Adventures with My Daughter Pt. 03

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Erica lay in her bed, with her mind in some turmoil. She had partially seduced her daughter and was definitely feeling a little uneasy about it.

Incest, between mother and daughter? But, there had only been some light exploration so there was still time to pull back.

That first night on the couch, Erica slipped in her hand onto her daughter’s breast, and fondled her. Summer certainly enjoyed it and the feeling was more erotic than sexual, she told herself.

Summer was only 20 years old, not yet sexually active; a nubile virgin in fact. Ready for the taking, Erica smiled and thought, better her own mom than some idiot of a boy.

But, later that night, she took things a stage further. She visited her daughter, in her bedroom just to check and see if “she was ok.” Who was she kidding? She had longed to be able to touch her daughter for some time, and had been struggling against her own feelings for a long, long time.

And Erica did touch her daughter; her breasts, between her legs. She finger fucked her own daughter. And Summer touched and licked her mother’s breasts.

Closing her eyes, Erica relived the memory of Summer’s lips on her hardened nipple. Licking and sucking her breasts; and yes, it felt good.

But now, Erica knew she needed more. It was like opening a cookie jar and once wasn’t enough. But she knew better than to push Summer, patience would yield its own reward.

Just a few short hours ago, Summer had asked her mom to “visit” her again. While delighted, Erica carefully suggested that her daughter come to her bed instead.

But it was late, and no sign of any visitor! Wrong move, she wondered?

As she was pleasuring herself, Erica realized that the intimacy they shared would be enough for her. The memory of her fingers inside her daughter was making her very, very wet.

As Erica’s fingers were working their magic, she casino şirketleri felt a presence in the bedroom. An instinct told her to open her eyes.

Her daughter was sitting on bed beside her mom. “Don’t stop Mom, ok?”

Erica was lying semi-naked, with her night shirt fully undone and her hand between her legs.

She reached for her daughter, “Baby, you came. I was wondering.”

“Sshh mom,” Summer said and kissed her mother tenderly on the lips. Their tongues touching, exploring, before Summer broke off and took her mom’s hand and put it back between her legs.

Slipping off her nightshirt, Summer tentatively touched her mom’s inside thighs.

“Can I touch you?” Summer asked.

“Oh baby, are you sure?” Erica asked her daughter.

Summer’s response was to run her fingers over her mom’s thighs and between her legs. Feeling her mom’s wetness for the first time was almost overwhelming for the two women.

Erica spread her legs wide and her daughter fingered her, a little tentatively at first.

“Is that ok mom?” asked Summer.

“Girl, anything you do to me is just right, ok”

Her daughter fingered her mother deeply and fully. One finger, then two; Summer looked at her mom who could only nod her head in silent submission.

Summer fucked her mother gently but forcefully; with three fingers.

She pulled her fingers out of her mom and Erica took her daughter’s hand and put it to her mouth. She licked her juices off her daughter’s fingers before placing Summer’s hands on her breasts.

Erica lay back and enjoyed the feeling of her daughter’s hands all over her. Caressing her face, fondling her breasts and nipples, and then fingering her again.

Summer leaned closer to her moms face, kissed and nibbled her ear and whispered, “I love my fingers inside you mom.”

Never thinking she would hear her daughter utter such words casino firmaları almost sent Erica over the edge, and her juices surged uncontrollably over her fingers.

“Teach me,” whispered Summer.

Erica just nodded her head and rolled Summer onto her back.

She leaned over and kissed and licked her daughter’s breasts. Her erect nipples felt so good in her mouth, but she needed to explore the rest of Summer’s body.

Erica ran her tongue over Summer’s tummy, and then back to her breasts again; then kissed her daughter, sucking gently on her tongue.

Erica slowly, slowly licked her way to between her daughter’s legs. The sweet aroma of her daughter was almost too much for Erica and she had to stop.

“Oh mom, don’t stop,” Summer pleaded. “You can lick me.”

Climbing between her daughter’s legs, Erica kissed and ran her tongue over her daughter’s inner thighs.

She felt her daughter’s hand on her head and moved her face onto Summer’s pussy.

So sweet, she thought as she kissed it lovingly.

Planting little kisses all over Summer’s pussy, her lips and tongue searched for Summer’s clitoris, finding it and teasing it out. Such a young and sweet pussy, and it was all hers.

“Oh, momma,” cried Summer. “You’re licking my pussy. So nice.”

Erica found it hard to believe what she was doing. Her face was covered in her daughter’s wetness, and she had no intention of stopping.

She had been concerned about Summer’s welfare, but now was simply intent on pleasuring her daughter, with her educated tongue and mouth.

Summer reached down to her mom and pulled her hair, pulling her face further into her saturated pussy. With a muffled cry, Summer came all over her moms face. Her body seemed to shudder and even tremble, and Erica planted smaller kisses and licks over her pussy and legs, until she was calm.

Erica moved up to the güvenilir casino bed and lay alongside her daughter and the two women just snuggled together for a time. Erica wondered what Summer was thinking and it wasn’t long before she felt her daughter’s hands on her again.

“Mom, let me pleasure, you.”

“Well, who am I to say no, baby,” Erica said. With Summer’s head resting on her mother’s breasts, Erica laid back and let her daughter explore her body.

Summer did just as her mom had done to her. Fondling her breasts; kissing and licking her mom’s body all over. Fingering her mother and then burying her face in her mom’s pussy, licking and tasting her for the first time.

She reached for her daughter. Summer’s face was between her mother’s legs, and Erica’s hands wandered over her legs, and her butt. She squeezed Summer’s arse, gently and felt her daughter moan at her touches.

She slid her finger down the crack of Summer’s butt, and then once again found her daughter’s very, very wet pussy.

As her daughter moaned at her mom’s touches Erica tried to gently encourage Summer to move her hips and climb onto her face.

Once Summer realized what her mother wanted it was easy. She soon straddled her mom, her pussy on her face.

Oh fuck! Erica realized she was in a classic 69 position with her own daughter.

Summer’s lust for her mom’s tongue became insatiable as she rubbed her pussy all over Erica’s face.

Erica moved her face so she was able to plant little kisses on her daughter’s butt and then lightly rimmed Summer.

Her daughter then raised herself up and rubbed her butt and pussy all over her moms face.

“Oh fuck mom, I love your tongue!”

When she returned to licking Summer’s pussy her daughter’s juices flowed uncontrollably into Erica’s mouth.

“Oh mom, fuck!” cried out Summer as she came once again in her mom’s mouth.

The two women lay in each other’s arms and stayed that way until morning; lightly touching, caressing each other like first time lovers.

Waking up together, the two women realized they had all they needed.

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