Accidental Penetrations Ch. 07

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Very important note: I’ve always loved accidental penetration stories even if they’re usually not realistic. And so this is a very lighthearted story. It’s not meant to be an accurate representation of something that could actually happen in real life! On the other hand, around that highly improbable incident, I’ll try to make the story as interesting as I can. If that’s not your cup of tea, find another one of my stories.

Note: this is another interlude in the story. We’ll get back to Dustin in the next one!

Edited by: Pope1944. Thanks!


Leanna was luxuriating in a comfortable lounge chair, enjoying the warm morning sun when she saw Dustin and her daughter Katee walking back from their little camping trip. Before they could see her, she took a good look at them. She grinned as she saw Dustin walking just a little bit too close to his naked cousin. Guys just can’t act all natural and comfortable around Katee’s unveiled breasts. It was simply impossible. Leanna decided that if they had never fucked in the past, it was now done.

As she kept looking at Dustin with his nice pecs and very nice, thickly hanging cock, Leanna envied her daughter. What she wouldn’t give for a night with her nephew! It wasn’t the first time that Leanna thought about that, nor the first time that she considered incest with one of her other nephews and her own cousins. She felt a tingle between her legs as she briefly recalled her little accident with her brother so many years ago. She then shook her head and concentrated on welcoming Dustin and Katee.

When the two of them walked up to her and bade her a good morning, Leanna remained on her chair and placed her hands behind her head. As she crossed her ankles, highlighting the curves of her legs, she hoped Dustin would notice her body. She knew she was still very good looking, but then again, he was surrounded with scores of very beautiful girls in their twenties.

She decided to stretch her arms above her head, pushing her breasts out and seeing if Dustin would… Oh yes! A quick glance! “That’s a very good sign!” her devilish mind considered. She wondered if, having now fucked one of his cousins, he would be interested in one of his aunts. After a brief talk, Leanna turned on her side to watch them walk towards the lodge and saw Katee slapping his hip. She probably saw him looking at her mother’s breasts!

When their hands intertwined for a moment, it confirmed her theory. Leanna knew they had always been close, but if they hadn’t fucked, they wouldn’t be holding hands like this in a nudist colony after more than a year apart! “Lucky girl!” she thought, looking at her daughter. Then again, because she was looking, she mentally added “Lucky guy!”

Katee’s transformation in the last year or so had been unbelievable. Her two other daughters had always been very beautiful, and Katee had been out shined all her life. Now though… Wow! Leanna had never been jealous of her daughters before, but seeing Katee’s shapely long legs, her well defined hips, her perfect rounded ass and her two breasts large enough to be seen from behind? Damn! “Lucky guy indeed!”

For the first time in her life, Leanna wondered if one of her daughters would be opened to some… er, very personal sex lessons? Leanna laughed and shook her head. “Crazy woman!” she thought. “It’s not because you’ve been sex-less for so many months that everybody has sex on their minds all the time!” She reclined on her chair once again and took deep breaths, knowing her nipples were hard and her pussy wet! “And stop thinking about your brother!” she thought.

Throughout the rest of the morning and afternoon, Leanna began noticing intriguing tensions and hidden smiles between Dustin and his sisters. As if they’d all been intimate. Sexually intimate. As time went on, Leanna became more and more convinced that it was the case. To her surprise, around lunch time, she even detected some of those hints between Dustin and his mom! Her own sister fucking her son?

Leanna was surprised, but not appalled. She’d had her share of incestuous incidents in her life. Then again, all had happened when she was younger and inexperienced. Tessa was neither of those. After lunch, Leanna invited her sister for a walk and as soon as they were out of earshot, she asked her “What’s going on with your family, dear sister?”

“What do you mean?” Tessa replied.

Leanna could see that Tessa suddenly became more nervous. “Oh come on. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that Dustin has fucked all of you!”

“What?” Tessa exclaimed. “No!” In the following silence, Tessa sighed, drained her third glass of sangria in an hour and added “Well… Promise you’ll keep this to yourself.”

Leanna listened to Tessa’s story about her accidental penetration with amazement. She didn’t think it was all that accidental. She herself didn’t have a son, but she didn’t think she’d keep dancing with him, completely nude, after his hard cock had slapped her pussy! And then Tessa had fallen on him? Yeah, right. That only happened in erotic stories. Not real casino oyna life!

But despite her doubt as to the accidental nature of the incident, Leanna faced the fact that Tessa had fucked her own son. “How was it?”

“What do you mean?”

“How was his cock?” Leanna asked, grinning naughtily.

“Like you wouldn’t believe!” Tessa said, laughing with her sister.

“Christ! It’s been so long since I’ve had a cock in me!” Leanna sighed. “Well, since we’re sharing secrets, I have two I have to tell you,” she added. “First, I let dad fondle my breasts once.”

“You did what?” Tessa asked.

“I was wearing one of mom’s dresses and had my hair in a bun. I was about 19 at the time. He thought I was mom and hugged me from behind, fondling both my breasts with his huge hands. He remained there for a good ten seconds until he realized his mistake.”

“What did he do then?” Tessa asked.

“He pulled away instantly, apologizing profusely. Eventually he realized that I hadn’t stopped him and he paused, confused.” Leanna giggled at the memory. “I just looked at him, grinning, and winked at him before going to my room.

The two sisters laughed together at this incident. “You see, accidents happen!” Tessa said.

“Yeah, I know. And that’s not even the worst. Remember the summer when George turned 18? In August?”

“Of course!” Tessa said. “He behaved as if he was the king of the world, as if he knew and could do everything.”

“Right. Obnoxious little prick!” Tessa laughed. “But he didn’t know much about sex and he had come to me. He thought, like many people, that I had lost my virginity the year before and was now a pro. But in truth I hadn’t lost it, and I wasn’t a pro at all. Listen to what happened…”

After a day of watching her younger brother playing at being king because he was now eighteen, Leanna was surprised to hear him knock on her door at eleven that same night. She was surprised because he had told everybody how he would spend the evening and entire night in various clubs and bars. Yet here he was, silently sneaking around the house like a thief.

Leanna let him in and George sat down on her bed, sighing. He was so preoccupied that he didn’t notice that she was wearing only a very thin nightgown. Nor that she was breathing hard or that she was flushed. He covered his face with his hands and took a deep breath. Leanna frowned in puzzlement and squatted in front of him. She asked him “That’s going on George?”

“Fuck it,” he said, standing up and walking back tot he door.

“George!” she whispered. “Come back here.”

When he turned around, he finally noticed that her nightgown was very flimsy and tight around her curves. Seeing him notice it, Leanna sighed and grabbed her dressing gown. She wasn’t prudish, quite the contrary in fact, but she didn’t want her brother to be too distracted. Something was wrong and she wanted to know what it was. “What’s going on? Weren’t you headed for the night of your life?”

“Yeah… Well… It’s not the clubs and alcool that bothers me. It’s Lisa.”

“The girl you’ve been pining for?” Leanna asked.

“Yeah. She made it clear that she wanted to be with me tonight.”

“That’s great! So what’s the problem?”

“I’m a… I’m a virgin, big sis.”

Leanna paused for just a second. She was a virgin herself, but most people were convinced otherwise. Leanna had enjoyed letting those rumors spread around a couple of months ago, but she was very much a virgin still. But that was her problem. Not George’s. “So?” she said lightly. “Everybody’s gotta have a first time. Don’t you wanna do it with Lisa?”

“Of course I do! But I’m afraid I’m going to make a fool of myself.”

Leanna sighed and invited him to sit on her bed. She sat next to him before saying “Well, that happens on the first time.” With a smile, she added “And then you have a second time to make up for it!”

“I’ve been reading around on the net and all the articles said that guys who watch porn were often, well were often—”

“Completely ruined? Filled with myths? Confused reality with fantasy?”

“Well, yeah… And I came here to ask for you help… You’re… experienced, right?”

Leanna could see that George was so nervous that he was shaking. Unbeknownst to him, Leanna was herself tormented by the same problem. She still was a virgin and had looked at her fair share of porn… In fact, that’s exactly what she had been doing when he had knocked. (She had hid the magazine under her bed before opening her door to him.) It explained why she was wearing a very sexy and nearly transparent nightgown that barely covered her ass, and why she wasn’t wearing panties underneath. The fact that she was reading incest porn from time to time also explained why what followed happened like it did.

Sighing, but feeling her own arousal rekindling, Leanna stood up and made a decision. It was a decision she could regret, but then again, she could regret not seizing that opportunity. Then again, making a decision while you were burning with lust, while hormones slot oyna were raging in your veins, turning yourself into a sex craving maniac…

Nervously, staring into her brother’s eyes, she removed her gown. And her nightdress. In seconds she was now standing naked in front of her brother. He was still sitting, looking at her slack jawed. “What do you wanna know?” Leanna asked, feeling excited and nervous at the same time. She was trying to hide it and to play cool. Just a sister helping her brother. “Yeah, right!” she thought wickedly.

After a minute of silence, of staring at her, George cleared his throat and stood up. In the darkness of her room, while young Tessa was snoring lightly across the wall, Leanna and George explored each other. Finding excuses to ask him questions about his own desires and body, Leanna learned as much as her brother did. When he dropped his pants and boxers, she barely managed to contain her gasp. It was, after all, the first time she was seeing a cock in real life. And what a cock!

As much as Leanna knew she had been lucky in the genetics lottery, with a stunning body and beautiful face, she could see that George had gotten the same luck. Damn he had a nice cock. Her heart, already beating fast, was now pounding hard as she stared at the twitching cock. From time to time, George would ask her if this was really alright, if she was ok with what they were doing and so on. Leanna played as cool as she could, knowing that she was as wet as he was hard.

The only rule she established early on was that there would be no penetration. And so for the better part of an hour she showed him how to touch and caress her face and neck, her belly, her hips and her thighs before moving on, breathlessly, to her ass and breasts. By this point, she was boiling with lust and wanted nothing more than to jump on his cock and do away with both of their virginities at the same time. But if letting your own father fondle your breasts was already peculiar, fucking your own brother was just madness. Incest stories were very nice… as long as they remained in your imagination. Right?

She could see that George had indeed been influenced by porn, but not to the point of turning him into a inconsiderate rutting male. When he began licking her breasts, Leanna placed one hand on his head and bit her lower lip to prevent herself from moaning. She wasn’t able to stop herself from guiding him to her nipple and this time she tried to hide her moan with a cough.

For at least ten minutes she let him feast on her breasts. It was the first time somebody other than herself had played with them. “Well, dad did it by mistake for ten seconds, but that doesn’t count, does it?” she wondered with a smile. George, like all the boyfriends Leanna would eventually have, was fascinated by her large firm breasts, squeezing their mass, lifting them up, staring as they released them and saw them bounce heavily…

And he jumped on her nipples like a wolf on a hare. Hungrily. But not, she was glad to see, boorishly. Even if her brother was a virgin and had probably watched too much porn for his own good, it hadn’t transformed him into a mindless guy with his cock for a brain. Oh no. He responded very quickly to her suggestions and Leanna had to admit that his mouth and hands were having quite an effect on her.

By the time he pulled away, she was dizzy with pleasure. “Now…” she said with a shaky voice. “Ready to learn how to caress a pussy?” George could only nod with a face splitting grin. “The best way to start is by placing yourself behind me. This way, the curve of your fingers will match my own curve,” she added. Leanna was sitting on her bed, her legs apart, and George knelt behind her. He placed his hand on her hip and caressed his way onto her belly, pressing down gently against her skin. Leanna had to stop herself from moaning when his hand finally reached her pussy.

Given his strong fingers, this part required somewhat more guidance on her part. Nevertheless, it felt so damned good that her orgasm almost took her by surprise. She leaned back against him and he wrapped her body with his other arm, closing his hand on her breast in the process. He then held her tightly against him as she climaxed, just like a gentleman would do. If George was afraid of his inadequacies, Leanna certainly thought that he was doing really well.

She was giggling as she came down from her climax, seeing the stunned expression on her brother’s face. “Well, George, if you suck on a girl’s breasts for a long while and you’re attentive to her reactions as you finger her pussy, this tends to happen!” She took a few deep breaths and added “But remember, I was guiding you all the time, telling you exactly what I liked and didn’t like. Chances are, Lisa won’t do that,” she added as she disentangled herself from him. She was also trying to sound detached. “And you certainly didn’t treat me like men treat women in most porn movies.”

“Ok. Now what?” he asked, panting.

Leanna knew she should stop this right now. Her resolve about not fucking him was canlı casino siteleri weakening. And because she wasn’t a guy, her climax didn’t lead to a refractory period. At all. She should really tell him that it was enough. Instead she said “Ok George, wanna learn to eat pussy?” What the fuck was wrong with her?

As he nodded emphatically, Leanna found herself reclined fully on her bed and opening her legs. “This is wrong… This is my brother!” she mentally shouted at herself. But the memory of his mouth on her breasts… And seeing that thick cock. Christ! “Start with my inner thighs…” she said. When he kissed the very sensitive skin between her thigh and pussy, Leanna threw her head back against her pillow and opened her mouth wide.

And so, once again following her every instructions, George brought his sister to a roaring climax fifteen minutes later. By then, she wasn’t even trying to hide the fact that she was loving every minute of it. Leanna experienced a bigger climax than she had ever felt before. In a sense, she had given that climax to herself. She had told him what to do at every point, had guided his head with her hands, had pulled him in closer when needed, etc… This was a very real tongue on her pussy. Her fingers, as deft as they had become, couldn’t come close to the feelings a tongue could give her.

And, she had to admit, knowing that this tongue belonged to her brother added a healthy dose of pleasure and thrill to the whole thing. Here she was, an inexperienced virgin, getting a mind blowing oral climax from her brother! And this was supposed to be for his sake! She clamped her smooth thighs hard around his head as she came and came and heard his sharp intake of breath when she finally released him.

She was writhing on her bed afterwards, her body covered in sweat. “Gods you’re beautiful sis…”

“Why thank you dear brother… Lisa will be a very lucky girl.” she replied.

“You think?”

“Christ!” she said, still out of breath. “I was not faking you know!” After that she stared at his cock and bit her lower lip. She wanted it bad. Very bad. What better way to lose your virginity than being comfortably secure with your own brother?

But that would be wrong! Very wrong! “So… I said there would be no penetration, but even when a girl’s very wet, like I am right now, you can’t just shove it in. Come here behind me,” she said. What the fuck was she doing? Leanna turned on her side and motioned her brother to spoon her. “Ok… Slip your cock between my thighs. And no penetration. I just need to show you one last thing.”

“Like this?” George said, groaning in pleasure as his cock slipped between her thighs. Lubricated as they were with her juices, it slid easily.

“Yes,” she said, still dizzy. “Now, go as far as you can.” She was stunned by his length, feeling how much of his cock was pushing out from between the front of her thighs when his abdomen reached her ass.

“You have a sweet ass, sister…”

“Why thank you. And by the way, you can never compliment a girl enough…” she said. “Ok, now I’ll open my thighs a bit and your cock will move against my pussy. But don’t pull back too far. Just let it rest against my lips.”

They both moaned when they felt the thick and rock hard cock move upwards until it touched her pussy. It was more than long enough so that its head was above her clit. “Perfect!” she thought. Out loud, she said “Ok, now just caress my pussy with your cock, especially my clit.”

“Like this?” he asked again.

“Yes… Gods yes!” she groaned as she answered.

The feeling of her brother’s thick cock rubbing against her pussy and her clit was driving her mad with lust. Minutes into what was supposed to be nothing more than a sex lesson, Leanna’s head was spinning. She had to stop this. But her mouth had other ideas “Yes… Just like that. Rub it against me… This will drive any girl crazy with pleasure.” It was certainly working for her! She could barely keep the pretence up and things felt more and more like actual sex.

When George slipped one hand under her body and grabbed both her breasts at the same time, Leanna moaned a long “Fuck!” It was followed by what she hoped was a cool and detached “Yes, that’s a good idea. And Lisa has nice breasts, so…”

“Not as nice as yours, sister!” George groaned right into her ear. Leanna giggled, unable to come up with a reply. “And your hips, already round, just like your perfect ass… Gods sis, you’re amazing!”

“That’s good!” she said in a shaky voice. “Practice complimenting her! Argh!” she gasped as she felt his cock being pulled back much further, almost to the entrance of her pussy.

“Oh it’s not hard to compliment you Leanna… You’re a fire goddess, a sex goddess… If you appeared naked to a primitive tribe in the amazon, they’d worship the ground you’d walk on!”

Once again his cock was pulled way back and slipped deeper between her lips. Its head almost bounced against the upper edge of her hole before sliding back up against her clit. And as wonderful as that felt, Leanna knew she had to stop this. She was a minute away, at most, from having her brother’s cock impaled into her virgin pussy. And if she was burning with lust, she still wasn’t so far gone. “George… we have to…”

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