a weekend away with my man to awards

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a weekend away with my man to awardsMy husband was asked to go to a meeting and an awards evening in Cape Town. The meeting he had to attend was midday on Friday and the awards later that evening. His company offered to fly me down with him and to pay for both our accommodation for the weekend. We accepted the offer and organised with my husband parents to look after our daughter the weekend. Which they were more than happy to do.The Friday morning we were up earlier dropping my daughter off at her grandparents just after 5h30 and headed to the airport. Our flight was at 7h30 and soon we were in Cape Town and in the hired car just on 10h00. I dropped my hubby off at his meeting and then went to walk around the mall. I bought myself a two new pair of yoga pants, a few sports bra’s and tops and then went to a coffee shop to have a light lunch. I was served by a polite white waiter. His name was Clive. He was also very friendly and paid me a number of flirtatious compliments, which made me feel good about myself and a little horny. After eating I settled the bill and gave Clive a decent tip. I then headed back to the car and slowly decided to drive back towards my husbands meeting. A few kms away my hubby called me and said that he was done and ready to be fetched. I picked him up and then we made our way to the Hilton beachfront hotel. It was 16h00 when we checked in. We were on the 5th floor over looking the ocean. The awards evening was 18h00 for 18h30 so I needed to start getting ready. I showered while my husband went through some work and once I was out the shower he hopped in. I blow dried my hair and did my makeup while naked and my hubby once he was out the shower couldn’t let go of my boobs and body. I eventually got dressed wearing a sexy blueish grey dress with a strapless bra, and a tiny blue G string that wasn’t covering much at all.My hubby said that I look super sexy and all he wanted to do is fuck me. He was dressed in black suit pants a grey shirt and a blue tie. We were more a less matching. It was 17h55 when we left to go to the venue of the awards which was a 10 minute drive away. We arrived at the venue and walked into the hall and to the bar area where my husband introduced me to few of his work colleagues and their wives, who all said I looked stunning. They were too very pretty and dress to the occasion. We got ourselves a drink and then went to sit down at our table and greet the rest of the guests who were there. We looked at the set menu and placed our bahis firmaları food order and then the awards started. The awards went on for about an hour and once it reached its conclusion supper was served. After everyone had finished eating when my husbands boss gave a short speach and then wished everyone well for the rest of the evening. Music then started to play as a few people left while the others got more drinks and chatted. My hubby and I got ourselves another drink and mingle chatting to the couples that were still there. He then introduced me to his boss Steven for a first time. Steven immediately paid me a compliment saying I look lovely as we finished our drinks. He then offered to buy me another one while my husband was chatting to other work colleagues. I walked with him to the bar and he asked what I would like. I was drinking Jameson and water that night but when telling him that he ordered me a double Johny Walker blue label on the rocks. He handed me the drink and gave me a kiss on the cheek as he said here’s a classy drink for a classy lady. We then made our way back to my husband. We chatted a few minutes before Steven said goodbye to us and left. My hubby and I didn’t stay to much longer either and we soon were in the car on our way back to the hotel. Once back in the hotel and in the elevator to take us up to our floor my husband grabbed my ass and pulled me to him. We started kissing passionately as his hands moved to the front of my dress. He lifted my dress and his hands found their way to between my legs and he felt my wet pussy for a brief while. The elevator stopped on our floor and we “innocently” walked to our room. Once in the room and closing the door behind us, my dress was soon on the floor. I stripped my husband and then sat on the bed. I took his hard cock into my mouth and started sucking on it for a short while before my husband pulled away. He lifted me to stand and turned me around, pushing me to kneel on the bed. He entered his hard cock into my wet pussy and started fucking me hard and rough. It wasn’t long and he started cumming. He shot his load of cum into my pussy and once finished he pulled out. I told him I wasn’t done yet and that he must lay on his back. I climbed on top of him and lowered my pussy onto his hard cock. I started riding him in cowgirl position back and forth and soon I reached climax and started to orgasm. After I finished orgasmning I fell to my husband’s chest and then he rolled us over and he started kaçak iddaa to pound me in missionary position. He then kneeled and lifted my legs to be over his shoulders. He thrusted hard deep and rough in and out of my pussy and soon I felt his cock shooting his cum into me again. He pulled out after he finished cumming and we laid cuddling till we fell asleep.The next morning we woke up at about 10h00 and first had coffee on the balcony while sitting in our gowns and discussed what we would do. We decided to have breakfast/lunch on the beachfront somewhere and then take a walk on the beach. We finished our coffee and then both had a quick shower. I put on my white bikini and a see through white beach dress and my husband wore swimming trunks and a vest. We then made our way to the beach front. We ate breakfast and afterwards we got ourselves a bottle of water each and then took a walk on the beach. The beach wasn’t very busy as it wasn’t holiday season so there wasn’t to many people around us. We chatted as we walked and eventually we arrive at another parking to the beach which thankfully had bathrooms as I needed to pee. After peeing and coming back out to my husband he said should we have a quickie in the bathrooms considering there is no one around. I agreed to his idea and we went into the ladies bathroom and into the cubicle. He dropped his pants and his cock was already hard. I bent over from the waist leaning my hands on the toilet cistern as my husband pulled my bikini bottoms aside and entered his hard cock into my pussy. He started fucking me hard in doggy style and it wasn’t long till he shot his cum into me. He pulled out of me and picked his pants up as I sat down on the toilet to clean up some of his cum. He then apologised for being so quick and I told him not to worry as that’s the point of having a quickie. He said true as we left the bathroom still being no one around and started making our way back to where we parked. While walking back we discussed that we would have supper at the hotel so that we both could have a few relaxing drinks and not have to drive. Our walk ended and we got in the car at 15h30 and headed back to the hotel. Once in our room I ran myself a hot relaxing foam bath and relaxed in it for a while, while having a few glasses of wine that my hubby kept pouring for me. My husband then showered and we then got dressed casually and went down to the hotels restaurant. We sat down at the table and ordered a bottle of dry red wine while looking kaçak bahis at the menu and deciding what we were going to order. We eventually ordered and then chatted while drinking wine till our food came. After eating and finishing the bottle of wine we got ourselves a double whiskey on the rocks and a Cape special shooter. We had the shooter and sipped our drinks finished then settled the bill. It was after 22h00 when we left the restaurant and decided to go to our room. On getting into the elevator my husband pressed the button for it to go all the way to the top floor. I asked what he was doing and he said you will see now. As the elevator doors close he turn to me and pinned me against the walls. He started kissing me as his hand went down my pants. He started rubbing my pussy up and down stimulating my clit. I soon came near to orgasmning when we arrived at the top of the hotel, and he removed his hand. He then pressed to go to our floor and as the door closed again he moved back to continue fingering me. He then brought me to orgasm just before the elevator stopped on our floor. We headed to our room. We kissed and stripped each and then I pushed him onto the bed. I moved over him in 69 position and started to suck his hard cock while he muffed me. I was deepthroating him when he stopped licking my pussy and said he was near to cumming. I continued to suck his dick and he then soon started moaning as he shot his cum into my mouth. I got up and went to the bathroom after he finished cumming and spat his cum into the basin. On returning to the room he had pour us the last of the wine we had and suggested that we sit outside on the balcony. I finished my glass of wine and I noticed that my hubby’s cock was semi hard again. I asked him what is slowly making him hard and he said the thought of having sex on the balcony. I said oh really as I stood up and walked towards him. I stood in front of him facing away and leaned down against the railings so that my ass was in his face. He placed his hand on my ass and his thumb found its way to my clit where he started massaging it. I soon sat down as he guided his cock into my pussy and I started to ride him back and forth in reverse cowgirl position as we looked over the ocean at the boats. I soon started bouncing up and down on his cock and it wasn’t long till my man started to moan as he shot his cum into my pussy. After he finished cumming I got off him and went to the bathroom to clean myself. We then got into bed together and fell asleep. The next morning we woke up and showered. Then packed our bags and went downstairs for a quick breakfast before heading to the airport to catch our flight home. And that was our short weekend away together.

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