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Subject: Man Cam (Alex-Mind (10) This is a fictional story about the hot guys from an online chat site It is pure fiction as all these guys live far away Some gay, some straight and some bisexual But all the guys are hot Enjoy ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Man Cam (Alex-Mind (10) …. “Now I take you” Alex said He looked at me for a moment longer. Then he reached down and pushed his dick down between my legs. He then grabbed at one of then. Pulled it up and thrust his huge dick at my hole. The huge dick found its target and then he slammed it into my guts. “Ughhn. Fuckk!” I cried Most of his big dick was pushed into my ass on that first thrust. I felt more full in that instant than I had ever been before. His very big cock plowed into my depths and slammed into my prostate. “Yesss!” He moaned “That’s it whore” “Take it. Take my cock” Then he quickly pulled up. Leaned back and grabbed my legs. Lifting it up to get a better position to fuck. And then he started to do just that. Fuck me. Thrusting that very big dick into my guts. Hitting my button over and over again. I could feel my dick starting to get kocaeli escort bayan hard again. He was causing this with his subsequent ass pounding. And that he was doing. Pushing harder and faster on my ass. “Hmmf fuckk yeah man” he grumbled “Feel my cock in there bitch” “Gonna wreck this hole” And then he yanked his cock from me. I gasped as the huge dick was taken from me. Both from shock and pain. That monster cock was truly a weapon that Alex had. Then he looked down at me. My eyes filled with desire and a neediness I had never felt until him. I wanted this hung stud with the huge balls to have me. To take me, to breed me. “So fucking big stud” I then said “Just take me Alex” Alex granned me and flipped me ober on my belly next. The he looked back down and then he thrust that huge dick back into me. I groaned again as he sliced most if that club into my guts. “Fuck!” I shouted “So big” “Awee Fuck!” Then Alex again returned to fucking my bowels. Driving his big ass dick deep into me over and over again. My body reacting to each and every thrust if his cock. Then he picked up some speed again. Plowing harder into my guts. And again I felt his izmit sınırsız escort huge nuts at they battered my body. The hard tapping of them as his cock was plunged into my depths. “Awee Fuck!” I cried again. “Fuckkk!” “So big. Soo fucking big. Awe!” His big balls continued to slap against mine. Harder and harder as he picked up speed. Pounding at mine as Alex crushed that schlong into my guts repeatedly. The ‘thwap, thwap, thwap’ of them echoing in my skull. Even with the harsh battering he was giving my guts. The sounds of the slapping those boulders made turned me on. For I knew he would soon empty all their contents into me. To shower my bowels woth his seed. “Ohh God. Ugh God” I cried “Give it to me stud” “Breed me. “Breed new please!” I then reached under me and found his huge balls. Hrabbing them and pulling at them. My tugging brought Alex to the wdge, And over it. “Awee fucker. Fuck!” He bellowed. “Fuckkk!” Thats whem Alex reared up and gunned my ass. Then exploding in a frenzy of ass pounding. Those huge nuts slipping from my grasp and returning to bouncing off me. Then he did com. Blasting a good 8 izmit anal yapan escort or 9 heavy shots into my body. And I felt each and every one of them. Each wonderful blast as it fired into me “Hmmf , fuckk yeah man” he grunted. “Good ass. Soo good” “Yess. Fill me man. Fill me” I c himed back “Gimme that sweet cum stud” I groaned as Alex continued to fill me up woyh his massive dump. So much fun that I could feel as it started to push back out of my hole. And then Alex pulled himself from my ruined hole with a deep sigh. “Fuck. That was the best ass” he huffed “Incredible fucking hole” I then felt a discharge of his cum spill from my ass. Then down over my balls and to the bed below. I moaned as I fekt the warm goo fall over my nuts. Then he grabbed me and flipped me over again. Then he climbed up on me and offered up his cock and balls to me again. “Lick me clean faggots” he growled So I did. I took his softening cock back into my fave and sucked on the thing. Licking off the cum from his schlong. Then I kissed and licked his balls for a bit too. To clean them. But moreover just to have those big balls in my mouth again. “I loved these things” I stated “Could suck am all the time” “And you will” he answered. I was glad he said that. So that I would get at those boulders again sometime in the future. And I planned on that. For sure….. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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