawn and said that she was gonna hit the hay – “you guys can play all you want” she said, “but I’m going to bed” Ally looked over at me and said that she wasn’t tired at all “wanna play again?” she said… I told her that “we can play as long as you want”… we made it thru 3 more songs before I told her that I needed to take a bathroom break.

When I came back she had the controller and was flipping thru the songs.. I think it surprised her when she asked how many we had… “somewhere around 12 hundred”, I told her… you know how kids do when they want to act surprised?… Her bottom jaw dropped a little bit as she said “really???”…except she’s got a slight lisp so it came out as “weally?”… just soooo adorable.

This next part is a little fuzzy… but she said something like – “do you wanna play again or do you want to do something else?”…like what? I asked… “we can kiss some more if you want to,” she said in the cutest way you could possibly ever imagine… At this point everything else in the room just disappeared as I made my way over to her on the bed… she was sitting up with her head on a stack of pillows and her legs stretched out in front of her… “I would love to kiss some more” I told her.

As I sat down beside her in the bed I said “can I have one of these?” as I pulled one of the pillows out from under her head… I pretended like I wanted it for myself but it was mostly so I could get her to lay back a little more. I propped myself up on my side facing her… she had on these cute little hot pink pajama shorts with a matching top…staring into that beautiful young face while I played with her hair…I asked her…”so, you really like to kiss huh?…- “uh huh,” she said… – “well…is it okay if I kiss you right now?”… I could feel my heart skip a few beats as she answered with a simple “yeah”.

I was so nervous… I knew that she could feel my hands shaking as I was leaning over top of her… I took a break from kissing to watch her eyes as I let my hands explore the outside of her thin cotton pajamas… “is this okay?” I asked, as my fingers made their way up to her breasts… “yeah…it feels weally good”… – I asked her if they were getting sore yet… “a little bit… but it’s not too bad” she told me.

With a lump in my throat, I asked her if I could see… she then pulled her shirt up from the bottom… her little nipples were so tiny..sitting on top of a small mound of swollen breast tissue… this time I didn’t ask permission… I just slowly let my tongue find it’s way to her right nipple as my right hand worked its way down across her belly and then under her pajama shorts.

As I moved my hand further down, I felt her hand grab mine just above my wrist… and just as I touched her pussy for the first time she let out a little whimper…squeezing my wrist at the same time… I found out this was her way of letting me know what she liked… the tighter she grabbed me…the better she liked what I was Magosa Escort doing… while I was massaging her pussy I went back to passionately kissing her… I was now cradling her entire upper body with my left arm as my right hand was busy playing with her flower petals.

When she would get close I would whisper in her ear not to cum yet. Then I would slow down for a while and let it build back up again…each time getting closer and closer to going over the edge… I must’ve done this 4 or 5 times before I pulled her shorts completely off and nestled my head down between her legs… but not before I told her one last thing.

I said, “When you get ready to cum… pull my hair just as hard as you can”… “and when you’re done just let go”….. “that way I will know when to stop”… what she said next was so simple… but for some reason turned me on so much… she said, “Ok Aunt Tracey… I can do that for you”… just hearing her say my name with a whimpery little sigh in her voice…omg…

Her pussy was soooo smooth… When my tongue opened her up, it was like licking the inside of an over-ripe peach… so soft…and tasted like heaven… I lifted my head for just a second and told her to keep going… I positioned my forefinger just on the outside of her little hole. Her pussy was only about two or two and a half inches from top to bottom so I knew that she was going to be extremely tight, even for just one finger… but I had made sure that she was ready first.

As I was using my flattened-out tongue on her whole pussy, I asked if I could go inside… she didn’t say anything…at this point, I didn’t know if she was even able to speak… so I just took it slowly and tried to ease it in as gently as I could.

For a big girl I’ve got small fingers… but just getting one knuckle past her opening still took a little pressure.. then I felt it give way… now I could move it in and out a little bit and actually fuck her with it… Very slowly to start off with… but the more I kept doing this, the more she started to open up.

Then I felt what I had been waiting for… her hands in my hair… I wanted to let her know that she was doing a great job so I kept telling her “mmmm hmmm” over and over again while I was eating her tender little pussy.

For a tiny little thing, she was strong… As bad as I wanted to feel her cum on my mouth she had other ideas… she grabbed my hair and pulled me off of her…telling me to come kiss her while I fingered her.

As soon as I came back up to kiss her she crossed her legs together at the ankle… my hand still underneath her ass with one finger moving back and forth inside her pussy in a “come here” motion…While we were kissing she tightened up telling me she was close.

I stopped kissing her and pulled her in just as tight as I could… laying my head down next to her ear I kept whispering for her to “Cum for Aunt Tracey”….”Cum for me now baby”… “Do it… it’s gonna feel sooo good”.

As I was telling her how badly I wanted to feel her cum, she wrapped her arms around my neck telling me not to stop…pulling me in tighter and tighter as I kept talking to her the whole time.

Just as I was telling her to cum for me… I heard her say “NOW!” – just one word but I knew what it meant… so I repeated the same thing back to her “now?” I asked… in a whimper she cried out “mmm hmm”…. – I told her “then do it for me baby…cum for your Aunt Tracey”…she pulled me in so tight I could feel her teeth and fingernails digging into the back of my neck as she tried to muffle her screams.

When I was sure that she was completely spent, I worked my hand out from under her…it was absolutely covered in the clearest little girl cum I have ever seen… I was mesmerized just watching it stretch between my fingers… – and no… I didn’t waste a single drop. I even used the last of it like lip gloss as I kissed Ally one more time with it on my lips.

Not gonna lie… I was a Kıbrıs Escort little worried that I may have hurt her, so I just asked her about it… she assured me that she loved everything that I did and that “no”, I hadn’t hurt her at all.

I guess it was about 11 o’clock when we made our way to the kitchen to get the food we brought back from the restaurant. Food always tastes better after sex… So anyway, we are sitting at the table…and this is gonna sound really dumb, but she goes right back to acting like a kid again… which I found to be a huge turn-on… she starts talking about Christmas and all the stuff she wants…she loves these things called Squishmallows… I’d never heard of them before… but she showed me one that she’d brought with her… and I swear it looked just like some of the toys my doggos would get in their bark-boxes… lol.

I told her to make me a list of the ones she wants the most and I would make sure she had them under her tree. Most kids nowadays want Ipads, Iphones, and Xboxes… all this poor girl wants are some tiny stuffed animals… lol. – Pretty sure that I can do that… She told me that “Claire’s” at the mall have them for like 5 bucks. Plus if I do get her a bunch, it just gives me another excuse to have them come over again (smiles)

Anyhoo… after we finished with our late-night snack we went back to Robbie’s room and crawled under the covers to watch some tv together… well youtube… same difference. She likes this channel called “slapped ham”, it’s all about weird videos people send in about ghosts and other creepy stuff like that.

As we are laying there I slowly reached over and placed my hand in her’s – (I got this idea from a very special friend)… nothing major… just holding hands. I guess it was about 10 minutes later when I asked her if I could have another kiss…we were laying side by side on our backs and both of us kinda lean into each other to just make out for a minute… still holding hands by the way… that’s when I asked her if she wouldn’t mind doing something for me… I brought her hand up to the upper part of my leg and just left it there.

I just figured that she would understand that I wanted her to move her hand down to my pussy… but instead of doing that, she moved it up and lifted my shirt above my tits… You would’ve thought it was freezing in the house by how hard my nipples were… but instead of doing what I thought, she climbs over and lays completely on top of me and pulls the covers up over both of us while sucking on my nipples.

I didn’t know this at the time, but she was completely in charge… while she’s latched on to my nipple, she asks me if she’s doing it too hard… I tell her “no baby… I love it… you can do it as hard as you want to”… she then reaches over and takes my hand and guides it down toward my pussy… kinda making this groaning noise she goes, “uh hmmm?”… like she wants me to do something…

She moves up over top of me this time and started kissing me again while kneading my breasts with her left hand… this time she whispers in my ear… “make it cum for me”… I played dumb and asked her what she wanted me to do… She told me to rub my pussy for her… even though this wasn’t how I had imagined things going…all I wanted to do was make her happy. I know that you probably won’t believe this but id already came like 3 or 4 times without ever being touched… mainly from grinding into the bed while I was eating her pussy.

And I knew that it wouldn’t take long at all for me to cum… especially after she started kissing me again…needless to say when I got up out of the bed I had to go get a towel to lay down over the spot that I had left on the mattress… more of a puddle than just a spot though… by this time it was already about 1:30 and we both needed to get some rest… so I just kissed her goodnight and came back to my room to write everything down that had just happened… I thought about just sleeping with her…but I knew if I did that, I’d be up all night again… (smiles)

Well hopefully I gave you enough of the juicy details to make a good post here… please let me know what you think in the comment section… And again, thank you for all the kind words…hope you guys enjoyed my latest “little” adventure…. Tracey

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